15 Creepy Subway Women We Wouldn't Want To Sit Next To

You never know whom you’re going to meet on the subway, it’s one of the main reasons why many people out there aren’t the biggest fans of public transportation. However, on the bright side, a subway ride can get way more interesting than a simple ride in your car.

People have noticed some really weird and creepy guys and gals there and there is almost always somebody who manages to take a picture and share it on the social media. Some of those photos were so unbelievable they went viral instantly and millions of people shared them and commented on them so we’ve decided we should take a look at them too.

The fact that subway is filled with so many people every day makes it pretty clear that there will be some strange behavior from time to time. Whether you notice someone in a weird costume or with a bizarre fashion sense, the best thing you can do is probably to try to ignore the awkward person sitting right next to you (and snap a picture). But aside from all that, there have been some truly creepy people down there that will make you never want to set a foot there again. Here are 15 creepiest photos of subway women EVER!


15 Knuckle Dusters Are Grandma’s Best Friends

While diamonds are said to be girl’s best friends, when you reach a certain age and you’ve seen all that mugging, stabbing, and robbing on the subway with your own two eyes, you discover that it is even more satisfying to wear a knuckle duster than a diamond ring on your hand. Or at least, that is what this grandma would probably tell you. As you can see in the picture, she wasn’t willing to take any chances. No one will be attacking this grandma today! But all jokes aside, it is pretty creepy when you see an elderly person equipped like this. What happened to the good old pepper sprays? What happened to grandmas who simply unarmed everybody with their big smile? Bob Dylan had it right when he said the times are a-changin’.

14 Bigfoot Coat?


People often make some questionable choices when it comes to fashion, but this woman looks like she hunted down Bigfoot and then made herself a coat out of his fur. In her defense, maybe this picture was taken in a subway on the North Pole so it was a bit chilly that night. Maybe Santa Claus owns one of those as well. That is the only possible explanation for wearing something like this. In every other case, looking like Sasquatch himself really isn’t the way to go. The fact that her hair blends in with that weird-looking fur she is wearing also doesn’t help her overall look at all. However, if her goal was to get noticed in the public by as many people as possible, she definitely succeeded in that.

13 A Woman Brushing Her Teeth In The Subway

Personal hygiene is one of the most important things in everybody’s life so it is probably better to brush your teeth in the subway on the way to work than not brushing them at all. But if you spit in your purse while doing it, it can get pretty creepy and disgusting really fast. Why would anybody want to have a bag full of spit? Couldn’t see just sneak out to a public bathroom and brush her teeth there? Our daily life is made out of a bunch of little choices and, apparently, if you make the wrong one, there is always someone with a phone camera to capture it. Doing weird stuff in your own home with nobody to see – fine; creepy behavior in the subway – not cool at all.

12 A Bit Too Creative


People around the world definitely have different a sense for fashion but there are some things that are just globally considered creepy – such as wearing Barbie doll heads on your denim jacket. Let’s face it; we’ve all left our house wearing some questionable quotes at some point (just remember the ‘80s) but this woman has taken the weird clothes to a completely different level. She obviously put some thought into her jacket and she decided to design something different and unique for herself to wear. Well, kudos for the originality but that doesn’t change the fact that her creation was super creepy. Some people consider the dolls scary enough as they are, but beheading them and pinning their heads onto a piece of clothes would make for a great scene of a horror movie.

11 Pet Raven

So you think you are Goth because you dye your hair black and wear some black eyeliner? Sorry to break it down to you, but you are an amateur-Goth because this girl has set the new standards in that field. Seriously though, how many people nowadays have a raven for a pet? And if they do, how many of them take their ravens for a subway ride? If this isn’t the newest Goth goal then nothing is! People on the subway must have been pretty shocked when this girl and her pet joined them for the ride. No wonder there is no one sitting on the seat next to her. Of course, being Goth is a perfectly fine way of expressing yourself, but this must seem pretty creepy even to the most open-minded people out there.

10 Alien On The Subway


And you thought aliens didn’t exist! You obviously don’t use public transportation too much because, apparently, if you were to see all kinds of mysterious creatures, you would see them on the subway. If you’d like to see Bigfoot, different superheroes, or even aliens, you should just take a ride down there and you are bound to see at least one of them. This person in the picture looks like a cross between a character from The Fifth Element and a character from Avatar. Either she just stepped off a set of some new sci-fi movie or she was just heading there. Or maybe she’s just plain weird and this is her regular everyday attire. Who could really even tell at this point? Nothing should surprise you in the subway.

9 Would You Like Some Turkey?

A lot of things in life simply just come down to the right timing. Having a turkey with your family on a Thanksgiving? Sure, nothing weird about that. Bringing the whole turkey and carving it on the subway? Maybe not the right time and place to do that. But people do all kinds of crazy things and here we have a woman who decided to have a turkey dinner in the middle of her subway ride. The best part about this picture are the faces of the two men sitting next to her. They either couldn’t believe what was happening or they were offended by her not offering them a piece of that juicy turkey too. It’s a good thing the third person decided to capture the whole thing on camera because it would be a shame for this one to go unnoticed.


