15 Countries Where Women Only Want White Males

Dating can be quite an intimidating process for men. A lot of guys are self-conscious and find it difficult to approach beautiful women. The fear of rejection is intense. Imagine being a 45-year-old male with a balding head, bloated stomach, and low self-esteem. You are hanging out on a trendy beach in California that is rife with hot looking bikini babes. These women might be looking at you but it’s not because they find you attractive. Most of these chicks wouldn’t date a guy like you in a million years. Now, imagine that you are that same guy but you are now hanging out on a beach in a foreign country. There are loads of gorgeous women cruising around and they are giving you the eye. This time, however, they are checking you out because they are actually interested in you. It’s like you’ve landed in some bizarre alternate universe.

You don’t need to master time travel or take a journey to a far away galaxy to find such a place. These places exist right here on our planet. There are numerous countries where women prefer white guys to the local men. There are a lot of reasons for this. Here are 15 countries where women only want white males.

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15 Indonesia

This Southeast Asian country is full of natural beauty that extends to the women. Like most foreign countries, Indonesia has their own unique customs and rituals that might seem strange to outsiders. Men enjoy the patriarchy but women are still treated with respect and courtesy. Generally speaking, Indonesian women have a thing for white males. It’s not uncommon to see young Indonesian woman hooking up with much older white males. Age differences aren’t seen as a problem. As long as you have the financial capability to take care of your Indonesian girlfriend, most families will welcome you with open arms. Indonesian women believe that white males can provide emotional and financial stability. If you plan on marrying an Indonesian woman just know that the law requires you both to be of the same religion. It’s an easy obstacle to get around.

14 Philippines

The Philippines consists of over 7,000 islands that are home to over 100 million people. It is considered a developing country that still has a lot of work to do. Some of the bigger cities like Manila and Cebu City are packed with traffic and people but there are countless outer areas that are like paradise. Filipinas love white males and they go out of their way to find them. White males are seen as good providers that can improve a woman’s lifestyle. The great thing is that most Filipinas are loyal and devoted to their men. Sure, there are those that mess around but you find that everywhere you go. The cost of living is low in the Philippines and it doesn’t take much money to support a Filipina. Just take a stroll down any street and you’ll meet a nice one.

13 Taiwan

This is another country in which the patriarchy runs the show. Therefore activities like carousing with hookers and getting massages with happy endings are pretty normal. Even for married guys. This is a place where a white male can have a field day. There are loads of gorgeous Taiwanese women of all ages looking for foreigners to fall in love with. The women are nowhere near as desperate to be lifted out of poverty as in other countries but many certainly wouldn’t mind if you brought them back to your country. A lot of Taiwanese women simply prefer white males to Taiwanese guys. It’s another case in which they will remain by your side as long as you are a half-decent provider and you treat them with a bit of respect.

12 Ukraine

Ukraine is relatively stable compared to a lot of other countries but there are still a lot of troubles and looming threats which makes some residents want to leave for greener pastures. Some of these Ukrainians just happen to be smoking-hot women that are looking for the right guy to come along to take them far away. Many Ukrainians speak English which makes it easier to communicate with them than women from other parts of the world. These women are smart, sophisticated, and they’re looking for a better life just like anyone else. Forget the erotic journey from Milan to Minsk. Head straight to Kiev and the surrounding area for a while and take in some of the amazing scenery that this place has to offer. Hint: Go in the summer months.

11 Mexico

Most swinging dudes that have visited Mexico with their buddies know how hot a lot of those senoritas are. They like to have a good time, they are generally devoted to their men, and they love white guys. It’s easy enough to find a stunningly beautiful Mexican woman in the bigger cities but you will find your share wholesome women in smaller towns too. These women are family oriented and most obsess over getting married. Many of them are also quite proper due to the heavy religious influence that permeates the country but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a naughty side to them. Mexico is great for a newly-retired single guy that wants to live in a tropical region with a lower cost of living and a slew of hot Latina women.

10 Japan

Did you know that the majority of people that enter the United States on marriage visas are Japanese women? It isn’t cheap to live in Japan and more men are opting to stay single so that they don’t need to support a wife and kids. That leaves a whole lot of cute Japanese girls available to western men and Japanese women don’t mind this one bit. While older Japanese people don’t usually feel the same warmth towards westerners, the younger generations welcome white guys with open arms. Most Japanese women are quite satisfied as long as there is enough money to eat and pay the bills. If you ever plan on taking a trip to Asia, be sure to stop in Tokyo for a few days. You won’t regret it.

9 Brazil

This South American country has had its troubles recently but one thing they have no problem with is having a large population of delightfully dark-eyed dames. A lot of Miss Universes have come from Brazil so you can be sure that there will be hot women wherever you go. It won’t normally be as simple as walking up to a beautiful woman and dragging her back to your hotel room. Brazilian gals might have the hots for while men but you need to show respect and put a bit of romance into the situation. If you can act like a gentleman and show a modicum of sophistication then you should be able to land yourself one heck of a woman. Just be sure to not let your eyes stray too far as Brazilian women can also have a serious jealous side.

