15 Confessions From Girls Who Got Knocked Up To Trap Their BFs

Babies are beautiful blessings. They are our future and in them, we see the essence of youth and hope. What isn't beautiful is when women in relationships pull a "baby trap" on their unsuspecting partners.

For those who don't know, to "baby trap" someone means to get pregnant on purpose so that they will stay with you. Having a child together creates a lifelong connection and often makes it harder to break up. The hope for "baby trappers" is that the man in the relationship will be so happy with the new baby that he will forget about the relationship problems that exist between him and the child's mother. Typically, in these situations, the "baby trapping" woman was scared that the man would end the relationship and purposefully getting pregnant– without the knowledge of the other person– was done as a last-ditch effort to create a legal and lifelong connection between the two. Even babies that were supposed "accidents" could actually have been conceived as a way to try to baby trap the father. Do you know anyone this has happened to?

Read the following confessions from these fifteen trap queens and see if you don't stay single for the next few years.

15 The Follow-Through

Talk about commitment to a plan of action. This little lady was dedicated to her devious plan all the way. Not only did she purposely hold her paramour back from achieving his career dreams at graduate school but she "locked him down" with a big old fat lie and then had to rush to actually get pregnant in order to cement her sneaky secret. We can't help but wonder how long it took her to get pregnant after she told him she was. If it was a couple of weeks, then, of course, he wouldn't have any reason to assume anything else. But if it took a matter of a couple to a few months to secure her lie in place, how did she explain to her beau that the baby was way past the due date?

14 Five Years Of Lies

It's already been five long years... all built on a lie but nonetheless, it seems like this untruthful and manipulative mama has done a pretty good job of keeping her secret safe with her. Since she took to the online community in order to unburden herself of her secret, we can't help but wonder if maybe one day, this digital and anonymous confession won't be enough for her. Maybe the guilt will wear down on her over the years as her child grows and her subconscious will yearn to be free of the secret that she holds over her husband and child's hearts. We are imagining a backyard family pool party type of scene in which the secret-keeper has tossed back a few too many margaritas and ends up spilling the beans while her horrified husband, in-laws, and friends look on.

13 Financially Stable Liar

"Gold diggers" are nothing new. Just take a glance at some of the wealthiest men in the world, celebrity or not. Chances are good that there is a woman (or a string of women in their past) who people have accused of being gold diggers. The woman who confessed this salacious personal story must have found a wealthy man since she says that she is going to have financial stability for life after having this man's baby. Of course, the most horrible thing is that if he never figures it out himself or someone else doesn't come forward to tell him the truth, this man will raise a child and provide financial support to the child and the lying mother forevermore while the baby isn't his. We can only assume that this cheating mama doesn't have any intention of telling the real father since that would mess up her gravy train.

12 He Thinks They're The 1%

"The pill" as it is commonly called, is said to be 99% effective but yes, there is that 1% that remains so it is technically possible to become pregnant while using birth control, even while using it correctly. But it's a very small chance of that happening. Of course, skipping pills, taking them at different times of the day and using certain medications such as antibiotics while using "the pill" can make this form of birth control less effective. For these imperfect pill users, the pill is about 91% effective which is still great odds. The reality for women who are not on a strict regimen with their pill is that approximately nine out of one hundred will get pregnant each year. But for women who simply choose to stop taking their birth control pills and don't bother to tell their partners on purpose, the likelihood of getting pregnant is one hundred percent scandalous.

11 Yay! It Worked!

Smart girl. If there is anything that is a sure bet to save a dying relationship, it's the added emotional and financial stress of another human being for eighteen years down the road. Even the most stable couples have trouble and added complications when it comes to raising children. There are so many responsibilities and so many things that can go wrong. While having a baby can bring a couple closer together, it can also rip them apart. Couples who have a solid foundation built on values like honesty, trust, and good communication skills stand the best chance of surviving the wild jungle that can be parenthood... this couple has none of these skills or virtues. Or maybe it's just the excited new mother that is lacking in them.

10 Dirty Trickster

Well, just come right out with it and don't be shy, why don't you? This is one relationship that seems headed straight for trouble with a capital T. This girl is shameless, revealing her diabolical plan anonymously online without a care in the world for the lives that she is affecting (that of the unborn child and their father) with her selfish ways. Hopefully, things work out for this untruthful girlfriend and her unwitting boyfriend for the child's sake. But we can only imagine how quickly things could go south considering that she is willing to stoop to this level of betrayal. Maybe her boyfriend isn't ready to be a father now or doesn't want to raise children altogether. Has she thought of that? Not a real nice situation to bring a child into, is it?

9 Slow Down, Sister

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Back up, girl. There are so many mini-scandals wrapped up in this whopper of a confession. Firstly, our confessor is trying to get pregnant with her boyfriend. Since her anonymous secret was grouped in with confessions about baby traps, we have no reason to think that she wasn't trying to trap her boyfriend into an unplanned pregnancy. That in itself is enough to get her on this list. Secondly, she takes things to a dramatic new level since she is planning to trap the boyfriend that she is cheating on her husband with into a surprise (for him) pregnancy and planning to "figure out" how to abandon her marriage at the same time.

