15 Confessions Of Women Who Crossed The Line At Work

Ever done something you shouldn’t have at work?

Maybe you had a crush on someone and didn’t know how to let them know how you felt and it wound up with you totally making a fool of yourself. Maybe you did let them know, then things got real and you had an awesome time together and now…crickets. Things don’t always work out when you get involved with someone from the workplace, and sometimes the consequences can be devastating. The walk of shame is bad enough, but the walk into the office with two hours sleep, a Frappuccino, and a foggy memory is much, much worse…

The girls on this list got it on or tried to get it on with someone they worked with, and the results were less than amazing. Most wish they’d never even tried. Some are attracted to other girls but have no idea how to even pop the question. Some are happy about what happened, but know it will never happen again. And others…others are still waiting on the sidelines, waiting for that golden opportunity to present itself.

At the end of the day, workplace romances are great on TV shows and movies, but horribly complicated in real life. If you want to keep it simple, stay away from Sheila in accounting. It’s uncomfortable if it doesn’t work, but the looks from everyone afterwards when it does go well might be even more embarrassing. Who can forget Michael Scott anointing Pam and Jim as a couple? And then you add in jealous wives and girlfriends, and it all goes downhill from there.

Lesson learned: nobody ever wins at homewrecking. Onto the list…


15 I Have Feelings For Her


This girl just doesn’t know how to let her female co-worker know that she’s into her. It seems like she’s caught in the “friend zone,” only with another girl who probably thinks she straight. There’s nothing more awkward than working with a crush, and this girl gets to see her crush prancing around in lingerie almost every night but feels like she can’t say anything about it.

Everyone’s had a crush on someone at work, but not everyone’s had to deal with trying to figure out if that person swings their way. Sometimes it’s obvious if the other person likes you and sometimes she’s too busy flirting with all the boys to even notice you exist.

It almost feels like this girl’s afraid to reveal her feelings for the fact that it could ruin their nights together, but at the same time, by letting it linger on she’s sort of being a creeper on her best friend. Just tell her how you feel! Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath, make a move, and live with the consequences.

14 I'm A Stalker


This girl has crossed the line from “flirting at work” into straight-up creeping. She acknowledges that she not only enjoys bumping into this colleague but actually changes her schedule to organize their “accidental” meetings.

While we’ve all had someone at work who keeps us happy, following them around and interfering with their day just isn’t all that cool. What if this guy is just trying to get away from her? It’s fun to bump into your crush by the water cooler, but if you force it, don’t you think maybe he’s going to catch on?

You’ve got to wonder what this girl is trying to accomplish with her tactics. Maybe she’s hoping that if this guy awkwardly runs into her enough times he’ll get around to asking her out, but if she’s that obsessed with him maybe she should take the initiative and make the first move. Then again, maybe this guy’s not even available, and she just needs to move on…

13 I Hate My Boss, But...

This one is just weird. This girl hates her boss – and yet she sleeps with him anyways? Sounds like someone has some self-esteem issues. I can understand getting it on with your douchey boss once just for kicks but after the first time, doesn’t it start to matter how you get along?

This girl claims she does it just for the thrills – the “we’re not allowed to be doing this” aspect – but is that really justification for hooking up with someone you don’t even like? There must be a cute boy in the copy room. Maybe her attraction to him is more complicated, and that hate turns to love in those moments of passion…

…Or maybe she really just wants that promotion, and is willing to do just about anything to get it. In which case…yuck. You could always try working hard instead?

12 I'm A Dirty Nanny


This nanny totally crossed the line! She did her job taking care of the kids, but once they went to bed, all bets were off.

It sounds like this family was not okay with their nanny getting it on with the bodyguard, but what did they expect? It’s not as if this nanny could go out and hook up with guys, so she had to bring them back to her room. She’s young and healthy and has her needs, and if there were other attractive young people working in the house something was bound to happen.

This girl seems to admit that the best part of doing it was sneaking around behind the family’s back. Maybe she didn’t like them very much and wanted to get back at them without them knowing? Rich people can be pretty snotty, and if they could afford a nanny and a bodyguard, they were probably doing okay for themselves.

