15 Celebrity Ladies With Decked-Out Motorcycles

There’s something about a gorgeous woman mixed with a motorcycle that is just amazing. It has been played with on television and in movies, the classic motif of someone showing off as an ace biker, then taking off the helmet to reveal it is a woman. It has taken off more with women rising up in action flicks and thus motorcycle riding is important. But it helps that quite a few famous ladies are actually avid motorcycle riders themselves. They take part in it a lot, have their own collections and never cease to look terrific in their drive (no pun intended). Actresses, singers, models, they run the show, all sharing a love of biking in various ways and enjoy showing it off.

True, a lot of them just do it for a role and yet somehow look astounding in it. It helps they have top of the line photography and lighting and nice outfits as, let’s face it, a lady on a bike is a treat to look at. Yet, just clad in regular leather we see how well these ladies can make it work. Whether they have makeup or not, it doesn't even matter, because we're taken with them regardless. From movies, to photoshoots, to real life, these ladies shine so well and prove how great they look on these bikes. Here are 20 beautiful ladies with even more beautiful bikes. A combo that can always intrigue gearheads and celebrity fans alike.

20 Magic Miller


It’s all too common to see supermodels photographed with motorcycles. A gorgeous lady mixed with a bike? It's much more wanted than you think. So seeing Marisa Miller astride a Harley-Davidson should be no surprise, as the knockout blonde looks terrific. But it’s not just an accessory, as Miller is actually an avid biker, gushing of how much she loves it.

Miller is astounding. She owns a Nightster herself and gushes on how she loves cutting loose as an escape from pressures of modeling and travel. This pic is great with her in leather pants and a beaded top, her long blonde hair framing that perfect face. That Miller loves doing this in real life is all the better to prove beauties love bikes as much as any regular gal.

19 Jillian's Workouts


One of the best fitness ladies ever, Jillian Michaels has created an empire with her fantastic body and astounding workout ethic. True, her intensity is huge (as seen on The Biggest Loser) but she still looks great at 43 with a terrific vibe, and encouraging women on how to lose weight.

It’s not just fitness Michaels is addicted to, however, as she’s also an avid biker. She works with Harley Davidson regularly for events and takes part in various rides for charity. They enjoy the cross-promotion with Michaels getting a few Harleys herself. This pic shows her on a great hog with a terrific leather ensemble that would be just the thing to wear for a TV appearance. And see? She has a helmet. Style and safety can go hand in hand. Whether in the gym or riding the road, Michaels proves that she could look good at the gym or on a bike.

18 Kerr's Chic


You wouldn’t expect Miranda Kerr to be a hardcore biker. The stunningly gorgeous supermodel has graced countless magazines, showing off in anything from bikinis to stunning gowns to her birthday suit. With her flawless features and lush accent, she’s a major hit and among the best models in the game.

As it happens, Kerr has also been riding motorcycles since she was five years old, loving it. She has cut down on it a bit with her modeling, and even though motorcycles add a lot of insurance risks, she still loves to get behind the handlebars. That includes for this video shoot as Kerr enjoys the bike and shows she can rock the whole “take off the helmet and let hair flow out” cliché. The old-styled bike looks terrific with her simple outfit, far less racy than other pics she’s done. The idea of a bike-riding supermodel may be odd but somehow Kerr pulls it off. We're definitely wondering how much mileage this lady can hit.

17 Foxy Ride


Say what you will about Michael Bay, but the man has an eye for talent. In 2007, he launched Megan Fox to instant stardom with her role in the Transformers movies. True, it was overly sexualized with her in short jeans and cut-off shirts leaning over cars and flaunting her beauty. Yet Fox’s amazing appeal with long dark hair and features made it a natural.

This pic, from the second film, has her showing off in a gorgeous outfit while alongside a blazing red Aprilla cycle, decked out to the point you might think it would be a Transformer. She also had a famous shot of her leaning seductively across a bike as she tuned it up. Of course, Fox infamously slammed Bay after the movies for his terrible treatment of her over the movies and they’ve feuded since. Unfortunately, that's just one of Hollywood's downsides, but the upside is that she auctioned this outfit off to charity.

