15 Clips Of People Passing The F Out On Rides

It's no surprise that some people just can't handle being hurled through the air. And that's what this article is all about.

It's no shocker that people love roller coasters, and thrill rides like the infamous Sling Shot. It's also no real surprise that some people just can't handle being hurled through the air in such a manner. And that's what this article is all about.

Below are fifteen of some of the most hilarious videos of people, young and old, passing out on rides. Some of them never wanted to be there, some second guess, and some flail and scream, just to ask to do it again. Regardless, the one thing they all do, in addition to their hilarious reactions (while their family and friends are laughing at them), is pass out in rather grotesque sorts of ways.

Similar to, but by no means as arduous as hitting the centrifuge as a pilot, or astronaut in training, these people black out, forget what they were doing, are often surprised to find themselves still in the air, and sometimes play off like nothing ever happened.

15 Opening And Closing Windows

This video is plenty hilarious on its own, but with the addition of the traditional Windows startup and shutdown jingles, it is priceless. This guy goes down the instant the roller coaster begins its descent; before any force is even applied to the ride. Some people are just a bit squeamish, it seems. It's also worth noting that the people who stress out the most about these sorts of rides, tend to be the ones who pass out in these videos. There's an extended clip of this particular video where he is already being made fun of from family or friends behind him, and then he turns around to face his fate, and cry out "No".  He seems to wake up only long enough to think about screaming, while sighing out an "Oh shit"...and then back to shutdown. The original version of this video is fine, but it seemed a better sell with the Windows tunes to really emphasize the ride this guy has. Perhaps the best part of the video though, is his very last utterance, before he goes out the rest of the ride: "Hell no".

14 They Were Having So Much Fun...

This little, ten-year-old boy, starts out with a smile on his face, enjoying the pleasant ascent to the first drop of this roller coaster. Sitting with perhaps the coolest grandmother of all time, he seems not to have a care in the world...then of course, the drop happens. Immediately, he screams for dear life, and starts drifting to the side every once in a while, as his grandmother busts a gut laughing at the poor guy. Regaining his composure, he seems a bit concerned, and then bursts back into screaming, and slumps to the side, out cold. Then the laughing stops. Granny starts losing it, for some reason thinking that repeating "wake up" over, and over, and over again is somehow going to ensure that the kid doesn't pass out again. As they reach the end, tears streaming down her face, she proceeds to tell the camera that the boy passed out. Then suddenly happy that she got it on tape, she swears in front of the little guy! What kind of influence is she on this poor kid!

13 It Takes Two To Top Gun

What's great about the Top Gun at Canada's Wonderland (or what used to be called the Top Gun), is that you just dangle the whole ride. It's like being in a kid's carseat...but suspended in the air. These two guys, all excited about taking the trip, giving each other high fives, all smiles and ready for excitement...miss the entire ride! The guy in the red, on the right, does try to keep himself righted, and makes to wave at the camera a couple of times as he passes out, but the rest of the trip is completely blank for them. Hanging limp the entire time, it's sad to know that they paid to pass out. That being said, it is absolutely hilarious for YouTube viewers to watch them take the ride like rag dolls. Every other person who passes out on this list, comes to at some point in the ride, but these two guys are out from the start, and they don't come to until some time after the ride has reached the end and is slowly pulling back into the entrance. Here's hoping they had some wicked dreams while they were out. Otherwise, it would be kind of a wasted trip.

12 She Said She Was Ready

To be fair, she didn't actually say she was ready. She simply gave a wary nod. Then proceeded to say goodbye. If that's not confidence, then who could know what is? It seems though, at least, that she very much loves herself. Other than screaming "No" a bunch, that's pretty well all she says. And since kids are so much fun, she even makes up a terrifying rhyme for herself: "too high in the sky". If that's what gets her through the ride. The best is the part in which she passes out, having just reminded everyone that she loves herself, and as she comes to, does not miss a single beat, in continuing to inform everyone on board of her self love. One can only imagine those beads in her hair hurting as they whip along her face, but luckily she was out like a light most times that they connected, so if nothing else she at least escaped that pain. Though, not surprisingly, her stomach hurt by the end of the ride.

