14 Cringy Texts That Should Have NEVER Been Sent To Mom And Dad

Unsend! Unsend! Oh, geez. Did you ever accidentally send your parent a text meant for someone else or had autocorrect mess up what you had intended to write in the first place? The sheer embarrassment can be painfully brutal and you feel like you will never be able to look mom or dad in the eye again. Not that you even want to at this point. Damn you, modern technology!

We all love our nifty smartphones and their many useful perks, but when texting goes awry – especially when it involves our parents — we wish things were back to simpler times when not everything was so high-tech. Nobody ever snail mailed their dad a racy pic of themselves. Is simplicity worth the cost of utter humiliation? How could our parents ever see their “precious child” in the same light after such a screw up? What a text mess!

These 15 embarrassing texts accidentally sent to mom and dad surely make us have a good laugh, but the sender and recipient must have been more likely cringing, instead. Whether it's sexual in nature, something no parent ought to know about their kid, or just plain ridiculous in concept, these 15 titillating texts will surely have you being far more careful the next time you press send. Text with caution or else mom and dad will be in smartphone shock.

You may be totally smitten with your new “boo,” but your mom surely does not want to know how you plan on French kissing him! Perhaps this text was meant for the sender’s bestie as they shared details of their recent night out, but when it was sent to poor mom instead, all she could muster up was a shocked, “what.” While “high-fiving” another’s tongue does not sound all too romantic, or even sexy for that matter, no parent wants to hear the details of their child’s plans for getting to “first base.” Too bad this texter’s tongue was not snagged by the cat. Next time, this texting fool will be sure to check who they are corresponding with before clicking "send." When this person sees mom next, they’ll be sure to be tongue-tied when it comes to explaining this texting snafu.

13 Bun In the Oven Blunder

The jig is up! Just when mom thought you were her precious and pure virgin daughter, she learns you are not only a freak in the sheets, but got yourself knocked up as well — double whammy and doubly dreadful! There is nothing worse than having mom find out your pregnancy secret not only accidentally, but through an impersonal text, too. So much for your “precious” status. Not that being “with child” is a sin, but apparently this mom had no clue that her daughter was secretly carrying a growing bundle of joy. If the text had not given it away, the next time this texter saw her mom in person, her bloated body may have revealed the telling baby bump. Call it “mother’s intuition,” but this mom must have had an inkling that her baby girl was going to have one of her very own soon, too.

12 Condom Conundrum

Isn’t this the text that every dad hopes to receive from their child? Sure, dad must be proud their kiddo is smart and conscious enough to suggest using protection before “doing the deed,” but this text suggests their last encounter was dangerously condom-free. Oops! Apparently innocent, old prudish dad doesn't understand the meaning behind this text, but after sinking in, surely dad was outraged and in total shock. No decent dad wants to think about their child having sex, let alone receive a text with details about it. If this dad does not go back to using flip phones, he must have a strong will. Hopefully he didn't tell mom about this texting mishap. Note to self: Do not sext dad.

11 Daddy’s Not-So-Little Girl

Oh, Becky, how could you make such a rookie mistake? Sexy pics are fine for your boyfriend’s viewing pleasure, but when you accidentally send one to your old man, things are not going to go well from that point on. While this gal seems to be partially clothed, her dad knows the intention, which is far from pure. Looks like Becky is ready to reveal her wild and racy side to a special someone, but too bad dad got her sultry pics instead. Her horned-up boyfriend must be waiting eagerly for something cute from his girlfriend, but she is surely hesitant to text him something revealing ever again. Holiday dinner with mom and dad is sure to be awkward this year, especially if Becky’s boyfriend was about to meet the parents for the very first time.

10 When Nothing's Going Right 

No gal wants her man to cheat on her, but even worse, she doesn’t want her poor pop to find out. She’s hurt enough as is, and knowing her dad will now want to beat the living crap out of her boyfriend or hubby makes matters even more troubling. Not to mention, this chick’s dad is not playing around. When dad has a shotgun, never, ever tell him that your man is a lying, cheating, no-good son-of-a-B. Not that this daughter meant to send this text to dad, but now that he’s in the loop, Jim better run for his life. Whoever he's cheating with better take him in and offer some serious protection. Dad’s got a gun and he’s not afraid to bang up Jim for banging someone other than his daughter.

9 For Your Literal Viewing Pleasure

Well, that is not how you change the channel, silly! Dad is kindly offering some of his savvy tech help, but this remote-control novice can’t seem to do anything TV-related on his own. If he thinks the most sensitive part of a woman’s body has anything to do with television-watching, he's in for quite a shock. Didn’t anyone teach him about “the birds and the bees?” Of course, this is an autocorrect fail, but sending such comments to one’s dad has got to be completely embarrassing. Especially when the mishap occurs more than once throughout a texting exchange. Perhaps he was attempting to text “clicker,” but his smartphone had sex on the brain. Let’s hope dad doesn't actually bring what his son asked for. Now that would be super-awkward.