16 Roaring Rodriguez


Look up “bad-ass” in the dictionary and you’ll see Michelle Rodriguez. Ever since her breakout in Girlfight, the actress has been acclaimed for her willingness to get down and dirty and show off with a tough attitude. That’s led to numerous hit movies, most notably the Resident Evil and Fast and Furious franchises.

Rodriguez may be behind a car in the FF movies but she’s also taken to a bike for some scenes. As it happens, she’s an avid biker in real life, a true gearhead who enjoys getting technical with her vehicles. This pic is a nice highlight with Rodriguez in a fantastic dress showing off for a magazine spread. She’s also enjoyed showing her own Sportster Iron 883 and also posed in dresses for promo pics, but frankly looks sexier as a real biker and proving that just like on screen, this lady can wow us as an authentic biker.

15 Pretty In Pink


There’s always been a nice tough gal motif to Jaimie Alexander. It first showed in her breakout role as a clone fighter on the ABC Family series Kyle XY. It also was promoted as the warrior Sif in the Thor movies. The actress has really taken off with her starring role in the NBC hit Blindspot as a tattooed woman with no memory of her past getting involved in secret missions.

Alexander puts up with the slews of fake tattoos for the role and the variety of stunts. That includes motorcycle riding; something she is very excited about since she takes to Twitter to fangirl about it. She’s gotten into it riding in her own time and enjoying the thrill. She also rides in style with this bright pink jacket, and a really bright smile to match. Alexander just enjoys it, and it just proves she's an action girl in real life and on screen.

14 Double Divas


You can always count on Pepsi to deliver something big for a Super Bowl commercial. And what could be bigger than teaming up superstar divas Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce? The 2005 ad was almost a mini-movie of the duo as spies who go on a chase to a bar, getting into fights and then enjoying a Pepsi with David Beckham.

Both ladies looked sensational while riding matching silver Suzuki Hayabusa bikes. Each has a nice “dragon” on the side of the bike; the dragons, the sleek bikes, and the leather make the whole look completely sensational. While Beyonce isn’t known for biking, Lopez has gotten into it a bit for videos and a few of her movie roles. Obviously, both ladies are known for their style and fantastic appeal so who cared about a Pepsi when you could watch two gorgeous divas revving it up so well?

13 Lovely Lovato


Few actresses have gone through the fire and emerged stronger like Demi Lovato. She was a classic clean-cut Disney starlet from Camp Rock to Sonny With a Chance, a lovely actress with a fine singing voice. She was pushed with this clean style but in 2011, suffered a huge breakdown. Checking into rehab, Lovato revealed she’d suffered from depression and various forms of self-abuse that pushed her down. However, she bounced back better than ever, far more comfortable with her body and has become a bigger singing star than ever.

Indeed, one of her biggest hits has been “Confident” with Lovato doing a music video that looked like an action thriller of her forced to work for a sinister organization. She clashes with Michelle Rodriguez who turns out to be a former agent herself and they work together. The sight of Lovato on a Harley Night Rod was great, fitting in well with her good outfit and shining in the video. It shows how confident she truly is.

12 Woodley's Lost Bike


Don’t feel bad if you don’t recognize this scene as there’s a good reason for it. Shailene Woodley had come to fame on the ABC Family series The Secret Life of the American Teenager as a pregnant teen handling a nutty town. She then won hails for her part in The Descendants, proving she actually had talent. In 2013, she was hired to play Mary Jane Watson in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the role was written with the character acting more like a rebel than ever. That includes this pic of her talking to Peter Parker, while getting ready to take her bike to school. Woodley learned how to handle a motorcycle for real and even got a permit for it.

So you can imagine how annoyed she must have been when all of her scenes were completely cut out of the movie. It was decided the movie was already packed without a love triangle and the idea was to have her show up in the planned sequel. But ASM2 underperformed so badly that the sequels were axed, and the character was eventually rebooted for the MCU. Thus, sadly, Woodley’s fun bike style never got to see the light of day despite how good it looked.

11 Spring Scooters


True, some might argue about the fact that scooters are mixed in on a list with motorcycles. However, when they’re being ridden by three such alluring ladies, how can you resist? Spring Breakers is a cult favorite with its plotline of a trio of ladies who get involved in a wild weekend of wild antics that would make any mom worry. What made it stand out was the cast of Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson. All three ladies were known for mostly straight-cut stuff (Gomez and Hudgens former Disney kids) and thus seeing them going wild with such antics was daring.

