15 Cheating Girls Get Karma And Shamed On Cam

After you're done with these videos, you'll be thanking your lucky stars you're unattached for Hallmark's biggest holiday.

Happy early Valentine's Day! If you're single this year, I have just the list for you! After you're done with these videos, you'll be thanking your lucky stars you're unattached for Hallmark's biggest holiday. When people cheat on their significant others rather than doing the decent and respectable thing like dumping or divorcing them, they open themselves up to a world of karmic payback possibilities. And sometimes, the cheatees are so hurt and betrayed that they feel the need to help karma along with a well-orchestrated scheme for sweet revenge. And watch out cheaters because if they feel as though they've been extra burned, they hit that little red button on their phones for the kind of revenge that keeps on giving. The following fifteen ladies thought they had it all figured out, having their cake and eating it too. They never knew the men in their lives were one step ahead of them and never saw the justice coming. You've got to admire the impulse control to not immediately blurt out obscenities once you've learned of your SO's unfaithfulness. Rather that do what most of us would have, these savvy brokenhearted boys plotted their way to rebound-readiness and luckily, posted the embarrassing calculated results for all of us to see because telling the story to their friends could never have done proper justice to the actual event. Sit back and enjoy these fifteen caught on camera cheaters who got karma served to them.

15 Proposal Reversal

Okay, seriously, who the bleep is Thomas Roo (13:30)? I'd really like to know what guy is worth cheating on a clever lad capable of so much badassery as seen here. Yes, the video is a bit long but so worth it, wouldn't you agree? The look on her face when she sees the "big question" revealed is so priceless. Huge bonus points to the cheatee for making the cheater wear funny reindeer ears for no other purpose than to make her look silly! She was fully expecting a romantic proposal that she could brag to her friends and family about but got the reversal of a lifetime and nothing but shame and embarrassment to share instead. No time to talk, no time for explanations or denials, not even time for closure. Because this guy was ready to drop his key through the mail slot right altering dumping this cheater and move on to better things!

14 Two-Timer Catches Karma In The Outback

Revenge of the cheated-on boyfriends, Australian-style! Here's another case of two men realizing they have been dating the same girl and teaming up to present her with a double serving of karma. The plan was so simple yet so powerfully effective. The look on her face when she sees Guy #2 sitting on the couch of Guy #1's house says what she can not find the words for. For any cheater juggling multiple partners, this has got to be their worst nightmare. She seems to be in a state of shock for several seconds before finally getting to her feet to hightail it out of there as Guy #2 is raining down the slut shame on her. Maybe he's not all that mean... after all, he was nice enough to bring her dress back to her. Ladies, do not two-time Aussie men. They will find out and plot a scheme of epic humiliation with you in the starring role.

13 Happy Valentine's Day, Cheater!

Clearly, Anna was proud of herself, feeling pretty clever to have her guy on the side and being treated to a romantic Valentine's surprise by her loyal, caring boyfriend. Little did she know that he had not only the knowledge of her cheating ways but photographic evidence as well. Oh how quickly her attitude changes when she sees it for herself. Suddenly the light-hearted laughter from not knowing what sweet surprise her boyfriend has planned for her turns into a nervous sort of giggle. It kind of seems that maybe she was expecting a marriage proposal but either way, it's clear that she was completely shocked that he knew. Adding to the chaos, the ex-boyfriend's brother or roommate is clearly fed up with her lying, backstabbing ways as well as he joins in yelling her out of the house. Now, get! And the stuffed animal stays!

12 Is That The Plumber?

Well, well, well. The little lady is certainly one for rules, isn't she? "No shoes on my bed," she says with an air of authority to the plumber. But an extra-marital affair on the bed she shares with her husband? Not a problem! What probably angered the husband even more after he watched the footage was the way she hurries to get ready and runs to the door once her drain-fixing lover announces he is there. She's just too excited. Even the dog seems to understand that having a plumber in the bedroom is a no-no but the wife is hellbent on flushing her marital vows down the drain anyway. The aftermath plays like  something out of an amateur wrestling match. Did you see that bed bounce move? This almost looks too choreographed to be real but I don't think this guy is that good of an actor to display the level of rage he had. In the end, they each get something. He gets the house and she gets humiliated online!

