15 Celebs Who Raised Monsters

It’s always surprising when you see celebrities who seem down to Earth. They give money to charity and seem like good people, but their children are absolute nightmares. How does this happen to good people? Maybe it’s because this celeb kids grew up in wealthy households where they were given everything, or maybe it has something to do with the fact that they grew up in the limelight along with their parents. Either way these kids have been giving their parents a run for their money. It’s pretty obvious that children that are born to celebrities don’t always have normal lifestyles or traditional childhoods. They don’t know what it’s like to go without a platinum credit card and they are often surrounded by money and power. Sometimes, that can mean that these kids grow up with little to no boundaries and that’s where the problems come in. The saying “money can’t buy everything” is very true in situations like this.

Being a celebrity means that sometimes your children grow up in Hollywood, surrounded by drugs, alcohol, and insane parties. Drew Barrymore used to attend parties with her mother at quite a young age and was always surrounded by alcohol. She became a young teenager with a drinking problem. These kids who grow up with everything can at times end up being spoiled brats. It doesn’t happen to everyone; there are plenty of kids who grew up in Hollywood that are pretty awesome humans.

Some of these Hollywood children have broken the law, been in rehab, and are just downright troubled. They don’t care about the rules; they do whatever they want to. Here are 15 celebs who are raising monsters!

15 Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson

It’s sad to see their names on the list because these two are supremely decent human beings. Chet Hanks is their second son and he has struggled with drug addiction for many years. He got himself in a little trouble in 2015 when he hit a driver named Terry Moogan. Apparently, Chet was intoxicated at the time. Terry filed a suit and named Tom and Rita as co-defendants. Moogan stated that the parents were just as at fault for the accident since they were aware of the fact that Chet struggled with sobriety and they also owned the car. It was proven that Chet was under the influence of some type of drug while he was driving, so things didn’t go so well for him. In the end, he was forced to check into rehab. It’s sad to see a nice family struggle with something like this.

14 Nicolas Cage

Not too many people are aware that Nicolas Cage has a son named Weston who is now 26. He has had a long history of drug abuse and in 2011, he was arrested for domestic abuse. So, he doesn’t seem like that great of a human to begin with. This past year, he was involved in a car chase with the police that ended with him smashing his car into a tree. Nicolas Cage must be so proud. He was driving under the influence when he was running away from the cops and now might now do a year in prison. He had double the legal limit of alcohol in his system when he slammed his car into a tree. The reason he was running from the cops in the first place was that he got into another accident with a driver and instead of exchanging information, he decided to flee the scene before the police arrived.

13 Robert Downey Jr.

It appears as if the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in this case. Though you would think that Robert Downey Jr.’s transformation would have inspired his children to not follow him down the same path. His son Indio Downey was charged in 2014 with a felony count possession of cocaine. His father thankfully checked him into rehab. Indio has struggled with sobriety for many years and we hope that he can stay on the narrow path. In 2016, Robert Downey Jr. publicly congratulated his son on Facebook for sticking to his sobriety. “Congrats are in order for my firstborn, and I’m proud to oblige. Having braved the crucible of addiction (and pleased the court), his ongoing commitment to recovery continues to inspire and amaze.” Let’s hope he gives his father a break after all the drama.

12 Jackie Chan

This father-and-son duo sure look a lot alike. It boggles our minds, though, that these children of celebrities get involved with selling drugs when they have rich and influential parents. Jaycee Chan must be set up with a trust fund or at least an allowance and yet, in 2015, he was caught up in a massive drug bust and sent to a Beijing prison for six months. The Chinese police raided his apartment and found more than 100 grams of marijuana. It must have been terribly embarrassing for Jackie Chan who, in 2009, was literally named an anti-drug ambassador by the Chinese government. Seriously, what is wrong with these kids, can’t they just be happy with the life that they have? Jaycee Chan is certainly giving his father a bad name.

11 Michael Douglas

This is yet another sad story about a rich kid who deals drugs. Honestly, doesn’t Michael Douglas have enough money? Why does his son feel the need to go out and start selling narcotics? That was exactly what Cameron Douglas did. In 2009, he was sentenced to five years in prison for conspiracy to distribute narcotics after being previously busted for selling heroin. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he ended up getting the sentence extended in 2011 because he was once again caught with drugs in his possession. Sometimes, people just don’t ever learn their lessons. He’s still in prison these days and has the opportunity to be released from prison in 2018 with good behavior. We’d like to think he might finally stay away from drugs, but who knows. It’s pretty sad that someone who lives such a privileged life has to get involved with selling drugs.

10 Hulk Hogan

We’re not sure the Hogan's household was ever the healthiest environment for children to grow up in. There have been so many scandals and rumors floating around about what went on in the house. Judging by their reality shows alone, growing up in that madness couldn’t have been easy. Hulk Hogan has had quite the career between his professional wrestling career and that of a TV personality. His son Nick Bollea hasn’t fared so well. He gave his father a bad name when he got behind the wheel of a vehicle drunk in 2007. He wasn’t even old enough to drive the car at the time of the accident. The accident was so bad, it caused critical brain injury to the passenger John Graziano. Hulk Hogan is known for cleaning up his son’s messes instead of teaching him a lesson which may be part of the problem.

