15 Cosplay Chicks That Have Us Drooling

Cosplay just seems to be growing in popularity every day. We just can’t get enough of it. Comic-Con has been bursting at the seams with people who want to be part of the cosplay world. Women, more than ever, are interested in donning their own costumes to be part of the cosplay world as well and men all over the world are thanking them for it. Let’s take a moment right now and pay our respects to the cosplay women who work so hard on their costumes.

Whether you're into '80s cartoon babes, superheroes, or even Star Wars, you are sure to fall in love with the great cosplay costumes out there. These are the costumes that we remember from our youth and some of them have even ushered boys into manhood. The internet has changed everything for the cosplay world because you can now see photos of women who look like your favorite cartoon characters at the click of a button.

Everyone has their own taste in what they like when it comes to cosplay, but there’s no denying a hot girl in a skintight getup. While we would venture to guess that any costume will do, these women aren't just suiting up in any old cosplay costume. We have scoured the Internet to find you some amazing cosplay chicks who take the art seriously, and if you are not drooling after seeing these photos, then there might be something wrong with you.


15 Baroness From G.I. Joe

Many people try out the Cobra Commander or even the Cobra guards when they think of the villains of G.I. Joe, but not this cosplay chick. She went right for the Baroness and she knocked it right out of the park. This girl is stunning in a full black skintight outfit. We wonder if the poor girl can even breathe. There is just something about the evil women that come from our favorite '80s cartoons that men find appealing. Maybe they're already recognizing the appeal of a bad girl. This girl's costume is so good, it’s almost as if she was made from a 3D machine and brought to life. We appreciate all the work this girl put in to create this badass costume. She’s got it all from the jet-black hair to the glasses to the red lipstick.

14 Black Widow


Black Widow is a cosplay favorite because she is so badass. Guys can’t get enough of a redhead, especially one with fighting skills with a touch of crazy. This girl looks so good, she should be in the next Marvel movie. Black Widow has certainly grown in popularity over the years, mainly because of how huge The Avengers movies have become. We just can’t get enough of this badass character. This girl is taking cosplay seriously, and not only does she have her costume on point, but she also has the attitude and that’s so important for a character like Black Widow. She is not someone who will be pushed around.

13 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn comes in many forms and these days, there are many ways you can portray her character. She’s grown in popularity because of the Suicide Squad movie. She’s been a favorite on Halloween and at Comic-Con events for the past few years. We saw a whole new version of the character with the “Daddy’s Little Monster” tee. But there is just something about old-school Harley Quinn that makes us happy. Actor, screenwriter, producer, and costume designer Xavier Dolan stresses the importance of a good costume design: “I love doing costumes. The costume is an actor's first line, so it's gotta be right!” He couldn’t be more right — you want to make sure you make the best impression possible.

12 Wonder Woman


We love when women decide to be superheroes — it’s truly inspiring. Wonder Woman has always been a popular character, especially for Halloween. She's the ultimate female super hero and has become even more popular since her appearance in Justice League: Batman V Superman. We get to see that badass character making a name for herself. This cosplayer has all the classic elements of the costume and she looks amazing. “The costume affects your posture, affects your walk, how you hold yourself, and how you breathe. The costumes make you deliver.” This is certainly true for any tight cosplay outfit.

11 Wasp

We are going to see a burst of love for the Wasp when the new Marvel movie, Ant Man and the Wasp comes out next year. Then cosplay may never be the same again. The Wasp such a great character and a great addition to the Marvel team. Wasp is another badass superhero and she takes no crap from anyone. There are many versions of this costume, some of them have the full bodysuit while this one is all about showing off the midriff. Between the leather pants and the cutoff shirt, there is just so much to love about this costume and, of course, we can’t ignore the wings. It’s as if this cosplayer has channeled the Wasp. When it comes to having the perfect cosplay costume, details are everything, and when someone can recognize you immediately, then you know that you've done a good job.

10 Arrow


What a babe, right? We just love when women take our favorite male superheroes and make them their own. She got the cosplay costume on point and she must have been quite a sight at the Comic-Con event. She looks like she would be a formidable opponent indeed. As sexy as the men look in the costumes, the women do a pretty great job on the costumes as well. She is perfection in this Arrow suit, and we have to admit, she did a pretty amazing job. She has everything she needs and it looks like she’s ready for battle. She has a great body for this costume and those blue eyes look striking through the mask. We can’t help but be transfixed by her, and if we are to ever run into a superhero one day, we hope that it will be her.

9 Elektra

Elektra was so badass in Daredevil that she got her own movie. As terrible as Daredevil was, she shined through in the movie as a girl that you just don’t trifle with. If you are a fan of Marvel cosplay, then you can’t do any better than Danielle Vedovelli’s portrayal of the character. She’s a total badass. She’s taken wearing just strips of fabric to a whole new level. This cosplayer is from Brazil and she has been doing it for years, coming up with some pretty cool costumes. Her cosplay inspirations are so popular that she has over a million fans on Facebook. We can certainly see why and we must say that the vivid red for her costume is pretty spot on. She always makes sure she has every detail right and she adds that splash of sex appeal that men go nuts over.


