15 Dating Moves We Thought Were Lame (But Actually Work)

Assuming you are in a relationship or have been in one in the recent past, can you recall how it began? The interesting thing is that almost all relationships begin in a different way, and depending on who made the first move, the pick-up strategies used are all different. People often think that the moves they've used and succeeded are the very best out there, which is not necessarily the case. This is because women are different, and they respond differently to how men approach them.

One secret that men don't know is that almost all women make up their minds about a man within five minutes of the conversation, with a good percentage of the same deciding before the man says even one word. What can give a man better chances of winning over a woman is his appearance, noticeable level of hygiene, and how he chooses to begin a conversation.

If you listen to stories of how men have won over women, you'd be shocked because in your mind some of the moves sound too ridiculous to work. Some pick-up moves appear to be shallow, rude, lame, or even offensive, but you might be surprised how many women will find them attractive and give in. Below are 15 pick-up moves everyone would refer to as lame, but they have worked on women on numerous occasions. If you have any doubts, feel free to try any of these moves on a woman and judge for yourself.

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15 Speak In A French (Or Any Other) Accent

Via: si.com

This move is both daring and lame, but the weird thing is that it actually works on a huge percentage of women. For some reason, the whole world believes that the French are the most romantic people on the planet, and if you can speak English as a French guy, then you might probably go home with the girl of your dreams.

One of the biggest problems with trying this accent is that so many Americans know French, and if you're not fluent in it, the hot girl you're trying to pick up will expose you for the fraud you are. This is the reason it's important to use a foreign language that you can actually speak.

Some guys have shared stories of their conquests, where they used this strategy and it worked flawlessly. However, to pull this off you have to at least look the part, or at least wear a nice outfit to look sophisticated.

14 Smiling At Her While Pretending To Be Shy

Via: mastibite.com

If you like a girl, whether you're seeing her for the first time, or you've seen her a lot but have never really approached her, it's always a bit easier if you know a bit about the type of men she likes. Since you might not have the privilege of having such information, you must try your best to make sure your strategy works.

First, a smile is a great way to show that you'd love an opportunity to at least say hi, and when you appear to be shy, you give her confidence and make her feel as if she has the upper hand. In your "shy" act, you can even stumble in your speech, and make sure to apologize, while explaining just how distracting her beauty is.

This strategy will work so well especially on a woman who's looking for an opportunity to feel powerful. If this strategy works, you will have saved yourself a lot of guesswork, because she'll feel the obligation to tell you what she wants, how she wants it, and how often she wants to see you.

13 Pretend She's A Hot Celebrity

Via: independent.co.uk

This move is as lame as it sounds, but it's certain to work, depending on the celebrity you choose to use. In this case, you have to be the type of guys who can maintain a straight face regardless of how much you want to laugh, because you have to stay in character until you win her over. This will only work on a woman you've never officially met, and she has to have a slight resemblance to a celebrity everyone considers hot, otherwise, she might think you're insulting her.

If everything goes on well, she will be flattered by just how highly you are thinking of her, and your attempts to get her autograph and a selfie will break any ice. Comparing her with a celebrity will be like applauding all the work she puts in wearing her makeup and looking beautiful, and she will hold on to you because women love being told nice things.

12 Claim You're New In Town And Ask Her To Show You Around

Via: usatoday.com

This move is reserved for the man who is ready to get into a long-term relationship with the woman he has set his eyes on and is willing to spend a lot of money on her. Chances are the woman will see through your claim of being new in town, and will interrogate you to see how well you stick to your story.

If she agrees to go along with your request, do your homework in terms of the sites you can go visit. Try visiting the most romantic sites you can afford since if you play your cards right you'll go out on numerous dates, where on one of them you can throw caution to the wind and go down on one knee.

If you can't see a future with the woman you're going after, please don’t go along with this move because you will be setting her up for a heartbreak.

