15 Dark Web Reddit Confessions No One Should Read Before Bed

We’ve all ventured on to the weird side of the internet at some point or another, but we’re not talking about spending hours scrolling through cat memes or watching adverts from a bygone era – this list refers to the dark side of the web, and this is where things go from odd to incredibly disturbing. These toe-curling confessions come straight from the discussion site Reddit and be warned – they’re not the kind of stories you can forget in a hurry.

Reddit is normally seen as a fun discussion site where users come to discuss everything from TV show plots to celebrity crushes, but like all parts of the net, there are many dark rabbit holes you can find yourself in if you look hard enough and once you’re there, you’ll wish you hadn’t been so curious. This list of creepy confessions, in particular, is filled with the kind of stuff that should only be reserved for a psychiatrist's notepad.

This list of disturbing posts ranges from people who regretted their childhood actions to actual confessions of murder. But perhaps some of the most haunting reddit posts below are from the users who gambled with their lives in some way, all for the sake of a fun online dare. The majority of these confessions originate from a popular reddit thread called: “The secret that could ruin your life if it came out”. One thing’s for sure – these will ruin your slumber tonight. Here are 15 of the darkest reddit secrets that should not be read at night...


15 The Man Who Accidentally Took The Lives Of 7 People

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In one very dark post, it’s fair to say that one redditor brought the ‘dark secrets’ thread to a standstill when he confessed to being responsible for the deaths of 7 people. (Among all the weird sh*t the internet has to offer, this isn’t the kind of thing you read every day). In his job as a landlord, the reddit user revealed that he put a rag inside a water heater exhaust while taking it to a rental property (just to keep debris out), but completely forgot about the rag when it came to installing it.

A week later, he received the dreaded call that there had been a gas explosion at the property. He met with police at the scene and was asked where the gas shutoff was and when he went to turn it off, discovered the rag sticking out from inside. Tragically, all 7 tenants died in the accident and the redditor confessed to spending every day since “drinking and sleeping” to try and blot it out.

14 Innocent Child’s Play That Ended In Tragedy

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In what sounds like a plotline straight out of a Final Destination movie, a chance occurrence at a discount store led to a freak accident and sadly, resulted in a man’s death. One redditor confessed that, as a boy, he accidentally caused the death of someone working at a Family Dollar after playing with some toy marbles. He recalls that on that day, his mom and cousins went to a separate part of the store while he played in the toy aisle – unfortunately, the toys he chose to play with that day cost one guy his life.

As he was rolling marbles across the floor of the toy aisle, one marble strayed into the aisle beyond him and a loud crash was heard pretty soon after. When the boy went to see what had happened, a crowd were gathered around a guy on the floor. It turns out he had stepped onto his ladder when a marble slid underneath one of the legs. The man died before paramedics could arrive.

13 I Just Want To "Eat Him Up"

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You hear of some mothers becoming so infatuated with their child that they say they could just “eat them up”, but normally this is just an expression. For one crazy reddit user though, this was a very real and literal desire – to cook and eat her own son. Messed up. The user has since deleted her account, but not before she posted a long-winded and disturbing confession about her long-held “fantasy” to eat her own son.

In the post, the 34-year-old single mom (well, quite obviously single) doesn’t skimp on the details of how she’d like to enact her fantasy. She confesses that just imagining “the smell of him roasting on an open flame” or her “teeth piercing his flesh” drives her wild. She also comments that she planned to wait until her son turned 18 to broach the subject with him (yeah, because I’m sure once he’s old enough that he’ll understand…). This post really beggars belief and as one reddit commenter put it, this messed up sh*t would make a great novel.

12 A Hitman Who Concocted His Plans

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The discussion site has been around for more than ten years now and before it became the popular social network it is today, reddit had many dark predators lurking in the shadows. It’s well known that dodgy dealings can be made as easily as an eBay purchase in the dark web, such as drugs and hired hit men and unbelievably, the latter activity has been discovered in the deepest recesses of the reddit community. As one user put it, at one point, some viewed the site as “A Craigslist for hitmen”.

This disturbing truth became clear after a popular reddit user died and it had transpired that he spent most of his time stalking young girls' threads. Oddly, one user began posting a kind of homage to the dead redditor and was found to have created a website with him which was essentially a hit list. Further investigation into the two men’s history revealed that they were apparently ex-Army men who shared and hunted down the p*rnographic material of young girls, so there’s no telling how far this twisted hit list really went.

