15 Dirty Celebs Who Are Known To Trash Hotel Rooms

Spoiled rotten, dirty, inconsiderate, and just plain gross.

It's widely known that most celebrities, even if they are said to be nicer than most, feel that they are above the regular set of rules that the rest of us normals have to follow by or pay the consequences for. Celebs get treated to special exceptions all of the time and are constantly getting comped for meals, shopping sprees and hotel rooms so maybe we can see why they feel they can get away with what us mere mortals can't, though that certainly doesn't excuse their behavior.

Trashing a hotel room used to be an exclusive rock star signature. And while we've got a few of those on here, not all of them are. It would seem that some of these celebs are rock stars in their minds based on their actions. Most of the celebrity names on this list won't surprise you but even with their reputations in mind, we've got a feeling that their deplorable behavior just might because these stars have taken entitlement to a whole new level. What gives them the right to think they are allowed to destroy property that doesn't belong to them? We've got no clue but we do have an idea that you'll enjoy reading about these celebrities who acted so shabbily and trashed their expensive hotel rooms for reasons that we can't understand.

15 Lindsay Lohan Overstayed Her Welcome And Annoyed Hotel Staff

$46,000 is an amount of money that could change most people's lives. It would make a hefty downpayment on a house plus help for relief with debt and medical bills, etc. But for Lindsay Lohan, this chump change was her bill ($46,350.04 to be exact) after her stay with the historic Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. Like a houseguest that doesn't know how to take a hint, she decided to stick around for a month and a half, taking up residence and making herself right at home... much to the irritation of Chateau Marmont staff.

Lindsay used hotel credit to dine regularly at the restaurant and even borrowed the hotel's laptop computer for her stay at a rate of $75 per day. Using the credit associated to her room, she purchased things from the hotel like $14 packs of cigarettes, candles that the hotel sells exclusively for $100 and of course, room service galore. After being brushed off by Lindsay for weeks regarding her outstanding bill, Chateau Marmont put its foot down and banned the famous redhead from ever returning.

14 Courtney Love Left Behind Used Feminine Products, Used Needles, And Floods

What did Irving Place in New York City ever do to Courtney Love? That's an excellent question because we'd rather believe that she had a vendetta to carry out against the hotel rather than accept the fact she was simply careless and inconsiderate enough to leave used feminine products lying around (not in the trash) along with dirty needles and drug paraphernalia. Oh, not to mention she flooded a whole floor – A WHOLE FLOOR! – of Irving Place. For this unacceptable behavior, she cost the hotel $5,000 in damages which we think is a pretty good deal for flooding an entire floor plus covering the HazMat fees that were surely needed to clean out her room. If you're thinking that this was way back in her darkest days of the 90's and people change, yadda, yadda – think again! This happened in 2009.

13 Johnny Depp And Kate Moss Make $10,000 Worth Of Damage And Johnny Throws An Armadillo Under The Bus

Under the figurative bus, of course. The story goes that back in 1994 when Johnny Depp and Kate Moss were one of the hottest, most talked about couples around, before people began mashing up celebrity couples' names, the two former lovebirds stayed in Mark Hotel in New York. Guests started to complain bright and early around 5:30 am about the shouting and shattering sounds coming from one of the rooms. Supposedly, Johnny and Kate were having a go about the size of Johnny's member. The exact nature of the conversation is not known but just a guess – they probably weren't arguing because Kate said Johnny is "the man." Anyhow, when security and eventually police arrived on the scene, Johnny proclaimed that an adorable armadillo was to blame for all of the damage. He insisted that the little troublemaker was hiding in the closet. Police narrowed their eyes at him, gave each other a look (we're assuming) and promptly booked Johnny for a felony count of mischief. No word on whether Johnny forwarded the $10,000 bill to the scaly friend.

12 Scott Disick Leaves Behind A Trail Of Disrespect And Cigarettes Plus Has A Thief In His Party!

In 2015, Scott Disick tacked on another minute to his dwindling fifteen minutes of fame when he took a trip with some friends to Aspen, Colorado and stayed at Hotel Jerome. The over-indulged spoiled party boy's friend jumped over the hotel bar to steal a bottle of expensive alcohol and that embarrassment is just for starters. The room was a complete wreck when maids went in to clean it the next day. Surfaces were completely covered in cigarette butts, empty alcohol containers and other trash. The real kicker is that guests complained about the smell of marijuana coming from Scott's room and thanks to the cigarette butts that he and his party inconsiderately left behind for the maids, the hotel had proof that Scott was smoking in the clearly stated non-smoking room. A $500 penalty was added to his bill. Not very classy at all, Scott.

