15 Cringeworthy FB Posts That Got People Fired

We all know that everything we post on social media can come back to haunt us. But that hasn't stopped some people from spilling their guts all over Facebook. The social media site was created so that its users could keep in touch with friends and colleagues all over the globe. It also has the unique "status update" feature that allows you to pour out your heart, bash your employer, or humiliate your clients. From workplace rants to insensitive comments that should've never seen the light of day, the employees on our list found out the hard way that speaking your mind on a public platform can come with some strict consequences.

These people aren't the first to say things that were far from being PC. A few of them tried to delete their questionable status updates and photos to save themselves from getting canned. In the end, their employers didn't think twice about forcing them to resign or firing them immediately.

We'll show you a few examples of the types of ridiculous and cringeworthy posts that left us shocked, dismayed, and completely baffled. We thought we had seen it all until these employees made our Cringeworthy Facebook Posts Hall of Fame. Of course, the debate over First Amendment and privacy rights comes into play, and a few of these people actually had their terminations reversed. But if they aren't careful with their online activity, they might find themselves in the unemployment line again in the near future.

If your job is your livelihood, be careful what you post. In fact, you might want to just log off completely so you don't end up fired like the 15 people on our list.

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14 Lost Job Over $5 Tip


Former Brixx Pizza waitress Ashley Johnson waited on a couple for three hours at the pizzeria. When the couple finally paid their bill - one hour after she was supposed to clock out - Johnson felt slighted by their $5 tip. Naturally, she decided to share her anger with her followers by blasting the couple on social media. In one post, she called the couple "cheap" as she continued to spazz out all over Facebook. When Brixx managers were given a copy of her statuses, they fired her two days later. So what did Johnson do? Well, she returned to Facebook to talk about it, of course.

The unemployed waitress updated her post by saying, "I lost my job because of a Facebook status. Even a week later, that’s still a lot to get your mind around.” Other people on social media came to her defense, and many people promised to never visit Brixx again until Johnson was given her job back. But the restaurant stood by their decision and said Johnson's antics put the company in a bad light on the social network.

13 The Teacher That Went Too Far


It's bad enough that some kids have to deal with bullying every day they step foot on campus. And a few students at a U.S. high school had to face harassment even when class wasn't in session. A teacher by the name of Chadwin Reynolds took things way too far and displayed some alarming behavior all over his Facebook page. The art instructor allegedly sent friend requests to a few female students, and he left inappropriate comments such as, "This is sexy," underneath their photos. He even made a truly disgusting status update, saying he wasn't a gynecologist but he was willing to "take a look inside." Um, can you say gross? He was even accused of trying to persuade a student to meet up with him. Thanks to the online site, it made it much easier for him to get nabbed. In the end, the Board of Education took one look at his social media activity and immediately gave him the boot.

12 Family Emergency = Halloween Party


Raise your hand if you've ever called in sick to work when you weren't actually sick. If your hand is in the air, you're not alone. Sometimes, we need a mental break from our 9-5's, and using the excuse of "I think I contracted food poisoning from Benihana" is usually the easiest way to get an immediate "stay home from work" pass.

A guy named Kevin Colvin really wanted to take off from his intern position at Anglo Irish Bank. Come on, the guy wasn't even getting paid! And it wasn't like he was going to use a sick day for the time off.

But, Kevin wasn't actually feeling under the weather. He wanted to take off from work to hit up a raging Halloween party. However, he ratted on himself by posting a picture of himself in his costume on his Facebook page.

When his boss saw the picture of Kevin dressed as a drunk fairy, she sent him an email saying, "I hope everything is OK. Cool wand." Needless to say, that was the end of his internship because the company considered his deception as "harmful" to their business.

11 My Boss Is A Scumbag

Via http://huffingpost.com

Tons of people hate their bosses, but they know better than to talk about it on social media. An ambulance worker named Dawnmarie Souza didn't get the memo about zipping her lips about her annoying supervisor. So it didn't take long for her to get fired for making disparaging remarks.

