15 Confessions From Knocked Up Mistresses That’ll Make Husbands Think Twice

It’s all fun and games until you find out your mistress is pregnant. Yes, we would have to agree that it would probably be the worst kind of news that a guy could get. It’s also not easy being the mistress. You love the guy you’re with and you have to deal with the fact that he’s married and unlikely to ever leave his wife. There are times, as well, that the mistress enjoys being the mistress. She doesn’t want a commitment and enjoys the perks of being the woman that he runs to when he wants to have fun and showers her with gifts and if she's lucky, a sick pad.

When it comes down to it though, cheating is wrong regardless of the situation. The people involved usually get a wakeup call when their happy little situation blows up in their faces. When the proverbial sh*t hits the fan, it’s usually the guy that ends up paying big time. Not only has he been caught as a liar and a cheater, but he may also lose his marriage and now he has to deal with a baby that he likely didn’t want in the first place. The women in this type of situation are certainly heartbroken and are often left dealing with that heartbreak alone. Cheating may seem harmless, but when the guy finds out that he knocked up his mistress, the reality of the situation is a lot less fun. Check out these 15 confessions from knocked up mistresses that will make you think twice about cheating.

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15 She’s Keeping The Baby

This mistress is not messing around. Most mistresses would take joy in being pregnant because they might think that it’s a great way to break up a marriage and get the man all to themselves, but in this case, the mistress isn’t playing around. She’s not telling her man that the baby is his because she wants to make sure he’s not going to take it from her. “I’m pregnant and I’m the mistress.

So, I told the father the baby wasn’t his so he couldn’t take the baby away from me. Is that selfish of me?”

We’re not sure why the woman assumes that the courts would just take the child from her. Judges usually favor the mother when it comes to custody battles, but we suppose she’s not taking any chances. She will also be missing out on the child support as well.

14 She’s Happily Pregnant

When it comes to having a mistress, it’s a big gamble for a man because sometimes the mistress wants more than he’s willing to give. By getting pregnant, she exposes the truth and possibly lands the man that she wants. “I’m a mistress to a married man and I might be pregnant. Is it bad that I’m happy about possibly having a child with him?” Now, this girl is playing with fire and the guy is going to take a hit for it. We can’t blame her, though, for wanting more for herself, it’s usually just not best to get involved with a married man, especially if you have love and babies on the brain. It’s certainly a selfish move on her part as well as the man’s because there is another woman in the picture who is going to be crushed when she finds out that her husband is having a child with another woman.

13 An Underage Mistress

You are definitely swimming in troubled waters if you’re a married man and your mistress is underage. Even if you aren’t married, you shouldn’t be sleeping with an underage girl. This guy is going to be in a world of trouble when she tells her parents she is pregnant. “I’m a mistress to this married 27-year-old guy.

I’m 17 and I just found out that I’m pregnant. I should tell his wife that I’m pregnant.”

Oh, believe us when we say, she’s going to find out about this one just as soon as your parents get involved. There is no hiding a scandal as large as this one. He’s going to get in trouble for being with a young girl and he’s going to lose everything because of it. The poor girl’s life is about to be changed forever and she’s only in high school.

12 She’s A Homewrecker

Like we said before, there are some girls who get pregnant on purpose to get what they want. Some women just aren’t satisfied with being the other woman and that can be dangerous for the married man.

“I was the mistress and I broke up his relationship by getting pregnant on purpose. We’re together now, but I’m starting to lose interest in him.

I don’t know what I saw in him in the first place. I’m confused.” Not only is this girl insanely selfish, but she is a bit of an idiot as well. She should never have brought a child into this situation in the first place. She certainly couldn’t call what she felt for her man love because you don’t lose those feelings that easily. She’s the definition of a home wrecker and she sounds completely horrible as a person.

11 The Wife’s In Jail

In this case, there is an older man having an affair with a young girl while his wife is in jail. Now, they are about to spring that jailbird loose, but she’s in for a rude awakening because the mistress is pregnant.

“I’m 18 and the mistress of a 38-year-old man. I think I’m pregnant and his wife gets out of jail in a few weeks.

I don’t know what to do.” For starters, she can hope that this jailbird wife is not a violent one. This girl is not making great life choices for someone so young. She’s likely going to end up on her own because this older man is not going to want to have a baby and settle down with someone half his age.

10 Using Their Bed

When a guy has a mistress, you have to wonder where they do the deed. Sometimes, it’s in hotel rooms or the mistress's home, but there are other times when the guy will bring his mistress right to his place. There is so much disrespect involved when you consider the fact that a guy is cheating on his partner right in the very bed that they sleep in at night. But some guys just don’t care. “I was a mistress and I used to go to my lover’s house while his girlfriend was at work every day. We slept together in the same bed they would sleep in.

I always stayed until she came home. But now I’m pregnant.”

It sounds like the situation didn’t work so well for her since she is talking about her lover in past tense. These situations rarely work out well for the mistress and more often than not, they get left alone while the guy tries to repair his broken marriage.

