15 Confessions From People Who Were Dumped Over Video Games

Video games are one of technology's best gifts to man. Thanks to these games, we are able to waste away countless hours while exploring virtual worlds, saving virtual villages and cities, and combatting virtual monsters and dragons. It allows us to live in worlds we otherwise can't live and it's a step away from our humdrum routines. Like most things though, too much video gaming is a bad thing and it could ruin relationships too.

Couples breaking up over video games is no longer odd news in this day and age. Some people just can't seem to get enough of their consoles and games anymore. There's no scientific proof that video games ruin relationships but, let's face it, not knowing when to quit can pose major problems.

It's very easy to find a broken-hearted girl or guy who got out of a relationship because of their partners' video gaming habits. In some cases, people had to dump their gamer girl or guy because they no longer had time for them. Not everyone is going to take getting dumped or being ignored lightly and these people decide to do something about the gamers that broke their hearts. Here are 15 savage confessions from people who were dumped over video games.

15 His Current GFs Asked His Ex How She Coped With His Video Game Addiction, She Said "I Dumped Him"


Addiction to video games is a real thing. Some guys would spend hours upon hours in front of their consoles just to get another loot box from Overwatch or to get another Chicken Dinner from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Men who are very addicted to games often tend to forget that there are other priorities they have to worry about and that of course, includes their girlfriends.

Before things got bad, a girl decided to break up with her boyfriend because he was just playing too many games. It might've come to a breaking point because the guy just had no time for the poor girl. The guy moved on and got other girlfriends. These new victims then asked the ex for tips on how she coped with her boyfriend's video game addiction and of course she had a savage answer: "I dumped him." It was surely a tip to remember for the guy's future girlfriends.

14 See You At E3


Going to E3 is every gamer's dream. Some gamers even save up for the annual event. For gamer couples, it's a goal to visit the convention at one point in their relationship and since tickets to Los Angeles and the gaming convention don't sell for a dollar, they often save up for it for a year. For this couple, that was the plan... up until the guy decided to use their E3 funds for a video game.

Ubisoft's The Division was hyped up a lot and many gamers found it interesting. One guy used the E3 funds he had saved up with his girlfriend to buy a limited edition version of the game along with a few other things. When the girl found out, she was infuriated but the guy was the one who got angry and he dumped the poor girl. To make him feel like a total idiot, the girl went ahead to E3 using her own money and sent him the pics.

13 She Deleted All His Saved Files After He Broke Up With Her To Play Skyrim


Bethesda's Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a very addicting game. It puts players in the role of the Dragonborn who is suddenly called to protect Skyrim. The game's world is very immersive and it's rather easy to get lost in quests and exploring but guys should know when to take a break once in awhile. That is unless they want to get hours of gameplay erased in an instant.

A guy thought it would be a wise joke to 'break up' with his girlfriend temporarily so he could spend the night saving Skyrim. This clearly didn't sit well with his now ex and we can't blame her for what she did. The moment the guy was away from his PlayStation 3, she deleted his saved files. The hours spent in the game were almost 200 but after his playful little joke, the Dragonborn was gone from Skyrim once more.

12 She Doesn't Know He Still Uses Her Card To Buy Games


Steam remains to be one of the biggest digital platforms for video games. Its library of games is massive and it's every gamer's dream to buy as much of the titles as they can. Transactions with Steam can be made with credit cards and if we do break the heart of a gamer, we better make sure that they don't know our card details unless we want to end up like this poor girl.

This one guy had his heart broken by a girl who cheated on him. She said she cheated because he didn't have time for him for all he does is play video games. The girl apparently forgot that she once allowed her boyfriend to use her card to buy games on Steam. The guy confesses to using his ex's credit card for buying games on Steam. It's been almost a year now and the girl still hasn't noticed and he said he has bought over $500 worth of video games.

11 She Sold All His Gaming Equipment And Games


When it comes to selling old and unwanted games, gamers turn to GameStop. Although the retailer gives gamers only a few dollars for their pieces of nostalgia, it's better than nothing, right? It sucks to see all our old games and consoles being sold for only a few dollars and it hurts even more if someone else sells our games without our consent. One girl had this idea of how to get revenge.

After being dumped because his games were the top priority at the time, a girl decided to show her ex what his video games are truly worth. She got to his home and grabbed his PlayStation 3 and 4, controllers, and video games and headed to GameStop to sell them. What she got was only a few hundred dollars which clearly wasn't close to how much the guy spent on all those games.

10 She Sold All His WoW Gear For Peanuts


Blizzard's World of Warcraft remains one of the top MMORPGs to date and a lot of gamers have spent countless hours playing it. Every player knows how tough the grind is to get those sweet weapons and armors in the game. Though the items are virtual, World of Warcraft players value them very much because of how much effort was put into getting them. One confession reveals why guys should take it easy while playing the game unless they want to see their favorite items go to waste.

A guy chose to spend his anniversary night playing World of Warcraft instead of going out with his girlfriend. The girl had every right to be pissed but the guy broke up with her because he thought she was just too clingy. She logged into his account and began auctioning off all of the guy's precious gear! Even worse was the fact that the gear was sold at a really low price. Good deal for the players who managed to buy stuff from the breakup sale.

9 "Sorry, See You Never"


Guys and games go hand-in-hand. There are groups of friends who dedicate a night a week to video games or even just one single game. It's a good way to bond with friends and there are times when girls should know their boundaries. For this guy and his pals who play Super Smash Bros. every Saturday night, this girl made one critical mistake.

