15 Curious Cases That Could Prove Aliens Exist

If there is one thing that conspiracy theorists get all worked up about is the existence of aliens. And when you think about it, why wouldn't people get all worked up about it? These are aliens we are talking about! On the one hand, man has always wanted to be the strongest being in the universe, after all, it's rather terrifying to think there are other creatures out there that are stronger than we are. On the other hand, it seems like we all have some sort of desire to think there has to be more out there than just us.

Other than perhaps the existence of a god, there is no bigger question than whether aliens exist or not. While many say there has been no definitive proof that aliens exist, it seems pretty silly to think that we are the only intelligent life in the entire universe. How could that possibly be? And even if it was possible, wouldn't it be totally unlikely?

So, do aliens exists or not? Have people seen U.F.Os or haven't they? One thing is for sure, there aren't many people who are in between on the subject, which is why there are so many conspiracy theories that exist on the subject. Many people not only think there are things that we don't know about aliens, but that the government has also been keeping secrets on the matter from us on purpose.

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15 The Government Has Been Lying For Decades


Way back in the 40s, people started saying that the government was totally lying about the existence of aliens and unidentified flying objects. One of the biggest believers was a man by the name of Donald Keyhoe who wrote about investigating flying saucers for True Magazine. He said these flying saucers were on scouting missions from outer space. He later started NICAP, which was the National Investigations Committee for Aerial Phenomena. The purpose of this group was to expose the United States government for lying to the American people about what they knew about alien life forms. The group existed for many years before finally dying out in 1980.

14 The Great Los Angeles Air Raid

The Great Los Angeles Air Raid was also known as The Battle For Los Angeles. There was a rumored attack in 1942 over Los Angeles, California, just a few months after Pearl Harbor, This caused the U.S. to shoot back at the supposed attackers. Originally, it was thought the attackers were Japan, but U.S government officials later said that the whole thing was actually a false alarm. Many conspiracy theorists believed we were actually firing at U.F.Os. Like other similar experiences, there was never any proof that that was actually the case. The government later announced that it was a lost weather balloon. They could have gotten a little more creative.

13 Ghost Rockets

Another conspiracy theory occurred in 1946 when these so-called "ghost rockets" were seen over Sweden. These unidentified flying objects were shaped like missiles and were seen other European countries as well.  One United States Air Force document stated that the Swedish Air Force thought the ghost rockets were real and that they didn't come from Earth. Other investigators thought the same thing and concluded that the investigation into their origin was killed by United States officials who didn't want people to panic over what the ghost rockets actually were, and the fact that they could have come from outer space.

12 Roswell

One of the most famous conspiracy theories of all time, whether it be related to UFOs or otherwise, is related to Roswell, New Mexico. In 1947, the United States Air Force said that it found a downed UFO, but then they pulled back the press releasee and said that it was just a weather balloon. This one has more legs than most because a  retired brigadier general named Arthur E. Exon told researchers that a spacecraft had crashed, alien bodies were recovered, and the whole thing was covered up by the government. Of all of the different theories out there, this one may hold the most weight. Why would a retired general make it all up? Although, others believe that it has been completely debunked.

11 The Mantell Incident

In 1948, an Air Force pilot named Thomas Mantell died after he crashed while following what he said was "a metallic object...of tremendous size." This incident influenced a lot of mistrust in the government, even more than usual since they claimed Mantell died chasing the planet Venus by mistake, which obviously does not pass the straight face test. When that excuse didn't work, they said he crashed after following a large balloon. No matter how you slice it, this is the kind of story that really gets conspiracy theorists going, It would be a lot better to just say they don't have any idea what he was trying to follow, as opposed to saying that he was chasing after a planet. How dumb do they think we are?

10 The Men In Black

in 1956, Gray Barker wrote a book called They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers. It inspired the idea of Men in Black who confront UFO witnesses and warn them to not say anything about what they've seen. Some say they are government agents who harass and threaten UFO witnesses, while others that they are aliens themselves. There have been reports that Barker didn't believe anything that he wrote and only wrote about things of this nature to make money. But then again, if you're talking about conspiracy theories, what else would people trying to discredit him say about Barker? The Men in Black have become a huge part of UFO folklore, whether it's true or not.

