15 Dirty Little Secrets That All Women Keep

When it comes to keeping dirty little secrets inside you, the All-American Rejects aren't the only ones who are doing that. Both men and women alike go out of their way to keep things out of the public eye. So, do you really know who the fairer gender is? Most likely not. But we can talk about some things that men may not know about women.

In the average relationship, a man lays in bed with a woman by his side. She'll likely gaze into his eyes and tell him she loves him, which he'll believe. He can tell by the way she looks at him, holds him, and how she always seems to know what she wants before he does. These are just a couple of things a man just happens to know, and how much he loves this relaxed natural woman is one of them. However, there are a lot of things that he probably doesn't know about her.

A woman may give a man her heart, soul, and body, but there are certain parts that she’ll never give up in a brief amount of time. There are some pieces that have been woven into the fiber of her well-being and lingering mysteries solely hinted in an advancing sly smile and an incomprehensible laugh. These include the secrets of past lovers, discreet fantasies, and unshared thoughts. A woman's deepest secrets don't—and never will—include her man. Like any man who searches for private information, be prepared for what you're going to find out. Here are 15 dirty little secrets that all women keep.


15 Women Tell Their Friends Everything

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Contrary to popular belief, women tell their friends everything, regardless of their gender. Men's secrets probably aren't safe with women. For the most part, women like to talk and tend to overshare things unlike their male counterparts. It doesn't matter what you told her. There's a pretty good chance that she has told at least one of her friends.

We've all had our embarrassing and personal moments we've blurted out loud at some point. There's no such thing as perfection, so the only thing you could change is to be more careful with what you say. But unless you're straight edge, there will be times when you'll get so drunk or high and unintentionally blurt out something you didn't mean to say. You can't prevent bashful sentences from coming out of your mouth, but just be aware that your lady can and likely will tell a friend about what you said.

14 Women Pass Gas

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A fart is a release of gas from the an*s of a human being. Men usually fart more than women because they eat their food faster, and they're less afraid of passing gas. However, farting is a bodily function, and we've all done it. Women just don't want to admit it or they simply do it in private.

No one can suppress their farts without experiencing feelings of discomfort. Holding in your gas likely won't harm you, but it can still make you feel like a sausage trapped with other sausages in a very tight plastic casing. The gas needs somewhere to go, so it's naturally better to just let it exit your system and move on with your life. After all, you don't hold in your coughs, right? The same thought should be applied to farts because these functions contain harmful things that are wishing to make their way out.

13 Women Check Up On Their Exes

As long as there's technology, women will continue to check up on their exes on social media. They'll never be completely out of their minds and lives. Whether the ex-boyfriend was a nice guy or a sore loser, she'll likely keep tabs on him and his whereabouts even if they're no longer dating.

Checking up on an ex or two doesn't mean the lady still loves her former flame. Some women are much more curious than men, so there's an answer for you. Also, who knows if she has nothing else better to do on the internet? Maybe she just doesn't want to partake in a potentially hazardous activity like network hacking or watching p*rn. That being said, all women are guilty of creeping up on their exes to satisfy their curiosities on someone they once cared about. Don't forget that it's hard for most women to detach from their exes.

12 Girls' Nights Aren't Always Appropriate


A girls' night is a special evening where a group of women get together and do fun things like bowling, bar hopping, and clubbing. These nights are often harmless, but they're not always appropriate like a PG-13-rated movie because the women are looking to let their hair down and blow off some steam. Since there aren't any men around, the women probably complain about their boyfriends, husbands, and bosses, while bonding with their best friends.

If the women decide to head to the bar or club, they'll use that as an excuse to dress up and make an entrance when they walk into the room. They might also do things their boyfriends and husbands won't approve of. They can flirt with bartenders, grind with strangers, and drink more than a glass of wine—just to name a couple of suggestive things. Basically, what happens on a girls' night, stays there!

11 Women Flirt To Get Free Drinks

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Many women flirt to get free drinks. While some people will argue that these women aren't respectful of themselves, they continue to do it anyway. It's easier than you think. They just need to throw on a hot (but innocent) outfit and get a guy to buy her a drink.

Flirting to get free drinks makes women feel confident, dominant, and s*xy. They're not there to look for a man to take home, just want to score a couple of drinks, and leave his side once the ice is the only thing left in the glass. Guys usually can't help themselves and will chat with women, especially if she asks him to do her a favor. It's actually a smart idea because the drinks at most bars aren't expensive, and the women can save a few extra bucks while the man takes care of the tab. Sometimes, he'll continue the conversation if he's feeling positive vibes.

10 Women Compare Their Men


Men honestly don't want to hear this, but it needs to be said. Women frequently compare their men when they hang out with their girl friends. Sometimes, they talk about totally innocent stuff, like the bouquets of flowers they bought for them or how they had successful meetings with their parents. At other times, it's much more inappropriate—like a man's bedroom performance, how often a couple does the deed, and discuss what their favorite sausage looks like.

When women spend time with their friends, their lips aren't sealed anymore. It may or may not be because of the alcohol, but it's a given that no one wants to feel left out, especially if the others share their personal stories. Obviously, a few white lies might be thrown in here and there because everyone wants to look good. No girl wants to be the one with the boring s*x life!

9 Some Women Fake Their Love For Sports


More often than not, female sports fans are misunderstood and overlooked. There are plenty of women who happen to love sports. There are also lots of women who want to date professional athletes and appear on reality television shows like WAGS, Basketball Wives, and Pete Rose: Hits & Mrs.

Like the wives and girlfriends of musicians, some women fake their love for sports. As a result, they'll try too hard to show interest and support in a team they have little knowledge about. Luckily, this issue is fixable—they just need to let these things come naturally towards them. But some things will never change, and the woman simply wants to live a lavish lifestyle provided by a wealthy athlete who makes millions of dollars each year. Sure, there are some ladies who can hold their own, but the rest of them are in it for the money, even if they don't say so themselves.