All three rode the scooters for real, flaunting themselves in bikinis, hair flying in the wind, seemingly enjoying it.  The movie has attained a following for its wild style and a key bit of all three taking on more adult roles and enjoying them well. So while the bikes may not be as roaring as others, the trio make the scooters look sick.

10 Knightley's Style


You have to give it to Coco Chanel. Anyone can do a simple perfume commercial, but only they can get Keira Knightley to star in what’s basically a mini-movie. She shows up as a model who rides a bike to a photoshoot and does a pose for the photographer. They spend the night before she leaves with a smile.

Her outfit is like something from the 1960s, gorgeous beige leather, and a lovely helmet to match. The bike is great too, a Ducati Supersport 750 with a special motif to fit the setting. True, it looks like a different bike in a few shots but it is still impressive for them to go all out for this. Knightley looks to be enjoying herself, always with an athletic side and something about a proper British gal on top of a motorcycle just makes it better. She’s stylish and suave, and shows how well she makes this ad work.

9 Angelina's Couple's Ride


It should be no surprise that Angelina Jolie is into biking. The actress is famous for a “wild child” youth, the type of woman who celebrated a Golden Globe win by jumping into a pool in a $5000 dress. She also had wild relationships and acted up majorly.

On screen, she’s driven a motorcycle for her role as Lara Croft, as well as in the spy thriller Salt. She has toned down her wilder antics with motherhood and being a peace ambassador but still retains an iconic sense of style. That comes up in this pic as she and then-husband Brad Pitt take to the streets during a vacation. The fact that neither of them are wearing helmets shows their daring side. They're just enjoying a nice ride through the streets. Jolie is in a nice dress flaunting her legs and arms, giving off a cool vibe behind her shades. The woman may have toned down (and divorced Pitt) but the sight of her on a motorcycle is as thrilling as most anything else she does.

8 Battlestar Bikes


There’s a bond that grows between castmates that can continue long after a show ends. Such a friendship exists between Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff. The two rose to fame on the acclaimed Battlestar Galactica reboot where Helfer stole scenes as Cylon Number Six while Sackhoff kicked butt as the wild pilot Starbuck. The duo have moved onto other projects but both share a passion for biking that continues today. This includes taking part in an annual “Acting Outlaws” calendar that has them in very risqué poses with bikes.

Bigger was that when the duo were attached to a (sadly canceled) movie about the Van Buren sisters who rode cross country in World War II. The actresses replicated that ride with a 2500 mile trek from L.A. to New Orleans. They also take part in plenty of drives for charity and awareness. The duo continue to hang out and bike together today.

7 Wonder Wheels


To many, Gal Gadot has become not just an actress but an icon thanks to her role as Wonder Woman. It’s a part that well suits her with her stunning exotic beauty and power. Like any citizen of Israel, Gadot was required by law to spend two years in the army and thus is a true soldier. She rose to fame with her part as Gisele in Fast and Furious, the fourth film in the hit franchise. It was so notable that she was brought back in Fast Five with the revelation of the character as a former Mossad agent.

This had her riding a motorcycle, a Ducati monster and Gadot did a lot of her own riding herself. She didn’t have as much screen time in the sixth movie before her character was killed off, but Gadot continues to balance riding alongside her training for her super-heroine role. So while loved as Diana, it was this biking babe that led Gadot to fame and we are loving it.

6 Milla's Mileage


Some ladies are just made for action movies. Milla Jovovich is one of them. She broke out huge as the quirky alien of the cult hit The Fifth Element, showing a lovely style and the ability to kick butt like few others. It led to further films pushing her body like The Three Musketeers and Ultraviolet. Of course, the biggest has been the Resident Evil series which astounded everyone by becoming a billion-dollar franchise and boosting her to fame.

Jovovich has taken to motorcycles a lot, including riding some for real in Evil and Ultraviolet to get into the part. She even learned how to ride a BMW R9T for the film Survivor and really got into it. This pic has her at one of the Resident premieres with Alice’s trademark bike, a BMW K1200R. It’s a lovely bit to show her action and sexiness, the combo that made her a hit with audiences and one of the best action ladies around.