8 Cabbage Hat


Do you remember the time when Lady Gaga was wearing an outfit made entirely of meat? Well, this is a similar situation, yet way creepier since it wasn’t a part of any kind of performance or public statement – it was just a woman in the subway with a cabbage leaf on her head. People wear all kinds of crazy stuff but wearing clothing pieces or accessories made of food is right on the top of the list of weird fashion choices. One can help but wonder what else this woman has in her wardrobe. Maybe a lettuce shirt? Cauliflower skirt? She probably didn’t put that cabbage leaf on her head by accident because how exactly can a person mistake a leaf of a hat? That really doesn’t happen that often.

7 Sailor Knot

It is a pretty regular thing to see someone in the subway taking their headphones out of their pocket all twisted and tangled, but when you see someone with their legs like that, that makes for a pretty creepy picture. How did she do that and, more importantly, is it possible that she is really comfortable in that position? Is she made of rubber? It would be great to have some rational explanation for what is going on in this picture, but it is really hard to come up with one. Maybe she had a couple of days off from her work in the circus so she decided to freak everybody out in the subway because she was bored. But if she can do this to her legs, who knows what else she can do?

6 Personal Space Not So Personal


It is one thing when there is some kind of a creep sitting next to you in the subway while you both just politely ignore each other and pretend the other one doesn’t exist, but when there is someone desperately trying to catch your attention while being completely inappropriate, that is just an entirely different level of creepiness. That was the case with this woman who sat down next to a man and tried to get his attention while she was touching herself. When her seduction method didn’t work, she reached to him and tried to get him to join her. Poor guy must have been really freaked out by that. Somebody on the subway filmed the whole bizarre encounter and posted it on the internet for everybody to see.

5 She REALLY Needs Some Space

One of the worst things about public transportation is often the lack of personal space. Having somebody’s smelly armpit right under your nose or having a strange person basically hugging can get really uncomfortable. However, here we have a woman who found her own creative way on how to avoid all that and she built some kind of cage around herself which made it impossible for other people to come too close. People around her probably found that being really creepy, but she doesn’t care as long as she is comfortable. On the other hand, it looks like she could easily poke someone’s eye out with that thing around her. One can’t help but wonder if she wears that thing at all times or just when taking a ride on the subway.

4 Let’s Cut Some Onions And Cry


This picture is as bizarre as it gets. It is a part of a YouTube video that was uploaded by someone who was taking a ride on the subway and sitting across a girl who spent her whole ride cutting onions with tears pouring down her cheeks. People are not sure if she was doing that just to make everybody around her uncomfortable by the weird situation and the strong smell of freshly cut up onions or it was some kind of performance art. However, on the footage, you can see the people slowly moving away from her while she continues to cut the onions and throw them into the bag. Who knows? Maybe she was just supposed to make a dinner for a huge number of people and she was running a bit late.

3 Edwarda Scissorhands

Do you remember the movie Edward Scissorhands about a man who had scissors for hands? Well, here we have a real-life female version of that. This gal is obviously a controversial one and she’s not afraid to show that. Not only her hair probably glows in the dark, but her nails are so disturbingly long they make one wonder how she manages to get anything done with her hands, for example, how she zips her pants. Of course, there is always a probability that she was wearing some kind of a costume that day because this is too weird to be a part of somebody’s everyday looks. But then again, when it comes to people, nothing should really surprise us, especially when it comes to the creeps lurking in the subway.

2 Under My Umbrella


There can be several rational explanations for why this woman was sitting on a train with an open umbrella so let’s go through the obvious ones first. Maybe it was raining that day and she simply forgot to put her umbrella down after getting in her seat so let’s give her some credit. However, what are the chances of that? Maybe she just didn’t want other people in the subway to get too close to her so she opened an umbrella to get those few extra inches of safe personal space. But when we take into the consideration that people tend to do all kinds of crazy stuff, there might be some other weird reason why she had her umbrella with her. It is possible that she just carries that thing with her everywhere she goes and that is officially creepy.

1 Grumpy Angel

People in different costumes are a regular thing in the subway and seeing a woman dressed like an angel wouldn’t be creepy at all – if it wasn’t for that expression on her face. It is sort of a Grumpy-Cat-Meets-an-Angel situation. Aren’t angels supposed to be happy and cheerful? She might have been dressed like one but she definitely didn’t get into the character all that successfully. On the other hand, maybe she was pretending to be an evil witch pretending to be an angel. If that was what she was going for, she succeeded remarkably. One can only hope she wasn’t on her way to a children’s hospital where people often wear different costumes to cheer up the sick kids. There is not enough candy in the world that could make up for that facial expression.


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