15 Dirty Confessions From Side Chicks

Side chicks are becoming more and more common in today's society. Gone are the days of s*xual modesty, where people are mostly loyal to their spouses and partners. Some say that liberation and freedom are good things, and that people should be free to have s*x with whomever they want, whenever they want. Others miss the days where loyalty was considered one of the most important qualities in a prospective partner. It was back in the 60's when slogans such as "make love, not war" began to be thrown around, and years later, we seem to be reaping the results. How "free" do we want our love to be? Do we really want to accept promiscuity to the level it's reached today?

Whether you agree with this or not, side chicks are still very frowned upon in today's society, but that might be changing fast. There's a growing culture of side chicks who are actually proud of their status as sloppy seconds, and they're not afraid to brag about it on the internet. Of course, now it's not considered acceptable to "sl*t-shame" women, so where does that leave us? In the end, most of us simply have to resign ourselves to watching the growing phenomenon of side chicks with a certain sense of disappointment. If you're a girl, you can only hope that your spouse doesn't find a side chick one day. If you're a guy, all you can do is hope that you'll have enough mental fortitude to restrain yourself if the opportunity of a side chick presents itself.

If you've never experienced the presence of a side chick in your life, then you might be curious about what some of these girls have to say about themselves. You just might be surprised to read their dirtiest confessions...


15 All About The Deed

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It's not surprising that s*x is a huge factor when it comes to these kinds of relationships. Most of the time, a side chick becomes a side chick because the man she's with is too bored with his wife or girlfriend, and he can't keep it in his pants, so to speak. But there's also an element of promiscuity from the girl's point of view. After all, she knows it's wrong, but she does it anyway. There's a lack of control from her as well. But, as this side chick admits, a huge attraction to being a side chick was how easy it was. There was no real thought that went into the relationship; he would just come over, they'd do it, and then he'd leave. This might be simple, but it's definitely severely lacking in emotional depth. However, I guess this girl wanted it that way:

"Surprisingly enough our relationship was never like that. It was literally come over, have s*x, leave at the very beginning. At the end of it we had gone out to dinner a few times but I never wanted him to buy me gifts or do anything like that. I really just liked his company and spending time with him, that's all. So his wife definitely got all the money as far as that's concerned."

14 He Asked His Girlfriend For Permission

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This is definitely one of the weirdest confessions about being a side chick that you'll ever read. Obviously, the most controversial part about being in this kind of a relationship is that you're lying, and you're cheating behind someone's back. But what happens if the guy actually tells his girlfriend about the side chick? And what happens if that boyfriend actually asks his girlfriend's permission to have s*x with his side chick? Sounds crazy, I know, but according to this confession, it actually happened. Of course, he didn't really give her much of a choice. He was basically fooling her into thinking she had some control over the matter, and that by agreeing she would have more power than if she was just blindly being cheated on. But, it's obvious that this is all just nonsense:

"Then again, maybe it’s simple; maybe humans just aren’t made to be monogamous. At least that’s what Eamon, the pilot I met in a South American hostel, told his girlfriend over FaceTime... just before he asked her if he could sleep with me. Spoiler alert: She said no. Double spoiler alert: We did it anyway."

13 He Didn’t Even Remember Her Name

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One of the most devastating things about being a side chick is the huge amount of regret one feels. This much is made very clear by the way some of these women talk about their relationships in their confessions. It's almost as if they wish they could wash off their dirty past and be done with it. But we all know that once you become a side chick, it stays with you for life. Imagine being a side chick with someone who only texts you when he's drunk, and you willingly go over and hook up with him. And there's a part of you that knows he doesn't even know your last name– or maybe your first name, for that matter. At that point, you're little more than a cheap h*oker, except for the fact that you don't get paid. This confession is painful to read:

"I never wanted to be the girl a guy texts only when he’s drunk, the girl his girlfriend told to delete off his phone and out of his life. I never wanted to be the girl who sleeps over after the several rounds of drinks with a guy who won’t bother to remember my last and maybe even my first name. I never wanted to be the rebound girl or the girl you regret taking home the next morning."

12 Not Having To Think Too Much About A Relationship

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Some girls might feel regret over being a side chick, although others seem to revel in their role, even enjoying it. While you might think that these girls are pretty sick in the head, some of these girls make a strong case for why the side chick life isn't actually so bad. If you listen to some of these confessions, these girls talk about how being a side chick means you can be an empty-headed bimbo if you like– not caring about anything other than s*x, looking good, and making your man feel happy for those few hours that he comes over to your place. As a side chick, you don't have to worry about all those things people in real relationships have to fret over: things like kids, mortgages, bills, car repairs, marriage, etc. She definitely has a unique point of view, that's for sure:

"All I had to do was be there when he wanted to see me, look pretty, make him c*m and receive all of the things that I asked for and much of what I didn’t. I was there to listen to him complain about what she did or did not do, the kids and all the other things that he couldn’t tell her about. I made sure that he was comfortable, had his favorite things and food and never said no or complained about being too tired for s*x."

