15 Celeb Photos Worth More Than Our House Like Brangelina's $14 Million Baby Pics

Magazines make a ton of money off of celebrities and for a while, they used to get their photos for free just by sending the paparazzi loose. But times have changed and now celebrities are hiding their babies and their nuptials from the world. Magazines had to get a little more creative. Celebrities demanded payment for the photos that would sell magazines. That forced magazines like PEOPLE to pay millions of dollars to be the first to put celebrity weddings and babies on the cover. Celebrities are big news — you know that!

It's crazy that a celebrity baby picture could warrant millions of dollars, but that is what celebrities get paid. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got paid millions multiple times for their baby pictures. That’s how badly these magazines want them because they know they'll make twice as much. So, it’s all worth it in the end.

If it’s going to be big news, then magazines want to be all over it. Some magazines want first dibs and that means paying out a lot so that another magazine doesn’t get the pictures first. You might be shocked to find our which celebs and which photos made the most money from magazines. Here are 15 celeb photos that worth more than our house!

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15 Jolie-Pitt Twins — $14 Million

Looking at these photos, it makes us sad to think that the couple is no longer together, but they did make some cute babies. Every time Angelina and Brad added a new member to the family, the magazines paid big bucks for photos. They have already made money from magazines, but when it came time for the twins to come, they got a massive paycheque from it, maybe the most they've ever been paid for baby photos. They were paid $14 million for the photos which is a ton for just baby photos. But the magazines wanted them badly. It wasn’t just PEOPLE that got the rights to the photos; they had to share it with British gossip magazine Hello! The photos were very beautiful even though they were very expensive. It’s crazy to think that you can buy a mansion with the money they made from baby photos.

14 Harlow Winter Madden — $1 Million

It might not be $4 million, but Joel Madden and Nicole Richie got a cool million when they sold their baby photos of Harlow Winter Madden. They look so young and what a cute bundle of joy they have in their hands. At this point, Nicole Richie was all about the socialite life at the time, so it was big news when she settled down and became a momma. We can’t believe a magazine would pay them $1 million just for baby photos, but they have to give the people what they want.

13 Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries — $1.3 Million

PEOPLE magazine paid Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries $1 million for the exclusive on their wedding day nuptials. They also covered their engagement for an additional $300,000. As we’re sure you are well aware, Kim is big news no matter what she does. It’s crazy that you can get paid this much just for photos. But that’s all part of the celebrity obsession. It doesn’t matter what Kim is doing, the magazines are usually going after her pictures. This particular situation didn’t work out too well for Kim and they ended up getting a divorce. But, she is now married to Kanye West. She calls her marriage to Kris Humphries, “my big mistake.” We feel that she is much better suited for someone like West anyway.

12 Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom — $300,000

Another Kardashian is up and this time it’s Khloe. She was also previously married to basketball player Lamar Odom and she was another celebrity who was paid for her wedding photos. She didn’t get anywhere near as much for her photos as Kim did. They sold the rights to their photos to OK! for $300,000. Apparently, Khloe doesn’t sell as many magazines as her sister does. She had all her sisters in the wedding party and the night went great without a hitch. She looked gorgeous in a Vera Wang gown and as we can see from the photo, many things have changed since then. The couple is no longer together and they were officially divorced last year. It’s amazing how many celebrity marriages don’t seem to make it.

11 Maddie Briann Aldridge — $1 Million

Many people were shocked when Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant. She is the younger sister of Britney and had really just begun her career. She was so young and considering she was a Disney star at the time, it created quite the scandal. Mothers didn’t like the fact that their children had been looking up to a young star who got pregnant. She was on the show Zoey 101 and she was only 16 years old when she got pregnant. It was big news at the time and OK! paid Jamie Lynn $1 million for the photos of her baby. They did a whole photoshoot with the family. It’s crazy how young she looks here with her baby. It’s surprising that in this day and age, kids are still getting pregnant at a young age. It certainly changed Jamie Lynn’s life.

10 Jennifer Lopez Twins — $4 To $6 Million

Another couple that received a small fortune for their photos was Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez when they had their twins. Jennifer Lopez looks like a goddess in this photo as she feeds one of her twins. They sold their photos to PEOPLE for $4 to $6 million. They didn’t get as much as the Jolie-Pitt twins, but that’s still a lot of money for baby pictures. “There’s nothing not to love about watching these women blossom and their bodies change and then having babies. It’s all just such fun, lovely, positive stuff, isn’t it? Part of the reason that the demand is so huge — and everyone is so excited about it — is because it’s such a nice antidote to all the other celebrity news that’s going on at the moment,” said OK‘s Editor-in-Chief Sarah Ivens.

9 Honor Marie Warren — $1.5 Million

Honor Marie Warren is the daughter of Jessica Alba and Cash Warren. Jessica Alba has been a star in Hollywood for a long time. She was considered to be one of the foxiest and most popular female actresses at one point, though we don’t see as much of her on the big screen these days. When she had her daughter, she sold her photos to OK! for $1.5 million. That’s no small change either and we wonder what these celebrities do with the extra cash. We know that Angelina Jolie donates most, if not all, of the proceeds of the photos to charity. Other celebrities may be setting up trust funds for their little ones.