11 Walk Up To Her, Ask To Check Her Tag And Say "Just What I Thought: Made In Heaven"

Via: independent.co.uk

Words are very powerful tools in any relationship because a single statement can build up a relationship and another one can tear it down. Unlike men who are attracted to what they see, women are attracted to what they hear, which is the reason a super hot girl will go out with a man with below average looks but above average speech.

If you walk up to a woman and she lets you close enough to appear to be reading what you'll pretend is a tag and tell her, "Just what I thought, made in heaven," you'll make her smile. This is a very creative way of calling her an angel and a woman will marry you immediately if she thinks you'll not only call her angel but treat her like one for life.

The moment you say these words to her, you will grasp her attention and arouse her curiosity, so you had better learn how to talk smooth.

10 Offer Her Your Jacket/Umbrella When It's Raining

Via: huffingtonpost.com

Have you ever noticed how romantic a couple appears to be when they're walking in the rain together, whether under an umbrella or with rain pouring down on them as they're hugging and kissing? If you haven't, you need to pay more attention to the romantic movies women love to watch.

In real life, it might not be exactly like the movies because rain can mess up so many things, including her hair and makeup, and you don’t want to be there when she starts complaining about that. However, if the two of you are anywhere together and it starts to rain, don't even think twice. Remove whatever you have on and cover her with it.

The reason why this move will do wonders for you is that it will convince her that you'll always put her ahead of yourself, something every woman would want in a man. For this move, you don't even need to talk, as your actions will do all the talking and they'll win her over.

9 Ask Her To Feel Your Sweater/Coat

Via: pinterest.com

This is a weird pick-up move, but just like all the others on this list, it's very effective. First, the woman you're pursuing will have to be the type who appears to be fun and adventurous, since one who's not will just roll up her eyes and look away. Second, whatever clothing you will ask her to touch should be attractive and at least spark some curiosity in her.

Finally, when she touches the clothing, tell her, "Do you know what it's made of? Its made of boyfriend material." If she starts to laugh, you will have gotten her attention, and you will have dealt with the most difficult part of the conversation.

The best thing about this move is that it's funny and creative. After such a beautiful move, she'll not think you're a desperate guy who just wants to hook up with any girl, but are a guy with a lot between your ears she would love to explore.

8 Tell Her You Lost Your Number, And Ask If You Could Have Hers Instead

Via: braindirector.com

Getting a girl's number nowadays is not as easy as it used to be. Women have become tired of creeps asking for their numbers all the time so they carry burner phones to the club so they don't have to give you their real number if they don't like you. If you're speaking to a girl for the first time, chose your words wisely since it's the first impression that will matter. You want to sound interested but not too pushy and funny but not look like an idiot.

You can walk up to her and then tell her that you lost your number and she would save your life if she gave you hers. Any open-minded woman would find that adorable and cheesy, and she'll give you at least half an hour of her time to see if she likes you or not. If you get her number, make sure to use it wisely. It would be such a waste to get her number in such a smooth way and not call her thereafter.

7 Give Her Two Tickets to the Latest Romantic Movie, And Tell Her She Can Take Anyone She Wants

Via: bustle.com

Chick flicks are all time lifesavers and they never run out of season. There's always a new chick flick hitting theaters at any time and they all attract women in crowds. For this move to work, you have to get good seats to the latest romantic movie and use them to present your case.

Walk coyly to her tell her you got the best tickets for a romantic movie but make sure to blink long and hard as you tell her that she can take anyone she wants. If she is into you, she'll obviously take you, but if she's not, well, you just funded a girls' night out.

When you go to the movie, use the chance to stare into her eyes and confess your real intentions. Good thing the movie will have given her all the secondary feel-good emotions that will prepare her for you. You can even throw in a dinner invitation after the movie just to prove you're the real deal.

6 Ask Her Questions About Heaven, Because You're Sure She's An Angel

Via: vogue.co.uk

This one is an all-time classic and if executed properly, it works like a charm. Language dynamics have changed over time and men no longer use sweet words such as "angel" to describe a woman. They have chalked it down to "babe," "chick," "hot stuff," "sidepiece," and many terrible words. If you want to really sweep her off her feet, make her feel that she is worthy and special.

