15 Celebs Who Wouldn't Be So Hot Without Fame & Fortune

How often do we find ourselves drooling over photos of celebrities in magazines? Their skin is flawless, their hair and makeup is on-point, their teeth are perfect, their bodies are unbelievable and their style is so fashion forward. But, have you ever stopped to think about what these people would actually look like if they never found fame and fortune? They wouldn’t have a team of photoshop professionals to cover up their zits and wrinkles. They wouldn't have a glam squad at their finger tips 24/7. They wouldn't have infinite funding to spend on cosmetic dentistry. They wouldn't have the means to spend thousands of dollars on personal trainers, meal plans and plastic surgery. And, they wouldn’t have every hot designer on the planet begging them to wear their expensive clothing.

There’s no doubt that everyone needs a little bit of help to achieve what society defines as beauty. We wear makeup and get our hair done. We try to keep up with the latest trends and struggle to look hot in swimsuits. Even with all that effort, the truth is, at the end of the day most of us just end up looking like average citizens. Celebrities, on the other hand, can do all of those things and then some. They have the monetary means to make themselves look flawless. Hence, here we are constantly wanting to look like them even though it’s never going to happen.

If the people on the following list were just like us, average people on the street with nothing but the bare minimum to spend on exterior grooming, would we really think they were all that hot? You be the judge. This list will show you that at the end of the day you’re not ugly, you’re just poor.


15 Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

Long gone are the Jersey Shore days of drunken shenanigans for Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, and gone with those days is her ugliness. She used to be a total hot mess, drowning in leopard print clothing, fake tanner and long ratty hair. Fame might have been a blessing and a curse for Polizzi. In one sense, it fuelled her outrageous antics— the pouffy hair, horrendous style and crazy behaviour. In another sense, it also helped her look the way she does today.

Once she became a mother, Polizzi’s look totally changed. She began working out and lost 42 pounds post pregnancy. She also conquered the self-consciousness she had about her teeth by purchasing a set of veneers to show off a new smile. Beyond that, she traded in her trashy style for a classier look. Fame may have created the monster of “Snooki” but money helped turn her into who we know now as Nicole Polizzi. Who knew all of that potential could have been underneath that mess?

14 Jay Z

Men might have it worse off than women when they’re cursed with unfortunate looks. They can’t really wear makeup, they have limited hairstyles to pull off and they can’t primp themselves the way ladies can. Jay Z is one man who was dealt a poor hand aesthetically. Unfortunately there isn’t much he can do about it except own it, and that’s what he’s been doing. In the before-photo we see a young awkward-looking kid, and in the after-photo we see a sexy and successful music mogul.

Jay Z is one of the best rappers and best-selling artists of all time. He has a net-worth of around $550 million. The confidence and attitude he has on stage screams hot. Plus, when you’re married to a woman as gorgeous as Beyoncé Knowles, you automatically become more attractive. If it weren’t for Jay Z’s insane talent, self-confidence and fame he’d just be another less-than-average Joe on the street.

13 Khloe Kardashian

Poor Khloe Kardashian has always been known as the black sheep of her clan. Every single one of her sisters are smokin’ hot. Some of them have had to work for that status harder than others, but no one has worked as hard as Khloe. She has been ragged on since the beginning of the Kardashian’s stardom for being the “fat, ugly” sister, and boy has she proved everyone wrong as of lately.

All of Khloe’s sisters have been blessed with pretty faces and hot bodies. She began her transformation into a hottie by becoming obsessed with working out and eating healthy. She lost 40 pounds and got herself some six-pack abs. Along with her weight loss came confidence. She started dressing to show off her new bod, posing for sexy photoshoots and just like that, a hottie was born. Without Khloe being pushed by the media and her infinite fund to spend on the gym, trainers, nutritionists and alluring wardrobe, we’re not sure this transformation would have been possible.

12 Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest was downright unrecognizable before he became the biggest television and radio host in Hollywood. He once was a goofy-looking kid with glasses, braces and some extra pounds. As a kid, he claims he used to sneak junk food behind his mother's back turning him into the little tubby guy he was. He recalls being teased as a kid for his weight and that’s what motivated him to get fit. Not to mention, when you’ve constantly got cameras in your face it leaves so much room for criticism. The camera adds 10 pounds, don’t cha know?

Seacrest works out regularly (likely at an expensive LA gym) and eats healthy (likely from an expensive professional chef). Although he seems to look good effortlessly, he’s definitely put work into becoming his hot current self.