We think we have a great solution figured out on how to speed up her divorce process. If she simply informs her husband that she is planning to trick her boyfriend into being a father, that should be more than plenty to ensure that her marriage is finito forever.

8 Oops... Ready Or Not

This is a common problem that many couples encounter. Sometimes, both couples are on board for either having children or not wanting to have children and then once they have been married for a few years, feelings change and one person in the couple decides that they have changed their mind. But their partner still feels the same way. In other cases, some couples just never talk about important things like this and wait until the topic comes up to find out that they have very different opinions and points of view on crucial subjects like this. Either way, we're wondering why this girl would want a father for her children when that father doesn't want any children in the first place? This doesn't sound like a well thought out plan and we can't imagine this ending in anything other than him holding plenty of bitter resentment towards her.

7 Lost In The Lies

Whew. This one is a real doozy. Firstly, she is dating a man who has a child with another woman, his ex. That in itself is a complex situation and if not navigated carefully, can be a landmine of problem explosions with each step. That's not to say that it can't work out. Divorce happens, relationships end and people with children and exes are able to move on and date other people in very happy and fulfilling relationships. But it is also not uncommon for there to be hurt feelings and a myriad of problems with exes who are co-parenting. The people they date are often caught in an uncomfortable middle. The woman who wrote this baby mama drama confession is planting herself right in the thick of it. We don't agree with her actions or her mindset but we can definitely agree with her that she is lost in this situation.

6 Careful What You Wish For...

You just might get it just like this girl who so desperately wanted to be married to her boyfriend that she pulled the old baby trap on him and got pregnant on purpose, pretended like it was an accident and then went on to have the wedding of her lying heart's dreams. But the marriage soon turned into a nightmare... for her. Now that she got what she wanted out of her disingenuous plan, she isn't happy after all and wants to leave the marriage. Bet she hadn't planned on that. Now that there is a child (at least one and possibly more) involved, leaving him isn't going to be as easy as if they were dating and childless. But you know what they say about once you make your bed... you have to lie in it. Is there anyone who would feel sorry for this miserable married mother? We didn't think so.

5 What IUD?

This girl has a deceitful little plan to remove her IUD without telling her boyfriend, who will assume that all is well and they are protected from getting pregnant thanks to her IUD... that is, until nine months later and there's an addition of a new human to what he thought was just a casual coupling.

An IUD or intrauterine device is a small T-shaped molded piece of plastic that women have inserted (and removed) by a physician into the uterus to provide effective birth control. Common brand names are Mirena, Liletta, and Skyla. This form of birth control lasts from three to six years and is over 99% effective so the boyfriend in this scenario would probably be pretty confused as to why his girlfriend got pregnant using such an adequate form of birth control.

4 Trapped By Accident?

This sounds like a sweet girl who was worried that she baby trapped her then-boyfriend, now-husband after ten months of dating. It is always a great personal policy to go back and evaluate our own behavior to see if there are opportunities to learn from to change for the better but it seems as though this woman did not trap her man since to set up the baby trap, she had to be conscious of it in the first place. Unless she has a memory disorder, it sounds as though this is just a case of not being careful or as responsible as this couple could have been. Adding to her case is the fact that she talked to her husband about it. Baby trappers don't make it a habit of telling the trapped men what they did as a general rule.

3 Pokey Pregnancy Plan

Poke, poke, poke.... pregnant. We find it hard to believe that there isn't another poke, poke, poke happening here... a poke of pure guilt to her straight-up corrupted conscious! But it doesn't look that way. In fact, she seems pretty darn proud of herself. Her boyfriend or husband was about to leave her and now thanks to her skillful work with a thumbtack, their relationship has been saved. But for how long? How long will it take until those very same problems that were there in the first place bubble back up after the newness of having a baby goes away and life gets back to a new normal? What will this Pokey Princess do then? Pick up a safety pin, poke again and prepare for a baby surprise number two? We hope not.

2 Hated Heartless Homewrecker

You know the old saying about cheaters, right? "Once a cheater, always a cheater." If their relationship began while he had a girlfriend, their relationship couldn't have started on a strong or solid foundation. And if he treated his girlfriend like that, what is to say that he won't do the very same thing to her, regardless of the addition of the baby? We're not big fans of the shameless way she starts her confession with "hate me all you want..." thus admitting that what she did was wrong but without any remorse, the part about purposefully getting pregnant without telling her boyfriend as well as the "It worked better than I thought" part. If this is true, it means that when she went through with it, she was planning for things to maybe work out but maybe not work out as well. Those don't sound like good, unselfish motherly instincts.

1 Testing, Testing... For At Least Another Eighteen Years

This new dad-to-be must have thought that it was a case of "putting things out there in the universe." Some people believe that talking about negative things happening to you like catching the flu or getting a speeding ticket will increase the chances of it actually happening. The flip side of that is that they also believe that talking about positive things will increase the chances of them occurring. But the surprised papa in this situation must have thought that because he told his girlfriend that he would always be there if she got pregnant, the universe heard his message and took it as a request. He could never have known that all along, it was his desperate and conniving girlfriend playing with the universe's controller in order to tip things in her favor. Maybe the joke is on her, after all. He said that he would always be there. He didn't specify that they would remain a couple if she got pregnant.

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