Telling a woman that she is an angel will definitely put you on her good books. However, execution is everything in this pick-up line because you want to attract her attention, but you don’t want to be mistaken for a creep.

Don't ask questions about the difference between the Old Testament and the new; just ask her coy questions that she may not have answers to such as. "Do you have God's phone number?" Then you can tell her that you want to call Him and report a missing angel. Tell her that you did not believe in heaven until you saw her.

5 Sing Her A Love Song You Claim You Wrote

Via: justjared.com

The media and the environment we're exposed to heavily influences our definitions of love and romance, so if you can do something that a woman will relate with, then you're definitely on the right track. Singing a song for a woman is without a doubt a sign you find her attractive and you'd want to know her more, and she will respond so fast she won't even know what happened.

When we were growing up, we always saw this strategy work on TV, especially in cartoons, and since even the women we have today watched the same cartoons, there's no reason why it shouldn't work in real life.

This strategy will work almost 100% of the time because one of the quickest ways to a woman's heart is through her ears using music. So, if you can play an instrument, even if you're not a pro, you're on the right track and you can make any woman's heart melt the moment you sing her a song.

4 Offer To Drive Her Home

via: teenvogue.com

This move is bold and forward, and it might backfire if a woman finds a reason not to like you, so you have to be as likable as possible. The most appealing thing about this move is that she might consider the convenience of having someone drop her at her doorstep and she won't even have to spend a dollar.

If you're handsome, based on other people's opinions, of course, chances that this will work are very high, because many women believe psychos and weird creeps cannot be handsome, which is often a misconception. If she has her own car, don’t back down yet. Just offer to be her chauffeur for the night, and tell her you won't ask for a tip.

If you do get as far as sitting on the driver's seat with her on your side, you have the golden opportunity of explaining why you should at least taste her coffee.

3 Claim You Make The Best Breakfast

via: za.pinterest.com

If you happen to get a good conversation going with a woman you really like, make sure to pay attention to every little thing she's doing, especially how she's reacting to your compliments. If she sounds uneasy and overly cautious with the moves you're making, you might want to shelf this one for another day, because you don’t want to make her think you're a creep and chase her away.

However, if she's laughing a lot and is making you feel like she's up for an adventure, don't hesitate to offer her breakfast. Of course, this will shock her because such a statement requires guts, but you can explain just how unique the recipe your great-grandmother taught your grandmother is.

You can further explain that the recipe was so good and unique it was only passed down to first-born children, which is why she has to taste your breakfast before deciding whether she wants to pass it down to her firstborn.

2 Invite Her Over To See Your Comic Book Collection

Via: cosmopolitan.com

People who don’t know how amazing comic books are would not appreciate how great this move is, but the truth is that it's arguably the greatest on this list. Before you use this line, you need to establish whether she knows anything about comics and superheroes, because if she doesn't, you might not get anywhere.

If she's one of those girls who'll start asking you why they never let Superman join the Avengers, then using that line might work but you shouldn't use it on her. Actually, you should just call it a night and go home because no one has the right to insult you and all other comic book lovers by not knowing the difference between Marvel and DC heroes, especially the popular ones.

However, if she knows anything about comic books and the different cinematic universes, you will have succeeded in getting her to your home. Whatever you decide to do thereafter is up to you.

1 Request To Always Be By Her Side

Via: youtube.com

This is a great move if you two know each other, although some daring men have used it on a total stranger and it has worked. When you ask a woman whether you can be by her side, she might start to wonder what exactly you mean. She will think that you either want to be by her side physically, which would be a bit creepy and impractical, or be by her side figuratively, which will be sweet and sensitive. However, she will give you an opportunity to explain yourself.

As soon as she asks you why you want to be by her side, tell her, "Because I don’t want you falling for someone else." If she bursts into laughter, you have a shot at taking whatever relationship you have with her to a new level. Of course, she'll ask you where you got the idea she's in love with you, and your explanation will open up a door to make your case.

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