15 Disgusting Fantasies All Men Have

Men and sexual fantasies are like a fish to water, so if you really want to know what makes a man tick then you have to understand his fantasies, even the disgusting ones. If we believe the popularly quoted statistic that the average male thinks about sex every seven seconds, then this adds up to 514 times per hour, and approximately 7,200 times during any given day. Which means that all men spend a great portion of their time fantasizing about doing it on the daily, even those dorky guys that you can’t actually envision having genitals. So it’s time to brush up on some of the most popular and disturbing sexual fantasies experienced by the typical male brain.

The truth is that we know for a fact that all men and women engage in fantasies on a regular basis, but the typical male thinks about sex almost three times as often as the average woman, and we now have a better idea of what exactly they're thinking about, thanks to a recently published study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.  A team of researchers at the University of Quebec asked a pool of 1,516 men, ranging anywhere from 18 to 77 years in age, what they fantasized about sexually, and the results were astonishing! Regardless of the man’s age, all of the men in the study admitted to having a wide variety of fantasies about sex in general that the average female might find to be unpleasant or disturbing. So what exactly do these common male fantasies consist of, you may ask? Well the list below of 15 Disgusting Fantasies That All Men Have, will serve as a guide to help answer that question.

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15 Domination

This is, without a doubt, the most common fantasy out there. Some people prefer to take charge, while others prefer to submit, and plenty of men fantasize about both situations. Domination and submission are the cornerstones of almost all BDSM fetishes, and that means that there are a lot of ways that this fantasy can be acted out. Many men fantasize about women not just taking control, but tying them down and choking or hitting them in order to show their dominate power. The men who expressed this fantasy claim that with all of the pressure put on them by society to be in control all of the time that being dominated physically in the bedroom is the ultimate stress release. So pull out those whips and chains cause this fantasy is an undisputedly popular one!

14 Doing It With A "Woman Of The Night"

Safe? No. Legal? Not in most places. But tons of men fantasize about picking up a lady-of-the-night and having their way with her. Although there aren't that many men who actually have the cash or the guts to drive down a dark alley and pick up a girl, having sex with a pro is a common fantasy held by an astonishing number of men. Many men find the lure of no-strings-attached sex tantalizing, and they often feel that a professional would provide a more mind-blowing experience than sex with your average woman because they know all of the tricks of the trade, and would give them free rein to act out their deepest darkest sexual fantasies. Just make sure this fantasy isn’t one that comes true because if a guy gets caught soliciting a hooker, he could wind up behind bars rather than behind a closed bedroom door.

13 Cheating

83.4% of men have fantasized about having sex with a person who is not their significant other, and the other 16.6% are lying. Men like a woman who is off limits, and they love to fantasize about what they can’t have. This popular fantasy includes banging their friend’s wife, his girlfriend’s best friend, and even his girlfriend's flirty sister. So if you think your boyfriend or husband is thinking about you during those sexual thoughts that flash across his brain every seven seconds, chances are he's not. He's thinking about someone you both know like the babysitter or your super hot best friend, and wondering what they look like naked because he already knows what you look like naked. But try not to take too much offense to this ladies, it's really not their fault. It's just a fact of life and the male anatomy.

12 Role Playing

The role-play fantasy is so common amongst men that almost everybody has tried it at least once in their life. Role-play can involve domination and submission, but it by no means is exclusive to BDSM. It can involve anything from having a partner pretend to be a knight in shining armor to being kidnapped by a sexy spy in the bedroom. But sometimes these fun fantasies become disturbing after realizing “the role” that your partner actually fantasizes about during his downtime. Whether it be the desire to cosplay during a sexual encounter while wearing strange animal costumes or dressing up like a teenage school girl, there are a vast number of normal and also disturbing role-play fantasies held by the majority of men. So if you plan to indulge in a role-play game with your significant other, don't be surprised if the roll he asks you to play is somewhat stranger in nature than you had expected cause the male mind can wander to a lot of dark and dangerous places.

11 Groups

Most women at one time or another have been asked to engage in a threesome. It’s a common male fantasy that is put into action more often than some of the other fantasies on this list. Men often state that there is something inherently erotic, hot, and edgy about being with two women at the same time, and considering that there’s an insane amount of adult movies made about threesomes, it’s safe to say that people fantasize about them quite a bit. While threesomes are already too much adventure for many of us, another popular male fantasy besides the famous ménage à trois has been on the rise lately, and that is the male fantasy of doing it with three or more women at one time. This isn’t an activity that your average female will go for often, so if you have a typically jealous partner then we wouldn't recommend casually bringing up your fantasies of sex with multiple people over dinner.

10 Exhibitionism

Fantasies about doing it in public and being watched or discovered can fuel men’s sexual desires. Flashing your privates, changing in public, playing with yourself anywhere that is not in the privacy of your home, and engaging in sexual activity in places where you could get caught or people can easily see you, all fall under the fantasy category of exhibitionism. Believe it or not, this fantasy is one of the most common out there, and it's not just reserved for flashers and Peeping Toms anymore. You don’t have to look too far to see people act out this fantasy in every day life cause dirty selfies are a prime example of this kind of sexual exposure at its finest. So next time you snap a risqué photo to send to your love interest from Tinder you are engaging in the commonly and sometimes disgusting act of exhibitionism, which is regularly fantasized about by most of the men you know.