5 Bell's Bikes


A woman who just doesn’t seem to age, Catherine Bell has been a TV mainstay for over twenty years. It started with minor roles in some shows but got her big break as Sarah “Mac” Mackenzie on the long-running CBS hit JAG. This included some stunt work and a few magazine layouts focusing on her very curvaceous body. After that show ended, Bell moved onto another long hit, Lifetime’s Army Wives. Her character integrated a lot of Bell’s own personality, including being a motorcycle buff.

Bell would ride her own bikes on camera for scenes and is an avid collector herself. Currently on the Hallmark series The Good Witch, Bell has had to downsize her collection (once almost nine bikes) to three due to her family growing. Even while pushing 50, Bell is still a stunning beauty and can ride a bike well. She will forever remain as one of the motorcycle buffs.

4 Starbuck's Home-Made


While Katee Sackhoff is well known as Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica, she’s been a pretty popular TV face. She was the best part of the short-lived Bionic Woman reboot as a villainess. She also had a long run as a tough deputy on the Western-themed cop series Longmire which ran six seasons on A&E and Netflix. Currently, Sackhoff is wowing fans as the metal-controlling British baddie Amunet on The Flash. She’s also an avid biker as proven by this, the KT600. Not heard of it? There’s a reason for that: Sachkoff commissioned it herself.

Based on a Honda XL600R Enduro, Sackhoff had this designed with specifications such as having the front pegs mounted just like her Harley. It mixes in elements of a Kawasaki, Triumph Sprint and others, all with a fine paint job. In short, it’s a bike as awesome as Sackhoff herself and no wonder she’s a model not just for sci-fi geeks but bike buffs as well to win so many over.

3 Pink Power


Alecia Moore is known for her unique style. As Pink, the rocker has blown away fans with her fantastic voice and music videos with a flair for wild outfits. Her concerts are packed with her doing aerial acrobatics and always promoting having a good time. It’s no surprise that she’s a biker as well, especially given her marriage to motocross racer Carey Hart. It had its ups and downs, the biggest being him cheating on her which inspired several of Pink’s songs. However, they’re together and raising a family as Pink continues with her great motorcycle collection and riding. There was even an episode of Punk’d that had Ashton Kutcher making Pink think Hart was being arrested for stealing motorcycles.

As a “push present” after their second child, Hart gifted Pink with a Cherokee Indian that he built. Pink was happy showing it off on Instagram, and was clearly in love with it. Motherhood has done nothing to slow her down and even if she doesn’t color the bikes to match her name, Pink is one great biker chick.

2 Angelic Alba


In 2000, Jessica Alba went from a nobody to an instant star with just a few posters. As soon as James Cameron cast her in Dark Angel, Fox wasted no time putting up posters and billboards of Alba in the leather suit straddling a bike. As Max, the genetically-enhanced fighter of a post-ruined Seattle, Alba took off instantly as a sex symbol, fantastic in fighting and perfect beauty. She carried that into her career but many still remember her best by this show.

Motorcycles were a must as Max preferred a Kawasaki ZZR 250, sleek and fast to match the show’s vibe. True, there was a stunt double for major stuff but they made sure to still have Alba riding it a lot and always ready to pose with it in promotional pics. Today, she’s left that behind, sliding into motherhood and becoming a bonafide billionaire with her Honest Company. But Alba is still well remembered for the hot bikes that led to her fame.

1 Ritter Revs It Up


Krysten Ritter has long had a great aura about her. It comes up in her performances, with her vibe and her wicked humor. She had appearances in small roles in Breaking Bad and other TV shows but really cut loose in Don’t Trust the B--- In Apartment 23. The too-short-lived comedy had her as a sociopath you still love with her drive and vibe.

Ritter has come to much bigger fame with the hit Netflix show Jessica Jones. As the rough and tumble super-strong private eye, Ritter looks better in jeans and a leather jacket than most women do in bikinis. She has ridden a motorcycle a few times on the show but this Esquire piece is terrific. Showing off in a bodysuit with long boots, her lush black hair framing behind her, Ritter is astoundingly gorgeous. She claims to be “sensitive” but on a bike, this gal can rock any man very well.

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