15 Confessions From Women Who Duped Their Boyfriends With A Friend

Cheating on someone is always a terrible thing to do, but sadly almost everyone in the world has cheated on someone or been cheated on by someone at least once in their lives, or at the very least known someone who royally screwed up a lot of other people's lives because they couldn't keep their hands on one person at a time. And most people who cheat have different reasons for doing it, just like people who have been cheated on can have every reaction you can imagine to being cheated on. Unfortunately, on some level it's not really a surprise either. Unfortunately, most young men are socialized to think that getting with as many women as possible is the ultimate achievement in manliness, and with the hookup culture that exists now people seem to be slightly more flippant about stepping out on their relationship.

However, while cheating is somewhat more associated with trashy guys, that doesn't mean that women don't do their fair share of cheating either. Sometimes they're the ones being cheated on by a guy, sometimes they're that guy's other woman, sometimes they're cheating on their guy with another man, and sometimes they cut the guy out of the equation completely. The last category definitely seems like it's one of the most unusual ones, but as you'll see from these Whisper confessions, there are quite a few sneaky ladies who prefer to make their illicit relationships a female-only situation. So if you've ever wondered what kind of girls like to change up teams for their side game, read on.

15 Not So Guilty Pleasure

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This girl is using some really backwards "logic" to excuse her horrible behavior as a girlfriend. Where did anyone ever get the idea that cheating with the same gender somehow "doesn't count?" Why would it not count? We highly doubt that the person being cheated on would somehow think that the cheating doesn't count for some random, arbitrary reason, and to just presume that everything is fine because you decide it should be is really not a good move. If you want to be more than friends with your BFF and they feel the same then that's fine, regardless of what gender either of you are, but both parties being women doesn't give you a blank check to do whatever you like with one another and pretend that it's not intimate enough to make you feel guilty about cheating. Because that is 100% what it is – cheating – and there is no excuse to do that to someone you supposedly care about.

14 Solo Test Drive

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Well, that seems like a bit of a pickle, but it also seems like this particular confessor might have a relatively reasonable sales pitch to throw at her boyfriend if she really wants to follow through on these feelings. She says that she doesn't want to cheat, but that she also isn't ready to include her boyfriend in her girl on girl exploration "yet." That seems like a pretty key word in that confession. If she keeps on wanting this and those desires aren't going away, asking her boyfriend if she can give things a try on her own first and then maybe incorporate it into their relationship after she's given it a try by herself seems like the most reasonable solution to this particular problem. Obviously if her boyfriend isn't down with it then she's straight out of luck, but if he agrees then it sounds like a situation that could be fun for everyone.

13 What Are Best Friends For?

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Best friends are the best for a lot of reasons, but being an available cheating partner should not be included on that list of reasons. And obviously someone who is your best friend is your BFF for a lot of reasons, so on some level it makes sense and is natural to have some kind of attraction to them, since you're already more attracted to them in a friendship sense than you are to any other person you know. But this also seems like a risky game to play for a lot of reasons. If you've come to the realization that you have a legitimate romantic interest in one of your friends then it's okay to take that next step, but not if you're already with someone else. And if you're just fooling around then you're almost taking an even bigger risk, because intimacy can go sideways so easily, especially if two people aren't on the same page, so this confessor is risking losing her boyfriend and her best friend.

12 Accidentally In Love

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Well, that certainly sounds like a plot that would take an enormous amount of planning. First you'd have to steal your man's other woman, and then you have to orchestrate a scenario where he would somehow "accidentally" find the two of you together, getting busy. Also while clearly there are no innocent parties in this situation, one would hope that at least the other girl was in on this whole plan to begin with, because if this confessor started getting intimate with someone for the express purpose of having someone else catch the two of them in the act without the other woman knowing about it then that's a pretty scummy move, even if the other two parties clearly deserve a little taste of their own medicine. But let's hope that the guy in the scenario learned his lesson at least. You just don't cheat on your girlfriend, and you especially don't cheat on your girlfriend if she has better game than you do.

11 Simply The Best

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If you can cheat on your significant other, especially on someone that you're married to, without feeling an ounce of guilt for that betrayal then that is a pretty obvious sign that this is no longer the right relationship for you to be in. And if you're ever feeling more intimate or enjoying intimacy more with someone than you are with your main squeeze then again, clearly this is no longer the right relationship for you to be in. Not to mention, if you are hooking up with someone else and don't even feel bad about what that might do to your partner then clearly this is no longer the right relationship for either of you, because we can't imagine anyone feeling okay with being with someone who would not only betray them on that level, but who would also not have a care in the world about it.

10 Can You Actually Turn Someone Gay?

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Well, call us crazy, but if you're with someone who is so horrible and abusive that you not only feel justified in cheating, but you think that this person may have actually changed your orientation, then shouldn't your first step probably be to just dump this horrible and abusive person? If this girl is as unhappy as she says she is in her current relationship then it's easy to believe that she might be enjoying herself in this affair as much as she says she is too, but if she's juggling two relationships where one relationship is awesome and the other relationship is terrible then the solution seems like a pretty easy one. It also seems like a good idea to get out of the bad relationship before she gets caught cheating, because if her boyfriend is as awful as she says he is, then things probably would not go very well if he found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him.

9 Foolish Games

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As far as possible cheating with another girl goes, this anonymous confessor seems to be in a better situation than most. She hasn't actually cheated on her boyfriend yet, and says that she doesn't want to cheat on her boyfriend at all, and doesn't want to end the relationship despite her interest in other women. Obviously telling someone that you're intimate with that you want to be intimate with another person is an uncomfortable position to be putting yourself in. However, if her feelings are as persistent as she says they are then spilling her guts to her boyfriend really seems like the only option. Clearly he might take it really badly, which would be a fairly understandable reaction, but maybe his reaction will be better than she expects. And even if he's not okay with her going outside of their relationship to explore these feelings (which is totally reasonable) perhaps they can come to some kind of compromise that they both like.

