15 Celebs Who Lived With Unwanted Spirits In Their Mansion

When we think of haunted houses, we think of movies such as House on Haunted Hill and Amityville Horror. We rarely think of real people actually owning these homes. Whether you’re someone that believes in ghosts or not, you can’t deny that there’s a lot of evidence out there that suggests that spirits are among us.

The last thing that a celebrity thinks about when they go buy a mansion is whether or not it is haunted. No one wants to live in a haunted house. We’ve seen the movies; it never ends well for the occupants. Celebrities are interested in moving into a home that is filled with luxury; they don’t want to find out that they are living with someone else or something else. It happens though, more often than you would think. Typically, a real estate agent is supposed to disclose any weird things that went on in the house with other occupants, but some of them just like to pretend that they don’t know anything about spirits living in the homes.

These celebrities have moved into million-dollar mansions only to find out that they aren’t the only occupants. Some decide to stay and embrace the new lifestyle with their spirit buddies while others are not willing to take the chance that the spirits have deadly things in mind. Considering what we know about haunted houses, it’s best just to pack up and find a new mansion to buy.

15 Joan Rivers Bought A Penthouse Haunted By A Mrs. Spencer

Joan Rivers was a quirky and hilarious comedian in her day. We all knew this, but what you may not have known about her was that she once purchased a penthouse that was haunted by a spirit that went by the name of Mrs. Spencer. The spirit was the original resident of the penthouse and also J.P. Morgan’s niece. Maybe she liked the penthouse life so much, she didn’t want to leave it. We all suppose it depends on what’s on the other side. The penthouse was divine and decorated in the most lavish of trimmings. Rivers wasn’t a fan of sharing the residence and even tried to bring in a voodoo priestess to get rid of it. Clearly, she’s never watched horror movies because she should have contacted the Catholic Church, they know all about evil spirits. The only thing that seemed to settle ghost was actually having a portrait of Mrs. Spencer hung in the home as well as flowers put in the ballroom. Mrs. Spencer sounds like a diva.

14 Miley Cyrus Came Face To Face With A Ghost In London

Not all celebrities purchase their lavish dwellings. It was probably a good thing that Miley Cyrus was only renting her apartment in London because she was able to move out when she found out her apartment was already inhabited. When Cyrus talks about her experience with a haunting, it’s beyond creepy. She claimed that she literally came face to face with a ghost when she was renting her London apartment. During an interview with ELLE, she stated,

"I thought I had seen a little boy sitting on the sink watching me shower, so I felt really freaked out."

Oh, you think? That sounds insanely creepy and we would have packed our bags that night and left. That truly sounds like a scene right out of a horror movie. Kid ghosts are the worst!

13 Ringo Starr Bought A Pink House That He Wasn't Allowed To Change

Jayne Mansfield was a legendary actress in her time and it sounds as if even after her death, she just wasn’t willing to let go of the life that she lived. Mansfield owned a gorgeous Los Angeles home called the Pink Palace. It was named that for obvious reasons. Not too many people would be able to live in a home that was so outlandishly decorated. That was probably what Ringo Starr thought when he moved in.

Despite efforts to paint the house a different color, the pink shade would always seeped through the new colors.

Starr wasn’t the only owner of the house and we think it was because of Mansfield that the house continued to be put back on the market. Singer Engelbert Humperdinck also bought the home and claimed that the ghost of Mansfield actually appeared before him. For reasons unknown, the Mansfield house was demolished in 2002.

12 Loretta Lynn Made The Mistake Of Buying A Plantation

The old plantation homes have always been stunning structures. But considering the timeline, there are probably a lot of spirits in those walls as well. Loretta Lynn always wanted to own a plantation home, but she got a little more than she bargained for. Lynn has had to deal with more than one ghost on her plantation and she got so fed up with the experiences that

she brought in the Ghost Adventures crew to connect with the ghosts and hopefully find a way to convince them to leave.

