15 Celebs Who (Only) Have a Body That Just Wont Quit

Butterfaces are confusing. I know it might be politically correct to say otherwise, but let's face it, they really are. It might be your girlfriend, it might be some chick that you are really into, or it might even be your wife, but the issue is the same no matter who the woman is that we are talking about. Her body is amazing, but her face, not so much. This is an issue even with women that are not celebrities, but when butterfaces are famous, it becomes an even bigger issue because the public is constantly judging them and a lot is riding on their looks.

I am going to say it loud and say it proud. It is okay to be turned on by a Butterface, and it is okay to actually be a Butterface. Let us all do each other a favor and just stop judging each other. Well at least in the face. Judging bodies is totally natural. Here are 15 Celebrities Who Are Butterfaces, But Have a Body That Just Wont Quit.

15 Iggy Azalea

This is a bit of a tough one for some, but not so much for me. Some might argue that Iggy is totally hot, and maybe even beautiful and that it is her talent and her face that has caused her to be totally famous, and not the fact that her body is so totally ridiculous.  But the thing is, can we all be honest for just a minute? Iggy has a decent enough face, there is no doubt about it, but no one would ever say that she was gorgeous. She also is reasonably talented, but no one would ever say that is the reason she was totally successful. No, in all honesty, the reason Iggy is totally successful is because of her ridiculous body. I know it, you know it, and Iggy knows it too.

14 Lea Michelle

Lea Michelle has been around for a very long time, she used to be a child actress on Broadway, and since then has become a huge star as a singer, and on television and even on film. She is very talented and there is no doubt about that, and she also has a really rocking body, and all of that, so what could possibly be the problem? Well, in reality, there is no problem at all, she is successful, makes a lot of money, does her thing and all of that. But the reality of it all is a bit harsh if I have to say so myself. Lea is a butterface.  That doesn't mean that she should be shunned or made fun of, but hey, it has to be at least admitted. Lea, your body is rocking but your face? Well...

13 Chloe Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny has a lot of cred, when it comes to being cool. The indie novelist Jay McInerney said she was "the coolest chick in the world" and then she got a role in Kids which was one of the coolest movies of the '90s. And I guess all of that is cool, and I also guess, well actually I know, that Chloe is pretty talented and also has a totally rocking body. But you know, when you get on the butterface list, there is always a reason. When it comes to Chloe, the reason is pretty obvious, while she is talented, and has a totally killer body, her face is more than a little bit lacking. Which is why she gets the butterface label. You can be cool, you can have a nice body, but if your face doesn't do it? Well, you know.

12 Claudia Romani

Every once in a great while, there is someone that totally screams out "butterface" and there is almost nothing that anyone can say about it. One of those people is Claudia Romani, a model out of Miami, who has appeared in numerous lists of the top 10o sexiest models in the world. The thing is though, is she really? Her face is not all that hot at all, and sometimes it seems that even her body is not all that hot. But if we were to be honest, and that is obviously what we are trying to be, it is for certain that her body is much more notable than her face. Her body is something that people will remember, while her face is something most people would forget.

11 Nicki Minaj

Are their really many better examples of a butterface than Nicki Minaj? Is she successful and talented? Oh yeah she is, she is not only one of the most famous rappers, singers, and actresses out there, she also has one of the hottest bodies of any famous female stars out there. But does she have a butterface? Are you kidding me? Her face does not even slightly keep it together when it comes to the rest of her scene. Her skills and her body are nothing but major-league quality, while her face belongs in the minor leagues. Hey, that might seem kind of harsh, but the truth is the truth, and Nicki is a butterface any way you slice it. Come on, don't shoot the messenger.

10 Jennifer "JWoww" Farley

There are not many better examples of a butterface than Jennifer Farley, one of the stars on Jersey Shore also known as JWoww. Her body is pretty unreal, even though it's pretty obvious that she has had a fair amount of work done. But you know, that isn't part of the deal, whether or not your body is natural isn't really what we are talking about here. The thing is, as hot as her body is, her face is really incredibly average, in fact, it might even be giving her too much credit to say that her face is average looking. Again, I know that sounds horrible, but give me a break, it is okay to say her body is amazing, why is it not okay to say that her body is pretty average?

