15 Breathtaking Photos Of The Most Successful Latina Models Right Now

When we think about Latinas, we think about women like Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Zoe Salanda and even Roselyn Sanchez. These women make us want to be a Latina. They are gorgeous, and they have taken over the world with their charm. Furthermore, women like Jennifer Lopez and Shakira really know how to dance, which is a major plus point. We also love watching these ladies in the big and small screens! A lot of people probably enjoyed watching Devious Maids because the cast comprised mostly of talented Latina women. We need more of such fantastic diversity.

Even if we didn’t have these Hollywood entertainers to look up to, Miss Universe and Miss World competitions are famous for having Latina women make their top five or even become the title winners. So, because of these beauty pageants and Hollywood, we expect that when we go to these countries, we will see women who are just as exquisite and breathtaking as these Latinas we have come to know and love. In this article, we will look at the most breathtaking photos of Latina models. Some of them you will be familiar with and others, not so much. But these photos are fun to look at regardless.

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15 Adriana Lima

Via glamour.com

Miss Lima is best known for her work with Victoria Secret as one of their Victoria Secret Angels. She has had the role since 1999 and to date, is still an Angel. The Brazilian is one of their longest-running models and has been a spokesperson for Maybelline since 2003. Placing second in a Supermodel of the World competition would have contributed to her signing a contract with the Elite Model Management agency in New York City. The 36-year-old is five feet and ten inches tall. In the photo, she is at the Cannes Film Festival. Her photo alone explains why she is Victoria Secret’s most valuable Angel. She has two kids, so you have nothing to worry about, her beauty will be passed down for generations to come.

14 Alessandra Ambrosio

Via astrologymarina.tumblr.com

Another Brazilian model gracing our list is Alessandra Ambrosio. She is also 36 and is five feet, nine and a half inches tall. The model has worked on Victoria Secret campaigns and was the first model for their PINK campaign. She was also one of their Angels for a seventeen year period. Apart from working with VS, she has worked with Ralph Lauren, Armani Exchange and Christian Dior. She is often ranked as one of the World’s Most Sexiest Women and the World’s Most Beautiful People. All you need to do is look at one of Alessandra’s pictures to be mesmerized by her. In the image, she is smiling and her smile just transforms her face. Sometimes, it is easy to forget that this amazing woman is the mother of two children.

13 Lais Ribeiro


A post shared by Lais Ribeiro (@laisribeiro) on

The Brazilian model has had a fruitful career with Victoria’s Secret as a Victoria Secret Angel. Prior to becoming an Angel, she worked in Brazil. Soon she was discovered and worked internationally for Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Versace as well as other top brands. She was one of the most booked models for the Brazil Fashion Week. She is only 27 and has a potentially long career ahead of her once she keeps up with this upward trajectory. She has already been photographed on Vogue Magazine for four countries. In the picture, the five feet, eleven inches model is modeling one of the pieces for Victoria Secret Fashion Show. She looks angelic (no pun intended) with her warm caramel skin, straight hair and clothed in white. Also, let us not talk about how good she looks in that outfit.

12 Isabeli Fontana

Via celebmafia.com

Isabeli Fontana is another Brazilian model who is almost five feet, ten inches tall. Despite being born in Brazil, her parents are actually of Italian descent and she moved there when she was fourteen. At sixteen, she was one of the youngest models to appear in a Victoria Secret catalog. From then on, she has modeled with Versace, Valentino and Ralph Lauren. She has had a successful career as a model and was even invited to be a part of a panel of judges for a Miss Universe pageant. In the picture, Isabeli is attending the Venice Film Festival. She is pictured on the red carpet wearing what seems to be a grey and silver, sequin strapless dress. A heart tattoo is visible on her wrist and she is always the picture of beauty and elegance.

11 Gisele Bündchen

Via prensarosacelebrities.blogspot.com

Gisele Bundchen has a look that is very familiar to us. It may be because the Brazilian model has been married to NFL star Tom Brady. Despite marrying Brady, Gisele has scored her own success and has had a very successful career. She appeared in Vogue Magazine, was a Victoria Secret Angel for seven years. She has been described as being one of the only remaining supermodels. It is no surprise because she stands at five feet and eleven inches and she has blue eyes and light brown hair. In the picture, Gisele is the epitome of beauty and supermodel. She is clothed in a grey dress that hugs her upper frame. We are not sure what the rest of the dress looks like but we are confident that it is just as beautiful as the supermodel.

10 Gracie Carvalho

Via myfacehunter.com

This absolutely gorgeous Brazilian model has graced us with her presence since she was seventeen, about ten years ago. When she debuted in Brazil Fashion Week in 2008, she was one of the most in-demand models and she walked thirty-five fashion shows out of a total of thirty-nine that week. Since then, she has been in Vogue and Elle magazines and has walked for Burberry, Vera Wang and Ralph Lauren. She is known for her appearances in Victoria Secret lingerie, swimsuit and sleep catalogs and she has even been a participant in their fashion shows. In the picture, Gracie is dressed in a white nightgown and a trendy pair of white and red striped socks. The whites in the photo contrast nicely with her skin tone and she looks like the epitome of purity.

9 Joan Rodriguez Smalls


Joan is another non-Brazilian model on the list. She is Puerto Rican. She was also one of the world’ highest-paid models. She was the first Latina to be contracted by Estee Lauder to represent them. She was also featured on the cover of Elle magazine. She also held the title of the best model in the world. She has modeled for Victoria Secret and was a part of their fashion show from 2011-2016. She has modeled haute couture with Givenchy and has worked for designers like Burberry, Alexander Wang, Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent. In the image, Joan is photographed wearing a black and white dress. Her hair is in a single braid and draped across her shoulder. There is something about the look that is simple, yet she still manages to look stunning.