Her supervisor confronted her about a customer complaint, and Souza immediately hopped on Facebook to call her boss a "scumbag." When the company looked into her remarks, they determined she broke their Internet policy on posting by revealing things about the company without their permission. She was fired, but she didn't go away quietly.

Souza opened up a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, saying the company's Internet policy was too broad to find her in direct violation. As a result, the company said it would revise its policies, and the allegations involving her firing were resolved in a separate agreement that wasn't made public.

10 Looking For A Hitman. Not Serious, JK Totally Serious


In February 2010, a shooting at the University of Alabama in Huntsville left three people dead and three wounded after a disgruntled professor went on a rampage. Following the attack, a professor named Gloria Gadsden of East Stroudsburg University took to her Facebook to stir up some controversy.

Gadsden made a series of disturbing status updates such as, "Does anyone know where I can find a very discrete hitman? Yes, it's been that kind of day." In another post, she said, “Had a good day today, DIDN’T want to kill even one student :-) Now Friday was a different story.” She later deleted the comment, but not before the dean caught wind of her online activity.

Officials couldn't believe she would say such things, especially since the shooting at the University of Alabama was still fresh in everyone's minds. Gadsden pleaded with them to keep her job. She said she only had 32 friends on her Facebook profile, and she had no idea who alerted the college about her remarks. She also said she had no history of violence and she was far from being a threat. She was initially fired, but the university changed their mind and decided to suspend her temporarily instead.

9 Patriots Cheerleader Gets the Boot


One of the most popular and talented NFL teams are the New England Patriots. We can only imagine how exciting it is for the cheerleaders who are an integral part of the organization. They're right there on the field every Sunday, Monday, and sometimes on Thursdays to cheer their team on. One woman went from doing the shimmy on the 50-yard line to watching the game from the comfort of her home after she was involved in a major Facebook scandal.

The former cheerleader, Caitlin Davis, was seen in a picture with a sleeping guy who was covered in words and drawings. Pictures of male genitalia, the words "I'm a Jew," and a drawing of a swastika were clear as day on his body. To make matters even worse, Davis was seen with a Sharpie in her hand, so there was really no way for her to talk herself out of this one.

8 No Shame In Her Game

via: additudemag.com

Dana Kuchler was reportedly on the verge of being fired, and her public Facebook post was just the icing on the cake to end her career. Kuchler worked as a dispatcher in West Allis, Wisconsin. She posted on her social media profile that she was addicted to an array of prescription pills, illegal drugs, "MD-20/20 grape, and absinthe."

Kuchler said the post was just a joke, adding that she included the word "ha" at the end of it. But officials at her job weren't laughing. She was fired as a dispatcher, prompting her union to file a grievance on her behalf.

Kuchler is one of the lucky ones. After further review, the arbitrator decided to give her a 30-day unpaid suspension after it was concluded that her post didn't warrant a termination. She also tested negative for illegal drugs, so they didn't think her termination was justified.

7 Jerry Springer Style


A Dallas police officer had one heck of a day out on the field, and she decided to share the events with her friends and followers. In her post, Senior Cpl. Cat Lafitte said she was at a hospital when she threw her boot at a hospital worker "Jerry Springer style," and "nailed him in the face." She also detailed how excited she was to break the man's glasses, "cut his face," and bruise him up "real good." After the police department looked into her social media activity even further, they noticed she referred to herself as an "Official Bum Roller" - otherwise known as someone who attacks homeless people. The department ended up canning her after they determined she escalated the disturbance at the hospital based on the description she gave on her Facebook status update.

