15 Cringy Tinder Confessions From People Who Didn't Get Past The First Date

While Tinder at times can make for a good time, quite often, it totally ends up in disaster. For those of you that have been living under a rock for the past few years, Tinder is an app that people use to hook up with each other — you swipe left if you aren't into their profile and swipe right if you are. If both of you swipe right, then you two are off to the races and are either going to meet for a date, hook up, or chat for a bit and then forget about each other.

Of course, this causes some problems at times. Back in the old days, you actually had to meet people in person, either at bars or clubs for the most part, and chat them up and try to get phone numbers, or you could meet them at work or at the gym. Then came dating sites such as Match.com where you actually had to chat with someone a bit and be charming. Either one of these ways required effort, some a lot of effort and others just a little. But with Tinder, the whole thing doesn't take any effort at all. Basically, the whole thing is based on how hot you think the other person looks, and if they can think of something witty to say. So obviously, quite often, soon after you swipe right, you wind up having a pretty awful time. Here are 15 people who shared their Tinder horror stories on Reddit that either had us cracking up or cringing.


15 He Played Video Games

Where do you take someone when you want to impress them? You take them to Dave & Buster's to play video games, of course. One poor woman shared with Reddit that on her Tinder date "suggested Dave & Busters. It was like a Wednesday night; the place was totally empty. This had the potential to be either really lame or really fun; it was definitely the former. He had no desire to drink ([she] offered to buy), revealed that he goes there by himself rather often, and by the end of it [she] was basically watching him play video games." I mean, at least this guy sounds fun to hang out with if you are a gamer, but not so much if you want to go out with him on a date.

14 She Got Called Lucifer In The Flesh


Sometimes, people just aren't cut out for Tinder. One woman who shared with Reddit that she told a potential date that she wanted to work for Monsanto, which if you were not aware, is a company that a lot of people believe has questionable policies. Her potential date called her "Lucifer in the flesh" and then blocked her. She deleted Tinder soon afterward. I have to say, if you can't stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen, or get out of the Underworld, whatever the case might be. So many people want to just be whoever they are and expect everyone to like them, but that doesn't happen in the real world, and definitely not on a dating app either.

13 She Was Just The Designated Driver

Another woman on Reddit went out with a guy on a first date that didn't go all that well, to say the least. When they got in his car, she saw he had an ignition interlock device that people are forced to get after a DUI. They went to a restaurant where her date had a couple of drinks and then says he doesn't have any money to pay. When it is time to leave and get in his car, he asks her to drive because he had a few drinks. So not only does she pay for his drinks, but she drove him home and then took an Uber back to her place. We would have bailed from the moment we saw the ignition interlock device.

12 He Was The Side Guy


While we'd like to assume only singles use dating apps like Tinder, the reality is, even people in relationships are swiping right for a chance to hook up with strangers. This happened to one guy that used Tinder when he hooked up with someone only to find out later that she had a boyfriend. "I was looking at her Facebook page because I was thinking about her after we finally added each other earlier that day, and I saw that Mr. Neighbor and her had been in a relationship for 2 years. They were either still together or had just broken up and are most likely living together." If you're going to use Tinder to cheat, at least set your social media profile on private.

11 She Had A Mental Breakdown

One of the things about meeting up with someone on a dating app is that they might turn out to be a total lunatic. Of course, this could also happen, and often does, with people that you think you know. Some of the women I've dated have been totally nuts, but of course, they might say the same about me. One person on Reddit shared a story of his Tinder date where she ended up totally freaking out, throwing her phone away, and saying she didn't want any more material possessions. The freak out continued until the cops ended up taking her away. Come on, what is this guy complaining about?  I don't know about you, but when my date ends up being taken away in handcuffs, I've usually had a pretty good time.

10 She Partied Way Too Hard


When a lot of guys swipe right on Tinder, they are looking for a good time, but with that said, sometimes the good time gets to be a little too much. One man tells the story of a Tinder date who met him at a party and got totally hammered, to the point that she was way too drunk to leave when the party ended. Since he was a respectful and polite guy, he stayed with her even after everyone left. The woman ended up going to the bathroom and vomiting everywhere, then crawled into the bed of the guy having the party, passed out, and vomited in there, too. She then totally ghosted in the morning without cleaning up after herself. Sounds like a good one to take home to mom.

