15 Celeb Garages We Want To Live In

A garage can be much more than the place where you park your car and stash your junk. At least for the rich and famous, it is. For celebrities, their income is almost infinite, and being wealthy is just an excuse to indulge in all of the finer things in life, including vehicles and lavish garages to store their vehicles. So when you’re rolling in the dough, why not purchase a Mercedes-Benz in every color?

It's one thing to own a lot of cars, but it takes real money to put your cars up in a garage that's fancier than most people's cribs. The typical garage found in your average home has enough space for one or maybe two cars. In contrast to your "standard" everyday garage, the exotic car garages enjoyed by celebrities can house hundreds of extravagant automobiles. There are thousands of car collectors around the world who've put as much time into their cars' homes as they do into their actual houses. A number of celebrities like Jay Leno and Ralph Lauren have their own private collection of vehicles that range from the 1925 Ford Model T Roadster to the Jaguar F-Type v8S. But often, the places where they store these fancy cars are even more lavish than the cars themselves.

So whether your fascination with cars is professional, casual, or just beginning to develop you're bound to be delighted by these unique awe-inspiring garages from celebrities around the world. So take a look at this list of 15 celeb garages we want to live in. They will make your average home garage feel like a dirty public parking lot!

15 Guy Fieri

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DIY and the Food Network joined forces in one special episode of DIY's Garage Mahal. In this unique episode, celebrity chef Guy Fieri received a customized garage makeover reflecting two of his greatest passions: road food and classic cars. Fieri's completed custom garage features bar shelving housed within a truck bed that's standing up on end and flanked on either side by two 42-inch flat-screen TVs. When not in use, the wall-mounted TV monitors are concealed and protected by the hoods of two vintage Chevelles. The designs of tattoo artist Joe Leonard (also emblazoned on Fieri's own biceps) provide suitably striking visuals for the cabinetry in this outrageously customized garage. Industrial kitchen shelving, a beer-keg cooler, and a diner table with stools matched classic restaurant photo murals and road-themed wall art that complete this one-of-a-kind decorating scheme. To paraphrase the famous diner Guy, this is one garage that's off the hook!

14 Jerry Seinfeld

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Comedian and automobile enthusiasts Jerry Seinfeld, stows his many exotic Porsches in a secret hideaway that's hidden in plain sight on a Manhattan side street. Disguised by an outdated façade, a ride past the non-impressive front door leads you to an elevator that takes guests down into his subterranean garage. Encompassing three stories, the garage houses his collection of 46 Porsches and an 844-square-foot living space that includes a club room with a pool table, kitchenette, bathroom, and office. The garage is security and climate-controlled, and Seinfeld can allegedly receive data on the condition of his garage and cars just by checking his phone. This hidden garage hideaway is basically a home not too far away from home for this former sitcom superstar. While it has all the amenities of a luxury New York apartment, Seinfeld actually lives only three blocks away on Central Park West, but he often frequents the garage to relax while being surrounded by his many lavish cars.

13 Floyd Mayweather

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They don't call Floyd Mayweather "Money" for nothing! He is a multi-divisional world champion worth several hundred million dollars, and he has got the fully stocked celebrity garage to prove it. Mayweather is currently the highest-paid athlete in the world, and he is known to flaunt his wild spending habits to the public, which is exactly what he did in an MTV Cribs-like segment with Stephen A. Smith. Floyd gave ESPN an exclusive look inside the garage of his extravagant Las Vegas home. During the tour, Floyd showed Smith a car collection that he says cost nearly $15 million dollars. Now that’s some major cash in the garage! Of the seven cars Mayweather showed ESPN, there were two Ferraris, three Bugattis, a Lamborghini, and a McLaren. And this was just his collection at ONE of his many homes. His other homes have equally impressive and fully stocked garages of their own. This celebrity garage has all of us screaming "show me the money, Floyd!" Show me the money!

12 Tom Gonzales

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This is the tail of Tom Gonzales and the $5 million dollar underground garage. So who is Tom Gonzales exactly? Well, he is the multi-millionaire founder and former owner of the e-commerce firm, Commerce One. We say former because he sold his company and decided to indulge in his hobby of collecting exotic cars and bikes full-time. Tom Gonzales resides near Lake Tahoe, Nevada in a vast private estate, and the most interesting section of his estate is his private vehicle collection, which is worth an estimated $5 million dollars. Gonzales calls his garage a "toy box" and says he maintains his collection because girls like it. He equates his vehicle collection hobby to an art form. At the center of Tom Gonzales' estate is a huge garage that holds more than 100 brand new motorcycles. These collector edition bikes have never been ridden. Unlike the bike garage, however, his cars are parked in an extravagant underground chamber. The underground garage covers an area of 6,000 square feet and is one of the most expensive garages in the country.