9 Holloman Air Force Base

Although this is not the most famous conspiracy theory on the list, we kind of wonder why. There is supposedly genuine footage of a UFO landing at the Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, and what's more, there are also reports that officials there talked with some of the aliens. While some people would claim there is no way something like this could happen and still be kept a secret, others would argue that if something like this happened, it would be kept a secret without a doubt. What would the government really do if they had contact with aliens? Would they really tell us? We doubt it.

8 Aliens Want To Colonize Humans

So let's say, just for the sake of argument, there are other forms of life in the universe and they do spend more than a bit of time cruising around in our galaxy. What do you think they are doing here? While some people assume they are just cruising around and having fun, others take a bit of a different take on it and believes aliens are here on scouting missions because they want to colonize us. It goes without saying that if they are here, than they are superior to us because we obviously aren't hanging out in our flying saucers and buzzing around their houses while they're sitting around watching TV.

7 The Majestic 12

Have you ever heard of the Majestic 12? In UFO conspiracy theories, the Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) was the code name of a secret committee that was made up of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, that was put together by  U.S. President Harry S. Truman to investigate and find a crashed UFO. The documents that supposedly proved this were found in 1984. The FBI investigated and said the whole thing was just a big hoax.  Once again, as soon as there's a whisper of something proving aliens exist, the government says it's a hoax or blames it on a hot air balloon. If the government does want to keep it all a secret, of course the FBI would help them keep it under wraps.

6 Cattle Mutilations

Let's put aside credibility for a moment and not wonder why a superior species from another planet would come to Earth and mutilate our cattle. In the '70s, a whole bunch of cattle was mutilated in Nebraska and farmers claimed to have seen UFOs in the sky. At the same time, other people claimed to see black helicopters flying in the sky, which made people think that the cattle mutilations were some sort of government experiment. These mutilations did not leave blood behind and seemed to have been carried out surgically. Aliens or not, that is totally creepy. Leave the cows alone.

5 Bob Lazar — Fraud Or Whistleblower?

Bob Lazar claims to have worked at S-4, which is near Area 51. He is responsible for most people being aware of its existence. Lazar made a lot of claims about what he saw at Area 51, relating them to aliens, but he's also made statements that don't check out. For example, he says he has degrees from the California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but when people have tried to find any record of him attending those schools, nothing could be found. Lazar claims that he did go to those schools, but his records were erased to discredit him so no one would believe him. It really all comes down to whether you trust the government or not.

4 UFO Crash In New York

In 1992, a UFO supposedly crashed in Southaven County Park in New York. It was investigated by a man named John Ford who worked for MUFON, which is the Mutual UFO Network. While this might sound somewhat legit, he was later arrested for trying to poison a lot of local politicians by sneaking radium into their toothpaste. Seriously? He eventually plead insanity on the advice of his lawyer and was sent to a psychiatric facility. Many people say he was framed. This isn't the first time someone's cried alien and been discredited. Either the government is evil or these people are totally insane. Or maybe it's a little bit of both. You make the call.

3 Group In France Says The US Is Withholding Evidence

In 1999, a group in France published a study  that was called "UFOs and Defense: What Must We Be Prepared For?" There was a lot to the study, but one thing it did was say that the United States government has withheld valuable evidence when it comes to knowledge about UFOs. Aliens or not, this isn't the first time the US government has been accused of suppressing information from the public.

2 Aetherius Society Worships Aliens

One of the more interesting groups out there when it comes to aliens is the Aetherious Society. They take conspiracy theories to the next level, and by that I mean they worship them as "cosmic masters." It all started when a guy named George King, who was known by the society as “an author, inventor, metaphysician, occultist, prophet, psychic, spiritual healer, spiritual leader, teacher, yogi, and Aquarian Master,” claimed he had been contacted by all sorts of aliens to help humanity. Even though King has now passed away, the society still exists, although they believe no one but King can talk to the aliens. The remaining members are waiting for the next Master, "a messianic figure who will descend upon Earth in a flying saucer, possessing 'magic' more powerful than all the world's armies."

1 Area 51

You can't have an article like this without talking about Area 51. This is a highly classified Air Force facility located in a remote area in Nevada. It's most likely used to test what is called "black projects" which include experimental aircraft and weapon systems. It has long been rumored to be the storage space for crashed alien aircraft and the aliens that were in the spacecraft, both living and dead. Many people over the years have come out with stories that attempt to prove aliens do exist, but there is still no definitive proof. But again, does that mean all these odd incidents never happened or have they just been covered up by the government?

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