15 Countries Where You Won’t Find A Wife (Because There Aren’t Enough Women)

The ratio between men and women has been up and down since the beginning of life itself. With women usually coming out on top due to staying alive that little bit longer, while men have often lagged behind due to warfare and higher mortality rates. However, there are also a number of other creepy and terrifying issues that rock the gender imbalance between the two sexes. One example is violence against women, which has most definitely caused an imbalance around the world. Another example is deliberate gender control, a sickening practice that involves sex-selective infanticide, particularly occurring in China and India. Plus, with war comes large-scale migration, which has also been another factor with regards to gender imbalance and young people being unable to reproduce. With men now seemingly catching up to their female counterparts, it looks like we will soon be in a world over populated by men with women on the back burner for the very first time.

So what are the consequences of these events? Although high ratios of men make it easier for women to marry, it ultimately makes it harder for men. For example, in a number of places across the globe, there are a number of men who will most likely remain single for the rest of their lives. So, to dig a little deeper, here are 15 countries where you won’t find a wife (because there aren’t enough women).


15 Greece

With the recent immigrant crisis forcing thousands of families across the middle east to seek new homes and new starts elsewhere, Greece has somewhat become the halfway point between war and a brand new life. Originally a resting place for a number of young men who initially set out for the UK or France, Greece suddenly became a final destination due to its cheap living and beautiful weather. With this resulting in the ratio of men to women increasing, women have once again taken a back seat with regards to employment and jobs. In fact, Greece is one of the worst places in Europe for equality between the sexes, with women often being paid less when compared to their male counterparts as well as being treated exceptionally different.

14 Iceland


One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Iceland still has that somewhat mysterious quality to it. With men outnumbering women by 1.7%, the lack of women in Iceland is becoming a serious problem, which has resulted in extreme methods being taken by the Icelandic government. So much so that rumors began to spread with regards to the men who were left to rot on the shelf and forever remain single. That's right, with the government said to be offering foreigners money to marry their men, the going rate was said to be around $5,000, with the only condition being that they were to stay in Iceland. However, with the rumor said to be completely false, the Icelandic government issued a statement that it was indeed false, with the offer nothing but an amusing hoax.

13 Italy

Italians love their country, so much so that they are the least likely to move country or even town. In fact, Italians even find it difficult to leave home full stop, with the majority of 'young' adults leaving home in their mid to late thirties. However, with women outnumbering men when it comes to school and university grades, more and more women have ended up venturing away from home and even to other countries altogether. The traditional role of wife and mother is no longer appealing to the young Italian woman, with working women declaring themselves more satisfied and happier than housewives and mothers. This sudden change has resulted in men outnumbering women throughout the country, as women go in search of new challenges leaving behind the men who have refused to conform to the changes of their country. Unlucky!

12 Norway


Much like its neighbor, Sweden, Norway has followed suit with men increasingly outnumbering women as the years go on. In fact, the country has 12,000 more men than women, with Norwegian men finding it difficult to find that special someone. Naming immigration as the main cause, immigrants actually accounted for 70% of the increase in men in 2016. And, with social scientists now unclear to how this gender tilt with play out with regards to equality and Norway's liberal progressiveness, some have suggested that the increase in men will threaten the advancements that have been made by women over the last few years. However, with gender imbalance seemingly a common theme throughout history it is likely that females will outnumber men again in the upcoming future. Mmmmm.

11 The United Arab Emirates

In 1901, colonial officials from British India carried out a survey detailing the population of what was then called the Trucial States, now the UAE. With the figure back then reaching a measly 40,000 people, women had the majority over their male counterpart with 22,000. However, fast forward a century, a brand new makeover, and a tourism hotspot, and the outcome is extremely different. The country, which now holds a whopping 9 million inhabitants, has prospered hugely with regards to wealth and tourism and a sudden increase in the male species. Yep, now outnumbering women by a gigantic amount, it was revealed at the end of 2016 that for every hundred women there were 247 men. But, with the lack of women comes a lack of marriage, leaving a number of Arab men single and unmarried causing them to leave the country too.

10 Sweden


Mostly known for its beautiful people, Sweden often ranks high with regards to just how stunningly attractive their inhabitants are. And for the first time ever, and also unexpectedly, there are now more men to choose from than women. The gap, which first opened in 2015 at 277 more men than women, is now a whopping 12,000. But how? Noting two big reasons to why this has happened, Sweden has put it down to the ever insane housing problem (not enough accommodation for its citizens), and the recent immigrant crisis in Europe. With houses and apartments extremely limited across Sweden, more and more people are moving away, with women said to be at the top of the list. Plus, with conflict and instability across Afghanistan, Syria, and North Africa, it has resulted in up to 35,000 unaccompanied male minors making their way over to Sweden in 2016. So if you are a single lady looking for love, you know where to go.

9 China

After decades of gender bias and selective-sex birth methods, China is a country of basically just men. In fact, there are a whopping 40 million more men in China than women, leaving a lot of men single and unmarried. With the gender imbalance the most serious in the entire world, Chinese officials have now begun trying to fix the problem that they themselves created in the first place. However, with 115 baby boys born to just 100 baby girls, the problem still seems to be very apparent. And, with the need for a male heir still extremely prominent within Chinese culture, the gender bias is still an active part of traditional China, especially in more rural areas. Sadly this leaves a number of unwanted children who are often left on the street to die. Last year, the Chinese government attempted to resolve this problem by launching drop zones for unwanted infants. However, the plan failed after being overwhelmed with infants who also suffered from severe disabilities.