11 Happy Birthday To You - Now Get Out!

Loving the simplicity here. This guy is a master multitasker. He doesn't get mad, he gets even and cleans up his house at the same time! It's too bad that this particular video is so short. I would have loved to get her full reaction but from the short little glimpse we get to see, it looks like she is having an "oh no, I've been caught" kind of realization rather than a "I honestly don't know what you're talking about" confused expression that an innocent person would have. If you think about it, an innocent woman might look at her clothes and things on the bed rather than the birthday gift she was expecting and ask if the surprise is a custom closet or new dresser. This cheater takes one glance and just seems to know exactly what is up. Dumping this cheater on her birthday when she's expecting a fun surprise adds an extra layer to the revenge.

10 Revenge, Monster Truck Show Style

This Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! An impromptu monster truck rally is coming near you! Watch as the betrayed ex-boyfriend CRUSHES the tiny white Saturn beneath its mega wheels just as the cheating ex-girlfriend crushed his once hopeful heart with her nefarious ways! Your ticket is free on YouTube and pays for the whole seat but you'll only need the edge! The friend filming the vehicular carnage seems to be very much enjoying his VIP seating to the event. Take a lesson, all you cheaters. If you're going to cheat, make sure your insurance policies are all in good standing and while you're at it, maybe consider doubling up your coverage just in case. In all seriousness, I feel very sorry for the cheater's car insurance claim adjuster. What a headache. Are acts of a vengeful ex-boyfriend covered under any policy?

9 Clothes-less Cover-Up

The husband behind the camera in this video felt that nothing was getting done around the house and wondered why. He came home early one day and now he nows exactly why the house is in disarray and how his cheating wife is spending her hours while he's away at work. He has no mercy for her as he points the video camera right in her direction, demanding answers as to why she chose to ruin their marriage. She tries to answer them without incriminating herself too much while she scrambles to cover her bare body with the random clothes that have been scattered around on the bed. Out of all of the videos on this list, this ranks very high in terms of embarrassment. I almost feel sorry for this marriage betrayer. How can she ever live this level of humiliation down? I wouldn't want to be this woman when she goes to the next PTA meeting or Girl Scout event and tries to pretend they aren't snickering because of her.

8 Drone Catches Eighteen Years Of Marriage Going Down The Drain

Technology is amazing these days, isn't it? Thanks to a drone, this man was able to catch his spouse of 18 years committing some very suspicious behavior. There are some commenters who suggest that the man was overreacting since the woman wasn't actually caught in the act of cheating. But he wouldn't have had the drone following her (which is yes, very creepy) if she hadn't been showing signs to raise suspicion in the first place or at least, I'd like to believe so. And the accused cheater is showing classic symptoms of being up to something during her little stroll about town. Walking to the edge of the parking lot. Allowing a strange car to follow her. Leaning in to speak to the driver before getting in herself. Unless it's a drug deal or something of that nature, we'll call it cheating. Either way, she's up to no good and now forever humiliated as a little moving dot for all to see.

7 Kindly Caught In The Candlelight

I'll bet that every cheating lady on this list wishes that her boyfriend/husband was as courteous and thoughtful as this cheating victim. When he interrupts a romantic candle-lit scene and catches the mother of his daughter, Janelle, entangled in a compromising situation with Jason, a man he presumably already knows and is friendly with, he surprisingly doesn't blow a gasket. Instead, he calmly leaves his key to the apartment in plain sight, implies that he's willing to stay amicable for their daughter and promises that no one but the judge will see the video -- oops. But still! The man has class and maintains a smooth, cool demeanor the entire time right up to the end when he says, "Sorry for disturbing you and have a nice day." This may possibly be the most polite break-up ever caught on camera... aside from the public humiliation aspect, of course.

6 Double Timing Facebook Floozy Gets Caught In A Cheating Sting!

Heartless! Corey Shiposh had a great cheater revenge plan when he contacted his Facebook girlfriend's current boyfriend, Josh Tappan. Josh hides in the back of Corey's SUV, camera rolling as Corey arrives to meet her for their first face-to-face date. But this cheater is as cold as ice when she gets caught. She has zero remorse and offers no apologies but she has the nerve to drive the knife home deeper when she tells Corey that she was planning to cut him off soon anyway. As nonchalant as she acts on the video, I'm willing to bet that she let out a few good screams in the car on the ride home. Even if she's not regretful of her two-timing actions, I bet she's sorry that she's been forever immortalized on YouTube as a no good cheater. Lesson of the day? Learned! There is a nice silver lining to this story though... I'm sensing a bromance brewing between the ex-boyfriend and the Facebook-ex. You know what they say -- when one door slams shut, another one opens.