11 Tim Allen

via: autoblog.com

It seems like many comedians develop a passion for cars in their golden years. Just take Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno for example. We’ll discuss Leno’s infamous garage shortly, don’t you worry, but there is a third comic with quite the impressive garage and a pretty intense car obsession. That comic is the famously beloved, Tim Allen. Tim’s automobile collection is mostly made up of cars that he played with when he was a kid. However, unlike his toy collection, his car collection actually drops jaws. Tim likes to keep things close to home, so instead of a garage filled with tons of exotic European vehicles, his parking spaces are stuffed with American classics such as his Ford RS200, Shelby Cobra, and his 1950’s era Cadillac. With a lavish garage like this, Tim Allen’s home doesn’t appear to need much improvement after all.

10 John Travolta

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Other celebrities may have more cars, but John Travolta’s garage is the only one with enough space to park an airplane – two of them in fact. Travolta’s Florida estate includes parking for 15 cars, a private jet and a jumbo jetliner, and a 1.4-mile runway leading to the garage itself. Incidentally, Travolta is licensed to operate all of these machines, as he is a certified pilot who owns five aircrafts. So it's only fitting that the 63-year-old actor's Florida home has two runways that lead directly to his front door. "We designed the house for the jets and to have at our access the world at a moment's notice, and we succeeded at that," Travolta said during an interview on Australia's Today. This famous Scientologist not only has a garage that we want to live in, but this spacious monstrosity is so big that it doubles as an airplane hanger. Forget flying Southwest, Mr. Travolta. With a garage like that, a trip to the airport doesn’t even require him to leave his home! Must be nice.

9 Francis Wisniewski

via: celebritycarsblog.com

When auto collectors look for inspiration to design a cool custom storage environment for their four-wheeled treasures, they usually think glowing neon lights, checkerboard patterns and the old-time nostalgia of diners and drive-ins. Yet when Francis Wisniewski of Chicago considered how he wanted to showcase his fleet of unique vehicles, he looked to a dazzling location known the world over for being one of a kind: Las Vegas. Mr. Francis Wisniewski, also known as Wiz, is the Managing Partner at Hard 8 Venture Capital, and in 2007, Wisniewski acquired a warehouse in Chicago that had been a machine tool factory.

Presented with a blank concrete canvas, he let his imagination run wild. "Initially I didn't think of a garage but instead had plans to install a swimming pool or basketball court as the main attraction," he said. "Neither really worked quite right in the planning." That's when Wisniewski considered his ever-growing auto collection and in 2009, he set about building the ultimate four-wheeled palace. It's not just the vehicles that attract attention, as Wisniewski and his garage were recently featured on HGTV's television show, Million Dollar Rooms.

8 Jack Olsen

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It's 2007, you're a Hollywood screenwriter temporarily out of work and spending three hours a day pounding the pavement for the Writers Guild Strike, leaving you with plenty of spare time. How do you fill the hours? If you're writer Jack Olsen, you undertake a total garage overhaul. With a budget of $3,200 and very little experience, Olsen culled his clutter and transformed what was a dusty two-car, 400-square-foot garage into this sleek man cave. Olsen organized the space according to a triangular scheme, with each point of the triangle representing a different activity: welding and metal fabrication, carpentry, and servicing his 1972 Porsche 911. "Oddly, once you start to think of the tasks you do, the design of the place begins to dictate itself," Olsen says. For example, he says, "You can't get the car filled with sawdust and metal shavings. If you're welding, you can't have sawdust around it because it'll start a fire." Before the strike, Olsen had never tried his hand at carpentry or welding. "This is stuff you wouldn't try in your living room or kitchen, because if you do it at a B-plus level, you wouldn't be able to live with it," he says. "The garage is as safe a place as any to screw up." This amazing garage overhaul is proof that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything.

7 Jay Leno

via: businessinsider.com

How many people can say that their garages are so nice, they could charge an admission fee just to see it, and give the proceeds to charity, of course? After retiring from his perch atop the late-night TV ratings in 2014, comedian Jay Leno has more time to partake in one of his major passions: collecting cars. This late night show host is well known for his affinity for collecting rare cars and motorcycles, and he houses them in the 17,000 square foot garage of his Southern California home. The space takes up two buildings and includes both a machine and fabrication shop, as well as a fully equipped kitchen. The garage is usually closed to the public, but recently Leno offered to give guests a personalized guided tour of his garage for a fee. 215 exclusive guests were offered tickets at $100 each, with all proceeds being donated to benefit the Juvenile Arthritis Alliance.

