15 Celebs Who Stayed After An Affair (But We Didn't Forget)

Cheating is one of the biggest betrayals that can ever happen in a relationship and it’s one of the things that is hard to recover from. Cheating breaks trust and once that happens, it can be hard to get back. Sometimes, it’s even impossible to trust your partner again. Celebrity cheating scandals have to be the worst because these people have to also deal with the public when the scandal hits the news. Unlike us normal people who can wallow and deal with the pain in private, celeb breakups become a public affair. It’s a wonder how any of them get back together.

When Beyoncé found out that her man Jay-Z cheated on her, she wasn’t about to take him back without showing him how angry she was. This girl shocked the world when she wrote a song about it and let it out in the world. No one can understand why the two ever stayed together in the first place. She’s a goddess and he’s a lot older than her, and they have more than enough money to split and still be wealthy AF! Maybe it had to do with the fact that they now have children together. Whatever it may be, even though they're always in the spotlight, you never really know what happens behind closed doors. Staying together after a partner cheats happens more often than we'd like to think and for various reasons. It also makes us wonder, is it true that "once a treater, always a cheater?" I guess we'll have to keep a close eye on these 15 celeb couples and see if how faithful they can be.


15 Beyoncé And Jay-Z

We were shocked when we found out Jay-Z was unfaithful. Let’s be real here, who did he find that was better than his famous, gorgeous, amazing wife? Who’s to say, but it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that a male celebrity cheated on his gorgeous wife. When he cheated on her, she got a decent revenge when she released a song about it, putting him in his place. In an interview with The New York Times, he explained that he cheated because he was still emotionally shut down from his difficult upbringing. “You have to survive. So, you go into survival mode, and when you go into survival mode, what happens? You shut down all emotions. So even with women, you're going to shut down emotionally, so you can’t connect. In my case, like it’s, it’s deep. And then all the things happen from there: infidelity.” We hope he’s learned his lesson.

14 Hugh Grant And Elizabeth Hurley


Hugh Grant couldn’t have insulted his gorgeous supermodel girlfriend anymore than when he cheated on her with a prostitute. What the heck are you thinking man? What do you need a hooker for when you have that beauty at home? What was even more shocking was that she took him back. The scandal made the news because Grant was actually arrested for soliciting the prostitute and that had to have been mortifying for Hurley. At the time, they had been together for almost a decade, and even after the scandal she stayed with him until 2000 when they finally split for good. Maybe she finally got sick of his womanizing behavior. Even after they split, the couple remained close and Hurley has said that the two still talk every single day. He must have some serious hold on this woman.

13 Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union

We could never understand how anyone could cheat on Gabrielle Union; she’s just an absolute fox. Professional basketball player Dwyane Wade made a pretty huge mistake when he cheated because he also got his mistress Aja Metoyer pregnant. Now that is certainly something that is hard to live down. Wade defends his actions by saying that he and Union were “on a break” when it happened and we have to wonder if he watched too many Friends episodes. Unfortunately, the birth date of his child shows that it wasn’t the case, that he was in fact with Union at the time he slept with Metoyer. Union decided to give him another chance and the two have been married since 2014. Judging by the fact that they were recently talking about how the two do the deed between his games, things sound like they are going well between them.

12 Sarah Jessica Parker And Matthew Broderick


Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have been together for a long time and celebrated their 20th anniversary this year. Apparently, Broderick has a long history of cheating on Parker. Honestly, we don’t get it, because aside from being cute in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, he’s looked pretty dorky since then. She has forgiven him time and again, though, so there must be something there that keeps them together. She made her feelings about him known publicly in 2001 when she purposely left him out of her Golden Globe acceptance speech for Best Actress. We love how these women put their cheating spouses in their place in such a public fashion. In 2008 when word got out, officially, that he has cheated on the actress a bunch of times. Through it all, though, Parker stayed with him. Is it true love or foolishness? Only time will tell.

11 David Boreanaz And Jaime Bergman

David Boreanaz and Playboy model Jaime Bergman were married for ten years when he cheated on her. Was it that he just got bored of his sexy wife? Is it possible to get bored of a Playboy model? The Bones star had an affair with a TV correspondent by the name of Rachel Uchitel. Bergman decided to forgive her man and stay with him, and Boreanaz actually had the nerve to say that the affair was “good for his marriage.” What?! He was unfaithful to his wife in 2010 and he claims that the cheating scandal actually brought them closer together. It was like a “bonding experience, in the long run,” he told Daily Mail. We’re pretty sure Bergman would have preferred it never happened at all. They are still considered to be happily married to this day.

10 Fergie And Josh Duhamel


Fergie and Josh Duhamel have always been such a cute couple and they seemed to adore each other. That’s why it came as such a shock when Duhamel cheated on Fergie. They were only married a year at the time when a girl from Atlanta claimed she had an affair with the actor. We have to believe the woman considering nine months before the two got married, Fergie announced to the world that Duhamel had cheated on her with a stripper. So chances are, he did it again. Duhamel denied being with the woman from Atlanta. Maybe Fergie believed him and that's why they stayed together. Fergie has said that the stripper scandal actually made them stronger. We have our doubts, but we're not in the relationship.

