15 Confessions From Women Who Know He's Cheating

Most of us can agree that cheating is extremely problematic, especially those who have had to deal with it on a personal level. There are very few easy ways to discuss how cheating can affect someone and their self-confidence, that's why we're going to try and tackle this together.

We have searched high and low on the internet for stories of how women dealt with finding out their boyfriend, partner, or spouse was cheating on them. You will be shocked to find how many stories are out there, the differing circumstances, the reactions of cheaters when confronted, and why some haven't decided to confront a cheater.

While this isn't the most heartwarming story, it gives insight on what's going on in the heads of several women who have been cheated on. Some of their reactions are probably not the healthiest, and those tell a cautionary tale for those who either want to cheat or are dealing with a similar situation.

What we learned after this extensive search is that if you really want to cheat, just end the relationship or speak to your partner about open relationship options. It's much better than the alternative.

Read on to see exactly how bad the alternatives are.


15 Extremely Tough Situation

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The stories you can find on Whisper, yeah the picture tells the entire story. However, we can take away several things from it. Let's keep it real, this dude is a coward - only telling his significant other after she's pregnant, of course, is going to make her feel a bit trapped.

It's too bad there wasn't more to this tale, as I'm sure there is a lot more drama between the two. I wonder if she secretly knew before he said anything, at least now it's out in the open - even if she's deciding to stay.

14 This Didn't Turn Out Well

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Sally expected something was up between her boyfriend and a co-worker. However, after her boyfriend was asked to resign from his job over sexual harassment, Sally was faced head-on with the situation. She still decided to not say anything to him.

It wasn't until Sally was pregnant and found herself having chlamydia that she decided it was then time to say something to him as it was now obvious.

A lot to say here, it's a little disturbing that Sally shrugged off the sexual harassment of her boyfriend and didn't care enough to not say anything until she was saddled with an STI.

Can't blame Sally for the cheating, but she catches some blame for her lack of character.

13 Awful Situation

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This is a story of someone we'll call Simone. In a convoluted story, she said it would be alright if the girlfriend of her husband's cousin lived with them. We'll call the girlfriend Karen, and Karen was in a need of a place after having a baby.

Karen and Simone's husband began having an affair. Simone knew about it for a while and she became increasingly uncomfortable and after some time she confronted her husband. Well, her husband is an abusive tool and physically attacked her.

Oh right, Simone was pregnant as well...long story short she forgave him, he left to cheat after the baby was born, and Simone is seemingly still trying to work things out.

Let's hope she gets away from this situation.

12 This Is A Bit Heartbreaking

via Whisper

...I mean...

This one is difficult for a number of reasons. The first being a little light-hearted with the burger and fries in the background look as if they were left out in the sun for a week.

To the serious point, this just seems tragic. While she cried, it seems obvious she is a bit oblivious to the lack of care he had and has little intention to do anything about it.

While she thought he was her best pal, he was out getting his freak on with at least one other person and probably more.

Let's hope she has grown since sending this Whisper out.

11 She Does Everything To Stay Together

via RD.com

This sad story comes from someone we will call Monica. Unfortunately, Monica's boyfriend doesn't even really try to hide his cheating that much. Monica has caught him texting other women while she is around, her boyfriend has terrible reasons for not coming over, and he often seems to be distant when he is around.

However, Monica shared her confession story that even while she was "rather positive" her boyfriend is cheating on her, that she would do anything to keep the relationship together. Seemingly Monica cannot imagine herself without this man in her life.

I can almost guarantee that she would be happier.

10 Is Revenge The Answer?

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At least she's upset about it, right? While researching this topic, it's difficult to not run across dozens of articles which state, "Revenge is never the answer." Yet, aren't there many types of revenge?

Let's say she doesn't have revenge sex, but instead, she breaks up with the cheater and gets revenge by being happy with herself or with someone else?

That sounds like a pretty good way to get revenge on someone who did the wrong thing. We'll give a slight bit of slack since he confessed.

9 This Never Seems To Turn Out Well

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This is a funny little story shared by - we'll call her Tricia - who has known her boyfriend has cheated on her multiple times over the years. She took to the interwebs to finally share her tale and was convinced that every time he apologized and said that it would never happen again, that he was telling the truth.

