15 Confessions From Kids Raised By Millionaires

When you think of millionaires, you think of a glamorous lifestyle, luxury items like yachts and Porsches, and lavish vacations. It’s a lifestyle that we all dream about and some even aspire to. Whether it is jealousy or determination that drives you, you want the same lifestyle that the rich and the famous have. What’s even more magnificent is the lives of millionaire babies. These are the children who grow up in a world where they don’t have to work hard for what they have; it’s just there. Many people believe these kids who are raised by millionaires are snobs or ignorant of what it means to be poor.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to grow up rich? Do you think it’s just as glamourous and awesome as it looks? Despite the freedom and the money involved being rich, it isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. You might be surprised to find those millionaire kids are often different from their parents, or at least they try to be. Some want better lives or to be better people while others can’t get enough of the lifestyle and turn out to be spoiled brats. There are plenty of genuine kids out there, that despite being rich, are actually pretty cool people. They have weird things happen to them just like the rest of us, and although they have the money to get them out of sticky situations, for the most part, they all just want to be happy like us commoners. Check out these juicy confessions of children who were raised by millionaires.

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15 Feeling Like A Problem

It can suck to be a child of a millionaire when you feel like you have genuine issues that your parents never want to face. This poor kid  is asking for help and is only getting money in return and shared on Whisper: “My parents are millionaires that throw money at their problems. I’m a problem.” It’s actually not surprising at all that someone would confess this stuff. It wouldn’t be the first time that a rich kid would feel this way. Just look at the series Gossip Girl — it was completely accurate in its depiction of kids growing up in a world where money flowed. Plenty of those kids had parents who just gave them money to go away. If only they would listen to their children instead of giving them moolah to solve the problem. These kids grow up feeling as if they don’t exist.

14 Helping Others

This millionaire babe wants to do something to help the world, but due to her wealth, she fears she won’t be taken seriously. “My parents are millionaires. Sometimes I feel like, in activist groups, my opinion won’t be taken seriously because of my privilege,” they shared on Viral Thread. We love that she wants to help others because it’s very admirable, and she should take a look at all that Leonardo DiCaprio does as an activist. Sometimes, being rich can give you some advantages as well. There is probably more than she can do because she has the money to help out. No one should feel that their station in life would prevent them from doing good. Hopefully, this girl can be strong and work toward doing what she wants despite her station in life. After all, she should be happy regardless of her wealth.

13 A Very Sad Life

“My parents are millionaires and I’m told I’ve been blessed with amazing looks, but I struggle with body image, PTSD, depression, anxiety, anorexia, abusive self-harm. It’s not all fun and games,” an anonymous girl shared on Whisper. It’s a sad story because it’s true — money does not buy happiness. Many people believe that if they just had more money, than their problems would just go away. If we had more money than we could buy the car that we like and a big new house, but would we really be happier when it’s all said and done. This statement makes us sad because she clearly has a lot of issues and we’re not sure that she is getting any help for them. Many people would say that she has it all and that she shouldn’t have these problems, but it really depends on the family dynamic.

12 Blood Money

This millionaire child is sitting on a fortune, but she doesn’t want any of it. She posted on Whisper, “I inherited 3.2 million dollars when I was 19. I’m 36, I work a blue-collar job and struggle to make ends meet. That account now has $4.9 million in it. It’s blood money and I don’t want it.” We’re not sure what she means by blood money, but it’s actually kind of creepy. Why would she refer to a trust fund as blood money unless her parents were involved in some kind of criminal activity. Being rich isn’t a reason to hate the money that you have. She’s certainly strong if she is able to struggle and still doesn’t want to touch her trust fund. We’re not sure that we would be able to make the same decision ourselves. Who would want to struggle when you have so much money at your fingertips.

11 A True Friend

When a millionaire kid doesn’t want his friends to know he has millions, that really says something about their character. Although there are some cons that come with being rich, imagine all the opportunities that you have that others will never get a chance to experience. This guy on Viral Thread would rather keep it a secret. “My parents are millionaires and have several mansions, but only my girlfriend's ever find out. I’m humble and like to earn my own money. Nobody knows my parents are millionaires so I can find a friend for being who I am and not for what I have!” It’s not really the kind of thing you can keep a secret long term, and  we're pretty sure that his friends would want to know the real him. Is being rich so bad that you would hide your entire identity just to be rid of it?

10 The Cheapskates

Just because some people are wealthy, it doesn’t mean that they are necessarily spreading the wealth around. In fact, these parents allowed their child to sink in debt without helping him. “My parents are millionaires and I’m tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Funny how that works." This Whisper confession is truly messed up. Why would you allow your child to suffer or struggle when you could easily help them out? It could be a case of “tough love” if the parent disapproves of how they got that way and wanted them to deal with their own messes. Or maybe it’s just one of those situations where the parents don’t want to share their wealth. We have seen some pretty cold characters depicted in the news, as well as in movies. You never know how people really are behind closed doors.

9 They Want Their Own Life

Some people just want their own life, and that can mean leaving the life of wealth they are used to and going on to make a difference in the world. This socialite said goodbye to everything because she wanted to work in social work. “My family are millionaires back home. They wanted me to stay and manage the business. But I left to study social work and to travel the world someday. They think I’m crazy,” she shared on Whisper. Although we think that her decision is admirable, we have to wonder if traveling the world wouldn’t have been easier with all the millions she left behind. Is that weird? It’s true that parents, especially rich ones, want their children to follow in their footsteps and would have a hard time understanding why they would want to live a completely different lifestyle. Good for her though!