8 Women Dance With Strangers

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The majority of women want to avoid creepy men in public places. However, that doesn't mean that they won't get freaky with random strangers from time to time. This includes cute guys or gals, especially if they're supposedly attractive with the beer goggles on. Women might just let their guards down and grind with an unexpected person or two when they want to feel hot and s*xy. It's just a flirtatious move, and it doesn't mean that they're going home with the man or woman because it's just a suggestive dance; nothing more, nothing less. As long as they're not hurting anyone in any way, they should just go for it.

Despite the positives of dancing with strangers, many women prefer to keep this a secret because they can easily be judged by others as "unladylike." But honestly, if your lady is having a good time, just let it be.

7 Women Enjoy Behaving Badly


We were often taught that peer pressure is a bad thing that will always lead us on the wrong path. Although many people still agree with that statement, peer pressure isn't always a negative thing. When a female sees one of her best friends behaving badly, she'll assume that she should be just as naughty as the party animal. Maybe the other women are rebelling because they've been taking one too many shots, getting super flirty with random guys, or just being a hot mess. But since they acted out first, then the others can do the exact same thing.

Women don't really mind encouraging each other's bad behavior, especially on girls' nights because it gives them a chance to go wild and do whatever they want. At least they have the courage to do and say what they want. Everyone takes risks, and women are no different. Therefore, they can be as bold as they'd like.

6 Women Want Your Guy Friends To Like Her


Women crave attention, so it shouldn't be a surprise if she wants her man's guy friends to like her in that way. Just to make things clear, this doesn't automatically mean that she wants them to bone her. She just wants them to accept her for who she really is and flirt with her in a subtle manner. It's far from a fantasy as she likely just wants to feel desirable at all times.

A woman probably doesn't want to actually get involved with your guy friends, but she'll occasionally dress up for them. As a man, you might feel agitated about these actions, but you should consider them to be harmless. Women pretty much only dress up to impress other women, so the only thing she wants to hear are compliments. This will allow her self-esteem to increase, and she'll see the good in other people. It's a win-win situation.

5 Women Are Effective Liars

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There are many different cases in life where women will lie to their men, but let's focus on the tried-and-true shopping shenanigans. The majority of women won't actually tell their significant others how much money they've spent on their most recent trip to the mall. In addition, they might show them some of the items that they've bought and slip in the classic lines that these items were "on sale" and were found "on the clearance rack." Not only that, the remainder of the brand new items will be stashed away in inconspicuous locations like the trunks of their cars and storage bins in their closets. As expected, they'll just be waiting for the moment where you're not in the home, so they can bring them inside without your knowledge.

It's definitely not just men who lie to women about how much money they spend. Women can also lie about their money at any given moment in a relationship.

4 Women Lie About Their Adventurous Past


Let's be fair. Men and women both lie about their s*xual history. While men tend to exaggerate about the number of partners they've had in the past, women have a tendency to keep things on the down low.

Again, some people will say that lying about your s*xual past isn't a bad thing. However, lying is more common than you think as gender norms generate different expectations about which behaviors are socially acceptable among men and women. Society as a whole expects men to have more partners and women to have fewer partners. Don't forget that double standards continue to exist, and men usually earn praise for sleeping around while women often get called derogatory terms like "sl*t" and "wh*re" for doing exactly the same thing.

This might sound cliche, but all lies can be detrimental to a relationship. Instead of trying to avoid looking bad, just maintain honesty to save the relationship from falling apart.

3 Women "Daydream" During The Deed

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You might think it's wrong for a woman to fantasize about someone else while she's being a freak in the sheets, but having a fantasy and acting upon it are two completely different things. She's probably not a teenage girl, so she can control most of her impulsive tendencies. It's okay for her to picture having int*rcourse with one of the servers at the local sandwich shop. Of course, you're still going to feel like you've opened up a floodgate for a craving out of your control.

On another note, women may not be thinking about another man. She might be thinking about everyday chores like checking her e-mail or feeding her cat. Even during an extremely passionate session, it's normal for her mind to occasionally wander. They tend to think more, and that's not an understatement. Not every one of the billion things are useful, but at least her brain isn't slowing down anytime soon.

2 Women Think About "It" A Lot


Believe it or not, women think about doing "it" just as much as men do. Perhaps they'll be thinking about it more than you.

The days of men asking to do the dirty first are gone. There are a plethora of women who have gotten vocal about their wants and needs. Like most people, they just want to satisfy their physical urges because s*x is arguably the most simple need of any person. They also want to be as equal as possible and initiate their sack sessions in order to create positive feelings about themselves. In addition, lovemaking is a great form of exercise as 30 minutes can burn more than 85 calories and also serves as a stress reliever.

So, the next time you underestimate your wife's or girlfriend's s*xual desire, read her mental and physical signals first because she most likely won't tell straight up about the dominating things lingering in her x-rated mind.

1 Women Enjoy Themselves

It's perfectly normal if a man "relieves" himself on a regular basis, but what about women who touch themselves down there? Somehow, a female doing it remains a taboo topic, but there are a great deal of them who have admitted to giving themselves pleasure.

Thus, it's time to put away the taboo topic of female m*st*rbation. A little menage a moi might be exactly what they need. They generally wait for the moment they have the house or apartment to themselves, so they'll be reassured that nobody is going to walk in on them. Sometimes, they'll just go ahead and play with themselves when you're still at the residence for whatever reason it may be. It may go without saying, but women who pleasure themselves regularly often report higher rates of happiness, attitudes to s*x, and body positivity. If you can't physically get in bed with your lady, let her please herself in her own special way.


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