15 Celebs You Didn't Know Had Sleazy Jobs Before Their Big Break

It’s hard to believe, to even picture big stars like Brad Pitt or Taylor Swift flipping burgers for a living. For some reason, in our heads, we think of them as always having been famous. But before they got their big breaks they were just like us. Some of them had crappy jobs just like the ones that we had and some of these jobs were even a little sleazy. Can you imagine what some of these celebrities did to make an honest living before they got to the high life? It’s hard to believe it was ever that way but you are sure to love these stories.

These jobs are far from the glamorous lives that the celebrities lead now and it makes you wonder if they always knew they were going to make it or if they had to consider that waitressing was going to be as good as it gets for them. Considering the lavish lifestyles that they lead now, it’s always hard to believe when a celebrity tells an interviewer that they used to slum it in fast food just like we did.

In a way, it’s a good thing to hear these stories because it makes our favorite celebrities more human. You might be surprised to hear what some of these celebrities did before they got their big breaks. Check out these celebrities you didn’t know had sleazy jobs before their big break.


15 Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken is certainly one celebrity that we can’t imagine being anything but famous. He’s an amazing actor and he’s a living legend in Hollywood. Not only that but he’s a weird character as well so it’s hard to believe he was ever in any kind of a normal job. You might be surprised to know that Walken was a lion tamer when he was a teenager. Seriously, it’s no joke. But considering the job maybe it’s one that you aren’t too surprised about. Oddly enough the circus allowed a sixteen-year-old to tame lions. "The real lion tamer who owned the small circus would do this big act with a dozen big cats. And then he would send them all out at the end and just leave this one old lion.” This sounds totally shifty. He’s lucky he wasn’t eaten.

14 Victoria Beckham


This girl lives nothing less than a very glamorous lifestyle. Seriously, she’s always seen in the front row during fashion week. But she didn’t always live the high life, in fact, there was a time in the '80s when she played a sperm on roller skates. Let’s take a moment to just enjoy this. We’re not talking about anything dirty; it wasn’t a strip show or anything, it was actually educational. In 1986, she was featured on the BBC s*x-education show Body Matters. Her role, unfortunately, was that of a big sperm on roller skates. Could you imagine that? These days Beckham is never seen in anything that is less than the highest fashion and to think there is a video out there of her dressed as a sperm. Sometimes people will do just about anything for money.

13 Channing Tatum

Speaking of doing anything for money, you may think he got those cool moves from Magic Mike, but he was rolling those hips long before he was famous. That’s right before this handsome hunk was a superstar, he was a male stripper. Don’t they say that something art imitates life, well in Tatum’s case it certainly does? He talked about his life as a stripper when he was interviewed by the Daily Telegraph, “It was one complete year of down-the-rabbit-hole crazy. I am glad I moved on. It definitely has some seedy, darker sides.” We can just imagine. When it comes to male strippers, there are sometimes lonely housewives that want to take the men home to bed and that can be hard to turn down. The life of a stripper is definitely not an easy one. We’re glad that he just acts as a stripper now.

12 Nicki Minaj


Could you imagine going to the Red Lobster and this girl with this look on her face shows up at your table? We couldn’t imagine a worse job for Nicki Minaj; seriously she would be the worst server ever. She just doesn’t have the personality to be serving other people food. We’re not even a little bit surprised that she even found drama at the Red Lobster. She was actually fired from the restaurant because of “discourtesy to customer.” Shocker! Apparently, it was all because the customer took her pen and she actually gave the woman the middle finger. "I chased a customer out of the restaurant once so I could stick my middle finger up at her and demand that she gives me my pen back," Minaj told Billboard. "I swear to God I was bad." Sorry, Minaj, we aren’t surprised at all.

11 Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt certainly has come far in life. He went from being a supporting actor in Thelma & Louise to being a mega superstar. So, what dirty deed do you think he was doing before he got fame, fortune, and eight children? Well, get your heads out of the gutter, it’s not that bad. Pitt had to dress up in a chicken suit and stand outside of the local restaurant El Pollo Loco and hand out flyers to advertise the restaurant. Man, wouldn’t we have loved to have seen that? We hope they at least gave him a good discount on the burritos. It just goes to show how far you can go in life. One day, you’re handing out flyers outside of a restaurant and the next you’re hanging with pals Matt Damon and George Clooney.

10 Jay-Z


Jay-Z has so much money these days that it’s hard to believe he ever lived a normal life before especially a poor life. He comes from humble beginnings and that usually makes one appreciate the fortune that they have. Jay-Z was certainly up to no good before he was a celebrity and maybe becoming a celebrity saved him from a hard life. Before he was famous, Jay-Z admitted to being a crack dealer. It doesn’t get much sleazier than that and were glad that he no longer does that sort of thing. He admitted though that dealing drugs helped him to be business savvy. "I know about budgets. I was a drug dealer. To be in a drug deal, you need to know what you can spend, what you need to re-up." Seriously though, considering the lavish lifestyle that he leads these days, it’s hard to believe that he was ever into that shady business.

9 Rachel McAdams

This gorgeous actress hails from Canada and she is one girl that has done amazing things with her career. But before she was a glamorous actress she actually worked at McDonald’s salting fries and flipping burgers. It wasn’t just a quick stint either, she was there for three years. Even though we can never imagine her not doing her best, she told Glamour she was not a great employee. "[I worked at McDonald's] for a good three years. I was not a great employee; I broke the orange juice machine one day." However, she did state that it was a great place to work. "I had a little bit of an OCD thing with hand washing and just didn't have time," she explains to Glamour. "They were like, 'Hey, the drive-through's backing up. Stop washing your hands!'" We just love this girl.