11 Blake Lively

This one seems out of left field right? Blake Lively is one of those people who give off incredible natural beauty. She looks like she could be flawless without a makeup and hair team, without the fancy clothes and certainly without any Photoshop. While that could be true now, there once was a Blake Lively who looked a little bit different.

Since she’s never been open about having plastic surgery, it is unclear when she decided to have procedures. However, it is evident that she’s definitely had work done. In 'before' photos, you can see her nose used to be larger and wider. Her eyelids also used to be hooded over. Today, we see she has a smaller, narrower nose and her eyes look more open. This, ladies and gentlemen, is plastic surgery gone right! Go into fame looking like the girl next door, come out looking like sexpot.

10 Jennifer Aniston

“BLASPHEMY”, is what you must all be thinking. How could we possibly name the Sexiest Woman of All Time (according to Men’s Health Magazine) on this list? Well, she wasn't always so sexy. In fact, without an investment into plastic surgery, we may have never even known who Jennifer Aniston was.

In the before-photo, you see a sweet, young 21-year-old Aniston with a noticeably different look than what we’re used to. In 1993, she landed her first major role in the film Leprechaun following that, she opted for some cosmetic surgery. She claims it was a deviated septum that lead to her nose job, either way the result helped her land the her part as Rachel Green on the television show Friends. From then on, her fame and hotness went nowhere but up. A strict health routine, expensive beauty regimes and other rumoured plastic surgeries have kept Aniston on everyone's hot-list for decades now.

9 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has never necessarily tried to be hot or sexy. She’s been pretty authentic throughout her career portraying herself as the girl next door. She started off in the music business as a blonde, blue-eyed, curly-haired teenager. She was certainly cute but no one went as far as to call her sexy. When her career shifted from country music to pop music, she began showing off a different side of herself. She ditched her sundresses and cowboy boots for belly-bearing tops and high heels. If it weren’t for her celebrity status, we would have never known the sexier side of Swift.

She knows how to work her assets. You’ll almost always see her showing off her long gorgeous legs on the red carpet, and her toned abs on stage. We’ve seen alluring bikini pics on her social media and some sultry images captured in GQ Magazine. She may not be your typical hottie, but Taylor Swift has certainly become more in touch with her sexy side since embracing stardom.


8 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is one of Hollywood’s hottest “butterfaces". She’s no doubt got a hot bod, but her face is anything less than beautiful. She relies a lot on her fame to put her in the category of sexy. Back in the Hannah Montanna days, Cyrus was a sweet kid with a cute face. Unfortunately, young and cute can only last so long. As Cyrus grew into a young adult in Hollywood, her Disney star image just wasn’t cutting it for her anymore, she wanted to show off a sexier side. She took her butterface and rocked it.

Cyrus shocked everyone in 2012 when she chopped off her long brunette locks into a bleach-blonde buzzed style. She started showing off her tight and toned body and quite frankly acting like a total weirdo. I guess when you’re a celebrity you can get away with swinging naked on a wrecking ball and whatnot. If it weren’t for Cyrus’ fame, she could have never gotten away with being a sex-symbol with a face like that.

7 Mariah Carey

Would Mariah Carey really be the diva she is today if she still looked the way she did before she became famous? Prior to being known as one of the most amazing female vocalists of all time, Carey looked totally average. There was nothing special or jaw-dropping about her, she probably didn’t speak in a fake British accent or refer to everyone as “dahling” all the time. Fame and money certainly went to her head— and her face, and her breasts, and her body, if you know what we mean.

Carey has never admitted to having any work done although it’s blatantly obvious. As shown in the before-photo, the pre-famous Carey had a large, bulbous nose and her cheek bones were not as pronounced as they are today. She’s also been rumoured to have had breast enlargements, botox and liposuction. She says all the changes to her body are simply from aging and changes in her weight. Sorry, we just don’t believe you, “dahling".

6 Kylie Jenner

When you see today’s version of Kylie Jenner in Instagram posts and on the cover of magazines, you notice how gorgeous she is. She’s got the most amazing curves, flawless skin and a beautiful face. Her makeup is always on-point and she seems to rock every single hair colour that's ever existed. However, we do have to remember she’s only 19 years old, and she’s gone to such extremes to look mature that she sometimes looks like a 40-year-old botox-obsessed housewife.