When they arrived at the plantation, Lynn made sure to give them fair warning before they began and told them to "not make (the ghosts mad." Talk about creepy! We’re not sure if they were able to rid the plantation of the ghosts, but the story is something that you could tell at campfires and raise a few hairs on the back of our necks.

11 Nicolas Cage Bought An Evil House 

If you have ever watched American Horror Story, then you probably know who Delphine Macarty Lalaurie is.

She was cruel and did unspeakable things to the men and women that worked for her.

Her home was called The Lalaurie House and Nicolas Cage purchased it. There are many legends and old stories that come from New Orleans and the French Quarter was where the home resided. Since the death of Delphine, there have been rumors about strange things going on in her home for many years. But according to Cage, he never experienced anything unusual. He told the New York Daily that nothing strange ever happened. Maybe Delphine liked the new resident that lived in her home. It would be hard for us to live in a home where unspeakable acts were committed.

10 Matthew McConaughey Likes His Ghost Roommate 

Not everyone wants to get rid of the ghosts they have. There are some celebrities who embrace their ghosts and try to be friends with them. Of course, Matthew McConaughey is such a cool laid back guy that when he sees a ghost, he feels totally cool about it. If it were us, we would freak and start to pack our bags immediately. But that wasn’t the reaction that McConaughey had when he realized that a ghost was living with him in his mansion. Not only was he cool about the ghost, but he grew close with it as well.

He formed a relationship with the ghost and started calling her Madame Blue

(of course it was a girl ghost) and when people asked about her he referred to her as a “cool ghost.” Sure, it’s all fun and games until you wake up and realize that your body has been possessed.

9 Alyson Hannigan Had A Creepy Man Follow Her Around

Alyson Hannigan house/ Alyson Hannigan arrives at The Paley Center For Media's PaleyFest 2014 Honoring "How I Met Your Mother" Series Farewell at Dolby Theatre on March 15, 2014 in Hollywood, California. Courtesy David Offer/Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Alyson Hannigan from How I Met Your Mother also had a ghost in her LA mansion. Talk about creepy. What’s worse was that it was a grown man who was seen in the home. There was more than one occasion where the actress saw the ghost in her home. At first, she had no idea that there was a male spirit residing in her mansion, it was her friend that saw it first. According to Contract Music, the friend told Alyson,

"I don't mean to alarm you, but I just saw a man follow us out of the house."

That is beyond creepy and that’s all the information we would need to be done with the whole situation. Maybe that’s why Hannigan ended up putting her house up for sale. She may not have been cool with the male ghost following her around.

8 Marilyn Monroe Haunts Her Own House And Hotel Room

Marilyn Monroe died way too young at the age of 36. Although it was ruled a suicide, there is a lot of controversy around her death. Many people believe that she was murdered, which may be why she’s decided to haunt her mansion. Regardless of who has inhabited her home, many have said that her presence is felt there.

She doesn’t only like to haunt her LA Brentwood home — she's been seen in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel as well.

She often stayed in Cabana Room Suite #246 where there was a full-length mirror. A maid at one point claims to have seen a reflection of Marilyn in the glass of the mirror. When the maid spun around, there was nothing there. The hotel decided to put that mirror in the lobby so that everyone may get the chance to see a glimpse of the star.

7 Adele Hired Help To Keep Her Safe

When Adele first moved into her West Sussex, England mansion she started to hear noises. They weren’t the friendly kind and the whole situation started to make her a little uncomfortable. In fact, she was so bothered by the noises in her former home that she decided she needed a bodyguard.

She hired a female bodyguard to stay with her at home.

What would a bodyguard do against a spirit? She had an interview with Anderson Cooper for 60 Minutes and she gave him a tour of her haunted home. She took him down a dark corridor and stated, “This bit is quite scary really.” She eventually sold the mansion and we can totally understand why. We wouldn’t want to live in a home that scared us either.

