15 Creepy Photos Captured In People's Homes

Our homes are our sanctuaries. It's the one place we can count on for rest and recuperation, safety and solitude. Or so we hope. We've found fifteen of the creepiest images caught by cameras in these would-be peaceful and private domiciles.

Whether it's paranormal activity that scares you silly or the horror that can be done to us by fellow human beings, we've got something on this list to shock and terrify everyone.

Now that home security systems are becoming increasingly affordable, their popularity is rising and it's only a matter of time before most homes are decked out with their own set of "eyes." With this added measure of safety, we should feel more peace of mind, but what happens when what you end up catching on video horrifies you senseless? Whether you're the owner of a slice of paradise in the suburbs or renting an apartment in the city, it seems that no one is safe from creatures lurking in the night with bad intentions.

If we're not safe in our homes, where can we turn to for comfort? Be glad you're not these fifteen horrified homebodies who had the shock of their lives when they reviewed their footage.

15 Give Your Old Man A Hand

A Reddit user called "Qbaxter77" posted this photo on Reddit, sat back and waited for the creepiness to set in on all who laid eyes upon it. At first glance, it seems like a normal family holiday photo. There's a father, a mother, three smiling sons, a Nutcracker prince in the background and oh - look. A random creepy hand on Dad's shoulder that doesn't seem to belong to anyone. Scratch that. It doesn't belong to anyone in the photo. How can it? The guy on the left near Dad's wineglass has his hand on Dad's other shoulder and Qbaxter77 has his arm down in front of him. Whose hand could it be? Glad you asked. Qbaxter77 was kind enough to explain.

"I am the kid with braces in the picture and I can honestly say that is not my hand," he posted on Reddit. "My parents' house is crazy haunted."

Enough said.

14 Camera Blur Or Ghost Man?

We know what you're thinking. This is just obviously camera blur. No big deal. But just wait, dear reader, until you catch Stephen D.'s story behind this photograph. Stephen D., a photographer, uploaded these two photos to the site, paranormal360.co.uk with the following explanation: "The picture was taken with my Kodak AZ522. The face that appears in the second photo showed up when I was attempting to enhance the woman’s image using Portrait Professional software. The software uses a type of facial recognition to locate the faces in the image and provide enhancements automatically. The software focused in on the man's image in the photograph, which was unseen by me at the time. Opening the image in Photoshop, and making minor adjustments in the color saturation, and the brightness levels obtained the same results. I had taken about 50 shots of the same subject, at the same time, and in the same location, and was unable to obtain any additional images of the man in any of the other shots."

13 Room For One More In The Family Photo?

People have called this "The Lady In The Bodice Photo." If that doesn't make sense to you, keep looking. If you give up and need a hint, look at the top of the porch area where the dark-haired woman in black is standing. Now look to the left of her. You should start to see the outline of what resembles a rail-thin woman with dark hair and a tight, bodice-style dress. For a point of reference, her elbow lines up with the head of the woman wearing black. A Reddit user called "Niffurlong" explained that this wasn't the first time this photobomber popped up.

"Family photo circa 1930, New Zealand," Niffurlong wrote. "Will let you find ghost. My aunt saw her a few times while growing there in the '60s/'70s. Beside or at the end of her bed. She wore a fitted white bodice-style dress, with a dark brooch at her waist, dark hair up in a bun."

12 Home Invasion Caught On Cam

On August 31, 2016, KPIX 5 Studio of Fremont, California reported that a home invasion was caught on camera... live. The horrified homeowner had never been happier to be away from his residence as he watched the entire home invasion from his smartphone as it was happening. The group of armed men entered through double french doors accessed from the backyard and used police-like tactics making sure every entrance of the home was covered while constantly communicating with each other. Each man had a handgun and one had a high-capacity magazine. The shocked homeowner called the police immediately but the thieves got away with some valuables before the police arrived. This was not the first home in this neighborhood of Northern California's Bay Area to be hit with a similar home invasion. Just days before this invasion was caught on camera, a family in a nearby home was held at gunpoint while the criminals got away with jewelry and electronics valued at around one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Police said that the two incidents are related.

