15 Brunettes Who Definitely Have More Fun Than Blondes

The old saying is “blondes have more fun” and Hollywood loves to prove that right. From Marilyn Monroe to Pamela Anderson and beyond, blondes stand out, known for being wild and frisky. However, brunettes are capable of giving them a very nice run themselves. With the rise of social media, many are able to be a lot more open about themselves and showcase their fun ways. Many are infamous for some romances that have gotten tabloids going and given them a more risqué reputation. But others are famous for just having a lot of fun and enjoying what they do.

They run the gamut from Oscar-winning, A-list stars to reality show ladies. Some are veterans that have been around for years while others are up-and-coming— either way, they all showcase a very sexy side to themselves and do it in grand style. They love to show off on camera a lot, from hot outfits to going full naked on film and/or TV and flaunting their assets nicely. They’ve gotten famous in various ways, many starting off rather innocently before showing their true wicked hot sides. Others, of course, were already hot as hell and just got even wilder as time has gone on. What they have in common is showing how ladies with dark hair can get even sexier than blondes and showcase their own talents nicely. Here are 15 brunettes who show they have more fun in their own way and why men love them so much.


15 Shay Mitchell

With her bright smile and gorgeous looks, it’s no wonder Mitchell found early success as a model in the Far East, her tanned skin adding to her exotic looks. Her major acting break came playing Emily, the swimmer on the long-running ABC Family/Freeform hit Pretty Little Liars. Her character has grown, coming out as gay, and some frisky scenes like skinny-dipping to show off. Mitchell has gotten the same way with her Instagram posts showing off her body in a variety of hot outfits. She’s gotten her share of magazine covers that enhance her great abs and lush locks, arguably the best of the Liars cast in terms of media coverage. She’s quiet on her personal life but is known to be close with co-star Ashley Benson, including a famed bit of the two photographed at a beach in Hawaii with Benson topless. In a recent interview with Cosmo, Mitchell said she’s dating a guy but seems open to being with anyone down the road. That just adds to the heat of a lady who makes no lie on how sexy she is.

14 Nina Dobrev

Born in Bulgaria, Dobrev moved to Canada when she was two. She got attention on the popular teen soap Degrassi as a teenage mom who managed to look sexy even with the fake belly. In 2009, Dobrev began her more famous role of Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries. With her sultry looks and dark hair, she got pretty good stuff. The best part of her role on the show was when she played her character's evil vampire doppelganger, Katherine, and she was sexier than most would have given her credit for. Dobrev famously dated co-star Ian Somerhalder for several years with their relationship obviously sparking on the show. They broke up even though their characters stayed together before Dobrev left the series. She’s due to return while beefing up her movie roster with XXX: The Return of Xander Cage. Her social media standing is top notch, posting photos of herself often in great swimsuits and showcasing an incredibly hot presence that never ceases to amaze. No matter her future, Dobrev shows that she’s a sexy lady in any role and ready to take off to a bigger level.

13 Selena Gomez

Like Lovato, Gomez was the typical Disney Channel princess. Things were a bit different for her as her character on Wizards of Waverly Place was a bit more selfish and wicked than others, showing her sultry side at a young age. That’s what pushed her on to her concerts and then really changed her image with the movie Spring Breakers that showed how she'd look with more attitude. Since then, Gomez has become the most followed person on Instagram for good reason, as she loves to show off her body. Gomez has been romantically linked to Justin Bieber with rumors of flings with others and that hot style taking off larger in her concerts. She’s battled her diagnosis of lupus and still maintains her incredible popularity and part in charity work. But it’s her dynamic performances that get attention as well as keeping herself in the limelight via her social media standing, making Gomez a Disney gal who’s grown up incredibly hot as hell.

12 Demi Lovato

For a while, Lovato was the typical Disney Channel starlet. Breaking out with the Camp Rock movie, Lovato got her own series, Sonny With a Chance. That led to her success as a singer and pop princess with a squeaky clean image. That was why it was a shock when in 2010, Lovato suddenly dropped out of the show and her tour to check herself into rehab, revealing she’d been battling issues with drugs, weight, and depression. She emerged stronger, speaking out about being herself and that seems to include showing a much hotter side. Her videos since have showcased her very appealing body in dark outfits and skimpy clothing with a sharp attitude. Her social media posts showcase her very sexy side in skimpy outfits and rocking gym clothing like a few others. Lovato dated Joe Jonas and previously had a long relationship with infamous womanizer Wilmer Valderrama. While well-regarded for overcoming her issues, the way Lovato has become even sexier has won her even more fans.