11 The Thread Created For Attackers

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Upon asking other users what the ‘darkest piece of reddit history’ was, it came out that one incredibly messed up section used to exist on the site called “Ask A R*pist”. The thread and original poster can no longer be traced on reddit, but it's pretty horrifying to know this was actually on there at one point. The thread was essentially created for s*x attackers to spill their guts to other users about their crimes.

Although this is incredibly messed up in and of itself, the worst part about the thread was the replies from other users and they weren’t what you’d expect. Evidently, some redditors in reply to these crime confessions actually excused them for what they did and some even comforted them and helped them justify their actions! Apparently, all human decency goes out of the window in some dark, depraved corners of the web. Sick stuff.

10 Infidelity That Led To...

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Breakups are always going to be messy in the wake of an affair, but when you throw children into the mix, things can get ten times more complicated. Tragically for one father, his wife’s infidelity led to him losing much more than just his relationship and horrified reddit users watched his tragedy unfold every step of the way. It all started when the man posted a thread about proof that he had found out his wife was cheating with their neighbor and asked people in a comment thread for their advice.

In an attempt to be well-meaning and supportive as anyone would in this situation, the reddit users advised the guy to get a divorce and cut all ties with his poisonous ex – but they didn’t know the half of it. Upon trying to separate from his cheating wife, she turned their two kids against him. Still, his online support system told him the same – “divorce her, what’s the worst she can do?” A few months later, the husband updated the thread with the news that she had murdered both children and attempted to kill herself. Most of the original reddit users apparently still feel responsible for it all.

9 The Babysitter Who Got A Little Too Close With A Young Boy

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For her own protection, this anonymous babysitter keeps up the pretense that her first ever kiss was with her now fiancee, when they were both 14. In actual fact, she revealed to reddit that she was 13 and her first smooch was with none other than the young boy she was babysitting at the time. The boy in question was only 8 years old. At 13, no-one expects Mary Poppins-level professionalism from a babysitter, but not taking advantage of the child you’re supposed to be caring for is a pretty basic rule of thumb!

The ex-babysitter goes on to say that the boy repeatedly tried to grab and kiss her but she resisted until she became flattered by the attention and gave in to curiosity. (Morbid curiosity…). She appeared to sound remorseful by the end of her confession and worries that she may be exposed as a child molester. Considering the age gap, she may be too harsh on herself, but if she wants to appear even more remorseful, she may want to lose her reddit username (YourHotBabysitter).


8 The Guy Who Posted Photos Of Female Corpses

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As with most social media sites, reddit normally shares photos of pets being cute or motivational quotes, but there are certain sub-threads that have seen some people share things no-one wants to see (other than perhaps a homicide investigative unit). One deeply disturbed user thought it would be neat one day to start a thread entitled: “Cute female corpses” and yep, you guessed it, he regularly posted pictures of actual female corpses and encouraged others to share with their finds. Seriously, wtf?

By its very nature, reddit is a place where freedom of speech is welcomed and all manner of subjects are up for discussion, but this horrifying subject is a step too far. Thankfully, the comment thread has long been shut down and all affiliated accounts deleted but according to veteran redditors, some of the photos were of female actors in cosplay. We’d like to believe that, but where the dark web is concerned, there’s no telling what really featured in that thread.

7 The Mormon Who Admitted To Inappropriate Behavior With Siblings

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In one graphic confession, an anonymous redditor (and active member of the Latter Day Saints church) admitted to numerous cases of incest with his two siblings in his late childhood and teen years. S*x scandals and cases of abuse are nothing new in the Mormon community, but it was the explicit details from the confessor that made this reddit post so disturbing. We can’t go into it here, but suffice it to say, this guy was one messed up individual.

In reply to the reddit thread: “What secret could literally ruin your life if it came out?”, this anonymous poster decided to spill all about his childhood of incestual behavior with his younger brother and sister and sounded weirdly proud of it too). Apparently, he decided to end things with his sister when he almost risked her getting pregnant. I wonder if he still has his job as a city councilman (or his supposedly monogamous marriage).

6 The Psychopath Who Obsessively Stalked One Girl

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In its most basic form, reddit is an online Q & A community where users can ask others for their advice and opinions, but one creepy guy took this to mean he could use it to track down someone – a girl he had been obsessively stalking. Long story short: this user became obsessed with a girl who made videos for the popular site IGN and would harass her non-stop. When she banned him from all of her social media channels, he didn’t get the message and turned to reddit for tips on how to stalk her.