6 Jon Shirley

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For those who don’t know, Jon Shirley is an auto fanatic who made a name and fortune for himself during the 1980s when he served as the President of Microsoft. According to previous interviews, Jon says that he has been interested in cars and collecting them since he was a teen. However, he never felt as though he’d ever realistically earn enough money to have a substantial collection. Boy, was he wrong! Fortunately for him, his luck changed in the mid-1980s when, under his leadership, Microsoft became a publicly traded company, a move which has since made him millions! Nowadays, when he’s not renting out racetracks, Jon can be spotted touring the globe in search of even more rare vehicles to add to the collection that sits inside his impressive garage. As you can tell from the photo above, Jon really has an affinity for Ferraris, and plenty of room to store them in.

5 Ralph Lauren

via: vanityfair.com

Fashion designer, Ralph Lauren, turned his garage into a true and luxurious man-cave. When his car collection reached a grand total of 60 automobiles, he decided to store his cars all in one place. However, as you can imagine, a garage that size is hard to come by. So he went on the hunt for a parking garage. After an underground option failed to be feasible, a car technician found him an old car dealership in Westchester, New York, and Ralph immediately sent company vice president, Alfredo Paredes, to design his extravagant custom garage. The designer became the proud owner of a two-floor museum-like garage where his cars rest on white stainless steel counters under bright halogen lamps. The floor is black, and the walls are pillars of white to focus attention on the cars. A workshop is located not far from the display area, as well as a small living space that includes an office and a library. Ralph is now the proud owner of one of the largest and most extravagant non-commercial garages in the country, in true designer fashion.

4 James Glickenhaus

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James Glickenhaus is a Hollywood director turned investor, turned automotive junkie. He developed a love for exotic cars, namely Ferraris, after growing up just a few miles from a dealership in the 1960s. His private car collection got started in the 80s after the success of his film, The Exterminator. Since the dawn of his collection, it has grown tremendously, to the point that he had to build a customized garage to house his prized possessions. His collection now includes over a half-dozen Ferraris including the 159 S Spyder, the oldest Ferrari known to exist, an Alfa Romeo 8C, Fiat Dino, and his very own limited edition sports car known as the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 003. James has built quite the astonishing garage to house his one-of-a-kind car collection, and this is most definitely the kind of garage that is nicer than most people's homes!

3 Adam Carolla

via: autoblog.com

They don't call him Adam Car-olla for nothing, folks! This comedian is known for his offbeat and often inappropriate sense of humor, but one thing that most people don’t know is that hidden behind all of that humor is a very serious auto enthusiast. According to the people at Autoblog, Carolla's garage is a classier and much larger version of the one many people have in their homes. But if you were expecting a one-car shed crammed full of broken toys, outgrown bicycles, and his grandma's worn clothing, think again, because this garage has undergone some major upgrades over the years. The space is large enough to house just under a dozen cars comfortably. The floors are polished concrete, there are industrial-style painted steel beams on the ceiling, and the walls are covered in rare car memorabilia that the comedian has collected over the years. The large flat-screen TV makes it the perfect place to hang out and tinker with this comedian’s ultra fast toys.

2 Craig Jackson

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When eBay began selling cars online in the mid-1990s, Craig Jackson, the chairman and CEO of the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction, was told repeatedly that online auctions would swiftly destroy his business. "I was like, 'I don't think so,'" said Jackson, who just that year had taken over the company his father, Russ, had started in 1971 with Tom Barrett. As it turns out, Jackson was right. Since then, Barrett-Jackson has sold $1 billion worth of cars. And his business allows him to feed his own car obsession. Jackson lives on an estate near Scottsdale. He built a circular garage to hold his cars on the hillside behind his house. The garage walls are leather, and the floor is coated with terrazzo. Heating and cooling systems protect the cars from Scottsdale's hot days and cool nights. An exhaust system blows excess fumes outside. "It makes it clean and sanitary," Jackson says. Each of the cars has a special spot on the floor, positioned to best accentuate its curves with the lighting system. And to think that just a few years ago, no one thought he would be able to afford a fancy garage like this!

1 Paul Walker

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You can’t expect an actor who was in so many racing movies to not have a passion for cars and speed in real life. It’s no secret that Paul Walker and his friend and business partner, Roger Rodas, were very passionate about cars, and their unfortunate destiny was to lose their lives in a Porsche Carrera GT supercar when they crashed it into a pole on November 30, 2013. But before Paul Walker's untimely death, he was an avid car collector with more than 30 automobiles in his fancy garage. In his collection, you would find several Saleen Mustangs, a few rare German sports cars, a Rolls Royce Phantom, and a BMW 850Si, just to name a few. Paul knew cars, and this little peek into his pristine garage gives us a snapshot of just how much of a horsepower junkie Paul really was. We miss you, Paul. You certainly lead a fast and furious life.

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