If you were to see a “normal” and not-so-famous Kylie Jenner walking down the street, chances are you wouldn’t even give her a second look. The real Kylie Jenner, before the confirmed lip injections and before the hair and makeup, looks like an average teen girl. She’s got a young face with childlike freckles covering it. Her fame and fortune have allowed her to go from average to one of the hottest young celebs out there. Cosmetic enhancements have definitely gained her sexy status but she definitely has been blessed with one thing by genetics— her hot bod (if you forget all the waist trainers).

5 Zac Efron

There’s no doubt Zac Efron always had the potential to be good looking. He just didn’t know it before his acting career took off. Prior to becoming a household name, Efron just looked like a regular teen with his shaggy hair and imperfect teeth. Luckily, the prospects of making it big in Hollywood encouraged him to seek cosmetic dentistry. He couldn’t have just been a normal teenager and wore the typical train track type braces, no he went ahead and spent $10K on his smile. He used Invisalign and teeth whitening to give him that charming smile.

Coming into adulthood, Efron’s career got bigger and he got hotter. He ditched the shaggy cut, grew some scruffy facial hair and bulked up his muscles. He’s a professional at smouldering his blue eyes in photos and isn’t ashamed to show off his hot bod. Efron may have started as an ugly duckling, but thanks to his career we now get to enjoy the hot swan he has become.

4 Britney Spears

Britney Spears seems to have a love/hate relationship with cameras. Back in her prime, the pop star was fresh-faced and beautiful, always showing off her mega-watt smile for pictures. As time went on and the stress of superstardom set in, we started to see the ugly side of Spears. When she had her infamous 2007 mental breakdown, the beautiful Britney we all grew to love disappeared. Paparazzi snapped more and more unflattering pictures by the day, nose-picking, head-shaving, ugly-crying and more. Eventually, when things began to look up for her, the beautiful and talented Brit was back.

Harsh paparazzi photos of Spears reveal deep down she’s just an average person. She goes some days without a stitch of makeup on or combing her hair, wears sweats out in public and struggles with acne. Without a little help from personal trainers, aestheticians and Photoshop, Britney Spears might not be the blonde bombshell we all know her as.

3 Heidi Montag

Previous to starring on the TV show The Hills, Heidi Montag was an average young girl from Colorado. After being on television for four years, the pressure of Hollywood appeared to get to her head. She claims she was super insecure about her look when critics would say she had a "horse face" and a "Jay Leno chin". She became obsessed with her looks and turned to plastic surgery to conquer her insecurities. Montag underwent a whopping 10 procedures in one day including a nose job, a chin reduction and breast enlargements. She went from cute Colorado girl to Hollywood playmate.

It is widely criticized that Montag went too extreme with her enhancements. Even she admits to not liking the plastic look. But, that didn’t stop her from prancing around in bikinis showing off her F-cup breasts. The new Heidi might not be everyone's cup of tea, but on the hot-meter, it’s a definite improvement from her pre-fame days.

2 Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has always been known as one of Hollywood’s hottest. He’s got dreamy eyes, a dreamy smile and always stars in action-packed flicks making him even more attractive. Prior to becoming the mega celebrity he is today, Cruise struggled with something very common— a jacked up smile. The 'before' shot is of him while he was filming the 1983 film The Outsiders, and of course the 'after' shot is the hottie Tom Cruise we all know presently.

The lady's man smile Cruise dons today has had a lot of work put into it. Cruise was so insecure about his smile at the beginning of his acting career that he would decline magazine photoshoots. Luckily, after earning some cash he was finally able to invest in the perfect smile. Cosmetic dental procedures Cruise has had done have rumoured to include: bonding, whitening, dental implants and gum removal. Many of these procedures are extremely expensive. Money well spent, Cruise.

1 Adam Levine

If someone were ever to tell the guy on the left that he would one day be known as People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, he would probably think it was some sort of sick joke. The zit-faced teen clearly didn’t know what kind of potential he had or what a sexy guy he would later become.

All it took was a little primping to turn this ugly ducking into a swan. The Adam Levine we know now has clearly ditched the greasy, middle-parted mushroom cut (thank god) and gotten his acne under control. According to him, the skincare line Proactiv is to thank for his clear skin. Him being the A-lister he is landed a contract with them to become an (acne free) face for the company. He’s also grown into his rockstar persona by growing some sexy facial hair and bulking up. Last but not least, he added a few tough-looking tattoos and BAM, recipe for the Sexiest Man Alive.

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