8 She’ll Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap

As if you needed a reminder, don’t ever, ever, trash talk your mom. You never know when your forgetful and preoccupied mind will inadvertently send the shameful text to her rather than your intended recipient. Even if this mean-spirited text did go to the right person, what kind of way is that for you to talk about the woman who raised you. Sheesh! Whoever sent this rude and crude text is going to pay the price once they see the anger in their pissed-off mother’s eyes. No more smartphone for this dummy. At least this quick-witted mom put her stupid son in his place by belittling his bite-sized “manhood.” No more mistakes for this moronic mom-basher in the future. Wait until dad finds out! If he thought mom was mad…

7 Wrong Number Booty Call 

Dan may be happy with his sexy girlfriend, but dad is far from amused. This bootylicious babe surely knows how to show off her assets, but giving dad an unwanted peep show was surely not this leggy lady’s intentions. Sports socks were never considered naughty until now. And her dad will be having nightmares every evening after he watches a Yankees ballgame. And when Dan comes by to see his “Daisy Duke” girlfriend, her dad surely will be less than pleased knowing his little girl is more “dirty” than “darling.” Poor pop, just when he finally liked one of his daughter’s boyfriends, he finds out they are exchanging risqué pics. This gal will be sure to cover up from head-to-toe from this moment forward. Dan may not love her new look, but dad will finally be able to open his eyes again.

6 That's Some Drive-Through

While many mothers do not allow their kids to eat junky fast food, this mom loves a greasy hamburger just as much as anyone else. So, when she asked her hungry son what he wanted from the local hamburger joint, his reply was far from ordinary — no happy meal here. Not only did he request an “anal” style, but a double-double one no less. Naturally, this was a weird and unfortunate autocorrect miscommunication, but nobody hopes to send mom a text which includes the word “anal” in any capacity. Let’s hope this dude’s mom picked up the right burger and didn’t humiliate herself at the drive-through because a double-double anal-style burger is sure to taste like crap! At least he can be sure the fries will arrive without issue.


It's always nice when mom sends you a “hello” text before bedtime to check in to see how you're doing. Even when we are all grown up and on our own, it's reassuring to know that mom cares and she is interested in our well-being. But no mom ever wants to hear that you are busy pleasuring yourself, or just finished, for that matter. She doesn’t much want to know if you are “on the rag” either. Take an Advil and get a heating pad! Obviously, this gal’s smartphone has it out for her. Those autocorrect embarrassments are too good to be true. After this cringe-worthy text exchange, this gal will have to meditate all over again. And her mom may need to practise some relaxation techniques as well. So much for a good night’s sleep!

4 Add To Mom's Grocery List

Mom may be happy to buy you milk and a box of cereal during her next grocery store excursion, but a 12-pack of beer isn’t exactly part of a balanced diet. At least this person’s mom is humorous and declared that she, too, would love to chug a beer (or 12), as well. Perhaps these two should saddle up to the bar and grab a pint! But this texter must have felt like a goofball after accidentally texting his mom to make an urgent beer run. Moms love to help their kids out, but this seems like a request that’s off-limits. Let’s hope this kid doesn’t still live at home, because now their mom will be checking their breath. Looks like it's going to be a sober night all around.

3 Missing Mom

When you text your mom and refer to her as “babe,” instant regret and humiliation sets in. How awkward and icky at the same time. At least this foolish fella didn't go any further with raunchy sexy talk or worse, photos of his naked body. It's nice to know that this guy is eager to see his girlfriend, but when he can’t even bother to check who he's texting, it makes you wonder about his loyalty or ability to concentrate, for that matter. At least mom now knows that her son is in a loving relationship, but why hasn’t he seen his main squeeze for such a long stretch? Oh, we know — he was too busy texting mom! This gives a whole new meaning to, “I’ve Got You Babe!”

2 What A Pisser!

Mom thought you had stopped accidentally peeing in your pants when you were a cute toddler, but apparently, she has concern about your self-control after this odd urination-confession text. Thankfully, the texts were auto-correct errors, but that moment when mom thought her grown child was wetting themselves must have been one of sheer worry. Mom was concerned that her child was okay, but what to do if they did, in fact, urinate in their pants? Depend undergarments are always a smart option, but surely mom figured she would need them before her child would. Un-hemming pants is certainly a quick fix for lengthening a pair of pants, whereas peeing in them would be a real fashion emergency, not to mention quite uncomfortable. At least mom got out of sewing duties!

1 The Other White Meat

Pork is a favorite dish for some, particularly shaved pork which can be exceptionally juicy and flavorful. When mom texts that she has prepared some shaved pork especially for you, your mouth is sure to water. And for this texter, they were super-thrilled to hear that their mother was cooking up something special for their favorite child. While eagerly awaiting a plate of hot shaved pork is something many can relate to, it's an entirely different thing to tell mom that you can’t wait for a bite of her shaved you-know-what. What an awful autocorrecting fail and an even worse visual. Everyone in this scenario is scarred for life. This dude is surely going vegan after this texting crap storm. We've suddenly lost our appetite.

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