9 Haylie Duff

Poor Haylie Duff. She is an actress, a singer, a songwriter, a television host, and a fashion designer. She is also the sister of Hilary Duff, who is a lot more famous than Haylie and is just a bit more attractive too. Because that's the thing, Haylie not only has all sorts of credibility and a famous sister, but she also has a really killer body on top of all of that. So what could possibly be the issue? Haylie is totally lucky and blessed, right? Well yeah, that is certainly true, but also, let's be honest, Haylie is not all that attractive from the neck up. Does that sound awful? I don't even know the answer to that myself, after all, is being a butterface worse than not being hot at all?

8 Karina Smirnoff

Another woman who is a total Butterface is Karina Smirnoff, how else could she be described?  She is a ballroom dancer known most for being on Dancing With the Stars. It is difficult to come up with a better example of a Butterface than Karina. Her body is amazing, and she is in incredible shape, it is hard not to be totally attracted to her, in fact, the only reason not to be totally attracted to her is her face.  This is one of those things that is a total "glass half empty, glass half full" thing, What is really the bigger issue here, is it a tragedy that Karina has an incredibly hot body, with an average face, or is it something that she should feel lucky about?  I guess it all depends on your attitude.

7 Anna Faris

Anna Faris is the type of butterface that no one wants to talk about. She is now in the midst of a bitter divorce with Chris Pratt and the two have a son together. She is also a very successful actress who has had numerous successful roles, she is probably best known for Scary Movie. The other thing that she is really well known for is having a killer body. So what does she not have going for her? A famous celebrity marriage, an amazing body, and a successful movie career? Well, there is only one thing that Anna doesn't have going for her for real, and that is the fact that she is a total butterface.

6 Kendra Wilkinson

You know who has an amazing body? Kendra Wilkinson does. You probably know her as one of the stars of The Girls Next Door you also might know her as an author or as a model. One thing for sure if you know who she is, you recognize what a hot body that she has. And if you recognize that she has a really hot body, there is one thing that you might not notice, and that is her face is really not that hot, not at all. And that's the thing about butterfaces, you can really take it one of two ways. You can take it that they are totally ugly with hot bodies or you can take it that their bodies are totally amazing, so much so that you don't really think about their face at all. Kendra is so hot, it's hard to even remember that she has a face at all.

5 Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler has an incredible body. I mean it is totally on point, there is no doubt about it. There is also no doubt about the fact that she is talented, at least reasonably so, if you have watched American Idol and Dancing With the Stars, you would know that was the case. What there is some doubt about it whether or not she is actually pretty, or even reasonably attractive. This is how it goes when you are a butterface, the whole thing gets a bit confusing. It isn't that Kellie is not attractive at all, it's more that she would be way more attractive if she had a better-looking face.

4 Amber Rose

When it comes to Amber Rose, there is always going to be some sort of argument about whether or not she is a butterface. This isn't because anyone would argue that her face was all that hot, it is more because some people would say that her body is not all of that kicking either. Let's be honest, a body like Ambers is not everyone's scene, some dudes don't like a woman with so many curves. And I am going to say something right now. Those guys are wrong! Amber Rose has a body that just won't quit, and I will defend that to the end. Now before you think I am being too nice to Amber, there is one thing I will not defend, and that is her face. It's sad to say, but Amber is a butterface.

3 AnnaLynne McCord

AnnaLynne is an actress who is best known for her roles on 90210 and Nip/Tuck. She is also really well known for having an absolutely amazing body, the type of body that makes all guys lose it. She also has the kind of face, which is not totally unappealing, but that is not star material. So why is she a star? Is it because of her great beauty? Is it because she is one of the most talented actresses of all time, or even of her generation? Or is it because she has the kind of body that makes women totally jealous and make men lose their minds?  You know the answer to that. AnnaLynne is famous because she has a killer body, even though she is not that hot in the face. You know she is a butterface.

2 Jennifer Aniston

I know what you are thinking, how could Jennifer Aniston possibly be on this list? She is one of Hollywoods biggest stars, how could she be thought of a butterface? You might think that she is beautiful, but she isn't, not at all. At most she is cute or kind of pretty, but totally charming, and she also has a body that is pretty much second to none. Yep, I hate to tell you, but Jennifer Anniston is a total butterface. If you are telling me you disagree then you are either buying the hype and don't get she is a butterface or every woman you know is a beauty pageant winner.

1 Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels is really what a butterface is all about. She is a personal trainer, an author, and a businesswoman who has a totally amazing body, in fact, it would be hard to imagine a better body unless you are possibly into something that might be a bit curvier, and if you are, more power to you. But the thing is, Jillian is not all that hot when it comes to her face. Her body is about as hot as anything you could possibly imagine while her face is totally average. This is why people came up with the term butterface in the first place.

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