15 Despicable People Who Got Exposed On Snapchat

Snapchat is a great tool for arranging plans, sending dirty pics, or just showing your friends what you’re up to on a Friday night. The best thing about it is that since you know your video will disappear a few seconds after it’s opened, it doesn’t seem to matter what you say or do. You figure you can get away with anything because it won’t be kept around for posterity. But it doesn’t always work out that way. People may assume that they can say or do whatever they want on the app and get away with it, but the thing with this modern world is that there are modern phones with features like screenshots.

There are lots of good people in the world. But there also a lot of horrible people. Whether they’re rich snobs looking down on the rest of us plebs, racists, or just regular douchebags, there are lots of people out there who use Snapchat just to show off how despicable they can be. These people sent Snaps that were deliberately snotty, self-serving, and arrogant. Snaps making fun of people. Snaps of them throwing away the kind of money that would make an average person happy for weeks.

The very disappearing nature of Snapchat means that it makes for some very bad choices. The snaps on this list got saved, shared, and went viral. Soon, the whole internet was mocking these people for the terrible human beings they had revealed themselves to be. And suddenly, it didn’t seem so funny anymore. Be careful what you Snap. You never know if it’ll show up on a list like this the next day.

15 Adolf Hipster

via FansShare

This girl was clearly just trying to have a little fun with her Snapchat filters. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? Well, there isn’t until you decide to impersonate a genocidal maniac anyway. The Holocaust may have ended over 70 years ago, but still, too soon, man. There’s a time and a place for making fun of Hitler, and it’s not by impersonating him on Snapchat.

To be fair, it’s a fun little pun that rolls off the tongue nicely. But is this girl really a hipster? A wannabe hipster? Seems like she’s just trying to be silly.

Hopefully, this girl learned from her lesson as her Snap went viral and led to thousands of people mocking her tasteless joke on the internet. She looks young enough to grow from the experience. In the end, maybe she isn’t totally despicable; just really stupid.

14 Sad Selfie Faker

via Snapchat

This is just sad. If you want to take a selfie, take a selfie. There’s no shame in it. I mean, it’s a bit narcissistic and self-aggrandizing, but who isn’t these days? So just suck it up, hold the phone in front of your face, and take a pic to share with the rest of the world just like literally everybody else on Snapchat.

But what’s happening in the pic is just something else entirely. This guy has to let the world know that he has somebody in his life (even if he doesn’t) and he’ll go so far as faking it just to seem cool on Snapchat. It’s okay to be single. Just suck it up and admit that you’re there by yourself. People will judge you, but can your fragile ego really not handle it?

That in itself is bad enough. But then, we come to another aspect of this picture—the fact that this moron felt the need to pretend he was sleeping while it was being taken. While I might be able to forgive the insecurity of somebody who needs to pretend their imaginary girl was in the room with them, I can’t forgive that. Really, dude? You tried to make it seem like said imaginary girl cares deeply enough about you to Snapchat you sleeping? That’s just…well...sad.

13 Emotional Cheater Buster

The look in this guy’s eye is deeply emotional. But just what kind of emotion is hard to tell. Is he really torn up that his girlfriend is cheating on him? Because the squinty eyes that seem practically tearful would seem to suggest that. But upon closer inspection, maybe his face isn’t all screwed up in anger or sadness, but excitement. He seems almost stoked at the thought of catching his girl with another man like all his life is about right now is that one moment of “Gotcha!”

I want to know, though. Would he rather catch her cheating or not catch her cheating? Because if you’re more motivated about exposing her than you are about spending time with her, then newsflash: this relationship wasn’t going to last anyway.

In the second frame, you can see that she’s guilty, and maybe the guy had all sorts of reasons to suspect. But it doesn’t make him any less of a douchebag for smearing their personal business all over Snapchat just for one hollow victory.

12 Kid down!

via Funnyjunk

This dad wanted to take his kid for a ride but ended up taking her for a fall instead. While it might seem like a harmless mistake, that’s a good six feet that child just faceplanted on. Sure, the surface she’s falling onto looks like a bunch of foam bricks, but has anyone checked to make sure this kid is okay?

The worst person in this entire encounter is the person who’s taking the Snap. The father looks concerned, as he should be, but the person standing on the sidelines (maybe the mom or a family friend?) sees this moment as a time to take a pic and add a snarky Snapchat caption. It’s funny and all, but a better human being would be rushing in to grab the child and making sure she didn’t have a concussion.

You know, maybe someone who doesn’t record their family memories through Snapchat in the first place…

11 Kids 'n' Dip


You’re trying to eat some Tostitos while watching the game and your wife asks you to hold the baby. It’s a lot to ask and boom, you spilled the sour cream all over the baby.