11 Ariana Grande

Grande rose to fame as a redhead, playing the scatter-brained Cat on the Nickelodeon show Victorious. She later reprised the role for a spin-off, Sam & Cat, which ended amid talk of her and co-star Jeannete McCurdy clashing on set. Grande has noted that the constant dye to make her hair red damaged her real locks which is why she wears the ponytail extensions so much. True, there is talk of her being a diva and having a selfish attitude, highlighted by the infamous “donut tirade” video. However, Grande is also a fantastic singer, everything from hit songs to Hairspray Live to her own hit concerts to stand out. Her short skirts showing off her toned legs and boots make her a major lady to follow and her Instagram posts get good attention. She has “feuded” with the likes of Miley Cyrus and others which just adds to her hot appeal as someone willing to fight it out and show Grande’s attitude is as glorious as her voice.

10 Katy Perry

When your first hit song is I Kissed a Girl, it shows you know you have a wild side. Perry actually started out a rather clean-cut girl releasing some pop songs before transforming into the dark-haired seductress we know today. Notable for her ample chest and little shame, Perry goes all out in her music videos and magazine spreads to flaunt her body majorly. Her funky costumes get attention with tremendous performances from the Super Bowl to concerts. Her humor helps it along with her goofy outfits and attitude and how she seems to really enjoy what she’s doing. Perry keeps in touch with her fans and rewards them with stuff and her concerts show how huge a deal she is. That doesn’t take away from her sexy allure as even her brief marriage to Russell Brand couldn’t dim her incredible aura. Perry hasn’t shown it all yet but still flashes enough to get more attention and show how wildly fun dark-haired ladies can get.

9 Ariel Winter

At only 18, she’s already endured a lot of changes to her life. Winter got attention as Alex, the brilliant but nerdy middle child on ABC’s hit comedy Modern Family. At first just a geek, the character has grown due to how much Winter has matured. This coming of age included a publicized battle with her mother about her being emotionally and physically abusive; the fight resulted in Winter getting legally emancipated. She’s really grown up, and this was never as obvious as when she got a breast reduction in 2015; though she still has a stunning bust that many women would pay for. With her new bust and newly found confidence, it seems Winter has taken to showing off a lot more in public with her social media pages packed with hot photos of herself in workout clothes and bikinis. Even the series has been forced to acknowledge her changes with a more sexy side for Alex despite the glasses and baggy clothes. The fact is that Winter has transformed into a very hot minx who enjoys flaunting it more and you can only wonder just how wild she’s going to get when she gets past 18.


8 Jessica Biel

Biel got her start on 7th Heaven as the tomboy Mary, keeping a wholesome family image. In 2000, she changed that by doing an interview with Gear magazine slamming the show which included her posing topless. It got her written off, but led to a new push for her as a sexpot. Since then, Biel has showcased a very sexy image in movies with various roles from Stealth to Valentine’s Day. The highlight was Powder Blue with her sensational performance as a stripper. Biel has gotten some heat over the years for her attitude but maintains a marriage to Justin Timberlake that’s added to her appeal. She’s utterly glam on red carpets and her brilliant smile makes her more appealing still. See her on the beach and she rocks a bikini like few women alive and that great smile shows she still has the “girl next door” vibe to make her a winner.

7 Megan Fox

Say what you will about Michael Bay, he knows what an audience wants. That was proven by Megan Fox’s first scene in Transformers, lounging on a motorcycle then checking out a car in just a tight shirt and jean shorts. With her lush black hair and pursed lips, Fox bore an amazing resemblance to a young Angelina Jolie and pushed that a lot with her attitude. In various magazines, she showed off an incredible body, stopping short of full nude but still very revealing. Fox would argue about being typecast because of that as just hot ladies and famously warred with Bay on pushing her in that direction. Her various tattoos add more allure to her and while she has settled into motherhood with Brian Austin Green, Fox still stands as one of the hottest ladies alive. Some can slam her talent but that wicked edge still maintains and proves her fun side with a sharp attitude. If any lady lives up to her last name, Fox is it.

6 Angelina Jolie

She may have toned it down a bit with motherhood and becoming more a goodwill ambassador. But it’s still hard to forget the pure sexual energy Jolie brought when she exploded onto the scene in the late 1990s. Her talent was obvious but more so for her utter lack of shame in showing off her body in numerous films. With those pursed lips and deep eyes, it's no wonder she won a huge following as she showed off her tattooed body numerous times in magazines. Her romantic past is infamous with Jolie openly acknowledging she’s had romances with women as well as men. She was married to Johnny Lee Miller, then Billy Bob Thornton, both notable for some wild talk on their hot times. She then became world-famous for sleeping with Brad Pitt on Mr. & Mrs. Smith while he was with Jennifer Aniston. Their long relationship has ended but Jolie still gains respect for her talent (an Oscar among her many awards) and still looking gorgeous. She’s also respected for her championing causes and overcoming a double mastectomy but remains sexy as hell. Any time those lips offer that wicked smirk, Jolie reminds you that few women on the planet, no matter their hair color, can top her in pure heat.