8 A Different Kind Of Girl Code?

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Most of us are pretty familiar with what girl code and "sisters before misters" means, and very few of us are probably familiar with this interpretation of "girl code." It's certainly nice that this confessing lass managed to make lemonade out of lemons in a pretty unique way, but we are not quite sure what girl power has to do with it. As far as players getting played goes though, that's a pretty brilliant and hilarious twist of events, and we think this is one of the few instances where revenge cheating seems to be the kind of punishment that actually fits the crime. Anyone who cheats is lame anyway, so it's kind of fitting that the two ladies involved in this scenario came to the realization that the dude they were dealing with was really lame and decided that the two of them made a better couple than either of them did with their lame cheating man.

7 Happy New Year!

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Well, it might be morally wrong, and it's certainly not the kind of New Year's resolution that most people would aim for, but ringing in the new year by cheating on your significant other with another woman is certainly a unique way to kick off your 2018. And presumably this was one of those heat of the moment kind of mistakes, which certainly doesn't make the cheating excusable, but at least makes the situation slightly more understandable. However, if you're in a relationship with someone, isn't that the person that you'd usually be celebrating the holidays with anyway? It's pretty surprising that someone actually managed to get away with their cheating at this particular time, since you'd think that's a time that you'd normally be spending with your partners and friends. Hopefully this lady has decided to confess her misdeeds to her boyfriend as well as to Whisper, because that is definitely not a great way to start off your new year.

6 Can't Get No Satisfaction

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Obviously cheating is always the wrong thing to do, but if you haven't "enjoyed" yourself within your own marriage for a decade then clearly you're having other problems. And obviously intimacy isn't the be all and end all of every relationship, but if you're in a long-term relationship where either one of you has not enjoyed themselves for the majority of that long-term relationship and one of you or both of you can't be bothered to do anything to fix it then there's something seriously wrong there. However, with that being said, clearly cheating on your partner is not the way to ever fix any problem within a relationship. Surely most people are capable of satisfying themselves at least until whatever intimacy issues they're dealing with have been resolved, and if you don't have any interest in staying monogamous through any possible rough patches then you probably shouldn't be in whatever relationship you're in anyway.

5 What A Way To Start The Day

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Well, the background quote for this Whisper really sums it up perfectly; if you're not happy with the relationship then end it. But also, we are not sure whether to be appalled or just confused, because on the one hand, obviously cheating is always the wrong move to make, but on the other hand, how in the world are you cheating on someone in the morning? It seems like the least opportune time to be trying to do anything in secrecy, and just, how did it even happen? Obviously she wasn't out partying, and did she do it at work or something? Or was she at home? Were they at school? Logistically this seems like a pretty unusual situation, not to mention that the likelihood of someone accidentally cheating on their partner in the morning is pretty much slim to none. But regardless of how it was done, not a nice move.

4 Cheating Freebie?

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Well, if you are married and want to get intimate with a specific person, it's pretty convenient if your partner thinks that a hookup between you and that person wouldn't count as cheating. However, we are a bit skeptical about how this girl's husband feels about this theoretically, versus how he would feel about it if it were actually happening. Plus, the phrasing in this Whisper confession is a little interesting, because the confessor says that her husband thinks that it isn't cheating if his girlfriend cheats with a girl, but what she says makes it sound more like a broad and general statement. It doesn't sound like she has brought up the possibility of this hookup to her husband and he said "Hey, go for it, because that wouldn't be cheating." But lucky for this anonymous lady, it also sounds like she hasn't done anything about it yet, so if she's super serious then why not at least run the idea past her husband?

3 Well If It Feels Good...

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That's a kind of interesting spin to put on the classic "happiness is the best revenge" idea. Most of us understand the whole concept behind an eye for an eye, getting even with people who have done you wrong, and all of that, but cheating for revenge against someone who cheated on you isn't really the best look. Sure, it is a bit morally ambiguous to cheat on someone who has already cheated on you, or at least it's more ambiguous than cheating on someone who has never done anything bad to you, but hooking up with a person solely because you want to make someone else mad or hurt their feelings is really not a great reason to do something. Also, it's awful if you're with someone who ever cheats on you, let alone who cheats on you a lot, but regardless of the messed up stuff they've done in the past it doesn't mean that you cheating is "nothing."

2 Did I Cheat?

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How is this even a question? Yes, of course it's cheating! If you have made an agreement to be in an exclusive relationship with one person and then have an intimate experience with another person outside of that relationship then that it cheating, regardless of who it was with or what gender they are or any other possible thing you can think of. And jeez, it's not like this confessing lady is talking about a quick peck on the cheek or something. Not only is it cheating, but you can't really do anything that would be "more" of a cheating scenario than this. Maybe if she's lucky or her boyfriend is just super forgiving she and her current significant other can find a way to get over this, but that was really a nasty move and more than enough reason for her boyfriend to dump her. In what world would that not be cheating?

1 Revenge Is Sweet...

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As far as cheating goes, a kissing session isn't the worst offence anyone could possibly commit, and while it's not the best attitude to have, a lot of people's first impulse is to get revenge against someone who has hurt them, so it's a relatively understandable move to make, but it's still kind of an icky thing to do just out of spite. Cheating on someone who has cheated on you is definitely more morally ambiguous than just a normal cheating scenario, but it's also more than a little gross if you're hooking up with one person just to hurt another person's feelings, especially if you're not actually into it in the first place. But, hey, what are friends for? If the BFF knows that the confessor is straight and is more than happy to fool around with her friend just so she can get back at her cheating boyfriend then I guess there isn't much harm done.

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