11 The Cooper Family's Upside-Down Ghost

This is a family photo taken in the 1950's. The story goes that the Coopers moved into a new home and took this photo in their dining room when they first moved in. When the photos were developed, this upside-down hanging nightmare could be seen. There are some who don't believe that this photo is real but others insist it is the real deal. If those people are correct, we can't imagine the fainting spell that poor Mrs. Cooper had when she opened up the packet of developed photos right there in the drugstore and saw the figure of a man hanging upside down in her living room with a black blurry mass for a face, mere inches away from her mother and child.

10 The Woman In The Crawlspace

Joe was enjoying life in his New York City apartment even though strange things kept happening. We believe the story goes that Joe had a girlfriend at the time (perhaps he still does) and he kept accusing her of misplacing things in the kitchen which she denied. To prove his point, Joe arranged a hidden camera pointed at his kitchen to solve the mystery. Joe not only ended up solving the mystery but opening up a whole can of never-sleep-again. What the creep?! Apparently, a homeless woman had settled in the crawlspace or "storage nook" of Joe's apartment and claimed it as her personal and very secret domicile. There's a rumor that this video is fake but was inspired by an actual incident that happened in Tokyo. Others claim it's totally true. While perhaps only Joe and his secret squatter roommate know for sure, this screenshot definitely makes for an image that is one hundred percent creepy.

9 The (Hopefully?) Shy Girl-In-The-Shadows Photo

Yes, sure. That could be a blonde girl standing behind the woman and peeking out from behind the woman's head. But just keep on looking. The more time you spend staring, the more chilling the image becomes. Do you notice a devilish grin on the girl's face? And the fact that her one visible eye seems to be glowing? Go ahead, you skeptics and say that it's just red-eye caused by the camera. This photo was uploaded to Reddit with the caption, "Please tell me that is your shy daughter." And we really hope that is it because the alternative answer is just too terrifying. But if it true answer really is just a shy daughter, why does her facial expression look so menacing? Enough looking now! Let's not upset her, just in case. Scroll on!

8 Miniature Person(?) Running Caught Running In The Background

A mother in Argentina noticed something very interesting in the background of this image of her two-year-old child sitting on the floor. The video shows what appears to be a goblin of some sort of a miniature person running for a split second until he/she/it disappears out of frame. The being looks to be completely grey with many human-like characteristics. Unfortunately, the video is not of the greatest quality to begin with so it's hard to make out any identifying features. Online skeptics have called this photo out for being fake, insisting that it must have been the work of an animator who whipped up a graphic on a personal video to fool the world but others out there claim this has the stuff to be the real deal. Do you believe in what the internet has dubbed the "goblin from Argentina?"

7 Four Lads And A (Ghost) Lady

When Mark F. invited his three mates over for a drink, he didn't imagine getting an extra person in the impromptu photo. He uploaded the photo to the website, paranormal360 with this caption: "This was taken at my house in Crewe, Cheshire. Before this picture was taken I would often be in the house on my own decorating. I would hear the toilet flush, light switch click, and footsteps. I found out the lady that owned the house previously had died quite suddenly. I have tried to replicate the picture numerous times but never with the same effect."

If you still haven't seen her, look at the painting on the wall behind the guy in the maroon button-up and glasses. You might be quick to dismiss this photo as a prank at first glance but after reading the backstory behind it, can you still do that?

6 Security Cam Catches Door Opening On Its Own

It was October 2016 and Iris Alamo was suffering from sleepless nights in her Chicago home and couldn't figure out why. Out of options, she finally decided to set up a camera to see if there was anything in her environment that was keeping her from getting a restful night of sleep. When she reviewed the footage one morning after about a year of recording, she was shocked and horrified. As she watched herself sleeping on screen, she saw the door slowly open but no one was there. As soon as the door is completely open, her comforter is pulled from her. Alamo wakes up just then and reaches for her bedside light but as soon as she turns it on, it turns off. She took to Facebook to vent about her experience and post the evidence.