11 Britney's Kids Threw A Toddler Style Rager, Causing $20K In Damages!

Here, I present to you the youngest offenders on the list. When Sean Preston and Jayden James, heirs to the Britney Spears empire and the Kevin Federline shamefest, were just two and three years old in 2009, these adorable little hellraisers caused a commotion in Mommy's hotel room which forced her to fork over $20,000 for their epic tantrum disaster. 'How could two tiny cuties cause such significant damage,' you ask? By drawing all over the walls (ahem, where'd they get the drawing instruments, Mom?), by ripping and completely mutilating the hotel room curtains and going to the bathroom in the hotel pool. Not cool, Brit. None of these reports happen to mention what their pop star mom was doing at the time that this naughtiness x2 occurred and why a designated nanny wasn't around to stop the kiddie madness before it broke loose.

10 Led Zeppelin's John Bonham Was A Motorcycle Lobby Riding Renegade

Legend has it that John Bonham of Led Zeppelin rode his beloved motorcycle in the lobbies (yes, plural!) of a few hotels. Apparently, the rockstar didn't feel that rules applied to him and felt the need to shake things up, riding his huge custom bike and revving its engine through fancy lobbies. Talk about filing a noise complaint!

If you think his three bandmates stood back and just watched, you would be sorely mistaken. They were all known for their loud partying ways, enough to make hotel managers quake in their boots if they saw the band headed their way. Apparently, incidents like finding chained yet completely consenting women (such as their many groupies) to hotel beds and materials for casting black magic spells were nothing out of the ordinary for a Led Zeppelin stay.

9 An Outside Cleaning Crew Was Hired After Amy Winehouse Left A BioHazard Mess Behind

In 2007, the late Amy Winehouse was staying at the Sanderson Hotel in London with her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil. After several guests called to complain of the commotion going on in Amy and Blake's room, hotel staff found the couple, both banged up and bruised. The behavior of the two was nothing new considering that Amy and Blake had a reputation for fighting and letting their tempers get the best of them on a somewhat regular basis. A further inspection of the room found blood spattered on the walls along with broken furniture. A table had been completely smashed to smithereens and the room's floor had even been scratched. Due to the biohazard nature of the mess in the room, Sanderson Hotel was required by safety regulations to hire an outside cleaning company that specializes in cleaning bloody messes. After leaving their room decorated like something out of a horror movie, it's safe to say that the couple was not invited back to stay at Sanderson Hotel.

8 Charlie Sheen Breaks More Than Just Hearts In Hotel Rooms

Let's skip on back to 2011 when Charlie Sheen was dismissed from Warner Bros' Two And A Half Men. That was an interesting time in the media, wasn't it? Charlie decided to take the high road from the firing (not really) and during that period, he caused damages to the tune of $7,000 for one night in a New York City hotel. For starters, he destroyed a chandelier. Think about that one. Seems like you'd have to put some real effort into wrecking a high-placed chandelier, doesn't it? He also broke other furniture items and oh yeah – Chuck chucked a lamp at a porn star.

But when someone makes comments on national TV interviews like, "I'm tired of pretending I'm not special. I'm tired of pretending I'm not a total bitchin' rock star from Mars" then I guess this bad boy hotel behavior is nothing out of the norm. Keep winning, Charlie! But please, no more throwing lamps at porn stars.

7 Keith Richards Made Rock Star Hotel Room Trashing History In 1972

It must be a guy thing. Or a rock star thing. Because I am neither and for the life of me, I can't understand why pitching a TV set (not super cheap back in the day, either) off of a hotel balcony is as hilarious and/or interesting as these famous superstars in the gif find it or how they even came up with the idea in the first place. But whatever it was that caused Keith to commit TV set-icide in 1972 at the Continental Hyatt House in West Hollywood, he created a legend and somewhat of a rock star rule that all rock stars must leave their calamitous mark on hotel rooms in the most epic of ways. And as you've seen from this list, many have indeed complied with this unspoken rule. Keith Richards. Rolling Stone. Rock star. Trendsetter of destruction.

6 Marilyn Manson Set A Celebratory Fire To His Hotel Room Carpet

Eh, rockers. If you're not a super famous rocker, it's kind of hard to understand the mindset that one would have after coming off of a hugely successful concert. But still, it does boggle the mind as to why celebrating that concert by purposely (not a rock star rager that got out of control with a lit cigarette that fell off of a coffee table) burning up the carpet of a Sheraton hotel room sounded like a good idea to Marilyn Manson. But then again, this was back in 1998 and he was experiencing/enjoying the full swing of the shock value mixed with fascination mixed with horror that was the media sensation that surrounded him at the time. Was this just another tactic to make sure that he stayed at the top of everyone's radar? Or did he truly enjoy setting fire to carpet? At any rate, he quietly paid the bill for the damages the next day and hasn't had any other hotel room drama to speak of.