11 Are You Good?

As soon as this sling shot takes off, the guy is out cold. The girl does not even notice, too busy worrying about her own life and enjoying the view at the same time (with an occasional wave to the camera). What makes this guy so much fun is that he comes to just long enough to get excited and exhilarated about the ride, and then he passes right back out. The best part though (aside from all of the fun faces he, and everyone else on this list makes when he goes down), is when he asks his girlfriend "Are you good?" As if he had been awake for enough of the ride to even notice that she might not be ok...and likely a play in order to make it seem like he's the tough guy, who is totally fine and just hopes that his girl can handle it. Meanwhile, lanky-arms-mc-can't-stay-awake is completely oblivious to the fun his girlfriend is having without him. And the false countdown, just before they're launched...that's just hilariously mean.

10 That Is One High-Pitched Scream

As soon as they burst into the air, there is just one long shriek from this guy, that far surpasses every single horror film scream to ever exist. If he were a woman, he would make one of the best "Scream Queens" of the horror industry, for a certainty. One might not notice it off the top because of the woman screaming next to him as well, but after he wakes from his first out-passing, one definitely can tell that he's got one hell of a set of lungs, and a horribly piercing scream. The woman immediately stops screaming, herself, because all she can do is laugh at the ridiculous screaming coming from her friend. And of course that is the way the rest of the ride goes. Pass out, wake up, scream, rinse, repeat. Even when they just about come to a full stop, the guy still screams like he's being chased a deformed murderer with a very sharp implement. No one can blame the woman here for just losing all concern for the fright of the flight, because so ridiculous is that scream...

9 Wake Up And Scream!

This is perhaps one of the best reactions on the whole list. The guy on the right looks, and sounds as though he's about to throw up, and he does make it all the way to the peak of the sling shot before he passes out. His friend is having a great old time without him, of course, but as the guy gains consciousness, he is not too happy at all. It might have something to do with forgetting where he was, and waking up to nothing but a vast expanse of air between him and the ground...but who knows? Each and every time he comes to from his slumber, he rediscovers that he's suspended up to three hundred feet above the ground, and that must be a wonderfully settling realization. I'm sure the one guy just loved nudging his friend awake, and ribbing him about it afterward. It must be nice to think that only the person up there with him can see what happens...but of course the camera bares all, and now well get to have a laugh or two at his expense.

8 Nice Dad...Nice

This guy will certainly not win the 'Father Of The Year' award, but all the same, he had a great time with his daughter on this ride...or rather he had a great time at the expense of his daughter. As the pendulum begins to make its swing, the girl, understandably begins to freak out. The father doesn't find that all too funny, but he's still enjoying the ride. It's not until a couple of swings in, when the girl is really, seemingly, not enjoying the ride, that she passes out. And it's a fairly abrupt, and harsh outing that she goes through. And what's daddy's reaction? He laughs so intensely hard, that me likely matches the volume of the screaming his daughter had been doing, just before...he may even be louder. The sweetest reaction a father could possibly have, to be sure. But that's not all. Yeah, the girl screams each time she wakes up, and yes the father at least puts his arm across her to keep her stable, but he also smacks her awake for the end of the ride, where she also begins to freak out again, until she realizes that they're just coming to rest.

7 Why Is There Smoke?

Ok, so besides this being a bit of bait for the male readers here who love a pretty Irish girl or two, the video is priceless. One of the lovely ladies decides that she no longer wants to go, but the girl who would eventually pass out (on the left) tells her friend, and reassures herself, that "it's too late". Perhaps the best part, pre-launch, is the question "why's there smoke?" just as she's told there's a fire, her eyes go wide, and up in the air they go. Beautiful! What's great is that the one girl who blanks, does seem to recognize that she has passed out, though as she's telling her friend that she feels like she passed out...well...she passes out again. Even as she begins talking to her friend again, seemingly awake, and over the worst of it, she continually drops her head, in a quick blackout, before keeping the chat going. Of course her friend is ultimately concerned for her in the same way everyone else has been in these videos...she just laughs.

6 I Change My Mind!

Since there's been nothing but great parenting in this article so far, one thought it would be nice to keep the trend going. Pleading with his mother, the kid on the left wants nothing more than to get out of his seat. "I change my mind!" is very clearly projected. But the boy's mother, perhaps wanting him to grow a pair, and have a bit of backbone, doesn't budge, and off he goes, with whom one can only assume is his kid brother. His brother, for a time anyway, does seem to care: apologizing profusely when he realizes how scared he is as well (though Isaiah is already passed out by then). Of course that care doesn't last all that long, when he realizes that it's not all that bad. He then starts calling his bigger brother a baby, as he comes to, screaming at the realization that they're still up in the air. On the way back down, all the little brother can do is reassure Isaiah that they were on their descent...and talk about wanting to go right back up!