5 Jennifer Lopez

It’s stunning to realize she’s 47 as she still rocks a body most twenty-somethings would love to have. “Jenny from the Block” has conquered just about every part of media possible with over 75 million albums sold, her movies grossing $2 billion worldwide and currently on a hit TV show. Her romantic past is famous for incredibly hot guys like Sean Combs, Ben Affleck, Kris Judd and Marc Anthony. That’s led to a very hot reputation as Latina women bring something special to the table and Lopez does that in spades. She can still put on a fantastic performance to blow away anyone else out there and look utterly sensational in the process. While she’s pushing fifty, Lopez is as hot as she was when starting out and her dominance doesn’t seem likely to end anytime soon. With a famed romantic past and a tendency to get sultry, it’s no wonder JLo continues to equal hot fun.

4 Kim Kardashian

She may do nothing of major note but she does nothing very well. You have to give credit to a woman who used an intimate video tape and turned it into a multi-million dollar empire. At first known as the daughter of O.J. Simpson’s lawyer, Kardashian broke out big time with her reality TV show in 2007 that showcased her whacky clan of a family. Since then, the Kardashians are major stars with their own clothing brand and other projects and Kim is the head of it all. Naturally, she’s gotten attention with her very nice rear end, showing it off in various sexy magazine spreads and doing her best to maintain her mega-fame. She’s had her romantic partners, such as her brief marriage to Kris Humphries and rumors of various hot encounters. Today, she and Kayne West are one of the prime couples of the world, Kim handling motherhood but still making sure to look utterly stunning wherever she goes. She’s conquered so much of media and public attention to make her a star in her own way and showing how she’s one of the sexiest brunettes on the planet.

3 Lizzy Caplan

There’s a mix to this woman that remains fascinating. In person, she comes off nice and calm, even a bit reserved but with a funny side. In her various TV and movie roles, she can be incredibly sexy and a true minx. Her first big break came playing a tough lady on the short-lived sitcom The Class and later the wild Starz comedy Party Down. Major attention came with a role on the first season of True Blood where she regularly showed some skin... a lot of skin. That was just a precursor to the Showtime hit Masters of Sex where Caplan plays real-life researcher Virginia Johnson. The series has had ample opportunity for Caplan to show her body off, including very intense intimate scenes and it's astounding how well she gets into it. She’s also had some big-screen roles (Now You See Me 2) that enhances her very hot appeal. With Masters ending its run, Caplan is freed up for more projects and promises to show the wildcat under that funny demeanor fans have gotten to know so well.

2 Kat Dennings

Perhaps it’s fitting that Dennings’ first major acting role was on an episode of Sex and the City as a spoiled 13-year-old who’s already slept around. She had a few TV roles like on the sitcom Raising Dad before getting attention for movies like The House Bunny. She broke out in 2010 when some risqué selfies hit the Net, showcasing her incredibly bountiful chest with some sultry looks. In 2011, Dennings got more fame with her role in Thor followed by the hit sitcom 2 Broke Girls. Her character on the show regularly talks about an active sex life and Dennings seems to live up to that with a long relationship with singer Josh Groban. She claims to be clean cut, not drinking or smoking but something about Dennings’ very aura hints this is a lady who enjoys getting wild when she can.

1 Rose McGowan

McGowan has always gone with her own unique style, being a risk-taker and incredibly daring. That was shown by early roles in movies like The Doom Generation, often playing a bitchy character and with little shame flashing her body if need be. In 1998, she began a relationship with rocker Marilyn Manson that involved showing up at the MTV Video Music Awards in a “dress” that was almost loose pieces of cloth showing her body off. That daring side won her a role on the long-running hit Charmed that showcased her in a variety of skimpy outfits. Since then, McGowan has seen ups and downs such as needing plastic surgery following a car accident. But she still maintains a hot side with open talk on having bisexual experiences and even shaving her head for no real reason other than wanting to try it out. Her recent divorce is a bit bitter but showcases how she can still rock a steamy outfit like few others with those full lips forming an amazingly sexy smirk. No matter her role, McGowan shows she still has sexy magic in her that can’t be beaten by any hair color.

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