11 I'm A Married Flirt


This wife claims to be loyal, but that doesn’t stop her from harbouring a secret little crush at work and indulging it a bit. Who hasn’t seen a cute person and thought, “hey, if I was single, I’d totally be interested…”? She claims that she only flirts to feel good, but maybe there are some secret thoughts she isn’t revealing in this confession. After all, while she does claim to be loyal, she never says anything about loving her husband – maybe she’s only loyal as an obligation to the sanctity of marriage, and not because of the man she’s married to?

And even if she does truly love him, there’s nothing wrong with a little smiling and teasing at work, right? While this flirting will probably never lead anywhere, it’s still a little offside, and that’s probably why this woman gets such a thrill out of it. She knows she can’t play ball, but as they say, the grass is always greener on the other side…

10 I Got "Sick" At The Christmas Party...


This girl screwed up, and doesn’t know how to escape her predicament. The first thing I want to know is how did she manage to get with two different guys without even learning their names? That’s some next-level talent…and morning shame.

The worst part about this poor girl’s bad decision is the result – that now she’s afraid to show her face again at the office. It seems like maybe if you’re down with getting down with two different guys on the same night, you should be (wo)man enough to face the consequences. Yes, it might be awkward when some weird guy smiles and waves to you from the elevator – but you can always ask your cubicle-mate if that was the guy from the party before you go over and make awkward small-talk. There are ways out of this hell.

Or next time maybe just ask them for their Facebook before you leave? That way, even if you don’t actually add them the next day, you can pretend that you actually remember who they are…

9 Everyone Hates Me


This girl claims that her flirting tendencies make her unpopular at work. While it’s not technically against the rules to be a huge flirt, it seems like in this girl’s case, her enjoyment of teasing the guys is interfering with her ability to get along with her co-workers. There’s innocent smiling and blushing, and then there’s taking it a bit too far…

…not that there’s anything wrong with that. Here’s betting that she’s better-looking than all the other ladies who can’t seem to get in on the action, and that’s why they resent her. But if you’re lucky enough to win the genetic lottery, why not take advantage of your assets? If everyone wants to flirt with her, she might as well take advantage of all the extra attention. It’s their problem if they can’t help but get jealous. The only question is whether she’ll do something about it and really cross the line...


8 Stop Flirting, He's Married (To Who?)


This confession is both complicated and confusing…so this girl has a crush on a guy, except that someone else had a crush on him first, except – wait, natch, I was married to him all along? Is this girl really trying to keep her marriage low-key (maybe – I mean, consider that most jobs have an employees-are-not-permitted-to-date policy) while working with the man who put the ring on her finger? The person I feel worst for in this case is the second girl, who thinks so has an in as a homewrecker but is completely oblivious to what is really going on. Kudos to this couple for playing it smart.

Except, wait – are they even married? She just says she put the ring on his finger, but maybe she means that they’re playing a game to throw people off? Well, even then, doesn’t matter. You’re screwed, other girl. Time to stop chasing and find another man…

7 It Was For Research

This professor stepped over the line and did something you should never do – be intimate with a student. While it’s not quite as bad as a high school teacher taking advantage of a student because of the age factor – the younger party in this case was a grad student, so probably at least 25 or so – it still breaks all kind of rules.

The best part about this confession is that it took place in a human sexuality class. Talk about knowing your subject! And while that might seem appropriate, it must have made the rest of their work together a little more complicated. How could she fairly grade his thesis on 'the deed' after getting to know him so… intimately? Seems like she might end up accidentally grading him on his technique instead…

Thankfully, this prof learned her lesson, and stopped 'hanging out' with students before she got caught and lost her job. Still, she definitely crossed the line!

6 I'm In Love (With My Co-Worker's Fiance)


It sounds like this girl needs to get her priorities straight and realize that this is probably never going to happen. She’s a third wheel to a couple who are getting ready to get married, and to make all even worse, she has to see both of them at work every single day. At this point, the best thing this girl can hope for is to be a total homewrecker, and that’s no way to express your “love.”