11 Shamed By Her Family

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What's the worst part about being a side chick? There are probably plenty of terrible things that immediately come to mind, but one of the worst aspects of this kind of relationship is the shame involved. You are basically settling for sloppy seconds, willingly. This kind of relationship is probably very damaging to one's self esteem, and can lead to all kinds of mental and emotional instabilities. It's shameful enough when you know that you're the side chick, but what about if your family and friends know about it? I don't know about you, but I would pretty much die of shame if this happened to me:

"By the end, when the feelings came into play I hated it. And the wife did know (hear things) at one point but the guy lied saying nothing was happening and she believed him, which was good for us. My friends and family both were pretty disappointed in me for being 'the other girl' when I have been cheated on in pretty much every relationship I've been in so they didn't expect me to a put another female in the position I was once in."

10 She Had No Idea

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Of course, not all side chicks are guilty. While we love to point the finger at these girls, calling them "homewreckers," "sl*ts," or even worse names, it's easy to forget that some girls are completely oblivious to their role as a side chick. How is this possible? How can you go months or even years with no suspicion that you're just the side chick? Well, it does happen, and denying this is just underestimating how nefarious and shrewd guys can be when they cheat on their girlfriends and wives. Hell, there are even guides online on how to keep your side chick without arousing suspicion from either woman, believe it or not. This girl confesses that she had no idea she was the side chick all along:

“He was a touring musician. I thought he was based in Texas. He was based in Oklahoma. He told me he was recently divorced (that explained the photos). He was good. I didn't know! I was with a guy for 9 months. One day I was watching him play at a club and this chick at the bar told me she was looking for the wh*re f***ing her husband. It was me. I was devastated. I testified on her behalf at the divorce.”

9 He Treated Her Terribly

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Sometimes it's easy to look at side chicks as comical. From the outside looking in, the failure of relationships and the humiliation of infidelity can seem hilarious to us. But it's easy to forget that there are some real horror stories when it comes to side chicks. Some of these girls were really taken advantage of, and that's no laughing matter. So before you point your finger at side chicks, you should consider the possibility that perhaps they're actually the victim. Because after reading this confession, you'll look at side chicks in a whole new light. This girl was young when she was groomed and taken advantage of by a much older man. She had no idea what she was getting herself into, and it left her with lasting psychological damage:

“He was married and had a kid. He groomed me for months luring me into his trap. When I moved away for college he moved with me and r*ped me every day. I didn't realize this wasn't normal because I didn't know any better. This lasted almost a year before he decided he was tired of me. He left me in a city all alone and I didn't know anyone because I wasn't allowed to do anything that didn't involve him.”


8 He Won Her Over With Money

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They say money is the root of all evil, and it turns out that it was the root of at least one side chick as well. Men with a lot of money have a lot of power, and they start to get certain illusions of grandeur. Rich men start to think they can get away with just about anything, and that's when they start to skate on thin ice. In this situation, a girl was hypnotized by the amount of cash that one guy was throwing away at the roulette table, and she was eventually won over by gifts of hundreds of thousands of dollars:

“He made a 50K bet on one of the tiers. Won and slid the chips over to me. Made another bet, won and also slid it over to me. I told him I didn't want it, but he insisted that he was well ahead and didn't care. This guy literally handed me my salary in the span of a few minutes. I wanted him to myself and I told him this after two years of being 'the other woman.' He told me he wasn't leaving his wife. We fought, obviously. I yelled and even slapped him. When that all died down, he told me he loved me and that he would leave her. We didn't last six months after that. He went back to his wife.”

7 She Loves Dating Married Men

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Some girls just find the whole prospect of being a side chick to be a huge turn-on. What is it about this type of relationship that they find so exciting? Some love the thrill of it. Some feel like there's something deliciously naughty about doing something that's so wrong. Others enjoy the feeling of power– the knowledge that they're slowly destroying a perfectly loving relationship. Whatever it is, this one girl found herself somewhat addicted to dating married men. Why? She says that it's easy, and this is a common theme for a lot of side chicks– they say that they prefer being a side chick because they don't have to work as hard as opposed to a real relationship:

“We started having s*x about a year into his marriage. It was a little too easy, I felt a little remorseful about it, but continued seeing him when he called. I enjoyed dating a married man. It was easy. But with all things, it comes with a price. His wife called and confronted me about the affair about a year after it started. I enjoyed having a little pleasure with none of the responsibilities that come with a committed relationship.”