8 They Don't Know What A Regular Home Looks Like

(L-r) LEONARDO DiCAPRIO as Jay Gatsby, CAREY MULLIGAN as Daisy Buchanan, TOBEY MAGUIRE as Nick Carraway and JOEL EDGERTON as Tom Buchanan in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Village Roadshow Pictures’ drama “THE GREAT GATSBY,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

This kid grew up so rich that he couldn’t believe it when he saw a real fridge, one that was connected to a freezer. This poor boy! "I thought everyone's refrigerators had wood-paneled cabinet doors. The first time I saw a metal fridge I thought it was weird, and I thought it was even weirder that the fridge and freezer were combined. But then I got really jealous because you could put magnets on it. I also thought everyone had a central vacuum system where you can sweep dirt into a little hole under the cabinets by the floor and it sucks it up. We had these little holes all over, in every room, " he admitted on BrainJet. This would be hilarious if it weren't so darn tragic. It must be nice to live in a world where you can’t even name regular appliances that “normal” people own.

7 They Don't Feel The Need To Get An Education 

This man doesn’t want the money to spoil him and continues to work as a waiter. “I never got an education. However, I inherited millions. I still work as a waiter since I don’t want money spoiling me. I don’t work out of necessity. I work to keep myself sane and productive,” he shared on Whisper. We have to wonder if this person is out of his mind. There is nothing wrong with working for a living, but why wouldn’t he use the money to get an education so that he could have a better job than a waiter. We know lots of waiters and most of them don’t enjoy their work. They would probably trade places with him in a second. We understand someone who doesn’t want to live a lavish lifestyle, but he could use the money to benefit himself in some ways.

6 Crazy Insurance Policies

When we think about insurance policies, we don’t really think beyond life insurance or house insurance, and some of us don’t even have that. It’s a completely different story when it comes to the wealthy because they have to worry about their children getting harmed because of their money. This post on BrainJet sheds light on just that. "Kidnapping. There were guards whenever we traveled, and I was trained in what to do if it happened. We had insurance policies against it. When I dated a middle-class suburbanite and talked about it, she thought I was paranoid, but that was a thing." That is crazy! But we can see it as being true, especially for celebrities. People kidnap the children of the rich because they know it would be an easy payday because wealthy people have access to a lot of money and can get it quickly. It becomes a dangerous world for the children.

5 Eating Only With Fine China

GOSSIP GIRL-- "It's Really Complicated" --image GO608B_0077 Pictured (L-R): Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf, Kelly Rutherford as Lily Van Der Woodsen and Zuzanna Szadkowski as Dorota - Photo: Giovanni Rufino/The CW -- © 2012 The CW Network.

Well, when you are used to eating off of fine china only, everything else would seem pretty ordinary. This rich kid made a blunder while dining out and shared it on BrainJet. "Probably a weird example but, growing up, all of our dishes were made of fine china. And I just thought that's what plates and stuff were made of because we didn't have anything else. Then one time I went to a friend’s house for dinner and we ate on colored plastic plates and non-matching plastic cups, I just thought that was the weirdest thing ever and asked why we were eating with 'camping dishes.'" We couldn’t imagine what this would be like for the guy, after all, this is how a large part of the population lives and yet, he thought they were the ones that were weird. Hopefully, his friend didn’t find him to be too offensive.

4 They're Wrong About The Lower Class

Some people are so rich they assume that the lower-class population isn't really as bad off as they think. This person actually believed that lower-class people typically made $1 million a year. "I always heard college was expensive and some people could afford it, or that their parents had to save up, or the kid had to get a job. I thought it was $1 million per year. I based that on thinking that the lower class made $1 million a year, so spending a year’s wage on 1 year of college would be unreasonable. Then I found out the average salary was less than my brother would spend partying in a weekend in college," he admitted on BrainJet. Wow! It’s true though; the very rich can spend a year’s worth of a normal person’s salary on one big party. They don’t think anything of it; it’s just normal life to them.

3 They Have Dinner With The President

Life must be tough when you are so rich that you think that eating with a president is a normal occurrence for everyone. In this BrainJet confession, this kid was used to dining with important people and assumed that kids all over the world had the same experience. "I thought everyone got to eat dinner quite often with the president. I always thought the president has dinner at random houses until I learned otherwise when I finally joined regular school (I was homeschooled till I was 9) and no kid believed my 'dinner story.' My dad was the ambassador of Kenya to Saudi Arabia."  We can't even imagine what that would be like to have dinner with a leader of a country! This person definitely has a charmed life, and it’s amazing how some of the rich really have no idea how other people live on a day-to-day basis.

2 Fed By The Housekeeper

We’re not really sure how to take this confession, it’s so bizarre that it’s almost disturbing. "My boyfriend grew up very rich. His mom told me a story about how, after the first few days of kindergarten, the teachers called her. They expressed concern that he might have an "eating problem" because he would not eat his packed lunch. His mom came to school the next day to investigate, and after watching him for a little while, she noticed he was visibly avoiding eating his lunch and talking up a storm to other kids. Then it hit her. He didn't know how to feed himself. Yes, that's right. He didn't f-----g know how to feed himself because apparently, up until that point, he had been physically fed by his housekeeper." This is truly remarkable, and we just shake our head thinking about how this kid functions in the real world.

1 More Than One Car

This rich guy goes off on a road trip with a friend and is shocked to the core when he finds out that they only have one car to use, and shared his awkward story on Whisper: "I feel bad having said this while joining a friend on a road trip up into the mountains to go to his brother's house. The Internet at the house was slow and the connection dropped frequently. I didn't have my car with me and this was also before personal Wi-Fi was a thing. Me: 'If there's any way I could borrow a car to hop into town for Internet tomorrow that would be awesome.' Friend: 'Well, my brother uses his car every day and I'm using mine to go to that event we talked about.' Me: 'That's fine. Is it okay if I just use his extra car?' Awkward silence, until... Friend: 'He just has that one car.'"


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