15 Creepy Pics We Gave Up Trying To Explain

The internet is vast and filled with content that would last countless lifetimes. Thanks to its accessibility, people are able to upload whatever it is they have to share whenever they want. There's content on the internet that would be entertaining for all demographics and that's why we love browsing the web. Not all pieces of content on the internet is for entertainment though as there are a few standout photos that were clearly intended to creep us out.

The internet is less filtered as compared to television, radio or print, and that's why it's also home to some rather creepy photos with even creepier stories behind them. It's a basic human instinct to become curious about the stuff we get to see on a day to day basis and we love exploring the mysteries behind the things we find on the internet.

If you look hard enough, you are bound to find a creepy pic with little to no explanation behind it. There are theories regarding these pics but when looking at the concrete details, no one can explain what these are. Here are 15 creepy pics that no one can explain.

15 Uninvited Guests At A Wedding

Weddings are supposed to be the most magical moment in a man and woman's life and if done properly and correctly, it's an event to behold for the rest of our lives. There are a ton of things to consider when planning weddings and this includes flower arrangements, the reception and of course, the guest. This wedding has a few unwanted guests that we're sure the groom and bride don't want to meet.

At the far end of the wedding are a few people clad in black hoods and white masks. We don't know if they're a cult or not but the hood and the dark feeling they give off make us believe that they are indeed a cult. They're creepy, to say the least. As much as we'd like to know the story behind this photo, we'd rather learn about the status of the newlyweds instead.

14 When You See The Extra Hand...

Pictures are the best way to cement memories of ourselves, our best moments and of course, people who are more than important to us. We've all had out little crew back when we were kids and taking group photos is a neat way to pass the time. These group shots often reveal just how close a group is with each other and sometimes, spirits from beyond want to join in on the fun.

This small group of kids was taking this innocent photo which at first glance, looks normal. However, if you look at the hand hanging on the kids' shoulder at the far right, it's hard to determine where it came from. It's either one of the kids has freakishly long arms, or a friendly ghost wanted to be a part of this group.

13 Death From Above

The thing about previously owned property is that you never know what to expect. Regardless of what the real estate agent says about the house, one can never be too certain about the secrets that it would hold. As one Texas family would soon find out, their house held quite the secret. This secret reveals itself early through a very creepy photograph that even the best paranormal investigators can't explain.

The Cooper family recently moved into a new house sometime in the 1950s. As with any other family, the Coopers decided to take a picture. As seen from the picture, a man was falling while the picture was taken. There are two sides to this story. One is that a dead body fell through the ceiling. The other is that there was no body, and what's seen in the picture is just a ghost. We'll never know though and that's probably for the better.

12 Her Neck's Not Supposed To Bend Like That

Creepy photos and happenings occur in the most unlikely of places. No one is safe from some weird event. As the picture above reveals, it could happen while a person is in line at a RedBox booth. A security cam captures this pretty weird event that we can't explain even if we stare at it for an entire day.

An unidentified lady can be seen here with her head tilted back very far. It's the kind of head tilting that says "hey, she's got a broken neck." Unless she's a really experienced contortionist, this lady's head shouldn't have bent as far back as that. If it looks familiar, that pose can be seen from the movie The Exorcist. In fact, that post could be seen in any movie wherein a person is possessed by a demon from hell.

11 Family Picture?

Animal lovers are some of nicest people to have around. Unless they have an obsessive liking to their cat or dog, animal lovers have the cutest or funniest stories to tell. There is a thing as too much loving though as some animal lovers take their affection to the next level. Photoshoots with their beloved pets are neat and all but if the photo is as weird as the one above, then it's best to not invite these animal lovers to the next hangout.

There are a few things wrong with this picture. First is the mime makeup, and next is the fact that they are staring directly at their cat's behind. The first question that comes to mind is "why?" We can't think of a good reason why this couple decided to reimagine cat photoshoots by taking this photo. It seems more and more like this couple got a whiff of catnip as well.

10 Find The Time Travelling Hipster

The idea of time travel is something that we've all wondered about at one point in our lives. While no one has done it yet, it surely is a possible venture based on all the theories on how it could work. We don't know much about the concept of how it works but we do know what a time traveler should do and one of those things is that they should fit in with whatever time they travel to.

This eerie picture from the 50s looks rather plain and simple at first but that's up until you notice the guy that's dressed differently. When this photo went viral, people instantly believed that he's a time traveler. His clothes were definitely not from that era. This could be a photoshop masterpiece but we'll never know. Part of us wants to believe that he actually is a time traveler.

9 The Sea Monster

For years, people have revealed countless photographs that allegedly reveal a creature that's nothing compared to what we see in biology books. We have alleged proof of the Lochness Monster, Bigfoot, the Chupacabra and so much more. Out of all these documents, the common trait that they share is that the subject is only a small portion of the shot. This unexplainable sea monster shot by Robert Serrec however, is very different.

Back in 1964, Serrec took this photo of what he claims to be a sea monster up close. Since photo magic wasn't available back then, it's hard to dismiss this photo as a fake. We're very curious as to what this huge and ominous creature could be and we fear for the fisherman who comes across it.