8 Whoopi Goldberg


If you’re someone that has ever call a 900 number, than you know that you never can tell who the phone s*x worker is going to be. For all you know when she is whispering sweet nothings in your ear she’s actually an up and coming celebrity. What would you say if you found out that deep throaty voice that was talking dirty to you was none other than Whoopi Goldberg? Some might be impressed while others might shudder at the thought. It’s true though before she got fame and fortune, she was a phone s*x worker. It’s hard to believe that’s for sure. She was also a morgue beautician and a bricklayer. "I needed the money and I needed to work. So, I figured I would rather lay bricks than lay men for money," she told The Independent.

7 Jon Hamm

It might be a little hard to believe, but before Jon Hamm was famous, he was a set-dresser for porn films. He worked on sets that pumped out soft-core porn. You may think he was living the dream by being around naked women all the time, but Hamm didn’t see it that way. He thought it was the worst job ever and even called it “soul-crushing.” He did the job in the '90s and he told Vanity Fair magazine, “I was actually at that time working as a set dresser for Cinemax soft-core-porn movies. It was soul-crushing.” He loved his job on Mad Men and we are so thankful that he got out of the porn biz. “This is the best job I've ever had and maybe ever will have in my life — it's so fun to play all of this. It can be relentlessly dark. It can be terribly s*xually inappropriate, is a way to say it. But who else gets a chance to do any of that stuff? There's so much there.”

6 Amy Adams


Amy Adams has certainly come a long way in her career and these days she is working on some pretty big budget films. So, it’s always surprising when you hear of a celebrity who has done so well and yet her humble beginnings started at Hooters. Adams found herself working there as a waitress before she was famous. Adams isn’t ashamed though; she’s proud that she had the body that was deemed acceptable to work at Hooters. "I would be proud of that. I would be like, 'I had the body, people! Well, I was like 18, so everybody has the body at 18," she said. "But it was a great job out of high school and I was a hostess at first, and then I waited tables for a while, and it was great. It was a great way for me to earn money for college,” she told ET.

5 Demi Moore

Demi Moore is one actress that had a tough upbringing before she became super famous. She was raised in poverty and even described herself as a “trailer park girl.” Before she was famous, she actually worked as a debt collector. We couldn’t imagine a worse job than that. Not only would it be depressing to call people who don’t have mone,y but everyone hates debt collectors too. She started as a debt collector after she dropped out of high school at 16. It was the only job that she had to support herself aside from the occasional modelling gig. A few years after that she got some work on General Hospital. Moore certainly has an interesting life story and one that should be read if given the chance. She’s probably relieved that she was able to give her children a better life than she had.

4 Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie never really grew up in the real world. Her family always had money because her father Jon Voight was an actor in the industry. Though growing up, Jolie was unsure of whether she wanted to follow her father’s footsteps into Hollywood. At one point, she actually applied to become a funeral director. We’re not really that surprised. Jolie has always been a morbid person; many people thought she was creepy when she was younger and there was that whole faze that she went through where she wore her boyfriend’s blood around her neck. We could totally see her as a funeral director. “If this whole acting thing didn't work out that was going to be my path,” Jolie said in a television interview. “It sounds like this very strange, eccentric, dark thing to do, but in fact, I lost my grandfather and was very upset with his funeral. How somebody passes and how a family deals with this passing and how death should be addressed in a different way.”

3 Evangeline Lilly

Before this star was on a popular TV series like Lost and became one of the Avengers as The Wasp, she was a flight attendant. We can see it though; she’s very personable and friendly. Though maybe not all her passengers felt that way. She told Leno on The Tonight Show that she felt the need to take some revenge on a passenger while working as a flight attendant for Royal Airlines. “One time, there was this guy who was really awful to me, and I was really struggling that day because I had really bad gas. And as a flight attendant, you don’t let that go when you’re on a plane,” she said. “So, this guy got under my skin to the point that finally I decided to save it all up, and when I was walking past him and when I got to row 48, I let it rip, right in his face.”

2 Ozzy Osbourne


Again, we aren’t really surprised to find out that Ozzy Osbourne worked at a slaughterhouse before he was famous. His time there may be the reason why he decided to become a vegetarian, though he denies it. In his memoir, I Am Ozzy, he talks about his time working at the slaughterhouse. He talks about how his job there, killing animals was the one thing that he was really good at and it was a gruesome job to have. Osbourne told Britain's Sunday Times Magazine, "I've pretty much become a vegetarian. Seriously. It's my new phase: brown rice and vegetables. I don't even drink milk, apart from a splash in my tea. It ain't because of the animals. I mean, I used to work in a slaughterhouse. You won't see me marching over the frozen tundra, hunting down people who club seals. I just can't digest meat anymore."

1 Nicole Kidman

You might not realize that Nicole Kidman was another actress that had to drop out of high school when she was 17. It couldn’t have been easy for her to take on the role of supporting her family at such a young age. Her mother at the time was diagnosed with breast cancer and it was Kidman’s job to go to work to help support the family. She’s certainly come a long way since those days, but at that time, she had to work as a massage therapist to pay the family bills. Her mother survived the cancer scare and Kidman made it to Hollywood. "I find trying to solve problems and saving lives far more important than my film career," she's said. She’s always had a good heart in everything that she does and now she no longer has to worry about financial problems.


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