9 Bruce Willis And Demi Moore

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore had three daughters together when they were married. These days, they are divorced and they always seemed as if they had a working family. For the most part, Rumer Willis has followed her parents' footsteps and joined the acting world and stayed out of trouble. Their two other daughters however, weren't exactly angels. Scout Willis is in her twenties now and has been partying really hard. She was caught with an open beer while driving and when the cop asked for her ID, she gave him a fake one. That’s all it took for her to get arrested. Sadly, their youngest daughter, Tallulah, had to enter rehab at the tender age of 20 because she had partied way too hard for too many years. We’re not sure why Rumer didn’t go down the same road that her troubled sisters did, but at least it gives her parents a break.

8 Rod Stewart

It certainly can’t be easy living in the shadow of a man like Rod Stewart, especially if you have done nothing exceptional with your life. But it’s still no reason to be a douche. Sean Stewart is Rod's son, and you would think with all that privilege and opportunity he would do something other than assault people. At the young age of 22, Sean was arrested outside of a Miami club for attacking another man. That wasn’t the end of his bad behavior, however. In 2010, he didn’t have a license, but he decided to drive without one anyway and was arrested. It’s just such odd behavior for someone who’s rich. If you don’t have a license, hire a driver. Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl did it and he was considered to be “the man.” Again in 2015, he was once again arrested for the bizarre behavior of riding the carousel at the airport.

7 Hugh Hefner

We can’t really say we're surprised that Hugh Hefner raised a son who is a douche and has no respect for women. In 2012, Marston was arrested for beating Clair Sinclair, his girlfriend at the time. Claire also happened to be a Playmate which has a certain level of creep factor to it. There have been a lot of rumors floating around from former playmates who stated that Hugh slept with all his girls. So was Marston getting his dad’s sloppy seconds? The good part about him being arrested was that he had to go to a domestic violence program for a whole year. We hope he learned about respecting women in that program. There is no excuse for hitting a woman, and any man that does needs to take a hard look at himself.

6 Lionel Richie

It’s not surprising to see Nicole on this list because she was a troubled girl for many years. She wasn’t exactly hanging out with the best of people either. For many years, Nicole Richie walked around like an entitled brat. She was hanging out with Paris Hilton and the two were partying hard. It was a wonder that either of them survived the drugs and partying they were doing, especially since drunk driving seemed to be the "cool" thing to do. It must have been embarrassing for Lionel when his daughter was not only arrested for heroin use, but also drunk driving. In 2003, Nicole was arrested for possession of heroin. Then in 2006, she got charged with drunk driving. We hope she's learned from her shady past and has moved on to a brighter future.

5 Marlon Brando

There are a lot of crimes that can be forgivable when it comes to your own children, but is murder one of them? We’re not sure we can ever condone murder, even if it was to help another family member. Marlon Brando’s son Christian murdered his half sister’s boyfriend. Apparently, his sister Cheyenne confided in him that her boyfriend was abusive toward her. Christian shot the guy right on Marlon’s Mulholland Drive estate. That must have come as quite a shock to his father. We’re not sure why the police couldn’t have been called to deal with the abuse instead of committing such a violent act. He was charged with manslaughter and sent away for six years. He was released in 1996.

4 Joe Montana

Celebrity or not, there are many people all around the world that do stupid things like this, but for some reason, we feel like people in the public eye should know better. In 2011, when Nate Montana, son of Joe Montana was just old enough to drink, he got himself into some trouble. It’s apparently not the first or last time that it happened either. Joe Montana has had multiple issues with his son. Before he was old enough to drink, he would often go off drinking and was charged with misdemeanor underage drinking as well as many other students who were at a party at Notre Dame. He was arrested for a DUI in 2011 as well.

3 Malcolm X

Malcolm X was a great man and he believed in changing the world. Malcolm X was a Muslim preacher and a human rights activist, so you would think his children would have had the same strength of heart. Everyone remembers Malcolm X for all the good that he did in the world. Qubilah Shabazz hasn’t been following in her father’s steps as well as she should have and even went so far as to give the man a bad name. Her father’s death obviously had an effect on her, but instead of doing the good work that her father did, she allowed his death to cause a bitterness and taste for revenge inside of her. She plotted to have Louis Farrakhan, the man who she believed was responsible for her father’s death, killed. We’re not sure how she avoided prison, but instead, she had to agree to go into psychological counselling and a drug and alcohol treatment program.

2 Tommy Hilfiger

Richard Hilfiger is probably every parent’s worst nightmare. Instead of being thankful for the absolute wealth he was born into, this wannabe rapper decided to run against the law. It’s another case, we are afraid, of a rich kid selling drugs. In 2010, he was arrested for marijuana possession and it was believed that he had the intent to sell it. It’s rather disappointing, we’re sure, for Tommy to have a child that has so much but still manages to get in trouble.

1 Cybill Shepherd

This celebrity child decided to rob some people, which is shocking because he's the son of a Hollywood legend. We’re not sure where these kids come up with this stuff. Is the celebrity life so hard that you have to rob people who probably have less than you do? Cyrus Shepard is truly an embarrassment to his mother. In 2010, Cyrus was at the Philadelphia International Airport when he decided that he was going to steal from the carry-on luggage of two passengers. It’s a pretty disgusting thing for a rich person to do and we can just imagine what must have gone through his mother’s mind when she found out. We’re sure that these celebrity parents probably wonder why their children make the decisions that they do when there is so much more that they can offer them in life.


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