15 Confessions From Sorority Girls Who Got Kicked Out Of College

Whether you’re going to college or university, it can be the experience of a lifetime. It’s the chance to experience a whole new world that is so much different from high school. It’s a chance to meet new people and learn new things in a place that is going to open many doors in life. Some of the memories that you make in college can be some of the best of your life. It’s a place that you are supposed to study and learn what you need to build a career. But that’s not all that happens in college.

You are bound to meet new people and with that comes parties, experimenting, and maybe even a partner or two. College can be a fun experience, but you also have to be careful because if you get involved with the wrong people, you can find yourself expelled.

These girls found themselves on the wrong side of the rules. Some were expelled for good reasons while others were kicked out for ridiculous circumstances. You can be the judge of which ones were right and which ones were wrong. Either way, getting kicked out of college can ruin your life. Check out these shocking confessions from sorority girls who got kicked out of college.


15 Why Attend Class?

Yes, school can be tough at times, especially when you have to get up and go to class or do homework. Maybe this girl didn’t realize what college was really for. Either way, it turns out she got kicked out of school because she just wanted to stay in bed all day. My, times are tough. “I missed one week of classes due to illness and was too scared to meet with teachers to make it back up. Eventually, I stopped going to classes and turning in work. I wouldn’t leave my room for days, not even to go to the cafeteria to eat. Some days were okay and I’d get groceries or hang out with friends, but most days I would just sit in bed and read or sleep. Today I got a letter from my dean about my forced withdrawal from my school. I have zeroes in all my classes. My attendance was at 20 to 30 per cent for each class. I have no idea what to do or how to tell my parents.” This girl seems so perplexed by her situation. Honestly though, what did she expect?

14 Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater


Well, if you cheat on a test in high school, you may end up with a slap on the wrist. But it’s a lot different when you get to college or university. They don’t take cheating lightly and you are likely to get kicked out of school. Usually, students are a little more sneaky and don’t write a paper word for word, but this girl didn’t get the memo. “I didn’t exactly get expelled from college, but I dropped out due to plagiarism. Essentially what happened was, I copied a term paper for a class word for word from someone else. My TA caught me red-handed. I conceded that I did it. I got a slap on the wrist. I left school because I never wrote the apology letter that I was forced to write in order to be allowed to continue my studies. And I’m still not sorry about it.”

13 Obscene Facebook Chats

When it comes to Facebook or any other social media sites, universities like Harvard are cracking down because it can lead to a bad reputation and even bullying. The Facebook group in question had about 100 members in it and it was supposed to be about pop culture. The group “included child abuse, sexual assault, racism, and the Holocaust. According to screenshots obtained by The Harvard Crimson and interviews with the students involved, one meme joked about the hypothetical hanging of a Mexican child and called it ‘piñata time.’” That’s not exactly the group that you want to get caught with. Harvard actually expelled every single student in that group because they didn’t want to be associated with such a group.

12 The Extra Study Guide


Universities and colleges get pretty serious these days when it comes to cheating. It’s not even that easy anymore to cheat; you have to get pretty creative. Smartphones these days can give you a pretty big advantage, but for the most part, they are not allowed in class during test time. One girl got really creative and kept her study guide in the calculator, but in the end, she was still caught. “I decided to put the entire study guide with definitions and the homework questions in my calculator. On the day of the test, I walked in there confidently with my calculator. After receiving the test, I opened up my calculator and got to work. I felt someone was right behind me for quite a bit, but I ignored it because we only had 30 minutes left to finish the exam. My professor was right behind me, watching me for the past five minutes. He took my test and my calculator and told me to leave the class. I had to pack everything up and left campus the following day.”

11 Being A Racist

Nothing will get you kicked out of a college faster than racist behavior. No school is going to tolerate that because they don’t want a bad reputation. This obscene girl did not like the fact that she had a roommate of color and was determined to get her to leave. She did a lot of terrible things to the girl, making her sick as a result. “Finally, I got rid of my roommate!! After 1 1/2 month of spitting in her coconut oil, putting moldy clam dip in her lotions, rubbing used tampons on her backpack, putting her toothbrush places where the sun doesn’t shine, and so much more I can finally say goodbye Jamaican Barbie.” That is seriously disgusting and she certainly deserved to get kicked out of school, at the very least.

10 An Exorcism


We didn’t think that exorcisms took place on college campuses, we would have to assume, though, that a college student probably isn’t qualified to do one in the first place. What would even qualify this girl to know when someone was possessed by a demon? Things like that are usually done by qualified experts that have been studying it for many years. “I went to a private Christian University, and I have a friend who got expelled for supposedly exorcizing a demon out of someone in the middle of a wide-open courtyard.” An exorcism can be a dangerous thing if it’s real, though the student wouldn’t really know that one way or another. If it was real, she could have put the person, as well as herself, in a lot of real danger. Don’t these people watch horror movies?

9 Lack Of Motivation

This girl was so depressed, she refused to attend classes, she just stayed in her bed depressed. As a result, she got kicked out of school. It's unfortunate that she didn't feel comfortable enough to seek help. Depression is quite serious. “The reason I got kicked out of college was because I was depressed and lacked motivation, so I stopped attending classes. They kicked me out for poor grades. It took me over a decade and the motivation of "this is my last chance" to really get out of it and get a full-time job. Your mileage may vary.” That’s actually a really sad story and probably a common one. Again, if she would have explained her situation, the dean may have given her another chance.