5 This Cheating Girl Is Full Of Crap

Or rather, her prized convertible Peugeot is. After all, based on her online dating/cheating profile, she only loves two things in this world... her horses and her Peugeot. She certainly doesn't love her "crazy idiot" of a husband. It's too bad that her reaction wasn't filmed. I can only imagine the level of losing it that befell this cheater when she came home and saw her treasured red convertible covered in ripe manure. While it pains me to see that beautiful car getting ruined, I can't help but realize that this cheater allowed this to happen. Unknowingly, she set up the perfect storm. First, she got arrogant in her cheating ways which is obvious on her dating profile and was forgetful enough to leave it open. Secondly, she left the key to her beloved car in the hands of the man she betrayed and third, she left her car in close proximity to the field where her horses provided the material for the revenge. Good luck with the clean-up. All the lemon Pledge in the universe won't get the scent out.

4 24-Hour Missing Persons Case Closed

Though some of these karmic servings to cheaters are very funny, they are all pretty sad when it comes down to it. A relationship is over. Sweet memories have been tainted with the sourness of betrayal. And though life moves on, emotional scars, however large or small, will forever etch themselves onto the road to finding true love for the people on this list. This cheater confrontation is one of the sadder stories. This husband and father didn't bother calling police when his wife hadn't been seen for the last 24 hours because he already knew where she was: cheating. The husband takes video footage for proof to be used during their divorce and talks about how sad he is that the courts will likely grant primary custody of their children to the wife even though she is a cheating party girl. Perhaps saddest of all, the wife barely acknowledges him after she stumbles in the front door. Hopefully the judge has a sympathetic spirit and watched this heartbreaking video before rendering a decision.

3 Who's That Sleeping In My Bed?

It's not stated if the tattling roommate sold the cheater out due to spite over a past disagreement or she reported the immoral behavior because she just disagreed with the cheater's evil heartbreaking ways. Either way, the boyfriend behind the camera was fired up and ready for a confrontation once he received the tip that his girlfriend was currently laying in bed with another man. It seems like the guy with his arm under the man's girlfriend may be pretending to be asleep but finally, he answers questions, all in a nonchalant manner as if the boyfriend of the girl he just slept with isn't angry and standing over him with a video camera. The girlfriend also acts pretty casual. It's as if they are nice enough to tolerate her boyfriend who has interrupted their romantic rest. After this confrontation, one man's dating profile was ready to be reactivated and one roommate was in the market for a new drama-free cohabitant.

2 Live Revenge On The Radio

Now ask yourself... have two male shock jock-types from a radio show ever just randomly called anyone for anything good? No. Prospective contest winners call in. That should have been this poor cheater's first clue. Sadly for Ashley but to the utter delight of the two hosts, Woody and Rizz, and cheatee, Chris, this show keeps rolling. She promised Chris, who was gearing up for a proposal that was just days away, that Eric was just a friend, nothing more than a buddy. But buddies don't usually make out at bars with one another, do they? Because that's what Chris' friends saw transpire between Ashley and Eric, the "friend." The best way that Chris knew to get the revenge that his cheater deserved was to humiliate her on the air but not before teasing her with the romantic wedding proposal that her heart desires.

1 Snapchat Set Up To Facebook Fallout

Snap! That's got to hurt. A man finds out that his lady love has a roving eye when it comes to online dating and sets up his own personal sting operation via Snapchat to uncover her bad behavior. When she sends racy nude photos to a guy she thinks she's cheating on him with, he uses the photos against her in the most hurtful and public way on Facebook. There are two schools of thought with stories like these. Some think that he was perfectly justified to publicly shame her. After all, she willingly sent the photos over on top of cheating. Others say that he went too far especially since she didn't think she was sending the photos to him. Technically, the boyfriend essentially catfished his own girlfriend to catch her in her lies. Which side of the camp are you on?


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15 Cheating Girls Get Karma And Shamed On Cam