6 Lucille Ball Haunts Her Own House So They Built A Scary Statue Of Her

This creepy statue is called “Scary Lucy,” and it was designed and erected by her hometown. So, why did they make a creepy statue of Lucy? Apparently, after Lucille Ball died, she decided to haunt her old Los Angeles home. She didn’t die in the home, so it’s a wonder why she came back to haunt it. Maybe she has some unfinished business to attend to.

The home has had many owners since the actress passed and all of them have reported windows being mysteriously broken.

Is it possible that Lucille Ball had rage issues we weren’t aware of? Or maybe she just doesn’t like being dead. The owners have also heard furniture moving around the home as well as voices in the attic. That is beyond creepy and it sounds like something straight out of a horror movie.

5 Ingrid Michaelson Is Not Down To Live In A House Full Of Spirits

We wonder what it must be like living in a haunted house and are lucky enough to have never experienced it. Some people, even celebrities apparently, aren’t so lucky. Even homes that are worth millions aren’t safe from hauntings. Maybe they should consider getting the house blessed before they move in. It didn’t take Ingrid Michaelson long to put up her Upstate New York home up for sale. She assures everyone that it had nothing to do with the fact that there are ghosts in the home. This singer-songwriter is ready to move on from the home and we can imagine it must suck to live in a haunted house. She’s not as cool about it as Matthew McConaughey is. Maybe she can write a song about the experience.

4 Demi Lovato Grew Up With Ghosts

Even Demi Lovato has experienced a haunting a few times in her life. Her experience was even creepier because it happened to her when she was a child. It wasn’t her current mansion that she is now living in that was haunted, but rather the house that she grew up in. It was her experience as a child that made her believe in the paranormal. She has talked many times about how her childhood home was haunted and we would hate to have experienced ghosts as a child. It’s just so much scarier. She once told Jay Leno,

"My house in Texas is actually haunted. Like really haunted. We've had ghost hunters go in there and investigate."

A lot of weird things seem to go on in Texas, isn’t that where the original story for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre happened as well?

3 The American Idol House Had Spirits 

Apparently, the mansion that was used for the contestants of season 8 of American Idol was a haunted house. That definitely sucks for the contestants. A few of the contestants experienced ghosts of previous tenants of the home. Season 8’s Anoop Desai, as well as season 10’s James Durbin and Lauren Alaina, were pretty freaked out about the experience. James Durbin once told PEOPLE that he saw something in the garage. "I saw something white that looked like an arm.” That wasn’t it, Alaina also said,

"Me and Pia were upstairs and the doors flew open. We were watching a scary movie before that and we were already freaked out."

Somebody eventually got sick of the ghosts because in 2011, the mansion was sold for $11.2 million. It’s pretty weird to have a bunch of people staying in a mansion that’s known to be haunted.

2 Maroon 5 Was Haunted By Harry Houdini

Did you know that Harry Houdini’s mansion is allegedly haunted by Houdini himself? The band Maroon 5 got to see for themselves what Houdini could do in spirit form. In 2007, Adam Levine and his band went to Harry Houdini’s mansion to record their album, It Won't Be Soon Before Long. The house has been considered to be haunted by Houdini since his death.

But Levine refused to be worried about it.

Guitarist James Valentine actually saw the ghost, though, and talked to PEOPLE about his experience. "It must have been benevolent — I never felt any bad vibes." Well, they got out alive, so maybe Houdini isn’t so bad in the afterlife after all.

1 Jenna Bush Hager Says She Was Woken Up By A Ghost In The White House

Could the White House be haunted? According to Jenna Bush Hager, it is. She did live there for a time when her father George W. Bush was President. Jenna stated that when she was staying there, she was often visited by an unwanted guest. She told the story while she was on the Tonight Show in 2009,

"I heard a ghost. I was asleep, and there was a fireplace in my room and all of a sudden, I heard 1920s music coming out. I could feel it. I freaked out and ran into my sister's room.

She was like, 'Please go back to sleep, this is ridiculous.'" It’s definitely an interesting story and it would be cool to see if any of the other residents of the White House ever experienced anything similar while they stayed there.

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