9 Urine Fantasy

According to a study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 8.9% of men have kinks you will just never understand, and that includes the almost 10% of men who openly admit to wanting their partners to pee on them. As disturbing as it may be, there are quite a few men out there that fantasize regularly about their partner pissing on them, or in the reverse fantasy they daydream about themselves peeing on their partner’s body or in their mouth. One notorious man with this kind of peeing fetish is R&B singer R. Kelly, who in 2002 had a disturbing video released that showed him peeing on an underage girl during their sexual encounter. This is not the kind of activity that you are likely to recount to your closest friends over dinner, but somehow, the urine fantasy did qualify as a popular one for men of all ages, as disgusting as it may be.

8 Encounter With A Stranger

There may be a reason why so many erotic novels involve trysts with someone the main character barely knows. A study estimates that 72.5% of men have fantasized about having a sexual encounter with a complete stranger. But these bizarre male fantasies often run deeper then your average one-night-stand. As one of the men polled during a study on male sexuality at the University of Ohio explains, "It might sound kind of basic, but I fantasize about having an anonymous sexual experience. Like, go online and find a Craigslist ad and just go for it or something like visiting a glory-hole. Although there are way too many risks and uncertainties involved with this realistically." So these aren’t your average hookup fantasies with someone that you just met at a bar who takes you home for one wild and crazy night, and then leaves without giving you their name. No, this kind of sex with a stranger fantasy is specific to soliciting people for anonymous sexual encounters, and it is a fantasy shared by an astonishing majority of men.

7 Butt Stuff

Do men really think of anal sex as the holy grail of all bedroom activities? If you pay attention to pop culture, it certainly seems that way. Although it's still taboo, the truth is that rap songs alone prove that there are a lot of guys who are just all about the butt stuff. It was reported that the third most common among men's sexual fantasies is having anal sex with a partner who doesn't usually (or ever) want to do it. According to Psychology Today, "Over the past decade, heterosexual anal sex rates have climbed. Modern overall rates suggest that around a third of men have performed anal sex on a woman." For a man, anal sex with a woman is her allowing him to venture into uncharted territory. Even if it's not where no man has gone before, it is still something novel, uncommon, and special in its rarity, which is why so many men commonly fantasize about it.

6 Voyeur

In this fantasy, your average male turns into a Peeping Tom who secretly watches as a woman undresses, while she is completely unaware of his presence. This is a classical creeper perversion that 63.4% of men have openly admitted to fantasizing about. In this fantasy they aren’t undressing some woman with their eyes as she goes about her day out in the real world. No, this disturbing fantasy is about watching someone unknowingly strip down in the privacy of their own home, while the male peers through her curtains and window shades like that of a serial killer stalking its clueless prey. But apparently it’s a very common thing for men to fantasize about. So I wouldn’t stress too much about the creepy stranger lurking in the night; it’s only fantasy.

5 Same Sex Fantasies

It is a common fact that most men are aroused by watching two women get it on, but ask a straight male if they think another guy is attractive, and nine times out of ten they will respond with some version of, “How should I know? I don’t look at other dudes.” But statistics show that as many as 70% of straight men have fantasized about being with another man at one time or another despite their heterosexuality. Psychologist Barry McCarthy says this phenomenon is more typical than you might think. “The fourth most common sexual fantasy among straight men is sex with another male, especially receiving oral sex from a guy,” he reported. However, this should not bring their sexual identity into question. Humans are curious by nature and same sex fantasies are a natural part of exploring our human sexuality. Although there is nothing disgusting at all about same sex fantasies or same sex sexual relationships this is such an interesting and rarely discussed common male fantasy that it had to be included on the list.

4 Bondage

Thanks to the popular book series 50 Shades of Grey which shed light on the world of BDSM, bondage has become a common fantasy for most men, with 46.2% of men confessing that they like to be tied up during sex and 59.6% of men admitting that they enjoy tying up and dominating their partner. Men often fantasize about the kind of bondage where a safe word is needed to ensure your partner knows when enough is enough, and although the reality of bondage isn't for everyone, the fantasy of being in total control is one that is shared by the majority of males.

3 Strange Locations

The lives of many men turn out to be quite boring, as their long-term relationships wear on. Most of them stare at the same patch on the bedroom wall every single time they do it with their partner. So what do men do? They daydream about having sex in strange locations. They drift away to some parking lot, public bathroom, or a club in their male fantasy heads, wishing that they could experience sex somewhere that poses more of a risk, thrill, or challenge. Of all of the fantasies surveyed, hooking up in risqué places received the highest ranking on the male fantasy list with 82.3% of men dreaming about having sex somewhere more exciting while they are busy getting it on in their boring bedrooms.

2 Barely Legal

Who's your daddy? It is common knowledge that men fantasize about younger women all the time. Check out the endless stream of websites dedicated to barely legal virgin girls, and you will know the male fantasy that we are talking about. A lot of guys have fantasies about being the first man to have sex with a young girl, and thus the majority of male fantasies revolve around younger women. We can argue for days about whether society or biology is to blame for the male obsession with youthful females, but the fact of the matter is that one of the most common and disgusting male sexual fantasies revolves around younger girls. When they’re 30, they fantasize about being with 21-year-olds, and when they’re 50 they still fantasize about being with 21-year-olds. It's a losing battle.

1 Getting Freaky With An Object

When you hear the words “sexual encounter with a household object” many of us think of the embarrassing apple pie scene from the classic teen comedy American Pie which is burned into our brains for all eternity. So it may not be a complete shock that 27.8% of men admit that they enjoy sexual activity with inanimate objects. Although somewhat rare, objectophillia is a form of sexuality focused on human fantasies with particular inanimate objects; whether it be a toy, blow up doll, or a random item found around the house. Although this fantasy is mainly about exploration for most men, it is still viewed as a bizarre and disturbing sexual desire to say the least. Can you imagine coming home to find your boyfriend having sex with the couch cushion? How depressing!

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