13 Confessions From Attractive Teachers

How can students do better in school? That's a question that can be answered in many different ways. However, the school can take the initiative into its own hands and come up with solutions that actually work. Sure, there are fundamental solutions like being attentive to students' needs, offering tutoring programs, and providing referrals to beneficial services, but there's also the possibility of giving complete makeovers and subsidizing gym memberships for an increase of attractive teachers in the classroom.

While attractive teachers carry the power to inspire improved learning, they also have the burden of having to deal with students who have crushes on them. Despite having middle class jobs, they aren't your average Joes or Janes, they're also great catches due to their fabulous looks. Some teachers do absolutely nothing about their lovey-dovey students while others take the plunge and hook up with the equally attractive students. Everything happens for a reason, but the end result isn't always positive.

Obviously, somebody has to type up his or her awkward situations, and it can't be the student itself. In the teacher's defense, Reddit is the safer, easier way to express your thoughts (and feelings) because you'll be completely anonymous and you won't have to worry about getting blackmailed by other school employees. You'll feel better knowing that you got something off your chest. You may or may not have enjoyed the situations that have occurred, but the rest of the world does. Let's check out 15 shocking confessions from attractive teachers.

15 Appropriate Consequences

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It's true that you can get hurt for liking someone that you shouldn't date to begin with.

A female Reddit user wrote, "I am a female late 20's substitute teacher for two school districts in the suburbs of Los Angeles county as I am one test away from a full credential. Anyways, for some reason, I am always at the same middle school in one district and high school in the other. In middle school, two boys have been suspended on grounds of harassment when a male teacher overheard them 'damn that's a nice fat --!!!!' and gave them a referral. Poor kids haha."

She added, "In high school, I usually get the "Miss, I'm 18" from kids in 9th and 10th grade. A sophomore also picked a flower from outside and gave it to me, ha! Anyway, most of the time, I ignore it unless they say something extremely inappropriate. Never stay in the classroom alone with a student for sure!"

14 Notes In Different Notebooks

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Not directly from a teacher's point of view, but we had to share two outrageous stories that a student broke down for the masses.

A male Reddit user wrote, "Freshman year, french class. Our teacher was a 30-year-old lady who dressed real cool, Ms. Fraser. I sat in the back with a quiet brown kid who never really participated, Vijay. Myself I love French and all them omelettes du fromage. I just liked sitting in the back and having most of the two-man desk to myself. One day, after a long silence when we all have our heads down working, Vijay turns his notebook to me. In huge letters covering a whole page, he's written a short essay on the merits of our 'fat --' instructor. I have no idea what to do. Ms. Fraser coincidentally chooses this moment to walk by our desk on her way to the door. I panic. I rush to hide the book under my things (take one for the team?) but instead, I fail like an infomercial and everything falls on the floor. She sees the book. Vijay had a bad time."

13 Hot! Hot! Hot!

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There's a stereotype that all women love hearing compliments, but too many compliments early on mean that people are likely trying to impress and not making genuine remarks.

A female Reddit user confessed, "I'm pretty dense, so I don't always notice when people are checking me out. However, my students have to fill out evaluations at the end of the semester, and those usually give me an insight into their thoughts. Q: What did you like best about the TA? A: I liked that she was hot. ;) The worst part is that some student worker has to type up all those awkward responses."

End of semester course evaluations are mandatory in the majority of schools, so there's no way to get around that requirement. Yes, the feedback that students provide for a teacher is valuable in improving the overall classroom experience. No, rating a teacher's looks isn't going to make you receive a higher grade.

12 With A Straight Face

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It may be odd for a pretty female teacher to ignore compliments from male students, but some of them just go on with their day.

A female Reddit user wrote, "I'm an English teacher in a foreign country, so that alone probably has a lot to do with the attention I get from students—about 90% of whom are male (I'm a girl). I'm also the youngest teacher in the school by far. I currently have about 100 friend requests from students on Facebook, I get messages from a least a student or two every day."

She added, "To top it off, my students think I don't understand their language at all, so they often make comments thinking I can't understand them. My first day, I overheard one student ask his friend, "Well, what do you think of the new English teacher?" His friend looked me up and down, smiled, and responded, "Oh yes...I am very satisfied." How I kept a straight face I'm really not sure."

11 Enough Is Enough!

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Hundreds of female teachers have been caught sleeping with male students, but this well-educated babe kept things professional and stood up for herself. Well done!

A female Reddit user wrote, "I have a kid who was doing some similar stuff. I started out ignoring it, but it escalated. He started blowing me kisses. At this point, I shut it down by telling him that it was completely inappropriate. He said, "But why?" to which I responded, "Because I'm your teacher." And it has not been a problem since."

There's a myth that a hot teacher would pair well with a lusty male student. After all, this controversial duo has been a staple in movies, music videos, and TV shows for decades. So, she did the right thing by not giving in to the whiffs of overexcitement.


9 Teen Phases

We guess you can say that it's normal to attract much younger women just as long as she's legal!

A male Reddit user wrote, "I'm a male in my 20's and was a teacher at a public middle school, where the hormones are ranging and the social boundaries are completely non-existent. I had 12 and 13-year-old girls doing things as innocent as asking me to walk them to class or eat lunch in my classroom with me, to more explicit/weird like trying to touch my face or hair, leaving me notes and pottery, asking for my phone number and Facebook, and asking to pose in pictures with them. Almost daily, it was 'Mr. C_Bear, do you have a girlfriend? I know someone who has a crush on you!' A lot of the students also had mothers close to my age, so there was some attempted matchmaking by my students as well. Parent-Teacher conferences were weird."