Without even trying to hide his psychopathic tendencies and fixation on this girl, he began posting all over the legal and relationships threads on reddit to find out if there was some way of getting in contact with someone who has banned you online. According to veteran redditors, the guy’s last few entries suggest that he may have taken his own life. If this is true, it’s a shame he didn’t get the help when he could.

5 Guy Who Wanted To Try It Just “Just Once”

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It’s one thing to experiment with pot or smoking in college – most of us probably have at some point in our lives – but it’s pretty rare that this spirals into a hardcore addiction. Heroin is a different matter, but unfortunately, for one redditor, heroin was a ‘take it or leave it’ kind of drug. After posting about his curiosity to try out the stuff “just once”, the posts that followed charted a downfall into a serious addiction that lasted nearly a year.

It’s a shame this curious guy wasn’t aware of just how dangerous heroin can be for first-timers. In fact, the National Institute of Drug Abuse stated that nearly a quarter of people who try heroin once can become addicted. Thankfully, this guy was able to turn his life around, but others aren’t always so lucky. In response to his original post, the redditor admitted that he couldn’t bring himself to read his first confession all those years ago, but that he has remained clean for near to six as of 2017.

4 A Father Tormented With Pictures Of His Daughter’s Crash

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Known to veteran redditors simply as “Porsche girl” was the unbelievably messed up story of a post that will haunt one father for the rest of his life. Basically, one family’s daughter was killed in a car crash and the grieving father was subject to cruel harassment following her death – as cold as cruel can possibly get. He was abused by some fellow redditors with the actual graphic photos of his daughter at the scene of the crash and the torment didn't stop there.

As well as continually bombarding the poor father with the incredibly gruesome photos of his daughter's body, the sick reddit users also created some form of meme with the photos and this soon spread around the site like wildfire. The story was even mentioned on the ABC show 20/20 and has gone down in reddit history as one of the darkest posts to ever be found on the site. This haunting subject finds its way on to reddit every once in a while, with people confessing to finding the leaked photos and sharing them all over again.

3 Guy Was Missing An Arm (And Couldn’t Explain Why)

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At first glance, this may sound like some funny prank to get attention, but this was totally sincere. One reddit user confessed that he’d always been told he was born without a left arm. The strange thing is, while cleaning one day, he had found an old home movie of him as a baby – with both arms clearly visible on the tape. Creepy. What reason would his parents have to lie to him about the loss of his arm? A pretty screwed up one, that’s for sure.

After being dumbfounded at this discovery, the guy watched a home movie of himself at 3 years old and this time, his left arm was gone, as he’d always known it to be. Apart from a few jokes as to what the explanation could be, most of the original redditors were just as confused as the poor guy. The notion that a parent could somehow injure their kid and pass it off as a birth defect is one of the most messed up things we’ve read in a long while.

2 The Guy That Found An Active Landmine

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We’re all familiar with the horror movie cliché of that one character who acts a little too cocky. The one that finds themselves in a dicey situation but assures the others to lighten up because “nothing’s gonna happen”? Tragically, one redditor was the embodiment of this horror film stereotype, after posting about a landmine that he was supposedly planning to “smash open” (three guesses what happened next…).

Although his death has never been officially confirmed by other reddit users, his sudden absence of contributions to the site shortly after his post tells a different story. This disturbing final post supposedly saw the guy stand next to a (presumed-to-be inactive) landmine with a comment posted underneath saying that he intended to “smash it open”. Creepy. Some redditors claim the post to be a fake, but real or not, there are probably countless others who have tried this online, and that’s a pretty chilling thought.

1 The Paramedic Who Resigned From His Role As Part Of The Disaster Medical Assistance Team After What He Saw

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People in the medical field are trained to deal with stuff we couldn’t even imagine. But everyone has their limit and being witness to the gruesome death of an innocent child was the final straw for one emergency responder. One traumatized redditor shared the painful memory that made him quit his role as a first responder for his local DMAT (Disaster Medical Assistance Team). He was just 25 when he saw something that would horrify even the most experienced cop.

The guy arrived with his team at the scene of a fatal car crash – they had been told that two were dead and one was badly injured (but this was an understatement). When the young paramedic walked around the car to check, a 4-year-old boy was found crushed under the wreckage. The boy’s eyes looked directly at him with fear and helplessness. The young paramedic resigned the following day.

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