“Took almost a year but finally caught something on video," she wrote. "This is probably why I can't sleep at night.”

5 A Creepy Clown Comes Bearing Gifts To This Homeowner's Doorstep

You don't have to suffer from coulrophobia, the fear of clowns, to find this image absolutely horrifying. This photo was captured by the homeowner's home security camera right in the middle of the "creepy clown" pandemic that swept through America in 2016. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this photo is that this creeper in a clown mask is not only aware of the security camera but challenging the homeowners by staring directly at it with a menacing look. He's carrying two star-shaped balloons which is eerily similar to what Pennywise, the clown from the movie It, carries with him. The clown holds out his hand as if to offer the balloons to the camera. It is terrifying to think that he was intentionally trying to scare these homeowners and cause them to lose peace of mind by wondering what he was up to... and that is the best case scenario.

4 Dog Wakes Up To Light Anomaly While Woman Sleeps

A YouTube user called "Mama Owl Paranormal" posted a video in which she claims to have captured actual paranormal activity on the home surveillance system installed within her house. She sleeps with her loyal dog, Bossy, on her bed and on the night of July 1, 2014, Mama Owl Paranormal said that Bossy woke up after a light anomaly passed over her head. This is visible on the recording. Then a few more light anomalies fly through the room until eventually, Mama Owl Paranormal wakes up as well. The light anomaly in this screenshot started near her bedroom slippers near the left side. She wrote that Bossy is generally good about picking up on supernatural activity in the home and hardly ever barks or growls unless she actually senses something. If you're a paranormal investigator, it's pretty handy (and extra frightening as well) to have a paranormal investigating dog by your side.

3 House Camera Catches An Intruder With Mysterious Intentions

For the most part, it was a typical summer night in July of 2016 when couple Jack Mackercher and Jordan Buranskas of Chicago went out to dinner Sunday night before returning to Mackercher's home. They briefly bickered about whether or not Jordan had left her purse at the restaurant since she couldn't find it. She swore she didn't leave it behind. The pair finally decided that Mackercher's home security system would show if she had returned home from dinner with her purse in hand or not. Instead, they watched in horror as a hooded man came out of the upstairs bedroom at 3:30 am and proceeded to perch on the stairs landing, looking down at the couch. Even more chilling? Mackercher and Buranskas were both sleeping on the couch at the time. The intruder had been watching them sleep for about ten minutes. Police said that the criminal has earned the nickname "Creeper Ghost" and has been suspected in other burglaries in the area.

2 An Amityville Ghost Plays Peek-A-Boo

It is said that this photo was taken in 1976 when a paranormal investigation was led by legendary paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren in the famous Amityville house. On the second floor of the home, a camera was arranged to automatically snap a photo of the landing throughout the evening. This was the only abnormal photo. Abnormal because there was no boy in the home at this time. George Lutz, who bought the home after the DeFeo family murders, offered his opinion that the ghost boy who showed up on the photograph could be the spirit of young John DeFeo who was murdered in the home. Skeptics have suggested that it could be Paul Bartz, who worked with Ed and Lorraine Warren but unless Paul Bartz was a child's height and looked like a child, that doesn't seem likely.

1 The Bassinet Boogeyman

It's a good thing this baby was too young at the time to have memories of this highly disturbing incident... unless, of course, they come across this creepy story online at some point. The child in the crib was just two years old on April 18, 2014, when a suspect identified as eighteen-year-old Christopher Gomez broke into this home located in a suburb near Houston. He gained entry through an unlocked window while the parents were asleep downstairs and seemed to just stare at the toddler boy in his crib for an unsettling amount of time. Charges were pressed on Gomez for "burglary of an inhabitation" and police found evidence that he is responsible for the burglary of at least two other homes in the area. This is an image that would shake any parent to their core.

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