6 Taking Things Too Far


Essence magazine is a publication that focuses on African-American entertainment, news, and lifestyle articles. But, of course, the publication and online site employ people of various racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Michael Bullerdick, a white managing editor, was living what some would call a double life. During the day, he was working on editorial content pertaining to black women. At night, he was unleashing his unbelievable views on his private Facebook profile. Bullerdick made racist remarks about former president Barack Obama and Reverend Al Sharpton. He also had a multitude of extremist, right-wing comments that made his followers cringe. When Essence found out, they fired him on the spot. They later released a statement saying his opinions ran counter to what the magazine historically stood for.

5 The Purge


On August 9, 2014, the fatal shooting of an 18-year-old black teen, Michael Brown, by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri caused unrest in the city and across the nation.

A woman who worked at a Houston hospital took to her Facebook profile to share her thoughts about the situation. As people all over the U.S. came together to march and protest about the shooting and to demand justice for Brown's death, the woman encouraged police officers to mow down protestors with their machine guns and "purge them." A member of the public saw the woman's post and reported her to the hospital. The whistleblower argued that a hospital is a place for people who have compassion for those of all races, and the worker's insensitive Facebook post should be enough for them to terminate her employment. In the end, the hospital agreed, and the woman was ultimately fired.

4 Dear Sasha And Malia


The communications director for Republican congressman Stephen Lee Fincher was fed up with former president Barack Obama's teenage daughters' behavior. So she decided to send them an open letter on her Facebook account.

Elizabeth Lauten proceeded to reprimand Sasha and Malia Obama for looking "bored" during the White House's annual turkey pardoning ceremony. She also amped up the pettiness by telling the daughters to dress like they deserved respect, "not a spot at a bar." She also told them to try to show some class - but knew it would be hard for them considering who they were raised by. Ouch.

Malia and Sasha were just 16 and 13-years-old at the time, and Lauten's comments struck a nerve with those who said she went too far. She later resigned and issued a statement saying after many hours of prayer, she realized how hurtful her words were.

3 Headed To The Beach


Just one day after a 12-year-old drowned at the beach during a school trip, a Harlem, New York teacher, Christine Rubino, made the most tasteless Facebook comment we've ever seen!

Rubino posted, "After today, I am thinking the beach sounds like a wonderful idea for my 5th graders! I HATE THEIR GUTS!" When one of her friends asked her if she would throw a life jacket to "little Kwami," Rubino replied, "I would not throw a life jacket in for a million!!"

Many people were thrilled when Rubino was promptly fired from her position, but her termination didn't last long. She took her case to court and a Manhattan judge decided to overturn her termination, calling it "too harsh." The judge said Rubino's comments were insensitive, but they were made outside of school and only circulated among her adult Facebook friends. The court couldn't find any evidence that Rubino actually wanted to harm her students, so she was free to continue teaching.

2 BRB, On Vacay


Vacation is the perfect time to chill out, relax, and knock back a few brewskis with your pals. During a fun getaway, your job should be the last thing on your mind. This is why we really can't blame this Georgia high school teacher for living her best life and documenting her adventure on her Facebook page. Ashley Payne took a trip to Ireland and stopped by the Guinness Brewery. She posed for a picture holding a pint of beer in her hand.

After the photo was uploaded to the social media platform, the school board wasn't pleased. They felt the image was more than enough reason to fire her. Payne couldn't believe she lost her job over something so trivial. She said she was just "doing what adults do" by having a drink while on vacation. She filed a complaint, but the school board ruled against her and upheld her termination.

1 Complete Tool

Courtesy of The Telegraph

A temp turned full-time employee, Leila Goodman, went all the way cray when her company, Inamr Inc., decided they would no longer allow overtime. So what did Goodman decide to do? She decided to let it all out on her Facebook page. She called the company's CEO a "complete tool." When she was confronted about her post, she fessed up and came clean about what she said. She told her boss she thought she should be allowed to say whatever she wants on her profile because her post was only intended for her friends' eyes.

Her employer decided to terminate her because they thought her post was just way too negative. They classified her behavior as "insubordination" and sent her packing. But Goodman wasn't going to relinquish her job without a fight. She decided to head to court to get her termination reversed.

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