8 Max Liron Bratman — $1.5 Million

We loved the photos of Christina Aguilera and her new little one. She was breathtaking in those photos, but isn’t she always? Everyone couldn’t wait to see what the little one looked like and because of that, Aguilera scored $1.5 million for her baby pictures. PEOPLE  was more than happy to oblige and she was a knockout on the cover of the magazine even though she just had a baby. One theme that we are noticing with all these photos is that not too many of the couples are still together. Aguilera and Bratman divorced in 2011, though many people couldn’t figure out how Bratman had snatched her up in the first place. The two seemed oddly matched from the beginning.

7 Anna Nicole Smith And Her Son — $400,000

The death of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby was yet another tragedy in Hollywood. It was a shocking turn of events and Smith never recovered from the death of her son. The last picture that was taken of the two together in the hospital was sold to In Touch Weekly in 2006 for $400,000. It’s a little morbid that the magazine would want the last picture taken of her son, but we suppose news is news. We’re not sure what made Smith want to sell the photo in the first place, though, she was in court fighting for her inheritance from her former husband.

6 The First Photos Of Brangelina — $500,000

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting together was huge news because they denied their affair the whole time they were promoting Mr. & Mrs. Smith. They refused to acknowledge that they were together or that Angelina was the reason why Brad’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston fell apart. If you see any of the photos of the promotion tour of the movie, the two stand miles apart from each other. So, when it came time for the couple to make their union official to the media, they sold their first vacation pictures. They sold the photos to US Weekly for $500,000 and we had to wonder why they felt the need to shout out that they were together after all the denials. Did Angelina want Jennifer to know they were finally together? Aniston responded to the photos saying that she thought her ex-husband had “a sensitivity chip missing.” We would have to agree.

5 Britney’s First Baby — $500,000

Britney didn’t get as much as Jamie Lynn did for her photos. It’s odd that Britney Spear’s first child fetched less from PEOPLE than her little sister. But we suppose it was because there was no scandal behind her having a child. Spear’s was older and well established in her career when she started having babies. At the time, Britney was married to Kevin Federline, a former backup singer. That relationship, however, was a scandal all on its own because the star appeared to have stolen him from another woman who was pregnant with his child at the time. She received $500,000 for the photos, but the marriage itself didn’t last. It’s funny how much can change in a few years when we look back on Hollywood couples.

4 Clay Aiken Comes Out Of The Closet — $500,000

Most celebrities have to come out of the closet in a big way because no matter what they do, it’s going to be big news. He was a new father at the time and he felt like he needed to be true to himself. He didn’t want to raise a child and surround that child with lies. He wanted him to know who his dad really was. His son was conceived with friend and producer Jaymes Foster through in-vitro fertilization. “It was the first decision I made as a father,” Aiken told PEOPLE. “I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things. I wasn’t raised that way, and I’m not going to raise a child to do that.” It was definitely big news and he received $500,000 for photos of him and his son for the story.

3 Dannielynn Birkhead And Her Real Dad — $2 Million

Dannielynn Birkhead was the daughter of Anna Nicole Smith and at her birth, there was a lot of controversy surrounding who was the father of the baby. Many people believed that Howard Stern was the father. In 2006, Stern argued that the timing of the birth coincided with a time that he had spent with Smith. So, a legal battle started, but at the end of the day, results showed that Larry Birkhead, the entertainment and fashion photographer, was the father. When word got out OK! didn’t waste any time offering $2 million to Birkhead to get the official photos of the real dad with the baby. It’s sad that Smith never got to see her daughter grow up, but by all accounts, the little girl seems happy with her dad.

2 Britney Spears And Kevin Federline — $1 Million

Despite the controversy of how Britney Spears got her man, she ended up marrying him. The two seemed madly in love at the time, though this would be the slow decline of Spears’ career as well as her personal life. She finally got her $1 million for the exclusive on her wedding album and she was a knockout on her wedding day. It was PEOPLE that had the exclusive. The couple didn’t last and they eventually got divorced. They share two children together and sadly, it’s Spears that has to pay Federline child support every month in the amount of $60,000.

1 Levi Alves McConaughey —$3 Million

It was big news when Matthew McConaughey decided to settle down and make babies. He was always so laid back and didn’t appear to be someone that wanted to settle down. He just needed to find the right woman and that’s what he did when he met the gorgeous model and designer Camila Alves. The two became inseparable and they started making babies. At the time when they had their first baby, they sold the pictures to OK! for $3 million. Of course, the world wanted to know what kind of baby these two beauties made, so they got a big paycheque for the photos. Since then, the couple has had two more children. These children won the gene pool lottery that’s for sure. With two gorgeous parents, they are bound to be beautiful children as well.

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