15 D-Bag Moves That Actually Get Her Hot

If you’ve ever felt like women are more attracted to the jerk than she is to the nice guy, you’re not wrong. At some point or another, everyone has fallen victim to attempting to understand the laws of attraction and have often found they’ve come up short, that these things are not adding up. Woman are constantly being lured in by the acts of d-bags and it’s a torturous idea to try to understand, even women fall short when trying to find a proper explanation.

The unavoidable truth is, women are biologically biased towards men who appear too cool, uninterested, and better than them. This seems twisted, but it’s because their brains crave the accomplishment of being rewarded. That’s why woman take the gamble of not going for the expected prospect, the nice and sweet guy, because, when she’s finally rewarded with the attention and affection of the guy who’s a total a**hole, the reward is unforeseen, making it that much more powerful and enticing to their brains.

Women are constantly getting chastised for overlooking the nice guys and going after the a**holes, jerks, and the d-bags. They’ve even grown to berating themselves out of frustration for choosing men who don’t treat them how they should or could. They convince themselves they want a man who’ll treat them with the same amount of respect they have for themselves, but what more is to be expected when, in some cases, it's none at all.

15 Be Hot And Cold

This tip for making a girl jealous works tremendously. This is what you’ve gotta do, you give her all your attention by being the charming a**hole you know you can be, and then out of nowhere, ignore her. This extreme decline in your behavior will make her fight harder for your attention. She’ll get a little taste of what you have to offer and then she’ll be left with nothing but cravings for it.

So when you’re with a woman, pay really close attention to her and compliment her for some of the time, but then ignore her at other times. It’ll drive her crazy and she’ll be aching to get your attention back and applying herself to win back that conversation. She’ll be hooked on you like a dog until you begin to notice her again, it’s kinda brilliant.

14 Compliment The Girls Around Her

This idea can really work for you, as long as you don’t go too crazy with it by creating an uncomfortable situation. The point is to stir up some jealousy so she can fight for attention without you having to do anything, just try not to completely diminish her feminism.

Here's how it's done, if you’re around other girls, throw one or two a few compliments, maybe on how you like their outfits, hair, or even shoes. This way you’re taking the initiative to pay close attention to another woman. This will drive her wild. Because when you make a woman feel special and then turn around and do it to another woman, competition arises and she wants nothing more than for you to pick her. Nothing makes a woman more jealous than being left out, especially by a man. I'd hate to admit it, but it's true.

13 Ignore her While Talking To Others In A Group

This is exactly what it sounds like. Feed into her all night by giving her the eyes and starting some conversation where you inevitably show your true colors that you really don’t care about her all that much, but she’s trying hard to keep you by her side so you’re playing along… and then once you maneuver around and begin chatting with other people and other girls, completely ignore what she says.

Keep your eyes nailed to some other woman, kinda the same way you had been looking at her only minutes before. When everyone is laughing at a joke that she’s made, choose that time to take a swig of your drink. It'll be perfect. It’ll spark the perfect amount of jealousy, believe me. She’s not going to get mad and walk away because she’s competing with all these other women now. They saw her come with you, it only makes sense that she’d leave with you.

12 Laugh At Your Texts

In any circumstance, if you’re blatantly ignoring the girl you’re with, she's not going to be completely thrilled about it, but if you’re ignoring her for your phone and laughing, that's most likely going to piss her off more. But try not to accomplish this method by ignoring her while you're in a conversation, but rather when you're spending time together like watching a movie.

Apply your attention to your phone and when someone makes you laugh, make it obvious in a way that isn't also annoying. This could send her into a fit of jealousy due to the fact that you're applying your attention elsewhere, and that you're enjoying it. The thing about ignoring a woman is that it really pisses her off, and drives her positively insane. But most times she won’t even walk away because it’s worth the wait and frustration for when you to finally give her attention because “winning a guy over” gives the kind of confidence boost that’ll make her feel so good she'll continue putting up with you being an a**hole.

11 Show Your True Colors

This will work for you without you really even having to. If you're a d-bag at heart, you're not going to have any problem expressing yourself in your most honest form when it comes to being around women. By doing this, you're making it very clear to them that what they see, is what they get. It’s a simple concept that will be refreshing for both you and her. You have to assume she’s certainly had her fair share of men, who have wasted her time, so honestly, no matter how vulgar or arrogant you are, at least you're showing her your true colors.

This will be something that will get you in, because unlike the self-proclaimed "nice guy" who wastes everyone's time by hiding his emotions for the sake of not upsetting hers and then bringing them up months later, she’s going to catch on pretty quickly that you're not like that by realizing you don’t waste time with bullsh**t and you have no problem being yourself and being honest.

10 Be Confident

This is one of, if not the most important trait that should be carried with your character. Everyone is attracted to confident people, not just women to men. It doesn't matter if you're drop dead gorgeous or if you're an average dude, confidence is the magical tool that'll make you look better, feel better and become more attractive to the opposite sex, d-bag or not. Confidence will make you come off as a well put together guy with a good sense of humor. Which is exactly what makes her so drawn to your attitude.

Luckily enough, all a**holes tend to have the entire confidence thing down already, so this probably isn't a problem for you. You project this idea of yourself and woman are so drawn to it because confidence is contagious. If it's radiating off of you, then the same sexy glow will accompany her while being around you.

9 Be Selfish

I'm not saying you are selfish by gearing every conversation to be about you, or not caring about her needs, but being a selfish guy is the same idea as being who you are while being unapologetic for doing so. With this, you do what you want to do when you want to do it. This includes taking the initiate and assembling the plans all on your own. Of course, you need to show the appropriate amount of respect for her and be considerate of her interests, make your interests her interests by telling her what she wants, not by asking.

