15 Stupid People Who Should Be Banned From The Internet

Social media is a great tool most of us use every day. You can connect with anyone from around the world and use it to cater to your own needs. You can use it to promote a product, a lifestyle, and even yourself. There’s an endless amount of possibilities of what you can discover on social media. Although it’s available to most everyone in the world, that doesn’t always mean that it’s meant for everyone. Just like how we have people who don’t seem to have a clue as to how to navigate around our world, we have even fewer people who understand how social media actually works.

Social media really has its own communities and social norms just like how we have in the real world. There aren’t written rules for how anything is supposed to go, but we certainly have some social expectations from one another other when it comes to what we post, where we post, and how we post online. You have to craft things carefully or else you might find yourself in a cringe-worthy scenario. The next few stills taken from social media will give you a glimpse at some of the people who really don't seem to know what they’re doing online. For their sake and the sake of their online friends, it might be best for us all if they just chose to stay off the Internet! Here are 15 Cringe-Worthy Posts From People Who Need To Stay Off The Internet:


15 That's Not A Lasagna

There’s nothing more beautiful to some people in the world than bringing life into this crazy planet we call Earth. The fact that our bodies are able to create new little versions of ourselves is absolutely fascinating. With our advanced technology in healthcare today, we get the opportunity to see that life while it’s still growing inside of us! Of course, the technology isn’t perfect, and we still have to protect the mother and baby, so we use ultrasound technology to get a look at the little life growing inside. The person in the comment section above is either insensitive or dumb. Of course, it’s pretty funny because we can totally see the resemblance between a blurry baby picture and a saucy lasagna. But just like the last guy, there’s always a time and place for these kinds of things.

14 Creepy Comment


Posting a picture of yourself isn’t as easy as it seems. You have to make sure the lighting is right, the angles are good, and that you look your absolute best. You don’t only have one chance, you can take as many pictures as you want, so the process can be long and hard. But once you’ve gone through all the necessary steps  to take a great picture and finally find one you look good in, why not share it to show off to your closest friends and family? Unfortunately for the girl in the screenshot above, she had to deal with a total creep who thought he was some cool artistic writer hitting on this girl in the comment section. What is she going to do, write him back telling him how amazing he is? How do guys like this not see that they’re totally turning people off?

13 Someone's Always Got To Be A Perv

Facebook is a good place for people to mourn the loss of one of their friends. It’s not always easy to meet up with loved ones who are also mourning a great loss, but Facebook can give you a chance to grieve with those who are understanding of what you’re going through. It’s also a great way to share old pictures that bring back special moments when it comes to remembering a person that you lost. Unfortunately, when the girl in the screenshot above tried to do just that, she had to deal with a total pervert sexualizing her and the girl she was kissing. Sure, maybe he didn’t know that her friend had just died, but if he would have taken just one second to try and figure that out, then he would have saved himself some serious embarrassment. It’s just totally not the time or the place to be doing stuff like that.

12 Not The Place Or Time


Social media is a great way to stay connected to those you might have thought you would never speak to again. If you’re friends with an old coworker and you get a new job, you have the chance to still keep up with their lives and see what’s going on in their world. Like most situations on this list, there’s a time and place where only certain things are appropriate. Who really thinks that commenting on a memorial post of someone who died is the place to hit up an old co-worker? The worst part isn’t even the fact that he used this particular status as his chance to hook up with an old coworker. It’s that he did it in such a vulgar way! Talk about being obnoxious and insensitive.

11 He Needs To Chill

Everybody loves a good meme. They bring our society together using comedy and familiar faces to evoke a sense of community with strangers thousands of miles away from us. One thing that’s important when it comes to memes, however, is knowing that there is a time and a place for everything. Memes can certainly be used to flirt, but only if it’s relevant to the situation and at least a private setting. The dude commenting on this girl’s picture has no idea what he’s doing when it comes to memes. They’re way out of context, and the fact that he’s posting so many is seriously awkward. If he can’t handle his memes, maybe he should stay off the Internet. He should at least stay off this girl’s profile picture. Seriously, do some people not realize that everyone can see what they’re saying when posting on someone else’s picture?

10 Most Embarrassing Dad


Many of us have suffered embarrassing moments brought on by our parents. They always seem to find a way to say the wrong thing in the wrong way at the wrong time. Maybe as we become parents we find it easier to embarrass our kids to deflect embarrassment from ourselves. One unfortunate tool that has made embarrassment so much easier is the use of social media like Facebook. You thought it was bad enough your mom could tell all your friends at any moment some of your deepest darkest secrets, but now they have the chance to do so on Facebook. This poor girl in the screenshot above was just trying to show off her new boyfriend. Instead, she had to deal with her dad being a total creep! Acting like a fool is bad enough, but he also had to throw in a perverted joke? Yuck!

9 Mia Farrow Fail

While we can assume well-known actress Mia Farrow has children, we can assume most of us don't know who they are. You can see from her attempt at saying happy birthday to her daughter that it wasn’t easy for her to find a picture of her and the child. If you look in the screenshot, you can see her search for “Mia Farrow and her black children.” We wonder if she just searched Mia Farrow and her children and didn’t quite get the picture she was hoping for. It’s pretty embarrassing that her own mother had to Google to find a picture of her rather than have one of her own daughter. Also, who doesn’t know how to take a screenshot? How hard was it for her to figure out that people could see her search bar in the picture? Hopefully, Mia and her daughter have recovered from this embarrassing mishap.


