15 Dirty Confessions Of A High School Teacher

Find out what these teachers' dirty little secrets are and what they've been doing behind the scenes.

We've all heard the stories, the dirty little deeds that teachers do when they think we aren’t looking. Students aren't the only ones that dread going to school every day; sometimes, teachers have to do what it takes to just get through the day. Do you think that there's truth to that?

Whether it’s high school teachers or professors, they all have their secrets, and most of them like their secrets to stay hidden. Some of these confessions will shock you, while others will make you laugh. You might be surprised to know what your teachers are doing when you’re not looking. Are they really who you think they are? What kind of skeletons do they have in their closets?

We all have teachers we loved throughout the years. Really, they have one of the most important jobs out there. They're respected because they take care of our kids for hours on end. They're the ones that teach us and guide us to our chosen path. Day in and day out, they teach us, sometimes with low pay and high stress. Sometimes, they deal with stress in different ways, and that’s when they get themselves into trouble. Sometimes, the trouble is not a big deal, while other times, it can be a dangerous game they play. Read on to find out what these teachers' dirty little secrets are and what they've been doing behind the scenes.

15 Stripping on the Side

Some teachers feel as if they aren’t paid enough. They sometimes have to take on second jobs. In this case, the teacher's a stripper as a means of paying her bills. Parents everywhere would probably have a lot to say about a teacher who's also a stripper. That’s why many teachers try to keep their second job a secret from everyone, but that’s not always easy. “During the day, I’m a teacher; by night, I’m a stripper because let’s face it, teaching itself doesn’t pay the bills” (TheThings). It’s certainly not an uncommon confession. We've heard it often that teachers need to take on a second job to pay their bills, and we know stripping pays very well. So, sometimes, you have to do what it takes to make a living. This stripper teacher is taking it all off to make sure the heat stays on.

14 S-x with Students for Grades

A teacher who has sex with students in exchange for grades is a dangerous person indeed. We can’t believe that it’s still going on, but there are teachers who believe they're still entitled to whatever they want. These are the teachers that need to get out of the system. “My teacher likes to have sex with students in exchange for changing their grades. Since I don’t have a boyfriend, I’m pretending to fail his class so I don’t feel so alone” (Whisper). Talk about a disgusting human being! We can’t imagine that teachers are doing these things. How does this topic even come up with students? It’s despicable. This poor girl doesn’t even need the grade change; she’s just looking for some attention. Hopefully, he doesn’t end up knocking up one of the students because then he'll really have his hands full.

13 The Hot Teacher

We have to really worry about some of these teachers and their egos. This one is writing stuff about himself in the high school bathroom stalls. He's really either into himself or he needs validation from his students. “I’m a high school teacher, and I worked late to catch up last night. No one was around, so I went into the girl’s bathroom and wrote ‘Mr. Smith is hot’ on a stall wall” (TheThings). This is messed up, am I right? Why would it even occur to a teacher to do something like this? Why would he need to write something like that in the girl’s bathroom? We have to guess that he just liked the idea that people would be talking about him, that his students might start looking at him in a different way. In our books, it’s just weird and creepy.

12 Sexual Predator

Some teachers, you have to keep an eye on because they're looking for a way in. This teacher is seeking out students that will have sex with her, and that’s a scary thought for anyone who has children. “I’m a teacher, and I have sex with any student that wants to” (MetroUK). That’s a troublesome thought indeed, and we can’t understand why students are having sex with their teachers. Is it for the thrill of doing something, or are they developing feelings, or do they have family issues? We can’t figure it out, but we don’t like the idea that there are teachers out there trying to have sex with their students. We feel bad for these students that fall prey to these teachers because it has to screw them up a little bit for the rest of their lives.

11 Teachers Getting It On

Wouldn’t it be scandalous to find out that two of your teachers were getting it on in one of the classrooms? It’s probably not the first time that it's happened. Teachers work closely together, and it can be hard to keep attractions at bay, especially these days when it seems like the system is pumping out super-hot teachers all the time. It would be hard to resist the opposite sex, and why wait until after hours when you can have an afternoon delight right in the classroom. “I’m a teacher, and I had sex with another teacher in my classroom” (Whisper). Now, wouldn’t that be something interesting to walk in on? We have to wonder if this was something that happened after hours or if they were sneaking a quickie during lunch hour. Care to take a guess? Talk about scandalous.

10 Dirty Texting

When a teacher is sexting during class, things can get a little dicey when it all pops up on a whiteboard. Could you imagine sexting and having all your students see it happening right before their eyes. “While the pupils were doing a test, sir passed the time by engaging in some fruity behavior with one of his Facebook friends. What he didn’t realize was that for over a minute, his conversation was displayed in full on the interactive whiteboard for the whole class to see. Eventually, one of the nicer pupils put him out of his misery before something really bad happened. Lesson learned we hope” (MetroUK). It sounds like someone is going to get called to the principal’s office for bad behavior. It’s just a little hilarious and a reminder that our secrets aren’t always safely hidden.

9 Facebook Stalker

This teacher Facebook stalks the parents of his students. We’re not really sure why; hopefully, it’s completely innocent. Maybe he just wants to get to know them so he knows what he’s dealing with when it comes to his students, as the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Maybe he just wants to see what kind of home life the children have or what kind of relationship they have with their parents. We’re not sure, but it seems highly inappropriate. It’s actually downright creepy. “I’m a teacher. I Facebook-stalk the parents of my students once I get my class list” (TheThings). We all do a little Facebook stalking every now and again, but I guess we don’t expect that our children’s teachers are scoping us out prior to meeting us. What would you do if you found out something like that?

