15 Cars Missy Elliot Spent Over 2 Million On (She Even Sleeps In One)

Missy Elliott may not be the hip-hop smash that she used to be throughout the 90's but that doesn't mean she's not still out there making a mad amount of money and spending it like she's an A-list rapper. She spent almost a decade focused more on production work but did finally release music for a new album last year for her seventh studio album.

But we're not here to learn about what Elliott has been up to in terms of music. We're more interested in what she's buying with all the money she's making from music. It turns out, and this might be a surprise to some of you, that Missy Elliott is a huge car nut! She's a petrol-head! She has a massive car collection. It's so large and so expensive that her mother has publicly expressed worry over the money she's been draining into the collection.

It makes me wonder if Missy Elliott is hurting for cash right now. I mean, a car collecting addiction can't be all that bad for a millionaire. At least not unless it's a crippling collection. Some of her cars are worth more than all the money I've ever made in my life though so...I guess her mom has every right to be concerned. But enough of that. Let's check out some of the cars in her collection!

15 Lamborghini Diablo

This is one sexy car. The purple Lamborghini Diablo was actually one of my dream cars when I was a kid. I still have the Hot Wheels version of it that my parents bought me when I bugged them about getting a car for my birthday. There are no more than 9000 Diablos out there on the road. It's not as limited as some cars, but it's definitely not a car you'll see everywhere like the Toyota Yaris or the Ford F-150.

Elliott had an interesting issue when she ordered her Diablo. On its way to her place, someone decided to take it for a joyride rather than directly from the warehouse to her house. Well, the car ended up hitting a curb, a sign, and a post. The car was totaled, of course. The man who stole the car ended up being sentenced to three years in prison for the theft, crash, and damages.

14 2005 Bentley Continental GT

This is the car that Missy Elliott put up along with a $30,000 deposit when she ordered her Lamborghini Aventador. That's a very interesting jump. From Bentley Continental to Lambo Aventador? I don't even know what that's designed to do other than to show off. I mean, these two cars have definitely got to have different uses. And considering the collection that Elliott has, I'm surprised that she would bother to part with the Bentley when she could just have both cars.

An Aventador is for taking around the track and showing off while driving very slowly through town, but the Bentley what you use to go to business meetings and drives out in the country because it's roomy, luxurious, and isn't designed to kill you.

13 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

The Vanquish is a hell of a car. It's sleek and sexy and it comes across as both powerful and sophisticated. It's always interesting to see what sort of cars that certain people get. But it's pretty hard to make a judgment call on someone like Missy Elliott when her choice in cars jumps from the Lamborghini Diablo to the Bentley Continental, to the Aston Martin Vanquish. She's all over the place!

Either way, I have a feeling that Missy Elliott may have decided to get this car for the simple fact that it's got a V12 under the hood. There's a lot of power in that engine and there aren't a lot of V12 engined cars kicking around anymore. Given how a lot of her lyrics go about being the best b*tch with the most money and things...it seems like power is a really big deal for her. She definitely chooses the right cars to show off that power.

12 Rolls Royce Phantom

The Rolls Royce Phantom. This is a gorgeous car. I mean, there's not necessarily anything exciting about the exterior. It's classy, because Rolls Royce always has a way of being classy. And the look of their cars is something that is always drastically changing.

I think the only car of theirs that looks even a little like the Phantom is the Wraith. That's another thing about Rolls Royce. I think they are incredibly good at coming up with some fantastic names for their cars. And I bet that's why Missy Elliot even bothers with them. They're luxury cars that have a classy exterior, a beautiful interior, and a price tag that definitely shows that the owner has a great deal of money and power. Kudos to Missy Elliott for choosing such a classy ride.

11 The Ferrari Bed

Alright, so look...Missy Elliott doesn't actually have the Ferrari bed above. But something you definitely should know...she definitely does have a Ferrari bed. And that is just awesome! Hers doesn't look quite as stylin' as the one in this photo, but it has a lot more to it.

It's based on a specific model of Ferrari that has both a tv and a shoe rack. The tv is under the hood which opens up to display at the foot of the bed. The shoe rack is at the back of the car where the engine would be. I'm not one for a shoe collection, but as far as I'm concerned, I would love to have this sort of car for a car collection. All I'd have to do is add a place for a PS4 and a beer fridge...I think that Missy Elliott has definitely got the right idea. That's for sure.

10 Lamborghini Aventador

This is just hilarious. So, first of all, the Lambo Aventador is a $300,000 car. It's by no means a cheap little toy. And it took a long while for Missy Elliott to actually get her hands on the thing. She even ended up suing the people she had originally ordered the car from. She traded in her 2005 Bentley Continental and dropped $30,000 as a down payment.

Well, when it came time for her to pick up the car, the dealership decided that she owed more. Well, she decided that was definitely not going to happen. I mean she already dropped about a third of the cost of the car as a deposit. Needless to say, she definitely got her car without having to pay extra. Let's just say that it sucks to be that dealership. I'm sure they lost a lot of money in that debacle.

9 Ferrari Enzo

The Ferrari Enzo. Oh...my...goodness. Realistically, I think I would rather have Missy Elliot's Ferrari bed (just slightly modified), but no one can deny that the Ferrari Enzo is one hot supercar. It's just a lot of money and less practical than the Ferrari bed. If you want an opening idea of just how much a car like this costs...well let me tell you that there were only ever 449 of them built. And 50 of those only happened because people kept requesting additional cars to be made.