8 Spiderman


Spiderman is a hugely popular character and the movies made about him just seem to be endless — when one franchise ends, they just start another one. Spiderman will never go out of style, and now that women are being inspired by Spiderman as well, we’re not sure it ever will. Here’s a great example of why we love female superheroes. For women who love the skintight one-piece superhero costumes, Spiderman is the perfect one for them. This cosplayer is wearing a simple bodysuit, but it shows off all her curves and makes for a striking costume. We just love the tight-fitting one-piece and let’s not forget her perfect pose. Spiderman is an iconic character that has been around for a long time, and when cosplayers pay respect to that character, we can’t help but love them for it.

7 Wolverine

If you are a fan of the X-Men, then you are sure to love this costume. You’ve never seen Wolverine like this before — guys you can thank us later. When we think of Wolverine, we think of that rugged muscled man with a few loose screws. But that’s not what you're getting here. Dressed in head-to-toe black, this girl knows the meaning of being a total badass and we are loving every minute of it. Not only is she on point with her costume, but she has the knives at ready, just in case. She doesn’t want to have to use them, but she will if she has to. It’s just another example of girls taking on the male characters and we are inspired by her costume. You’re welcome, guys!

6 Magneto


This babe is known as Jessica Nigri and she has over two million followers on Instagram. We can clearly see why — she’s a total knockout and is known to dress up in cosplay costumes. She is one of the most successful cosplayers out there. Regardless of the social media platform, her followers are in the millions and it’s because of her amazing cosplay costumes and how incredible she looks in them. She has made cosplay mainstream and men and women alike can’t seem to get enough of her cosplay outfits. Her stunning portrayal of Magneto is truly inspiring. We love it so much that we forgot what the original looked like. It’s another great costume for those X-Men fans out there. It’s not a very common costume for cosplay, but Nigri proved that the costume can be done well. Regardless of how beautiful the women are, it’s always the costume that should stand out.

5 April O'Neil

We grew up seeing the babe April O'Neil in our favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. She is one '80s cartoon character that we love to death. Not only is she a babe, but she’s pretty badass too and is able to be the perfect sidekick to the turtles. There was just something about that short red hair that made boys drool over her. She’s been a favorite for those boys who turned into men and still love watching the Ninja Turtles on the big screen. How can we not love this costume? She’s got some pretty great assets that fit this costume to a tee.

4 Cheetara 


Here’s a blast from our past and one we can’t stop staring at. This is the kind of girl that men completely melt over. Another '80s cartoon classic, ThunderCats is a TV show that we would be happy to rewatch. Cheetara, of course, was a popular character from ThunderCats and one that has inspired this femme look. She’s got the blonde wig that is shaggy enough to be pulled off like a mane — it’s very characteristic of the original character. The makeup is also on point. We love the skintight bodysuit that shows off her amazing figure. She looks like she is ready for an attack and we almost want to see it happen.

3 Kim Possible

Yup, you got it right, that’s Kim Possible for you. A lot of us grew up with that show and loved the redheaded character as she constantly put aside her social life and school to save people’s lives. She had her own sidekick and there was even a naked mole rat involved. She didn’t have any superpowers, she was just highly skilled and had badass confidence. She’s got the cargo pants, the midriff-baring top, and let’s not forget, the long red hair that we’ve all grown to love. This is a popular character that has been copied many times for Halloween as well as cosplay, but we feel like this girl did an excellent job of portraying Kim. It’s one character that we will always remember fondly.

2 Poison Ivy


There's a reason why men love redheads so much; they are rare and mysterious creatures. Poison Ivy is both of those things and also a little crazy. There’s a dark side to her that just draws men in, only to unleash her deadly venom. She is one of the best villains of Gotham City and we would love to see her again on the big screen. This costume is creative and unique because it looks like it's made up of leaves, which obviously gives it a unique look. Many people have been a fan of the villain because she takes creative steps in taking men down, plus she seems to have a heart of ice. Is she even capable of falling in love?

1 Deadpool

Deadpool has grown in popularity since Ryan Reynolds came on the scene with the Deadpool movie. It’s a popular costume for men, but women have been grabbing hold of the idea as well, and we have to say they may be doing a better job of it. Megan Golden is a popular cosplay junkie and we have to say, her paint-on version of Deadpool is spot on. When it comes to painting on a costume, you have to have a pretty fine body to do so and Golden doesn’t disappoint. The body-paint cosplay costume is intricate and very detailed and we wonder how long it took to put together. Either way, Golden totally rocked the cosplay costume. We just can’t get over this girl’s body. But as you can see, this is the type of costume that is sure to make any guy melt.


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