But rather than cleaning the baby up like a normal loving father, this dad decided to continue doing what he was doing, watching TV and eating chips with the baby as his own personal dip tray. That’s just cold. Like, literally. Is it healthy for a baby that young to have some recently refrigerated sauce covering his head? It’s also kind of gnarly as you’re going to be chewing on one of those itty-bitty baby hairs before long, daddy-O.

Okay, so this one is also kind of funny. It’s a hilarious “make do with what ya got” moment. But while that might work fine enough when you’re talking about jerry-rigging the toilet tank to flush or propping up a shelf, we’re talking about a real live human being here. And a totally powerless one at that. This parent could use a lesson on how to treat your children right…

10 Miley Wannabe

via listfunny.net

If the Wrecking Ball music video wasn’t bad enough on its own, now we’ve got teenage boys imitating Miley Cyrus’ memorable naked swing.

First of all, this was a bad idea when Miley did it in the first place. Everything about this song is ridiculous and posing nude in the video was a blatant attempt to sell her music. Miley seems to have a thing about showing every inch of her body to as many people on the entire planet as she possibly can, and this video was just the first stage of her weird “I’ll show you my everything” phase.

But Miley’s a rich and famous pop star, so really, she can do whatever she wants. This is just some random dude posing bare for a Snap. We’re not sure if the pose he’s striking is supposed to be sexy or ironic, but if Miley’s your spirit animal, maybe you need to get some better taste?

9 Pregnant! Not

via Blogspot

This Snap is just ice cold. I can just imagine the look on the guy’s face when he opens this Snap. Oh my God, he wonders. What did I do? Everyone knows what that little white stick represents. Why would she send me that? Unless…

Sike! One bar means not pregnant, dopehead.

Like, maybe this seemed like a fun prank to pull on someone, but it’s actually pretty cruel. In ten seconds, this guy just went from planning out the next twenty years of his life to utter relief. In a way, I suppose this snap serves as a nice reminder that whatever problems they’re having in their relationship, a babe ain’t one.

I guess this girl was just trying to give her man a sense of what it’s like to be a girl running late for her time of the month. That nervousness turning into fearful anticipation, followed by the moment of truth, and then…Phew! But don’t play us like that.

8 Cash On The Table

Okay, talk about being spoiled rich. The person who posted this Snap is so blind to the value of money that they’re using 20 pound notes as a tablecloth. Those things are worth like $25 US!

There’s nothing to make it seem like you spit on the poor like literally destroying cash. And while this may have just been a funny joke for a ridiculous Snap, the fact that this rich kid not only does this but brags about it makes him absolutely despicable!

This thing doesn’t even actually work as a table cloth. There’s nothing sticking them together or to the surface of the table, so the second that somebody breathes on them, they’re all going to go flying to the floor.

Look, if you really don’t need that money, I’m sure somebody will take it. You could go out to a restaurant and give it to your poor server who’s just trying to feed her family at home. You could walk to the corner and make a homeless guy’s year. Or you could meticulously set it out on the table under your foodstuffs just so you could send a stupid social media message conveying what a horrible human being you are. This Snap manages to convey both a terrible idea and a terrible human being. Truly amazing.

7 This Whiny CEO

via The Sun

The CEO pictured in this Snap is a reminder of why rich businessman are reviled worldwide. This guy posted a Snap complaining about the length of a board meeting where he managed to cop a 5-million-dollar bonus.

Aww, poor baby!

I’m sorry you had to sit in a stuffy office for a few hours talking business in order to earn that kind of money. It only takes the average person a hundred years to make that kind of scratch.

While most people would agree that board meetings are a drag, and to be avoided at all costs, five million bones buys you a lot of leisure time. Pretty much every Tom, Dick, and Harry slaving away for 10 dollars/hour year after year would sit straight through a week of board meetings to take home that kind of dough.

Hell, this guy could take home his bonus, retire immediately, and live on a pittance of $250,000/yr for 20 years! And apparently, this guy did something similar. He reportedly resigned his post less than a year after posting this Snap.

6 Inappropriate Cop

via YouTube

Lesson here: don’t Snap and police at the same time.

This cop clearly didn’t think things through before she posted this Snap. Melissa Adamson was celebrating her recent graduation from a police academy in Pennsylvania and wanted to mug in her new uni for all her followers. But for some reason, she decided it was totally cool for her to use a racist slur in her message.

The thing is, cops and racism are kind of a big thing these days, and seeing how she was a rookie officer without any experience in her department, she couldn’t live down her stupid Snap. When the post went viral, she quickly found herself out of a job.