8 Spending Time With Boys


This school apparently has a strict policy about being off campus with members of the opposite sex. Considering what goes on at some universities, maybe they all need to be this strict. The reason for this is because Bob Jones University is a Christian University and they don’t want their students to get in situations that may appear immoral. Christian schools obviously want their students not to risk participating in premarital sex. It seems, though, that the girl was exactly where she wanted to be because she was a lesbian. “I was expelled from BJU for being off campus unsupervised with the opposite sex. Joke’s on them; I was 99 per cent lesbian in college and was locked in every night with every other girl on campus.”

7 The Teacher Lied

No matter what this girl did, it seemed like she couldn’t win. When the teacher hit on her, she turned him down. But instead of accepting her decision, he did everything in his power to get her expelled. “I got thrown out after I graduated from a Master’s degree program. The teacher asked me out for drinks when I asked to talk about one of my papers. I turned him down. I had to take a class with him in my next-to-last semester and he tried to throw me out for plagiarism. I tried to press harassment charges and the ombudsman talked me out of it by saying I would be stuck in his class if I pressed charges. He fakes my grades and tells me I have six weeks to complete the entire course all over again. He tells me if I do my best, he will make it possible to graduate as it’s mathematically impossible. I can’t complete the work in time and he throws me out.”

6 Offensive Memes


Ivy league universities really don’t mess around when it comes to their reputation. It doesn’t matter who you are — if you behave in an embarrassing manner, there's a chance that you will get kicked out of school. If your parents can purchase the school a library, you may get another chance. In this case, a group of students created a social media group called “Harvard Memes For Horny Bourgeois Teens.” The teens were all sending in memes that were offensive in so many ways because they dealt with race, sexual assault, and so on. There were even people in the group that had applied to the school and were looking to get in for the next coming year. Not only were the students expelled, but potential students that were in the group were refused to attend the school.

5 The Bipolar High

Mental health issues can be pretty serious, especially for a student who leaves it untreated. In this case, the student wasn’t medicated, so she experienced both the highs and lows of the disorder. “I’m bipolar. Rocked college and got straight As while I was manic as sh*t, sleeping 3 hours a night for several years, drinking, drugs, partying and all that. Then I curled up in a dark hole and cried for several months and couldn’t even wake up enough to go to any of my classes. Got academic probation and told my advisors I had no idea what was happening to me. This wasn’t the real me. I managed to pull off another year of straight As and little to no sleep. Then I crashed again and did nothing but sleep for months on end wanting nothing more from life than for it to end. This time I got kicked out completely.”

4 Twerking Is A Serious Offence


Sometimes, the moment just calls for twerking and seeing a cop car can be a tempting thing. We would probably recommend not doing anything to a cop car because it usually gets you in hot water. This girl thought it would be funny to twerk on a cop car. She’s definitely right, it was, but it also got her expelled from school. “A girl at my college got expelled for — no joke — twerking on a cop car and having her picture taken during a riot which was caused by drunk partiers getting angry that the cops wanted to shut down their out-of-control house party. It made national headlines.” The expulsion probably had less to do with the twerking and more to do with the fact that it made national headlines. It’s usually the reputation of the school that colleges are worried about.

3 She Got Into A Fight

A fight will certainly get you expelled from a school, but what if you were fighting off a sketchy guy? Schools do have a habit of protecting the athletes that attend their school, but they shouldn’t be expelling the girl in this case either. “My niece was expelled for fighting off a coked-up hockey player. He was an ex-boyfriend and she’s known him for years. He invited her to his off-campus house where she found him coked up, drunk, and stoned and wanted to leave. He said “no,” blocked her from leaving the room, and threw her into a mirror. She punched him in the nose and ran to campus security. While filing a statement with campus security, the local PD arrested her and refused to allow her to press charges. Because he’s an athlete, he is bound to Title IX. Had he been in any way responsible, he would have been suspended from the NCAA. Solution: Suspend the woman.”

2 Water Fight


What’s the harm in just a little water fight? Sometimes girls just want to have fun! By the sounds of this story, though, it wasn’t just the water fight that caused the expulsion. This girl was on a self-destructive streak that was sure to get her expelled. “My first roommate from college was expelled. She started a huge dorm fight of guys against girls throwing water bottles at each other. She also wrote Hitler’s Birthday over a prof’s birthday on a dorm calendar and emptied a bag of dog food she found outside a teacher’s house onto another dorm’s couch. She also used to use our window instead of the door. She was actually a lot of fun. We just had way too much time on our hands.” The girl's idea of fun was just a little too much for the school and they told her to pack her bags.

1 The Black Clay Mask

Sometimes, we just have to shake our heads when we think of some of the things people do. There was a Kansas State University student that put one of those charcoal masks on her face and then posted it on Snapchat with a racial slur. Probably not one of her prouder moments, especially since it got her kicked out of school. The girl was Page Shoemaker and she was hanging out with her friend Sadie Meier who was also in the Snap. They captioned the photo with, "Feels good to finally be a n——r." Obviously, it got people’s attention and Page probably didn’t expect it to go viral and end up on Twitterverse. From there it was out of control and Page couldn’t stop it if she wanted to. You would think that she would understand that not everyone is going to find that funny.

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