8 Iran


Iran is an ever-changing country, adopting a more westernized outlook on life as time goes on. With men outnumbering women for the first time in the country's history, the reason why has stirred great interest from the rest of the world. With women garnering more rights each year, the rules and regulations with regards to women have somewhat relaxed. Now, with more than 3 million Iranian women unmarried, the expectations of marriage and motherhood have been replaced with education and careers. Women are choosing to better themselves through learning and hard work, moving aside marriage and children for later in life. Therefore, with this new found freedom many women have begun to travel, leading to a reduction of the female population and a lack of women to marry.

7 The USA

OK, maybe not the country as a whole, but there are a number of states and cities in the USA that have a surprising ratio of men over women. Take Las Vegas for example, the entertainment capital of the world is said to have 103 men for every 100 women above the age of eighteen, proving popular with bachelorette parties. Another city on the West Coast which offers exceptional dating opportunities for single ladies is San Francisco. Known for its liberal attitude and political life, San Francisco is also famed for its many finance and banking sectors which seemingly attracts more men than women. Finally, unsurprisingly Dallas, Texas also has a high number of men when compared to women, with 51.4% of the population male.

6 Qatar


In 1980, Qatar's population was minuscule, counting only 0.2 million inhabitants. One of the smallest populations of the entire world, Qatar suddenly decided to do something about it by drastically changing the way in which it was run. Changing dramatically over the next few years, Qatar's population boomed enormously almost tripling in size. With immigration said to be the main cause, it was recently revealed that immigrants take up a whopping 94% of the Qatari workforce. Mostly men, the expats are skilled workers who have come from all over the world to find work. However, while they are more than happy to give out visas to men, the Qatari government are strangely reluctant to do the same with women, with visas only usually going to females from privileged countries such as Canada and the UK.

5 Egypt

As the most populous country in the Arab world, Egypt is also one of the most populous countries on the African continent. As well as having a large population, Egypt is also one of the most youthful countries in the entire world with an estimated 75% of Egyptians under the age of 25. However, with men slowly beginning to outnumber women, reasons are pointing towards the way in which women are treated. That's right, traditional gender roles in Egypt are extremely prevalent and defined with women often tied to domestic values rather than work or education. Plus, with sexual violence towards women a common occurrence, it was recently revealed that 99.3% of women have experienced sexual harassment at some points in their life. So, with sexual violence and gender inequality a common theme, it is no surprise to see women leaving the country whenever they get the opportunity.

4 Afghanistan


Much in the same way as other middle eastern countries, Afghanistan's attitude towards women is outdated, but this wasn't always the case. Before war and terror ravished the country, Afghanistan was seemingly a place of peace. Not strictly limited to the home, women were able to work and be educated. However, things changed dramatically when the Taliban blasted their way in causing a civil war in the process. Sadly, due to a number of further wars, a USA involvement, and numerous other aspects, a whopping 90,000 deaths have been recorded over the last few decades. These shocking and awful events caused a number of Afghan natives to flee with many women and their children finding new homes elsewhere. With the majority of men left behind to fight, the gender balance in Afghanistan is a shell of its former self.

3 Philippines

Named after King Philip II of Spain in the 16th century, the Philippines has since undergone a humongous amount of change. Occupied by a number of countries over the last few centuries, the Philippines is an extremely interesting country both culturally and geographically. Prone to the odd natural disaster or two, the country is smack bang in the middle of the notorious typhoon belt which in turn causes a number of weather disasters.  Demographically there are more men than women, with 102 Filipinos to every 100 Filipinas. Plus, as seen in other countries, more women are beginning to work abroad citing better job opportunities as the main reason why. So, with more men and a heavy lack of women, marriage is seemingly out of the question for the heterosexual community of the Philippines with statistics also proving that marriage has fallen in the last few years.

2 Nigeria


Situated in West Africa bordering Chad and Cameroon, Nigeria has been at the center stage of numerous kingdoms and tribal states over the last few centuries. Not the best place in the world with regards to equality, forced marriages are extremely common along with child marriage, polygamy, and female genital mutilation. With these aspects causing a number of women to flee the country, it has resulted in a lack of Nigerian females when compared to their male counterparts. In fact, for every 100 women in Nigeria, you can find 102 men, with the ratio said to increase even more as time goes on. Affecting future marriage and fertility patterns, Nigerian officials have spoken out with concerns over the young adult males unable to find partners.

1 India

Famous for a number of things, India also has one of the biggest populations in the world. Not exactly even when it comes to the gender balance, Indian officials recently revealed in a Population Census that the ratio between men and women was startlingly different. That's right, documenting 940 females to 1,000 men, the ratio has been in favor of men for a number of decades. But why? Labelled 'India's man problem' the results are said to be a practice of sex selection which obviously finds favor in baby boys. Sadly this has been attributed to the ongoing problem of violence against women that is currently taking hold of the country with many blaming the surplus of men and the lack of women to marry. Overall, India has a whopping 37 million more men than women, a statistic that is likely to grow over the next ten years.


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