14Rumspringa Isn’t Always Insane

Many of the stories and facts you will read about rumspringa are crazy. But it’s important to remember that rumspringa is not always a bunch of teens getting drunk and making out for the first time. For many Amish, rumspringa is a time to get better acquainted with their spirituality

and strengthen their understanding of their religion. For others, it’s a time to continue their secular education. Many Amish children cease going to school after the eighth grade, as the community favors agricultural and theological knowledge over that which is taught in schools. Therefore, many Amish use rumspringa as a time to get a GED and even go to college. Lastly, and fascinatingly enough, some Amish claim to have never even heard of rumspringa when asked about it by outsiders. It seems it is not a ritual practiced by every Amish community.

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