8 Happy 4th Y'all


No one likes spending the holidays alone, so we’re never the first to judge when someone reaches out to others on certain holidays to hang out. If you don’t have plans, you may as well ask others you know are in the area what they’re doing to see if you can make some last-minute plans. This guy did things a little wonky when he started attacking others on Facebook. You can see the relationship he has with other people through the harsh comments he makes. Clearly, he doesn’t seem like the greatest person to be around, so it makes sense that he’s spending the holiday alone. Perhaps, if he just stood back from social media for a second and took a long hard look at the way he talks to other people, he’ll have some friends to hang out with when the next holiday comes around.

7 You Didn't Have To Tell Everyone

Desperate or not, sending out an open invitation to your plans is almost a sure-fire way to get someone to join you. That’s what the guy in the screenshot above decided to do when he wanted to see if anyone wanted to catch a movie with him. Unfortunately for this guy, he got into an online argument with his girlfriend. How messed up is your relationship with someone that you take to a public post to air your dirty laundry? They have to know that private messaging exists within the app and you don’t need to fight on a public platform. They clearly have no respect for their friends, each other, or themselves, and probably shouldn’t be in a relationship together. We're also wondering why he didn't just ask his girlfriend to the movies in the first place.

6 Proof They Don't Play?


Social media is a great way to alter reality and make yourself appear as something that you’re not. You could post a picture of anything you want and make up any story behind it and people will believe and like it. Never before have people been able to craft Internet personalities better than they can today. Not everyone is so easily fooled, however, and you can see from the screenshot above that this girl found herself in an embarrassing situation when someone pointed out that it didn’t look as though she actually knew how to play the guitar. It seems like holding it the right way is an important part of crafting other people’s perceptions of you, but she couldn’t have even been bothered to take that step! Yikes!

5 Just Leave Her Alone Dude

Why do men feel the need to put down girls who decide to post pictures of themselves online? All this girl wanted to do was take a picture of herself and possibly show off her new jewelry. What she got in return was a gross explanation of why he believes she posted the picture. Was it his way of trying to flirt or was he just being a total jerk? Seriously dude, why did you feel the need to make those creepy comments. Even if he was a close friend who has a reputation of making weird jokes, it still isn’t necessary to do it on Facebook where other people who don’t know the situation can see it! This guy totally embarrassed himself and everyone got the chance to see it. Hopefully, he’s learned a lesson in social media manners since this embarrassing encounter.

4 A Little Too Harsh


Sometimes, when people attempt to reach out to others in an emotional way on social media, they’re mocked and ridiculed for their attempt at seeking help. If you post suicidal thoughts, you get accused of fishing for compliments and trying to get attention. That’s what one girl thought when she saw a post of someone claiming to say goodbye and that they wouldn't miss anyone. She decided to mock and embarrass the person who posted the status by claiming that if they wanted to commit suicide, then they wouldn’t be posting about it on social media. The cringe-worthy part? The person who was saying goodbye wasn’t even talking about suicide or self-harm at all! They were simply making a joke about going off to college! How embarrassing to be such a rude person and still manage to embarrass yourself by misunderstanding a situation, too. Yikes! Hopefully, she’s found some compassion since she went through this brutally embarrassing situation!

3 Why Though...?

We all have embarrassing moments every now and again. The good thing about these embarrassing moments is that not everyone has to know about them all the time! If you do something awkward or weird in public, you can just go home and pretend like it never happened without posting on social media where all of your friends can publicly see. It seems like this girl didn’t get the memo when she decided to share an embarrassing story of mistaking a little person for a child and lifting them up! Instead of apologizing for her mistake, she decides to make a joke out of it! It's kind of funny if you think about it, but only because we’re laughing at her and not with her! That can be disrespectful to some people and possibly embarrassing for the guy who got mistaken for a child! Who says he wants his business blasted all over the internet?

2 Did You Even Read It, Bro?


Social media is full of pretentious people who put others down. Perhaps it’s because they lack an actual interesting personality and their only identity exists in shaming others. Whatever the reason is, it’s always embarrassing to see other people “test” people’s knowledge, like the girl in the picture above. She claims that liking The Great Gatsby doesn't make you special because everyone read it in high school. True, plenty of people did read it in English class, but apparently, she missed out on that semester since she clearly didn’t understand the joke the other commenter posted! It’s embarrassing enough she was trying to make people feel bad for liking The Great Gatsby, but the fact that she contradicted herself is all the more cringe-worthy.

1 Not The One To Be Talking

If you’re a social media user yourself, you know that it can get ugly when it comes to sharing comments about politics. People like to use memes and jokes to show off their edgy beliefs. This guy thought it would be funny to share a meme about how McDonald’s workers don’t deserve a living wage because their job isn’t as hard as some erections he’s had in the morning. Yeah, dude, we doubt it. Things got totally savage, however, when his own mom decided to chime in and remind him and all of his Facebook friends that he’s not as tough and hot as he thinks he is since he couldn’t even keep a job at McDonald’s. This is just another example of some guy who doesn’t really know what he’s talking about, trying to impress strangers on the Internet. Just give it up dude! You’re embarrassing yourself!


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