8 Cheating on Exams

Wouldn’t we have all loved a teacher like this one? We might have all done better with testing. “The teacher who helped students cheat on exams. There are exams where teachers are fully trusted to operate test conditions in their classroom. One lady shamefully confessed that when the locum invigilator’s back was turned, she was helping her struggling class out – mainly because she hadn’t covered in class what they were being tested on. Whoops” (TheThings)! Well, we guess in this case, the teacher was at fault. She wasn’t teaching the kids the things that they needed to know on the test so they would've done poorly either way. It would've been pretty cool to have a teacher helping you through exams in high school. Exams are torturous activities that we would all like to avoid but maybe not if all teachers gave a helping hand.

7 Getting Drunk

This teacher decided to get drunk and then go to school to teach her class. She wasn’t even sorry that she did it. We’re not sure if that’s the dumbest or the coolest thing we ever heard. We know that class may have been a little more interesting had some of our teachers been drunk during class. It would've made history class a little more bearable. “It was a bad day, and she had a red wine at lunchtime. According to her, it was one of the best lessons she ever delivered, too. That isn’t a green light, educators” (TheThings)! What's your take? Is this a careless teacher or just a really funny situation? We can’t really blame them; school is boring, and sometimes, you just need a pick-me-up to get through the day. We have to wonder, was she fired after that?

6 Lewd Comments

Usually, it’s the students who write lewd comments on bathroom stalls and notebooks, but in this case, it’s the teacher venting his feelings to the world. Sometimes, you just need to speak your mind. “I write lewd things on the cars at school. I’m a teacher” (Whisper). Students at this school are usually the ones who write hilarious things on cars, but this teacher decided to get a little creative. He probably did it thinking that the kids would get blamed for it. After all, who would ever think that a teacher would be out writing lewd things on the cars in the parking lot? It’s not like these things can be traced back to whoever did them, and we wonder what possessed the teacher to even want to do it. It’s bizarre behavior, although we think it’s really funny.

5 An Insecure Teacher

This teacher needs to know what his students think of him; in fact, he goes to great measures to make sure that they aren’t talking about him. Apparently, this teacher has a lot invested in his students' opinions, maybe a little too much. “I’ve set my phone to record when I’ve left the room to hear what my students say about me” (TheThings). How insecure do you have to be to care what a bunch of kids think about you? It’s actually pretty creepy, and we have to wonder if it’s even illegal what he’s doing. He better hope that no one was watching him do it. What happens, though, when the teacher does hear something bad? Does that kid get an F on his next Biology report? Watch out, all of you high school kids; your teachers may be recording everything you have to say.

4 The Hater

What if you had a teacher who was out to get you? What would you do, and who would believe you? It could make for a long four years in high school if your teacher hates you. This teacher makes handing in homework difficult for the students he dislikes. Talk about a real a$$hole. “I’m a teacher; whenever a student I hate turns in a paper, I throw it out and blame it on them. Five of my students have F’s in my class” (TheThings). This is definitely a teacher whom you can’t trust. We feel sorry for any student that has to deal with a teacher as bad as this one. This teacher needs to be stopped before any more homework “disappears.” I remember a time that my teacher told me that my project was missing, and I have to wonder if she did something to it.

3 Teachers Smoking Weed

Smoking weed isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but smoking weed with kids you teach is probably not a great idea. Teachers are supposed to be the ones setting an example for their students, or at least that’s what the parents are hoping. But in this case, the teacher is partaking in some weed with his students. A little bit of weed never hurt anyone, did it? “I’m a teacher, and I caught one of my students smoking weed. I just laughed and smoked it with her” (The Things). Now that’s our kind of teacher. This guy probably goes to class blitzed out every day and imparts his knowledge to the world. It would be hilarious to see him teach his classes, but maybe we can just chalk it up to a one-time occurrence. Well, at least the girl didn’t get herself into any trouble.

2 When She’s Wrong

When it comes to being a teacher, some of them assume that they can’t ever be wrong. So, when it comes to a student correcting them, it can be a recipe for disaster. “I’m a teacher, and whenever I’m wrong and a student corrects me, I find a way to punish him or her without letting it be obvious” (TheThings). She sounds like a mean girl from the movies, except in teacher form. We would hate to get on her bad side. This is where teachers can use their powers for evil and not good. A student shouldn't be held accountable just for disagreeing with a teacher, but it’s probably something that happens a lot. It’s probably embarrassing for teachers to have students correct them in front of the whole class; it undermines their authority. This teacher is taking advantage of the system.

1 Getting an A

It’s unfortunate that there are students who feel they have to do just about anything to get good grades. It’s even worse that teachers are involved in such acts. This teacher had some regrets when she went to have sex with a student. “I’m a teacher. Once, I was about to have sex with one of my students until he said, ‘I’ll get an A+ on this! You’ll see.’ After that, I just couldn’t keep going” (Whisper). We’re glad that some of these teachers develop a conscience. The teacher definitely got the message that she was doing something wrong and at least had the decency to stop. It’s too bad that these teachers are out doing these things because it makes parents feel powerless because we're the ones sending our kids to school to meet up with these predators.


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