Take that initiative by introducing her to your honest side. Show her you can be a selfish man without also being mean, take charge by approaching a woman using the utmost amount of confidence and determination, that's filled with nothing but honesty. Women appreciate this from men because they won't have any problem deciding things, and also, woman are well aware that they won't be bored with you.

8 Play Hard To Get

Woman always have this sort of... unspeakable challenge among one another when a man is rumored to be completely impossible to tame, or a handsome bachelor who has recently been put back on the market. Women have this senseless want to be the ones to turn that hunk into their prince charming, and a lot of the reason is that they want to be the ones to turn him into a better guy, a nice guy.

But what women are refusing to admit to themselves, is that a guy that’s constantly drawing every female's eye onto him isn’t going to give that all up and settle down. But just because women refuse to be honest with themselves, doesn't mean they’re not in it for the excitement, the chase, and the sexual uncertainty. So maybe she doesn't get the a**hole, at least she still got played by him. Win-Win, anyone?

7 Challenge Her

Think of it like this: just like how men don’t like to be with an overbearing and needy woman, girls feel the same way about being with an overly clingy man. The entire idea of being a d-bag, of being a complete a**hole to a woman, is to play along when it comes to playing the game. You've got to challenge her.

Not that challenging a woman takes much effort, especially when it comes to being a jerk. You've already got this entire persona that draws her to you, I mean think about it, as long as you're a good looking guy with a bad attitude, woman are naturally going to want you because it's almost as if it’s their nature to make things harder for themselves.

6 Pass On The Bill

Unless you’re Jordan Belfort, I'd suggest dropping the rich guy act to get her into your pants. That’s not the right way to navigate the dating word these days, it’s a bit outdated. Women have seen Gossip Girl, they’ve already lived the lavish lifestyle through Chuck and Blair, so be an a**hole and maybe go the extra mile by not even offering to pay for the bill.

Actually, you should probably play it smart by appearing to be angry and disappointed in yourself for forgetting your wallet and apologize to her endlessly, kicking yourself for making such a stupid mistake. You’ve got to play the nice boy act for just a few minutes, but it’s ultimately just a test. If she pays the bill without any sort of frustration, you’re in for one hell of a night of making it up to her. Believe me, girls are just at good as playing games as boys.

5 Put In Less Work

Despite the fact that men were always taught to respect women and hold themselves to a certain gentleman-like standard, the morals they were once taught at a young age have been tossed in the can. They have uncovered the genius discovery that less is more. To get more out of a woman, you literally just have to apply yourself less. Give her the cold shoulder, have an attitude, make her approach you. Women wanted equality, they still want equality. And with this, the rules of the dating game have changed.

If a guy is being overly nice to a girl because he wants her to like him, that isn’t very flattering and says a lot about his desperation and social status. A woman wants to be approached by a man who flatters her and makes her feel wanted, even if she has to chase after him to feel it. When a man is nice, it’s game over, she’s already won and grown bored of his routine. Women like men with high standards – it’s makes it all worth her while.

4 Play Games With Her

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but women have always been quick to complain about a man for not calling her back or being unreliable... as if she didn't know that the minute she met him. This is why nice boys finish last, they are always available for her, hand and foot. But d-bags, they keep it fun and interesting and passionate, and as much as women complain about it, they see a challenge in those jerks, by trying to tame a man who plays hard to get.

The thrill of being played is exciting to a woman because they want what they can’t have. It’s exactly that. So when they’re getting attention and then it gets cut off for no reason, the confusion drives them crazy. And they stay along for the ride even if it has her crying into her drink; she’ll still be waiting there for the crumbs because a**holes know how to keep a woman on her toes

3 Be Unpredictable

Here’s the thing about being unpredictable: it’s a fairly large part of being an absolute jerk and still succeeding in the end by getting the girl. You have to just not give a f**k. The whole idea of being a complete a**hole is that this attitude doesn't come with some sort of a rule book, it’s your way or no way.

That kind of attitude will stir up excitement inside of her chest, this idea that you live life as it comes and you say and do as you please, is incredibly sexy to the opposite sex. Unlike the unrelatable nice guy who prints out an itinerary and wears Vineyard Vines, being unpredictable doesn't fall into the category of "endlessly boring." Make it very clear that you make the rules and you get to choose when you pay attention to her, and that will drive her in-fu**ing-sane.

2 Make Her Know You Can Have Anyone Women You Want

This goes back to the entire confidence factor of being a total D-Bag and proving to her that you can have any woman you want because of your confidence and arrogance. It’s not that women don’t want to be 100% positive that you’re not going to leave her side, but rather she wants you to give her that feeling that she couldn’t leave your side even if she wanted to.

Women want to feel special, no doubt, but it’s no secret that a woman feels pretty damn special when she feels like she's got the best eye-candy in the room, as if every other female around is envious of the hunk by her side. Despite what women say, they are always in constant competition with one another, and having you on her arm has her ahead of the competition.

1 Have Your Own Opinion

Don’t be the guy who's completely spineless by not applying yourself to a conversation. With that I mean, don’t be the nice guy who’s afraid to share his opinion in fear that he might offend someone because he thinks this is the fastest route to getting laid. And it's really not because without an opinion and without a voice, you're just a boring guy who's trying to please everyone, no thank you.

Women like men who have an opinion, it’s an extremely attractive characteristic that they find irresistible because you’re doing your own thing and it’s a major sign of independence and emotional strength. Proving you have enough respect for yourself to not care what anyone else thinks when you express yourself, allowing the opportunity for the two of you to disagree with one another. Hence, causing the necessary friction that gets her hot.

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