8 Daniela de Jesus Cosio

Via pinterest.com

Daniela is a Mexican model where she was born and raised before she was contracted by Major Model Management, an agency that has locations in New York City and Milan. Not long after that, she appeared in Vogue and Maxim magazines. She has worked for Guess?, Betsy Johnson and Baby Phat. She has also appeared on advertisements with Pantene, and Express Clothing. She has brown hair, green eyes and is almost five feet, eleven inches tall. Daniela, in her breathtaking photograph, has a look of innocence on her face. Her thick hair is pulled back, so we can behold her beauty without distraction. Her skin is flawless, and we are a tad bit jealous. Maybe, she will be willing to share some beauty tips with us.

7 Martha Streck

Via celebs-place.com

Martha Streck is a Brazilian model who is of German ancestry. The twenty-seven year old, who is about five feet nine inches tall, left law school to pursue a career in modeling. She has had an international career, so maybe the switch from law school was a good choice. She could always return when her modeling career is over should she wish. She has walked for the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Coco Chanel and Versace to name a few. She has also been in the pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair, Marie Clair and Harper’s Bazaar. The model always has a fresh youthful appearance and in this image, it is no different. Her brown hair is short and frames her beautiful angular face and she is wearing a striped jacket.

6 Jaslene Gonzalez

Via graytalentgroup.com

Jaslene Gonzalez is another Puerto Rican to grace our list. She actually won cycle 8 of America’s Next Top Model. It should not be a surprise because she has one of those looks that Tyra and her fellow judges appreciate. Jaslene is tall and has a very slender figure. She has modeled on the runway for Armani Exchange and walked at several Fashion weeks including one in New York by Mercedes Benz and another in Barcelona. As part of her prize for winning America’s Next Top Model, she was contracted by Covergirl. In the photo, we can see much of Jaslene’s heritage. She has a thin oval face, wide mouth and a sharp chin. These features work really well for her and she has a smile that can potentially change the atmosphere of an entire room.

5 Arlenis Sosa

Via sinuousmag.com

Arlenis Sosa is a Dominican model. Currently, she is the spokesmodel for Lancôme. She is five feet, eleven inches tall with black hair, brown eyes and a caramel skin complexion. Sosa has had to overcome many adversities to get where she is today in the industry. Those adversities had a lot to do with the color of her skin for which she often faced discrimination. Thankfully, she did not have to deal with those issues when she migrated to New York. She has been featured on several Vogue, Allure, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar covers. She has also walked for designers like Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and Alexander Wang to name a few. In the photo, Arlenis is all smiles and she has the face of someone we would like to see in movies.

4 Mariana Zaragoza

Via mundotkm.com

Mariana Zaragoza has been described by Pop Sugar as the new It Girl in fashion. She is a blonde hair and blue-eyed model who has appeared in New York Fashion Week. She walked for Yves Saint Laurent and Dior amongst others. The IMG model has been on an upward trek ever since. She was also featured in Vogue Magazine’s Mexican edition. In this shocking photo, you will realize that Mariana is only a child and you can see her mother’s milk on her face! Mariana is sixteen and beautiful and she definitely still has a long way to go. She looks like a high fashion model, yet her beauty radiates, and her blonde hair is golden. She is fierce and uses the technique that Tyra Banks would call “smeyes”

3 Lineisy Montero


Lineisy Montero is a Dominican Republic model who works with Prada. Lineisy has only been working for two years in the industry but will soon be a force to be reckoned with. She has modeled for Prada, Marc Jacobs, Versace and Roberto Cavalli. She has also appeared on Teen Vogue. Lineisy is known for having her hair natural and in an Afro- hairstyle. In the picture, her hair is styled naturally, and she is the epitome of both African and Latina beauty. It is a look that is trending now and many young people who are fond of the naturalist movement would love the young model. Generally, anyone will love her, because she is youthful, talented, beautiful, unique and most importantly she is herself and does not let anyone fit her into the stereotypes of what beauty is.

2 Marihenny Rivera Pasible

Via adifferentshadeaday.tumblr.com

Marihenny Rivera Pasible, like Lineisy, is a young Dominican Republic model who has taken the fashion industry by storm. She is known for her height, her legs and her lips. Her eyes are brown, and her hair is a thick, healthy black. Her official career started in 2010 when she was about sixteen and signed a contract with New York Models. Not long after, she walked for Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton at their shows in New York. Since then she has appeared in Teen Vogue, Italian Vogue and she modeled for a Topshop campaign. The headshot of Marihenny almost looks like one of those photos that would be taken on America’s Next Top Model. She is the highlight of the photo and her beautiful, angular face just makes us wish that we had her angles.

1 Caroline Trentini

Via hawtcelebs.com

Trentini is also a Brazilian supermodel who is also of German and Italian ancestry. She is five feet, eleven inches tall, has blonde hair, green eyes and is married with two kids. She was scouted in her hometown and soon moved to New York where she worked in a Marc Jacobs campaign. She has been on the coves of Elle, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. She has also been the face of many popular brands. Carol has been described by agents as a model who can model anything. She also made it on the runway of Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show. In the picture, it is quite clear that Carol takes her job pretty seriously. She is walking a runway in a designer dress and her face is fierce but lovely.

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