9 Lot Of Mouths To Feed

This girl is a mistress to a man that already has seven kids! That’s a lot of mouths to feed. What’s worse is she’s going to add to his troubles by announcing she’s pregnant. Not only is she going to cause troubles for his marriage, but all those seven children will be affected by it, too. “I’m pregnant by a married man with seven kids. I’m his mistress.” The guy is selfish and so is the mistress in this case because a lot of people are going to get hurt. There are way too many people involved in this situation for it to not get messy real quick. We would hate to be him if he leaves his wife because he’s going to have a whole lot of child support to pay.

8 She’s Not Sure If She Should Keep It

This mistress sounds terrified about her situation and we can’t blame her. It would be hard to tell a married man that you are pregnant because it’s probably not something he wants to hear or even deal with. “I’m his mistress and I just found out that I’m pregnant. I’m debating whether I should tell him or just go get it taken care of without him knowing.” This girl likely knows that the situation would not end well for her, in other words, he wouldn’t be leaving his wife for her. It’s not the kind of procedure she can get done so easily. though.

7 She’s Alone

When it comes to being a mistress, you have to take into account what might happen if your affair is discovered. It’s never an easy situation and oftentimes, the mistress will have this fairytale in her head about how she will have her dream guy if only he weren’t married. These situations rarely go the way the mistress wants and sometimes, the mistress is the one left out in the cold. “Being a pregnant mistress sucks. I’m all alone.” This is a pretty common theme when it comes to affairs. Married men rarely want to deal with mistresses that are pregnant even if the affair is exposed. If the wife is willing to forgive and forget, he can just walk away from the mistress and leave her behind. This confession is very sad, but it’s something to remember if you ever consider getting involved with a married man.

6 Sleeping With His Assistant

This guy is about to learn the hard way why he shouldn’t fool around with his assistant. This mistress is not only working for the married man in question, but she's also pregnant with his baby. Not a great combination. That one is going to be a hard one to hide.

“I’m his mistress and his assistant and I’m six months pregnant.”

Just wait until the wife finds out about this one. Men having an affair with their secretaries or assistants is so cliché that we are shocked that they are still doing it. It would be super hilarious if it weren’t so sad and pathetic. Mixing work with pleasure is always a bad idea, especially if you are a married man. In this case, there is no doubt that his wife is going to find out about his affair, in fact, the whole office is likely talking about it.

5 She’s Scared To Tell Him

It can’t be easy to break the news to your lover that you’re pregnant. He’s married and most likely uses her for fun. He doesn’t see her as another form of responsibility, but that’s all going to change now. Being involved in an affair is never a great time to throw babies into the mix. This poor girl is scared to tell him, and we don’t blame her. “What’s a good way to tell a guy you’re pregnant when you’re the mistress?” She adds a sad face at the end of the message which pretty much sums up the whole thing. These situations are so sad because it’s usually the child or children that suffer the most in these situations. Even if the mistress decides to keep the child, they might grow up without a father.

4 He’s About To Get Married

This guy isn’t even married yet and he’s having an affair. He’s not even fully committed, so why go through with it if you’re just going to cheat? One might question himself and ask why he’s even getting married at all? If you’re not that into your girlfriend, it’s pretty easy to break things off and move on to someone else. Why get married to someone you’re cheating on? There doesn’t seem to be too many brain cells working with this one.

“I’m a mistress to an engaged man and I’m pregnant with his child.”

Well, he might not be engaged for very long. We’re not sure how he would get out of this situation if she’s keeping the baby. The fiancé would likely find out sooner rather than later. So, he just might be single in the near future for his mistress.

3 The Unlikely Mistress

Sometimes, affairs happen without both parties being aware of it. Hard to believe, right? But in this case, this girl met the man of her dreams, and she had no idea that he was married. Now she’s pregnant and having an affair. It’s likely that she will come clean to the wife and dump the guy. At least we hope so. “I was pregnant when I found out that I was his mistress.” Yes, this is not a good situation. When you’re falling in love, the last thing you want to find out is that your man is committed to someone else. It’s a heartbreaking situation that only becomes more heartbreaking when there’s a child involved. It totally sucks to find out that you’re the side chick and not the main squeeze. The guy is trash for not being honest with this girl from the get-go.

2 With The Wrong Man For Years

Sometimes getting involved with a married man just happens, we don’t know how, but it does. You don’t plan on falling in love with a married man, it just happens. But could you imagine being someone’s mistress for years? That is this girl’s reality. “I am in love with a man who is with someone else.

I’ve been his mistress for three years and now I’m pregnant.”

This is why you don’t get involved in these situations. It’s a waste of three years and now you’re in a situation that is likely to hurt a lot of people. The deception behind this guy’s actions is nuts. The fact that he has been cheating and lying to his wife for years is horrible. Why do people do these horrible things to the people that they are supposed to love the most?

1 He Left Her Behind

The reality of the side chick life is that you aren’t the one that he’s committed to. There is a likely chance that one day he will just leave you and never look back. That’s the chance that you take. This girl saw for herself how cold her man became when she found out that she was pregnant. “I’m his mistress and I’m pregnant. He won’t leave his family for me.

Now, I’m a single mom of an unborn baby and she will never know her dad.”

It’s a heartbreaking story of a girl who learned the hard way. It sucks, but these dishonest relationships just aren’t cool. The guy was clearly not a decent human and now she has the struggle of raising a child on her own. It’s really very sad and hopefully, she has a good support system.

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