Instead of seeking out a healthy relationship, Tricia decided to ask for advice on what would be the best way to talk it out with her boyfriend.


8 Going Through The Stages

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Tiffany shared a story of knowing about her boyfriend cheating on her. While she decided to not confront him she went through all the stages of grief, she then confessed to her boyfriend about knowing about the cheating.

Tiffany then went through all the stages again and decided that she was going to stay with despite everything he put her through. While she's allowed to make her own choices, it seems this is questionable, especially after reading her story and how much anguish it put her through.

It is a rather sad story, it almost seems like it would have been better if she had never confronted him.

7 Was It Worth Staying?

via Whisper

This confession gives credence to the overused, "Once a cheater, always a cheater," phrase. Is that statement actually a true one? No, but taking a deep dive into that is a story for another list. Focusing on what happened here, it seems like she had a feeling deep down that he was still cheating on her, and decided to simply not talk about it.

While you have to feel for her, the guy? Yeah, he lied for three straight years, what more else can you say about his character? This confession seems to have stung her deep and it's difficult to blame her.

6 Not Sure What She Expected

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Bethany went to find some advice on the internet, she confessed that she suspected her boyfriend had been cheating on her. Yeah, after reading her accounts it seems impossible that he wasn't cheating on her. However, Bethany wasn't convinced her boyfriend would ever betray her trust.

Well, Bethany would come home one day from work and caught her boyfriend in a compromising position with another woman - let's say they were playing an innovative version of hide and go seek.

That still wasn't enough for Bethany, she was looking for advice on how she could save her relationship and what she should do next...

Try dumping him.

5 Just Admit It, Man...

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We'll call her Wanda, without giving away her personal details. Wanda found love letters, photo memory cards, and even brought up cell phone records of communication between her husband and his mistress.

All her husband will admit to is frequent lunch dates and to "one" kiss several months prior to her sharing her story. One kiss? Anyone who has ever made any type of intimate relationship with someone knows there's rarely ever just "one" kiss.

The husband went through and gave explanations for everything Wanda was able to find. The couple has been married for more than 20 years, and seemingly he has perfected the craft of telling terrible lies during that time.

Yep, Tricia is pretty much handing him a lifetime supply a cheating passes...

4 The Security Camera Cheata

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Nikki worked with her husband and they had been extremely close. While she admits in her story that she at times thought he was cheating, she never decided to question him about it. What changed her mind after several years?

Security cameras at work caught her husband with his mistress getting down and dirty. Want to know what's even worse? The mistress got pregnant, and they don't know if the dad is Nikki's husband or not.

Nikki's husband blamed depression for the cheating is claiming he's over it. Nikki isn't sure what to do after now having to face her husband's affairs.

3 She Fell For The Game Spitter

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Gina fell for the game. Let me tell you how, she expected her boyfriend may have been cheating, but she didn't do anything about it nor did she confront him.

It would not be until their college winter break that she finally found out and decided to do something about it...well that lasted an entire two days. After two days of ignoring him, she was quickly talked back into staying in the relationship.

Gina shared her story, evidently, she is quite proud that she didn't act in a rash manner. She's also glad she didn't overthink the situation...

Doesn't seem like thinking is her strong suit in general, anyway.

2 If You Ignore It, It's Not Real

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Sandra found a text message from her boyfriends former FWB (I'll let you google that one) and she decided to ignore it for quite some time because she felt that jealousy and being irrational wouldn't help the situation.

Despite the evidence, Sandra is in denial about the cheating and took to the interwebs to tell everyone that she'll never question him about it because a text isn't even proof of anything. Evidently, her being cheated on in the past is causing her to live in denial, which is sad.

It also doesn't seem like she was being given any advice which involved actually talking to him about the texts.

1 Probably Not The Best Course

via Daily News

Linda may have the most interesting (or mind-numbing) story that I came across. You see Linda knows about her husband cheating and they don't have a relationship where they agreed to sleep with other people on the side, they've never even opened up about it.

Linda takes her relationship cues from celebrities and she believes that everyone could learn a bit from their lifestyle. Lind literally shared her story to tell other women that if their partner was cheating that they should let it happen...

Yep, that was her entire story and she was proud of herself. Linda should never be taken seriously, don't be Linda.


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