The car was sold for $650,000! I'm pretty sure the custom Ferrari bed was no more than a couple of grand (even if you include the tv screen). I've got to give it to Missy Elliott...she sure knows how to flash around her cash. It's no wonder that she sang so much about not wanting any broke guy coming on to her (not in those words).

8 Spyker C8 Spyder

This car starts out at over $350,000. It's actually a bit of a separation from the other cars that Missy Elliot owns. Spyker is not by any means a common manufacturer when you compare them to Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Lexus, Mercedes, or Bentley. The thing about Spyker isn't so much the idea that you're getting a limited edition car. They'll put a model into production for you, but the reason you have to put down so much dough for it, is that each car is hand-crafted.

Spyker prides themselves on the way they make their cars. So, that being said, you're getting hand-crafted quality. Which is good and bad. You don't have to worry about factory defects...but you do have to worry about human error. Luckily, so far as I've read, Missy hasn't had a problem.

7 Lincoln Navigator

There's an interesting story behind the Lincoln Navigator. Missy Elliott put out a song called 'Hot Boyz' that made a few errors beyond the misspelling of the title. She made mention of something called the Lincoln Jeep. Now, I don't know how well you all know cars...but there is no such thing as a Lincoln Jeep. Nor a Mercedes Jeep or a Ferrari Jeep. Jeep is its own entity and they created some ok cars and mostly mediocre ones for guys who are trying to compensate for something.

However, I guess in Missy Elliot's mind, she just means a pretty big, badass SUV that looks sort of like a Jeep (maybe) but happens to be way more expensive because it has Lincoln badges on it...and to her I'm sure that means it is much better.

6 Lamborghini Gallardo 

If I had even one of the Lamborghinis that Missy Elliott has...well, I'd sell it and buy a house and a cheaper car! But it's not enough for Elliott to have a Lambo Gallardo. Nope. She has two of them! Because if you have one sexy car but you want to go out with a different colour to match your workout jumpsuit, then, of course, you have to buy two bloody Lambo Gallardos...before you've upgraded to an Aventador.

Oh, and while we're talking about the Gallardo, it might be worth noting that one of them is basically at least $200,000. Which means she paid more to have two different coloured Lambos than she paid for her whole Lambo Aventador! It makes me want to cry!

5 Lexus X570

Oh, yes. This is one of those 'Hot Boyz' vehicles that Missy Elliott didn't really know anything about. It makes total sense for her to have one in her garage, but it doesn't make sense when you call it a "Lexus Jeep". I don't know what it is with her and "Jeep-like" vehicles but this is the perfect sort of vehicle to take a group of girls out in.

I mean, if you wanted to hit the town with a group of friends, you wouldn't want to take the Aventador. There's just not enough room. But this way, she gets to show herself off as a woman with a ton of money and she gets to bring all her friends to the club. And there's plenty of room for any other activities that might go on later in the night. But the guy better at least be able to support himself before he gets in that Lexus "Jeep".

4 Ferrari 458

This...is just a beautiful car. It's kind of breathtaking. I would love to be able to be near one of these. Just near one. That would be amazing. The fact that Missy Elliott just has the money to waste on cars like this is staggering. I wonder how many garages she has to store all of these! I can just imagine what I would do with $250,000. That's how much this car costs!

That's one-quarter of a million dollars! Considering she hasn't really put out a good tune since the 90's...That's a pretty penny to pay for something that gets you from point A to point B very fast. I realize it's a power thing and I wish I could do the same thing, but here we are. I'm sure you wish you could have this car. Or at least have the money for it to do something else. Just start singing some gangsta hip-hop.

3 Lexus LFA

This is a sporty car right here. And it costs $375,000! Missy Elliott has been doing something right considering that she hasn't really put out much of her own music in a long while. Sure, she put out an album this past year, but she spent almost a decade doing nothing but producing. Apparently, that's where all the money is.

I need to learn how to tell musicians what to do to make money. That sounds like a really easy job. I just have to be a successful musician's for a few years first and then I can start buying really pricey cars that I really don't need. That sounds like a wicked way to spend my day. Either way, Throwing in a Lexus LFA to the massive car collection she already has makes Missy Elliott a pretty real deal.

2 Mercedes AMG

This is one of my favourite cars. That being said, I do much prefer the Mercedes SLS AMG, but this is still a really hot car and I'm not even a huge fan of Mercedes in general. But, of course, Missy Elliott must have one. I think her mom was right to be concerned about her addiction for collecting cars. I mean, it's awesome, but I'm still very sad to know that I can never be anywhere near these cars.

This is a $130,000 car. It's a lot of an awesome machine. It's got so much power and I bet that Missy Elliott loves to go touring in this bad boy. And she's single. Anyone else want to go touring with Missy Elliott in this awesome Mercedes AMG? I know I would, but I know I never will. But hey, if you love hip-hop and you're not too broke, you have a chance.

1 Mercedes Benz G-Class

It's amazing that this car is actually cheaper than the AMG. It's much bigger, but I guess it's just not near as good. It's only just over $100,000. I say only but... that's an awful lot of money. It makes me cringe.

But that being said, that was all because of the ridiculous song 'Hot Boyz'. She referred to something called a Mercedes Jeep. Give me a break. It makes me sad when someone who collects so many expensive cars writes songs about some pretty ridiculous, non-existent cars. What the hell is a Mercedes Jeep? Maybe Missy Elliott meant the Mercedes G-class that she has. I mean, it does kind of look like a Jeep. But it really is not. It's definitely a better engine, a better build, and worth a lot more than any Jeep.

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