9 He Told Her He Loved Her

There is only one thing that is worse than being with a guy who is not romantic at all and never tells his girlfriend that he loves her, and that is being with a guy who tells a woman he loves her on his first Tinder date. A woman told Reddit that she went on a date with a guy that was totally hot, but when she got back to his place, he was a really bad kisser. When she was on her way out the door he said to her, "I love you.. I mean I love your body!" Talk about super awkward. That kind of thing doesn't usually lead to a second date, but it does lead to someone thinking that you are either pathetic or a total psycho. Needless to say, there was not a second date.


8 A Different Person Showed Up For The Date


7 She Made Out With Someone Else

If there's one thing we can at least expect when they go out on a date, even one through Tinder, is that if there's going to be a kiss at the end of the night, it better be with you. This poor guy had a particularly bad date. The woman he met started out the date by talking smack about her exes, then, according to him, "she ended up making out with one dude and went home with another… This all happened within 20 minutes.” I don't know, maybe it's his fault that he couldn't keep her attention for more than a short period of time, but it's far more likely that this woman was just a total trainwreck. And I thought all women on Tinder were totally put together. Who knew?

6 She Ghosted In The Middle Of The Date


This one guy on Tinder met a woman who lived around 60 miles away, but decided he would go on the date anyway— it seems kind of desperate, but I'm going to try to not be judgmental. In the middle of their meal, his date got up and headed to the bathroom, and, well, never came back So he drives for over an hour and gets dumped by someone in the lamest way possible. Although, I have to say, I have to give her some props for having the guts to do something like that.

5 She Only Eats Chicken Fingers

This is a particularly good one, or bad one, depending on your point of view. This guy shared on Reddit: "I’m an Asian dude. Matched with a white girl who was very clear in her profile that she only wanted Asian dudes. Normally, I don’t like being with anyone with a racial preference, even if it’s my race, but everything else about her (job, hobbies, etc.) seemed pretty interesting." All was going well until he took her to a Korean restaurant for dinner where she said she hated Asian food and only liked eating American fast food like chicken fingers. Obviously, the date didn't work out. Apparently, she wanted an Asian in the bedroom, but not anywhere else. Wait, what was he complaining about again?

4 She Was One Of Four Dates


One woman met a guy on Tinder who asked her to come see his band play as part of the date. She showed up to see him play, and apparently, she wasn't the only one. He had also asked four other women that he met on Tinder to see him play. When she got kind of bummed about it, he said that she was the one who had a bad attitude. That sounds like an awful way to get dates, but a really good way to fill up a club. I wonder why he stopped at four. If you're going to play the field and looking to live that rock-star life, then either go big or go home.

3 He Was Stood Up Twice On The Same Night

There is something about being stood up that is totally awful.  But imagine it happening twice in one night? One man showed up for a date and got stood up, so he started using Tinder at the bar he was hanging out at and got another date on Tinder, and even told her that he had been stood up. He then went to find his second date, but by the time he got there, she was gone. How awful is that? When you think about it, you probably could be treated better by a bunch of complete strangers. Oh wait a minute, this is Tinder we're talking about — these women actually were complete strangers.

2 He Found His Mom On Tinder


There are a fair amount of things that are probably pretty scarring for a young man, but one of the biggest has to be scrolling through Tinder and finding your mom on it. One would have to say this was probably not a match, but even so, how awkward would that make things on Thanksgiving or Christmas? One of the people on Reddit said it was his worst experience on Tinder, and I have to be honest, I would have to agree. If you think about it, the fact that he even came across his mom on Tinder means they fit into each other's age range setting — she was willing to date someone her son's age and he was into dating someone as old as his mom. Maybe he should have swiped right just for a joke?

1 She Called Campus Police

One guy in college went out on a Tinder date with a woman, and although they ended up hooking up, it didn't work out. A few months later, his roommate brought a woman home that he had met on Tinder and funny enough, it was the same woman the first guy had hooked up with a few months before. When the first roommate saw her in his room again, he asked her to leave. She was so upset, she called campus police. When they showed up, she said it was an accident. While he might have had a reason to ask her to leave, we kind of feel bad for the girl in question. It's embarrassing enough to go on a date with two roommates, it's a whole other thing to be asked to leave.


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