It must be torturous to watch this couple kissing and fondling each other across the office as this girl tries to suppress her true feelings. There’s nothing worse than wanting something when you know you just can’t have it.

Then again, maybe there’s something we don’t know about this confession. Maybe this love is mutual. Maybe she’s secretly seeing this soon-to-be-married man behind his fiance’s back, in which case every time she sees the other woman at the office she thinks of what she’s secretly been doing and has a naughty little smile…

5 I Flirted With The Silver Fox... And Then...

Oh, the old silver fox. This girl just couldn’t resist the power exuded by one of the senior management and eventually it came to a head. There’s just that something extra about a guy who has all the power that gets a girl excited. They didn’t even leave the office to do what needed to be done… my, that poor conference table.

While hooking up in the office might be scandalous enough, as if that’s not enough this girl later realized what she’d done... Her guilt shines through this confession, but let’s get real: as if she cares! When you like someone at work you can’t help yourself if you ruin a few families, right?

At least this silver fox knew well enough not to let some workplace sparks turn into anything too real. This girl might have been left hanging, but in the end she crossed the line and got exactly what she wanted all along.

4 I'm Married But Want A Younger Man


This woman has a thing for a guy who’s barely half her age. And if that wasn’t bad enough, she has a husband and a child at home while she works through her feelings for this guy. It’s bad enough to fool around at work, but to do it while cheating on your husband is way worse. It seems like her home life is holding her back from getting what she wants.

It seems like this woman needs to figure her life out. She says that she’s unhappy in her marriage, but it doesn’t appear that she’s done anything to get out of it, and she acknowledges that despite her mutual feelings for the younger guy at work, they haven’t actually acted out on any of their feelings yet. But if she’s sure that she doesn’t want to stay with her husband, maybe the “appropriate” thing to do would be to leave him for this much younger man.

Decisions, decisions…

3 The Janitor Caught Us


This confession comes from a husband-and-wife team, so it wasn’t like they were doing anything too scandalous by hooking up at the office (although it’s not clear from this confession whether they were married yet when this all went down…) except well, actually hooking up at the office. If they live together, don’t they have an apartment or a house to go back to? It seems like they were just interested in the excitement they got out of breaking the rules at work – but then when they did get caught they realized they’d gone too far. This poor janitor saw way more than he needed to.

Imagine the look on his face the next time this woman is the one who needs to tap him on the shoulder to let him know that someone spilled coffee in the break room…

2 I Regret It Ever Happened...


Now, this confession is exactly why you don’t want to cross the line at the office. Some work couples end up like Jim and Pam, all sunshine and gravy and marriage proposals, but most end up… awkward. Neither of you wants to admit what you did, or – even worse – one person thinks it was the best night ever and the other one wants to forget it ever happened. You’ve got to look at the person in the eye the next day and play it cool, but that’s not even the worst part – that’s when they corner you in the copy room and ask if you’re on for another go tonight. That’s when you have to cough into your hand, say, “thanks so much for last night, but I’m…um…busy…tonight. I’m babysitting my autistic nephew before his surgery.”

But then, if they still don’t get the message, what do you do? Tell them that you wish it had never happened and would prefer to disappear for the rest of time?

1 I'm In Love With Her


There’s just something about two girls working together that brings out unexpected feelings. This confessor doesn’t even know which way she’s oriented – is this a fluke? Is she always going to be into girls? Sometimes someone’s just so attractive that it doesn’t seem to matter if they’re a man or a woman – if they have the allure, they’ll pull you in.

But that’s not to say this girl needs to let her crush know how she feels. There’s catching a feeling for someone at work, and then there’s pushing people where they don’t want to go. This object of this girl’s affection might not feel any of the “love” and might honestly just wish that this creeper would go away so she can focus on flirting with the cute guy two cubicles down.

Love at work is complicated, after all – to love and have loved or to never know love at all? I’m not sure, but maybe you should just focus on getting your work done for now and if you want to play games, do it at the local bar once 5 o’clock hits…


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