8 Friends Hanging With This Weird Thing

In the very depths of the internet, there are a lot of pictures that even the smartest person on earth can't explain. In this one, we get to see what should be a regular and fun photo of friends having a good time. However, right at the center of them is a very weird looking creature that would probably pass as an ET stunt double. This is definitely not a movie scene; at least not any movie we've heard of. It's just a plain looking picture with a monster at the center.

Only those present at the photo shoot can probably explain what this horrific creature is. It's the stuff of nightmares and we definitely don't want to know what the inspiration behind this is. At least it's a friendly looking creature and not a flesh-eating monster.

7 Hit With A UFO's Exhaust Vent

Several eyewitnesses insist that aliens do exist and they've been watching us for a long time. There have been countless photos and footage that point to the existence of UFOs but despite the "proof" there is still no solid evidence that aliens walk among us. People come up every once in a while and claim that they've interacted with an alien. Canada's Stefan Michalak was one of those people and he has the burns to prove it.

While out one night, Michalak claims to have come across a UFO. What's different with his story is that he actually got up close and personal to the UFO. So close that the exhaust vent of the ship burned a mark on his stomach. We don't know whether or not this is real though. If it isn't real, no one can explain why Michalak would go burn a mark on his stomach for the sake of proving that aliens exist. Stories claim that Michalak got sick with radiation later on but we'll never know for sure.

6 Whatever This Is

We can't even begin to describe this one; let alone explain whatever it is that's going on here. Some of the unexplainable photos have a bit of backstory to them once you get a closer look, but this one, almost every pixel in this image is weird and it's going to take a genius to figure out what's going on.

Not only is this pic unexplainable, there's just so much going on in it. You got three guys with bread on their head while sharing a cucumber and while drenching each other in milk. You got one guy holding a cucumber in his mouth while holding fish in his hands. This could be a ritual of some sort but whatever it is, we don't want any part of it.

5 The Spaceman Behind

There are some pictures that you just can't really explain but you have to see to believe. Not all unexplainable and creepy pictures have to depict ghosts or other paranormal activity. Some of these creepy photos have other weird elements in them. As Jim Templeton found out in 1964, even spacemen can inexplicably appear in photos even if they weren't there while the shot was being taken.

Templeton took this shot of his daughter near Solway Firth in Cumbria, England. It looks normal at first but one cannot easily bypass the weird figure behind Templeton's daughter. From what we're seeing, it looks like there was a spaceman behind his daughter. Many speculate that it was just Templeton's wife standing behind her daughter. However, Templeton insists that there was no one there when the shot was taken. If it was indeed an astronaut behind the girl, then he surely lost track of where he's supposed to be.

4 The Mysterious Babushka Lady

The assassination of John F. Kennedy back in 1963 has opened the window for countless theories. The assassin, Harvey Lee Oswald was killed two days after the assassination so there were many questions left unanswered. There were a lot who witnessed the event but none of the spectators were as close to Kennedy than the mysterious Babushka Lady.

This shot taken shortly after the assassination of Kennedy reveals an old Russian lady carrying a camera. She was very close to the car and if she did take the photo, she had the clearest shot of it. This could've shed more light on the mystery but the problem was, the Babushka Lady never turned up anywhere else. It remains a mystery as to who she is or where she went after taking the photo.

3 The Pyramid On The Moon

Man's quest to interact with another race is an ongoing battle between skeptics and believers. The lack of actual proof that aliens exist put the believers at a disadvantage but that doesn't necessarily mean that there aren't some mysterious things out in space. In other celestial bodies, like the Moon, there have been a few sightings of weird things that can't be explained and it shows that aliens aren't the only mystery in this universe.

This moon photo by Apollo 17 back in 1972 was initially received without much attention. With a little retouching, it revealed that there is a pyramid-like structure on our Moon. NASA never expounded on what this structure could be. It could just be a mountain on the moon but no mountain can be as sharp and as triangular as that.

2 Never Too Late For A Picture

The existence of ghosts has long been debated in society. There are a lot of alleged proof that says that ghosts do exist but skeptics are easy to point out the errors in these proofs. Regardless of whether or not ghosts are real, we can all agree that paranormal photos still sends shivers down your spine. It doesn't take a scary ghost face to scare us silly. Sometimes, all it takes is a glimpse of what could be a person making his presence felt from beyond the grave.

Freddy Jackson was an air mechanic who was killed at work back in 1919. Two days after the accident that took his life, Jackson's group decided to go on with a scheduled photo session even though their friend had fallen only recently. Once they got hold of the picture, Jackson's faint image was seen from behind. Jackson allegedly knew about the pictorial and that's why his spirit was there. If ghosts are indeed real, then this is definitely some good proof.

1 But Cellphones Didn't Exist Back Then

Time travel is a feat humanity has not yet achieved but we never know, someone from the future might've gone back to the past already. It remains a mystery on whether or not we can actually travel through time but it is possible. Time travellers need to be extra careful when treading in a different timeline but this lady who got caught in a shot for a Charlie Chaplin promotional film in 1928 might've forgotten to read the memo.

This lady walking in the background looks as if she's holding a cellphone to her head. Since the 90s, we've all been too familiar with how it would look like if we walked with phones attached to our ears. Needless to say, cellphones weren't available in the 1920s so this woman, for all we know, could be a time traveler with a phone call to answer.

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