5 Amanda Bynes Left Behind A Sloppy, Grimy Mess

Like many of her fellow celebs on this list, it would seem that Amanda Bynes was never taught to pick up after herself. Or she just forgot. Or she doesn't care. In 2013, the staff at New York City's Ritz Carlton would have agreed that she just doesn't care. Many of the staff reported that she exhibited constant rude behavior towards them and guests complained of her smoking and alleged drug use during her nine-day stay. When maids entered the room upon her checkout, they discovered that she had indeed been smoking in her non-smoking room. The smoke detector hadn't gone off because it had been pulled off from the ceiling. Dirt, trash, used makeup and cigarette ash littered almost every available surface in the room. She was billed $9,000 for the damages.

4 Nirvana Trashes Two Hotel Rooms In Minnesota In Front Of A Reporter To The Tune Of $19,000

MTV's Kurt Loder has often said that working at MTV is like working in the toy department of a large store. "It's fun, everyone wants to work in the toy department," he has said. We're betting that the MTV spokesman wasn't feeling the "fun" perks of his job back in 1993 when he spent some quality time with Nirvana in their St. Paul, Minnesota hotel room after he interviewed them for an MTV special. Two of the three band members, the infamous Kurt Cobain and drummer Dave Grohl, were completely out of control that night. They broke everything within sight of their hotel room at about four o'clock in the morning. When they heard security was coming, they booked it to mild-mannered news host Loder's hotel room where the chaos ensued. Loder maintained that he unsuccessfully urged the rock stars to stop their unruly rock star behavior. Upon checkout, the total damages were $19,000. We hope that number included reimbursements and gift cards for the other guests of the hotel.

3 Billy Idol Partied So Hard During A Three-Week Bender, He Had To Leave On A Stretcher

The bad boy rocker with an English accent rose to fame in the 80s with his hit songs like "White Wedding", "Mony Mony" and "Rebel Yell". In 1989, Billy was still coasting off of the fumes of his massive success when he decided to head over to Bangkok and proceeded to party like no one has ever done before. Billy is the winner of this list for causing $250,000 in hotel room damages to the Mandarin Oriental. Heck, for that much he could have just purchased a nice big home for his party! When he was pressed for details about what went down at that party, Billy basically said that he happily indulged in every carnality known to man. Well, you get the picture. When the debauchery of nearly a month was over, Billy was so wasted/exhausted/blacked out/fill-in-the-blank that he needed to be carried out of the Mandarin Oriental on a stretcher.

2 Keith Moon Drove A Car Into The Hotel Pool On His 21st Birthday

Keith Moon, legendary drummer for The Who, did not live very long but during his time on Earth, he certainly had enough adventures for maybe a few quiet people. He was just 17 when he joined the band in 1964 and enjoyed the success that came with it. It's known that he regularly enjoyed pulling pranks so perhaps it wasn't unusual for those that knew him when they found out that on Keith's 21st birthday, he drove his car into the pool after filling the toilet with sticks of lit dynamite in his Holiday Inn hotel room in Flint, Michigan. There is also talk of a giant cake that showed up for him with a girl who hopped out of it to wish Keith a very happy birthday. Naturally, a massive cakefight ensued shortly after. This rowdy behavior earned a lifetime ban for not just Keith but all of his band members as well from the popular hotel chain. The birthday boy's bill for damages was $24,000.

1 Florence Rages Like A Machine And Wakes Up To Massive Hotel Room Damage

The short of the story is that Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine woke up to a ripped dress, a lost phone and a chipped tooth. Oh, and a bucket of water on the floor. The ending of the movie, The Hangover, would have likely proved useful to Florence so she could have flicked through images on a camera and learned what happened to her the night before. But there's no proof that such photos exist. The long of the story, from the bits that Florence can recall, is that she and Kanye West partied at The Bowery Hotel one night in 2012 where she was staying. After the 17th dirty martini, she lost count as well as most of her memory of the chaotic party-filled night. There was mysterious "black stuff" on the wall in the morning as well as an (extinguished) fire thanks to a cinnamon tea light that she left burning away.

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15 Dirty Celebs Who Are Known To Trash Hotel Rooms