The girl dumped the guy because he chose to play Super Smash Bros. with his friends on a Saturday night. It was a tradition they had whenever a new entry in the series comes out. He and his friends had been pals since they were kids and this ritual of theirs is something he couldn't miss. The time his ex wanted to break up, the guy replied, "Sorry, playing SSB right now. See you never." Just goes to show how you should never come between a man, his friends, and their favorite games.

8 He Broke Up With Her So He Can Play, So She Released His Shiny And Legendary Pokemon


Pokémon is a global phenomenon. Although Nintendo is targeting a younger audience with the series, many adults can't help but get hooked on monster collecting series. Many take Pokémon very seriously. To them, it's not just about becoming the best in the region anymore. Though the RPGs in the series do get pretty addicting at times, it shouldn't be used as an excuse to ignore our loved ones, right?

Pokémon Sun and Moon is Nintendo's latest entry in the series and it's VERY addicting. So much so that one guy dumped his girlfriend because she was asking for dates when he just wanted to play. He did apologize to the girl and he tried to mend their relationship saying that it was just a spur of the moment decision. The girl agreed to get back together but it was for sinister reasons. She got revenge by releasing the guy's Shiny and Legendary Pokémon!

7 Dumped For A Gamer Girl, Only For Her To Cheat On Him ... Karma!


Gamer guys aren't very picky when it comes to picking a partner but they always try to look out for girls who share the same hobby as them. Many gamer guys just don't understand that not all girls are as interested in video games as they are. Even worse, these guys leave their non-gamer girlfriends once they see another girl who is in fact, a gamer.

One gamer guy decided to leave his current girlfriend for a gamer girl. The ex was devastated but she dodged a bullet. She didn't deserve to be in a relationship where the guy didn't like her for who she was. She then found out that her ex's current girlfriend has another boy on the side. She snapped pictures of the girl with her other boy toy and sent it to the idiot that dumped her.

6 He Cheated On Her After She Bought Him An Xbox, So She Smashed It To Pieces


While we do get that video games are important for some people, it's rather hard to imagine putting video games as a top priority over our significant others. Women can get rather nasty when it comes to cases like these and of course, they'd love to get revenge on the guys that broke their hearts over video games. One heartbroken girl, in particular, knew where his ex's weak spot was.

When her boyfriend broke up with her, this one girl decided to completely decimate the Xbox of the fool that decided to break her heart. It was bad enough that he cheated on her, but cheating on her after she got him an Xbox is just insane!

Sure, the guy can get another Xbox after a while but it's going to cost him a few hundred dollars. Let this be a lesson to men everywhere, if you break a girl's heart, be sure to keep your consoles under lock and key.

5 He Cheated On Her, So She Returned His Xbox One


Even in breakups, there's a time and place for everything. Some people think it's a good idea to break up during Christmas since they'll no longer be obligated to buy a gift for their former lovers. These Holiday breakups don't always go as planned and as this guy found out, he should've waited a few months before breaking up with his girlfriend. At least he should've waited until the return period for his new Xbox One has expired.

This loving girlfriend decided to buy her boyfriend a new Xbox One for Christmas. However, the ungrateful chap was apparently cheating on the girl which resulted in a broken heart and a breakup. For revenge, the girl returned her gift and used the money on herself.

4 She Got Back At Him By Beating Him At His Own Game


Video games can get pretty intense sometimes. Even in cooperative games, gamers can get pissed off at one another for failing to do some tasks. Some people just can't help but get pissed at their partner in games but they should all learn to take a breather and be patient. Dumping a girl because she's bad at video games is NOT a good idea especially if she knows what games you frequently play.

Getting dumped because you were bad at games is a horrible feeling. Instead of sulking and crying her eyes out, this girl decided to get better at Call of Duty. She practiced day and night so when Call of Duty Black Ops 3 came out, she was a pro already. She knew that her ex would play the game and since she knew his Gamertag, she completely dominated him in matches. Who's the noob now?

3 Goodbye Memory


It's really a bad idea for video game savvy guys to break girls' hearts. It's an even worst idea to do that if the girl is well-versed in video games as well. There are a lot of ways to ruin a gamers life without having to physically touch him. As this one unlucky guy found out, breaking up with a girl who knows the important details of video games is a very bad idea.

The guy ended up breaking the girl's heart by cheating on her. This is a really horrible act and no person should have to go through it. This girl wasn't going to let it pass so she decided to delete his video game memory, which included save files, on his PlayStation 3. Even if he did back up his saves, he has to go through countless updates again since his PlayStation 3's memory was wiped clean.

2 She Took One Of The Joy-Cons


The Nintendo Switch is the breakthrough gadget of 2017 and although the device is pretty neat, some can't help but feel annoyed by the fact that the game's accessories are rather pricey. An important accessory for the game is the Joy-Con and it costs more than a $100. It's a pair of mini-controllers that go hand-in-hand. Losing one of the two is basically a ticket to the video game store to buy another pair.

One former couple bought a Switch together. However, the guy decided to break up with the girl because she isn't a "true gamer." Seeing as they shared in buying the console, she thought that it would be fair to have a piece of it before she left. So she took one of the Joy-Cons.

1 VR Nightmare


Virtual reality headsets have become more popular in recent years. Many names have stepped up to create their own headsets including Sony and Microsoft. It's currently the most immersive form of gaming to date and people can do some really neat things with it. For unknowing victims though, VR headsets could be a source of some scares and spooks.

After being in a 3-year relationship with a sweet gal, a guy decided he "needed some space." Coincidentally, it was at the time he bought the HTC Vive. The guy's little brother ratted him out, saying to the girl that all her ex ever did since they broke up was play with the VR headset. She snuck into the guy's room while he was playing a horror game and spooked him out during a part of the game that was scary. She even caught it on cam!

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