5 Hair Flip

It seems that the people running this ride really enjoyed torturing these two little girls, because they sat them there, rocking back and forth before the launch. If they weren't already nervous to begin with, rocking the swing, and surprising them with the release must have shot their nerves for sure. The best part of the video, hands down, is when the girl on the right comes to during the second ascent, realizes they're about to flip, and as she screams, her full head of hair swings in one big motion to hit and cover her face. It's obviously quickly swept aside that's to the speed at which they are moving, but hilarious no matter how brief. Also, considering these girls seem pretty damn young, it is plenty more hilarious to hear the girl shout "Holy f*ck! Imma shit myself!" Of course she goes back and forth between consciousness and unconsciousness, and does ask where she is as she wakes at one point, before screaming bloody murder, but her friend is just happy to see the "pretty" scenery.

4 Funny Or Frightening? 

So first off, during the whole lead up to the first drop of the roller coaster, this guy in no way seems to be enjoying himself. Not by any stretch of the imagination. It is actually difficult to tell if this guy's hilarious facial expression is because of the incredible force, and speed of the roller coaster, or if that's simply the way he deals with fear and stress...but either way, it is priceless. No if one were to blink, one could miss the only instant this guy passes out, but at a minute into the video, one can see as his body goes slightly slack, and his eyes roll up into the back of his head. For the rest of the video, this guy huffs, puffs, screams, and makes that wonderfully funny, and frightening face. One ponders whether or not it would have been better for this guy to have just passed out for the whole ride, like the two guys who rode the Top Gun at Canada's Wonderland, closer to the top of the article. It seems like he'll certainly never forget the ride though, at least.

3 I Love You. I'm Sorry.

Boy, isn't that the way everyone wants to start on a crazy ride like this? "I love you. I'm sorry." Says the girl before she pulls the cord that released them to bounce all over, through the air. There certain moments one can pause this video at, that are hilarious fun to look at (like at 1:40). But to the actual play of the video, as soon as the girl pulls the release, the guy immediately goes out. After her initial scream, she looks over to her boyfriend and discovers that he's conked out. Does that worry her at all? Of course not. Like every other good person in these videos, she just laughs at him. He comes to briefly to say "oh shit" a couple of times, but as soon as they begin swinging forward again, he goes back down. And the sweetie next to him, apart from shaking his arm a couple of times, just points at him, and laughs with their friends who are waiting for them at the base of the ride. One may wonder what the Sky Screamer thing is that the girl references at the beginning of the video...well, the very next entry will help with that.

2 The Sky Screamer

Well here's the same couple, on their first of the two adventures that appear on this list. The guy most certainly needs some hand holding off the top of the video, in preparation for the sudden shot into the sky. The nervous fidgeting, and laughing really betrays how anxious they both are. In this video, the girl, yet again, cannot stop laughing once in the air. Part from the release of tension, and part from her passed out boyfriend, who violently passes out, whipping his head all over the place as they bounce all over the place. Even as he looks over at his girlfriend, to try and say something, he has several quick black-outs. And of course she can do nothing but continue to laugh at his face. And why not? It's not like he would notice very much of the laughter...being completely passed out and all. Perhaps it's because of balance, or just for fear of flailing, uncontrolled arms, but it is interesting that these two seem always to sit a seat apart from each other. She must just be doing it as a precaution for when he loses consciousness.

1 Ok, It Wasn't So Bad...

After stating that he "lived a good life", this guy, and presumably his girlfriend, take to the sky. The sound distortion makes it out like they are in a rocket to the Moon, but all the same, they both survive the initial thrust to the apex of their flight. Good for them. However, right after deciding that the shot wasn't all the bad after all, the guy drops his head to the side with seemingly quite a bit of force. He even punches the camera at one point. And of course, as is standard, the girl does nothing but laugh uncontrollably at the passed out guy beside her. Now, to be fair, the guy does stay conscious longer than most of the people in these videos, but he seems in a perpetually exhausted state of near-wasted by the end of the ride, and that makes one wonder if he's actually out (in his head), but seemingly awake and somewhat present. Who knows. All that matters is that he's hilarious.


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15 Clips Of People Passing The F Out On Rides