8 China

It is estimated that there is an average of 118 men per 100 women in this massively populated country. If you are a white male that has visited China then there is a good chance that you’ve seen first-hand how some Chinese women try to catch your attention. Sure, some are simply looking to dig into your wallet but there are plenty of them that would love to have a serious relationship with a westerner. If you aren’t exactly a “one woman guy” then you will like the fact that a lot of Chinese women expect their men to go out for a night on the town and get busy with other women. It doesn’t matter if you are in a big city or a small village; Chinese women really dig white males.

7 Argentina

Continuing our tour of South America we take a look at another country where women seem to only want white males. Argentina has a large expat population that was drawn by the country’s natural splendor and colorful history among other things. Let’s not forget about all of those Argentinean ladies that prefer white guys. You can meet these women pretty much anywhere and a lot of them are very pleasant and, more importantly, approachable. They are mostly well-educated, personable, and easy to please. There are a lot of guys who are living in Argentina with their Argentinean wife/girlfriend and there are quite a few foreign guys that have brought their Argentinean queens to their native land. The Argentinean economy has stagnated a bit in recent years but the availability of sexy ladies that want white guys is booming.

6 Latvia

Women in Latvia outnumber the men by about 8% and they also live significantly longer. There are far more women enrolled in higher education while many guys are happy to drink their faces off in bars and engage in other risky activity. These are just a couple of the many reasons why more and more Latvian women are looking abroad to find a suitor. You would likely be better off going to places that aren’t drinking establishments to find a good woman as you don’t want to be confused for a reckless drunkard. Try going to lower key places like cafes, galleries, or libraries so that you come across as educated and a bit sophisticated. Latvian women appreciate a worldly guy that knows how to act like a gentleman. Save your animalistic behavior for the bedroom.

5 Thailand

Thailand is one of the most scenic places on the planet. Beautiful countrysides, awesome beaches, and scores of pretty women looking for white males are some of its features. Of course, there is a well-known dark side to this Southeast Asian country. It is one of the biggest sex tourism destinations on Earth and pedophiles are able to prey on underage children without too many risks. There are also plenty of ladyboys out there so be aware that the stunning Thai beauty you are eying up could really be a guy. Thai women are partial to white men for many of the same reasons as white men are coveted in other Southeast Asian countries. White foreign males represent an opportunity for an improved life and financial stability. Also like many other Southeast Asian countries, Thai women treat their men quite well, are fairly loyal, and don’t mind if you’re a little fat.

4 Vietnam

Many women in Vietnam don’t have it easy. There is a lot of sex tourism and human trafficking going on while pre-arranged marriages are popular. They see white males as their ticket out of a hellish lifestyle. With that said, they stand by their men and they know how to keep them happy. Vietnamese women have very attractive features that western dudes drool over and, despite religious influence, they don’t have a hard time getting a man’s attention. One thing that you should know if you plan on finding and possibly marry a Vietnamese chick is that you will be expected to give the family some money. It’s just one of those cultural things that you’ll have to deal with but it will be worth it if you find a great lady.

3 Cambodia

Cambodia is another Asian country that is trying to put itself back together after years of war and tyrannical leadership. Women will do pretty much anything to make a buck because if they don’t then they will starve. It makes all the sense in the world that Cambodian females want to have a white male come along and save them. To many, it’s like winning the lottery. If you are interested in going to Cambodia to find the woman of your dreams then be prepared for a good dose of culture shock. While a bit of time in Phnom Penh is highly recommended, be sure to visit the outlying areas and smaller villages to find awesome women that will treat you like a king as long as you treat them right.

2 Peru

There are loads of sexy Peruvian women that are just waiting for a white male to sweep them off their feet. It is estimated that over 70% of expats living in Peru are in a relationship with a Peruvian woman. Peru might be a wonderful place to visit but a lot of guys would have reservations about living there long-term. This is why it would be worth it to meet a Peruvian woman online, establish a relationship, and visit her. Better yet, just go there and jump right in. Peruvians are more or less very welcoming to foreigners and the women are quite loyal to their mates. As is the rule in many other countries; treat them with respect and show off your romantic and gentlemanly side and you should be able to reel in a stunner.

1 Singapore

One thing that you will notice if you are chilling on a Singaporean beach is that there are plenty of white guys. They stick out like a sore thumb. You will then notice that these guys are accompanied by sexy Singaporean women. These women love white males and it doesn’t matter if the guy is young and fit or if he is way past his prime and out of shape. Singapore is another country in which males dominate and most women are rather subservient. Local women like that foreign men are a little more romantic, respectful, and pay more attention to their needs than the local guys. Foreigners also tend to be more outgoing while Singaporean guys are more reserved. An awkward looking dude that would never get a second look in their native country will find himself to be a hot item in this tropical paradise.

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