It turns out that being a police officer is about more than just mugging for a selfie on your phone. It calls for a little something called responsibility, which this rookie cop clearly didn’t have.

I hope she enjoys working as a security guard.

5 This Kid Who Needs 5 iPhones

via Daily Trend

Nothing quite beats using Snapchat just to show off what a spoiled rich brat you are.

Some people save up for a whole year just to make sure they can afford next year’s model. But this Snapchat user didn’t have to worry about any of that. He just had to ask Daddy to pick him up a new phone, and when he couldn’t pick just one, he got to take home all 5!

There’s something about spoiled brats that is just annoying. It’s one thing to buy too many of something if you’re using money you earned yourself. It’s still decadent, but at least it’s deserved decadency. That person put their blood, sweat, and tears into their money, and if they want to spend it on a million extra phones, that’s their business.

But this kid clearly doesn’t have any idea about the value of money. He just figures that if he decides he doesn’t like the color blue, he can switch to a new yellow iPhone tomorrow.

4 …And Some For My Dog, Please

via YouTube

This picture is just all kinds of wrong. First of all, are dogs even supposed to drink wine? It seems like by trying to bathe your pup in the lap of luxury, you might wind up accidentally killing it.

Second of all, this is just a terrible use of your expensive wine. We get that you’re rich enough to feed wine to your dog. But maybe you could give it to the homeless wino on the corner who will actually appreciate what he’s drinking? Ten bucks says the dog takes one sniff of this stuff and goes, “nope.”

Third, capturing this odd puppy owner bonding moment in a Snap is just another level of conceited. This person isn’t just wasting wine and feeding it to a dog who probably doesn’t want it, they’re deliberately advertising their decadence to the world just to show off how spoiled they are.

If that isn’t despicable, I don’t know what is.

3 D-Bag Personal Trainer

via Imgur

Going to the gym is awkward enough if you’re out of shape. You’re worried that you’re not doing the exercises right; you’re worried that people will notice your toothpick biceps or slight tummy bulge and that you won’t fit in with all the bros. This anxiety keeps a lot of people who could really use a workout away from the gym because they’re afraid of the looks they’ll get.

This whole problem has led some people to open up and be more accepting of people who need a little help or motivation just to get started. Some franchises have even opened up gyms where the mantra is acceptance of different body types and working out at your own pace.

Not this guy. The personal trainer in the foreground of this snap is a legendary douchebag who shames people at his gym if they are doing something incorrectly. While he has the training to go over and offer them a helping hand, suggest they alter their pose or explain why what they’re doing is wrong, he’d rather embarrass them on Snapchat for all of his equally douchey bros.

Not cool, dude.

2 Oops, I Didn’t Mean To…

via internetbullshizzle.com

There’s a rule that’s pretty much central to the bro code: don’t sleep with your best friend’s ex. Every guy knows it (even if he claims that he doesn’t) and should try to abide by it, but to be fair, mistakes happen. The two of you were both drunk, you’d been in a dry spell, they weren’t even together that long anyway…the rationalizations keep piling up until you wake up and realize what you’ve done.

Whether the two of you realize the error of your ways the next morning and decide to never speak of it again or whether you say “screw him” and decide to start dating seriously and ultimately marrying, there’s an ultimate sense of “this should never have happened” hanging over the whole proceedings.

While the expression on this guy’s face superficially seems to pass along the same sentiment, it’s undermined by the face that he’s posting the dang thing on Snapchat for the world to see. This morning-after confession is fake-embarrassed because if he was really embarrassed, he wouldn’t be sharing it on Snapchat.

You did a bad thing, so if you have any decency, cover it up in lies and deceit like a normal person. Publicly advertising your disrespect for the bro code? Now that’s despicable.

1 Feels Good To Be A What?

via cdn.barstoolsports.net

These totally white-bred college students thought it was a good idea to smear black makeup all over their faces, call it blackface, and send a Snap of their hilarious joke out to all of their friends. If that wasn’t racist enough, they decided to include the n-word in their caption. That’s not just despicable, it’s also dumb.

The girls, who are named Paige Shoemaker and Sadie Maier, were Kansas State University students at the time this pic was taken. Their stupid snap went viral and they were quickly expelled from their university. They apologized for their mistake and denied that they were attempting to pull blackface, but the proof’s in the pudding. They would have been better off if they’d never sent this despicable snap.

While these teens were probably only trying to be funny, they unintentionally (or not?) came across as horribly racist (not to mention clueless). Maybe they’ll learn how to feel good in a more appropriate way at their new community college…

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