He continued saying, "It was oddly flattering though, if only women in their 20's were so upfront and direct. Thankfully, nothing negative came of it. I loved my job and had full support of the other staff and administration who were aware of the "attention" I was getting. Unfortunately, due to district budget cuts, I found myself unemployed so I'm leaving in three weeks to teach in Korea."

Best of luck to this handsome teacher's endeavors!

8 Obvious Signs

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Daydreaming about whether someone likes you or not doesn't really work. One of the easiest signs to tell if someone likes you is when he or she looks your way while trying to make discreet comments on your appearances. Of course, sometimes things detonate and a harmless crush turns into a situation that makes the desired target uncomfortable.

A female Reddit user wrote, "I've taught in New Zealand and now I'm teaching in the States. It's very obvious when a kid has a crush on me or is just checking me out. I'm constantly getting boob-stared and seeing smirks between boys/overhearing comments.

She finished her comment with a metaphorical question, asking, "The most inappropriate? That would be when a 16-year-old yelled out 'Hey miss, I like your --!' as I walked by his classroom."

7 Special Needs Boy Gives Love

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Young people teaching special education classes aren't the norm, but there are some young ones who lend a helping hand in such classes. Special needs kids want to be treated like everybody else. Anyhow, they have their own ways of showing love to others, whether or not they're conventional.

A female Reddit user wrote, "As a student teacher I walked into our local high school to observe a special needs class. One of the 'regular' high school students told me I should come and observe him instead, if ya know what I mean."

She added, "I also had a sixth grade boy in the class where I did my long student teaching experience who was "in love" with me. He'd sit in the front row, propping up his head on his hand, staring at me with his mouth hanging open. All the kids teased him about it but he didn't care. It was cute."

6 Foreign Attraction

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By now, you should be aware of a social phenomenon called "yellow fever." It's a slang term to describe white men who have a clear preference for Asian women. Truth is, some American guys teach English in other countries like Asia, Europe, and Mexico. They usually try not to make it about race, but there's some truth to one's ethnicity and nationality in the game of love.

A male Reddit user wrote, "I teach in Indonesia. I have had many students ask me out after class, show cleavage during class. I don't think it's because I am overly attractive, but because I am white."

He may not be overly attractive, but he's still a decent-looking guy. We don't know what's stored in his dating history back in the States, but any woman would be s*xually attracted to a male teacher with adequate looks and a lot of intelligence.


4 Acting Like Someone Else

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This young steamy female teacher traveled to teach English abroad and got herself an acting role in the process.

A female Reddit user wrote, "Was an English Teacher in Japan at a high school. I had the foreign-hot factor going for me, plus I was 21/22 at the time so, by far, the youngest teacher at the school. When I first started, there was a comedian in one of my best classes. Genuinely funny, even in English. I only taught him his first year, but would see him around the hallways afterwards. He regularly asked me what my favorite food was and if I would like to go get it with him. I'd say, "Maybe next time!" He eventually asked me to pretend to be his girlfriend in a film his class was making for a field trip. Of course I said yes, and the scene involved him introducing me to his friends in class, me linking arms with him, smiling, and saying, 'Hi! I'm quetzlthethird!'"

She continued, writing, "Another time, I had one freshman student run up to me dragging his friend and proceed to try and tell my in English that his friend had a crush on me. Only, he didn't know how to say it in English, so it came out like 'My friend!' he grabs his friend in a headlock "My friend! He... you!..." then proceeded to ask the other students around how to say, "My friend has a crush on you in English. I laughed, pretended not to understand (the friend was tomato red by then) and said I had to get going, and to have a nice day."

3 Turn Down Crushes

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Sometimes, attractive young teachers attract attention but feel so uncomfortable with the crushes and turn the offers down.

Although, most advances come from students who are intentionally trying to get a rise out of you and are doing it to be edgy and impress their peers. The ones who have a genuine crush are harder to shoot down because they will take it much more personally. I'll be gentle but firm, tell them it's not happening and that there are wonderful people their own age they should consider instead. Honestly, on my part, the idea of thinking about a student in that way is just weird. Whilst their bodies are mature (in the senior classes), their minds need so much more growing. They hold the "attraction" of a tomato to me."

2 Tissues And Lotion Sitting On His Desk

A male Reddit user shamelessly bragged about how he was lucky to be married to his wife, who is a hot ex-teacher.

He wrote, "She taught 8th grade English at a school with a rougher student body, I'm talking drug dogs in classrooms. To make a long story short, one day, she turned around in class to see a kid with tissues and lotion sitting on his desk, completely shamelessly. To date, this is my second favorite story from her first year of teaching. (First story involves parents accusing a German Shepherd of being racist when it found pot in their kid's pocket)"

S*xuality is a major part of everybody's life. It's something that we become aware of during puberty and continue to be aware of until we reach adulthood. Still, there are places where we shouldn't 'do the dirty', including school and work. You can wait until the end of the day to please yourself.

1 Lesbian Snitches On Straight Man

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Not a shocking confession directly from a teacher, but a shocker nonetheless.

A Reddit user recalled, saying, "Had a teacher in high school who met up with students after they graduated and slept with them. I heard he got fired and arrested this past year because he decided to take a chance on one of his current students and asked her out to coffee and back to his place. Unbeknownst to him, she was lesbian and went and told the administration right away."

It's one thing for a student to tell on a teacher who has been sleeping with him along with other students. And then there's the gay or lesbian student who caught a straight teacher red-handed. That's really not the best way to get yourself in hot water. Not only is it embarrassing, but it can also hurt your educational career. It's better to wait until your students leave the campus before making a move on them.

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