9 David Beckham And Victoria Beckham

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham used to wow us with what appeared to be an epic love. They clearly adored each other which is why his affair with his personal assistant, of all people, came as a shock to everyone. Though he wouldn’t be the first celebrity to have an affair with a personal assistant. For the record, the assistant, Rebecca Loos has stated that she has zero regrets about the affair. She even used to call herself his “second wife.” Classy! So, why did Victoria take him back? Loos was the one that exposed the affair and David always denied it. But we're not quite sure we believe him. The couple stayed together through it all and seemed stronger than ever. We are betting that Victoria is screening his assistants from now on.


8 Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber


When Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber first started dating, everyone thought they were just the cutest couple ever. That is until she found out that Bieber was cheating on her every chance he got. They were together for three years, so we know it can be hard to give up on a long-term relationship, but there's no denying he was such a dog. She took him back even though he cheated on her multiple times. Although they did eventually break up, after recently splitting with The Weeknd, Gomez and Bieber got back together. Maybe Gomez is a masochist, or it’s possible that Bieber realized what he lost and finally changed his cheating ways.

7 Antonio Banderas And Melanie Griffith

When Melanie Griffith met Antonio Banderas, it was practically love at first sight. There were rumors that she cheated on her then-husband Don Johnson with Banderas. She did leave her husband and she and Banderas got married. Maybe it was karma when Banderas stepped out on her in 2012, when he was caught kissing a woman in Cancun. Woman’s Day was the one that reported the story and witnesses claimed he was kissing a blonde multiple times. He was married to his wife for over 15 years when it happened. She stayed with him even though it wasn’t the first time that there were cheating rumors. She probably stayed because she was genuinely madly in love with him. Sadly, the two did eventually split in 2014; we’re not sure if it was due to more cheating.

6 Carey Hart And P!nk


Carey Hart and P!nk have had a whirlwind relationship, and they’ve been through things that many couples would never even dream of. These two got together and then broke up many times, and some of it had to do with the many rumors going around in 2008 that Hart cheated on P!nk. They got married and even separated at one point, making everyone think they were finally done. But instead, they got back together and had a baby. They seem stronger than ever and this might just be a true love story after all. We hope this cheater learns from his mistakes. There have been many times when P!nk has gushed about how much she loves her new life as a soccer mom and how great of a dad Hart is. We can only hope it’s all true.

5 Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is talented and stunning, and any man would be lucky to be with her. Unfortunately, Daily Mail reported in 2006 that Keith Urban was dumb enough to cheat on Kidman throughout their whole relationship. There were rumors of tour-bus parties and hookups with young girls. The problem is, there was more than one rumor, so it’s doubtful that they were all lies. There were even rumors as recently as 2015 that claimed Urban cheated on his wife with touring support act, Kelsea Ballerini. Kidman, somehow, doesn’t seem to believe any of the rumors and called the most recent one “rubbish.” By all accounts, the two still seem happily married.

4 Bill Clinton And Hilary Clinton


This one certainly shocked us because being publicly humiliated in the way that Hilary was would have been too much for most people. The fact that Bill and Monica carried on a long-term affair is just too scandalous for words. This wasn’t a one-time cheat; he was with Monica multiple times. It was one of the most publicized affairs in history, making it that much worse for Hillary. We would have thought that Hilary would bail, but she didn’t. Maybe she liked being married to a powerful man, or maybe she already knew she would run for office herself. Hilary said in an interview with HuffPost, “Forgiveness is a choice. And I fully respect those who don’t make that choice, for whatever reason, in their personal or their professional lives, but for me, it was absolutely the right choice.”

3 Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson

This was another scandal that rocked the world because no one could believe that Kristen Stewart would ever cheat on her Twilight co-star Robert Pattison. He’s just so dreamy and worked really hard to snag the girl of his dreams in the first place. She seemed so over the moon with him, too. That all changed, however, when she met Rupert Sanders, the director of Snow White and the Huntsman. The scandal was made even bigger because of the fact that Sanders was married with children. Although Sanders' marriage fell apart, Pattinson was determined to keep his love with Stewart alive. He wanted to forgive the actress after she professed publicly how sorry she was and how much she loved him. It only lasted a year, however, before the two finally called it quits. Twilight fans all over the world were crushed that Stewart cheated and ruined the relationship.

2 Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott


Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have certainly had a lot of ups and downs. McDermott cheated on his first wife with Spelling when they met on a movie set. So, Spelling should have known that there was a chance that McDermott would cheat on her too. The two decided to stay together and signed up for some therapy sessions. During an interview with E! News Tori said, "I can 100 per cent move past the infidelity. I believe that women have the power and it was a choice, and people can judge me and say, ‘Well she stayed with him.' But I think it's more powerful to make the choice to try to heal the relationship and work on it and work through it if you truly love someone."

1 Kendra Wilkinson And Hank Baskett

In this relationship, both parties were caught cheating at one point or another, so we’re not really sure why they bother staying together. Hank Baskett was a former wide receiver when he stepped out on the former Girl Next Door model Kendra Wilkinson. It was quite the humiliating experience for Wilkinson, especially when she found out he slept with a transgender model Ava London in 2014. Maybe she wanted to get a little bit of revenge on Baskett, or maybe she’s just a cheater herself, but in 2015, Wilkinson was also caught on camera kissing another man. Cheating once is bad enough, but when there is multiple cheating all over the place, it can be hard to forgive and move on. These two, however, have stuck it out and they are still married to this day. Sometimes misery loves company.


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