6 She Feels Like A “Broken Toy”

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Having a side chick can cause all kinds of damage. Most people immediately think about the damage it causes the cheating man and his "main girl." Their relationship is changed forever by the decision to have a side chick, and most of these relationships end in a breakup. While it's true that these people are damaged, the side chick is also damaged. They only want love, but they try to find it in the wrong way. And in the end, as this girl confesses, it leaves her feeling like a broken toy:

“I'm a walking magnet for married people. idk what it is about me that screams "come hither married people" but it's real. The problem is that I am such a passionate person, I get really emotionally involved in these people. I end up falling for them. For real, head over heals. It's not entirely my fault. They give me the green light all the way there. Even going so far as to say 'I love you' during s*x. It always ends the same way. I get put in my place (as a side b**ch). My heart gets broken. I remind them that the whole thing started because THEY pursued ME. They laugh & tell me I fell for it. I cry because I feel like a broken toy."

5 Terrible Cheater

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Now let's get to the really dirty side chick stories. We've saved the best for last, and you won't forget these shocking confessions. Or did we save the worst for last? I guess that depends on whether you find these confessions entertaining or downright disturbing. Maybe a little bit of both? Regardless, these next stories will either make you puke, laugh or lick your lips. This girl confesses a story where she was actually doing it just a few meters away from where the family she was destroying was eating dinner– without their husband and father, who was doing the deed with her then and there:

“We went out on a date. He told his wife that he was having a poker night with the boys. We tried to go to a movie but when we got there the movie was sold out. We couldn’t go to my place so he just angrily asked me to drive him home. We got to his street outside his house and suddenly he was “in the mood.” We ended up doing it in my car as I watched his family having dinner without him in his house through the window out of the corner of my eye…”

4 She Got Addicted

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We've already talked about how the role of a side chick can be an addicting one, but few have put stated this so plainly than this girl. She gives us a rare insight into the mind of a side chick, and it's surprising how open she is. It's almost as if she's completely accepted that being a side chick is her role in life, and that she doesn't care who sees her strange lifestyle. She readily admits that she has become completely addicted to being a side chick, and that's pretty much the only type of relationship she wants anymore. She also admits that she loves the feeling of power it gives her:

“It started out as an accident. I started hooking up with a guy, not knowing he had a girlfriend. After the first time, I felt guilty at first, especially when his girlfriend found out and broke up with him. But after, I started to realize that the s*x just wasn’t the same. So now I can’t stop hooking up with married/guys in a relationship cause I’m addicted to the feeling of power. I also 'get off' on destroying guys’ relationships."

3 She Made Sure He Got Caught

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When it comes to side chicks, an important thing to realize is that side chicks are often hopelessly in love with the guys they are hooking up with. For many, it's their dream to be their fully-fledged girlfriend or even wife, as hopeless as that goal might be. It's a truly tragic trap that they fall into. Obviously, a guy who cheats on their wife or girlfriend is not boyfriend or husband material, but the overwhelming sense of love these side chicks feel drowns out those doubtful feelings. Some girls even go out of their way to break up the man's relationship, out of sheer desperation. It's clear that girls like these are pretty unstable, and prone to do crazy things. Here is yet another reason to never have a side chick:

“I was hooking up with a guy and I knew he had a steady girlfriend. I wanted him so bad, and two years went by. Eventually I started to purposely sabotage his relationship. I left panties in his car, and made sure to hide bras and stuff under his bed. Eventually his girlfriend found out and dumped him. We were together for only a few weeks before he started cheating on me too. Guess I got what I deserved.”

2 Honeymoon Side Chick

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Okay, now this confession seems completely unbelievable. These confessions were collected from the internet, after all, so you need to take them with a grain of salt. However, you know what they say– truth is stranger than fiction. Sometimes, the most ridiculous things you hear on the internet turn out to be true. Whether this confession is true or not, who knows? But if it is true, then it's probably one of the most despicable examples of cheating I've ever heard of. A honeymoon is supposed to be a celebration of a couple's union together, but this husband completely denigrated this happy event by bringing his side chick along for a very perverse honeymoon indeed:

“This is gonna sound ridiculous but here goes. I’ve been a side chick for a few years. Before and after he got married. His wife was in a car accident and can no longer have s*x without a lot of pain. So basically the husband paid for me to go with them on their honeymoon. I stayed in another room in the hotel, and he would come down to my room for a “quickie” while she was Skyping with her family. She never knew…”

1 She Loves And Hates It

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Sometimes, you can't really judge people for the choices they make in their s*x lives. If it's consensual, and no one is getting hurt, then you can't really do anything but stand back and shake your head in bemusement, even if you think it's the most disgusting thing you've ever heard. This confession might prompt you to do just that. It tells a story of a situation that seems taken straight from the pages of 50 Shades of Grey, and it's jaw-dropping. This girl is in a very different "love/hate" relationship than you might be familiar with in your own experiences, and it's definitely one of the dirtiest confessions from a side chick:

“I’m a side chick for a very controlling man. He pays for me to have an apartment nearby. He doesn’t let me have a job. He wants me completely dependent on him. He’s a rich CEO, and he has a wife with four kids. When he comes over, I have to do everything he says. I can’t even buy clothes, so all he lets me have are sl*tty clothes a pr*stitute would wear. I hate him so much… But there’s a part of me that loves how he treats me…”

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