15 Boyfriend Habits That Make Every Woman Want To Quit

In the early days of a relationship, it is too easy to believe that your loved one is perfect in every way. Romance can blind you to their faults, but they become only too visible when you start spending more time together or even move into the same house. That’s when you get to see your boyfriend at his unfiltered and uncensored best (or should that be worst?).

Many couples who move in together do live happily ever after, even though they may have some unusual quirks that their other half has to get used to. Learning to deal with bad habits is simply an essential part of making a long-term relationship work.

Or you could always go down the route of choosing a boyfriend who’s something of a fixer-upper; someone who has more than their fair share of foibles, but the woman believes that she can “change him.” In fact, a 2013 study in the UK found that more than two-thirds of women admitted to making changes to the way their partner looked.

Changing your partner’s clothes or haircut is one thing, but how many girlfriends would take on the challenge of changing a man who displays one of the weird and wonderful habits on the list below?


14 Picking His Nose

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Picking your nose is just about forgivable for very young children, but fully-grown, mature men have no excuse at all. There a few things more disgusting than watching a man have a good rake around the gross inside his nostrils, and worst of all, if your man is a nose picker in the comfort of his own home, then there is a good chance that he is going to do it while you’re out together as well. How embarrassing! If you can’t persuade him to leave his nasal cavities alone, at least when you’re in public, then it just might be time for you to leave him instead.

13 Burping

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In some countries, belching is seen as the height of good manners—the standard way to end a meal and a polite way to tell your host that you have really enjoyed the food that they prepared for you. However, this is definitely not the case in the US, the UK, or most parts of Europe where ostentatious burping is definitely a bad habit and NOT WELCOME. Like farting, many men seem to take great delight in belching as loudly as possible and will often force themselves to bring up wind for what they think is “comedy” value despite burping being painfully unfunny.

12 He Doesn’t Shower Often Enough

Being in a relationship with someone inevitably means that you’re going to be getting up close and personal with your other half. For most couples, this is the most fun they have together, but for someone women, intimate time is nothing but a chore. Why? Because their boyfriend doesn’t shower often enough. Yes, despite the fact that we all know how gross and unpleasant stale sweat can be, some men still think it is acceptable to shower only once every few days or to give themselves a cursory wash in the sink. They might not notice the smell, but their girlfriends certainly do.

11 Blowing His Nose Loudly

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However, picking is far from the worst thing a boyfriend can do with his nose. We all need to blow our noses from time to time, but some men seem to make it a piece of performance art, blowing their nose loudly no matter whether you are in the privacy of your own home or having a romantic dinner in a five-star restaurant. Sadly, some men manage to make the whole process even more disgusting by opening up their handkerchiefs to take a look at what they have produced all by themselves (eww)! What do they expect to see in there, a 4 Karat diamond rind?

10 Using The Toilet While You Are In The Tub

Sharing a house with your significant other means sharing private spaces with them too. Unbelievably, however, some men think it is acceptable to march into the bathroom while their girlfriend is soaking in the tub in order to use the toilet. And don’t think it’s acceptable if you’re “only having a pee.” That may be better than the alternative, but it’s still a breach of privacy. The same goes for using the toilet with the door wide open. Aside from that being something that no one wants to see, it allows the unpleasant odors to filter around the house and linger for a little while.

Passing Wind In Bed

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So many of the very worst boyfriend habits are related to their bathroom behaviors. They seem to treat farting as a sport, for example, seeing it as a personal challenge to pass wind as loudly as possible and taking great delight in their particularly smelly emissions. Better out than in, they may say, but why not excuse themselves to go to the bathroom in order to get rid of their noxious gases? There is certainly no excuse for smelly farts in confined spaces–like the car or on the couch–or for farting in bed, especially when the odor is bad enough to give you nightmares.

9 Not Putting The Toilet Seat Down

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Finally, the boyfriend habit that has annoyed girlfriends and wives probably since 1927 —the date when the first toilet seat was invented. Yes, I’m talking about the very bad habit of not putting the toilet seat back down after the man has lifted it in order to pee. Nothing worse for a woman than finding herself unceremoniously seated on the cold ceramic of the toilet bowl rather than the comfortable plastic of the seat (are we right?). What's even worse is when the cold ceramic of the seat suddenly feels wet... Although, there are also men who refuse to lift, leaving a few tell-tale drops behind on the seat instead after they are done. Both are gross.

8 Smelly Feet

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Even men who do shower regularly can suffer from bromodosis—that’s smelly feet to you and me. No matter how much they wash and scrub, that cheesy odor just doesn’t seem to vanish. And it’s not just their feet that smell either; so do the shoes that they leave lying around the apartment! It might be awkward to raise the issue, especially if your boyfriend is cleanliness-conscious in every other way, but there are only two choices for a girl in this situation—stock up on the Odor Eaters or have him and his smelly feet walk out the front door.


7 Bad Breath

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Perhaps the only thing worse than a boyfriend with stinky feet is one with bad breath. This can be caused by smoking–imagine kissing an ashtray and you get some idea of what you are dealing with–medical conditions, or just simply not brushing his teeth often enough. Dropping hints by stocking the bathroom with mouthwash is one way to handle this bad habit, but if they don’t take the hint, then you either need to head for the door or sit them down and have a very difficult conversation about how you find making out with them too gross to contemplate.

6 Failing To Do Housework Correctly

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Most women have made their peace with the fact that their man is not going to do housework. There are, however, some boyfriends who appear to be that rarest of beasts—a man willing to do his share around the house. The problem is that a man’s idea of doing housework is very different from a woman’s. Vacuuming takes more than a few sweeps over the carpet, and washing up is a more complicated than dipping plates in water. Doing the job badly just means your girlfriend has to do it herself anyway only with double resentment as she suspects you secretly messed things up on purpose.

5 Leaving A Trail Of Dirty Clothes

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Some boyfriends don’t just fail badly when it comes to doing housework. Some of them actually seem to go out of their way to make the house as messy as possible. No girlfriend or wife wants to have to deal with a trail of dirty clothes across the bedroom floor–especially not smelly socks and unpleasant undies–yet many men seem to think that this is where dirty laundry belongs. If you can’t train your man to put his washing in the hamper, then there is very little hope for him (and for your relationship), and you should get yourself out while you still can.

4 Talking With A Mouth Full Of Food

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Most kids learn from a very early age that it is rude to speak with our mouths full of food or to chew with our mouths wide open. This is a life lesson that has clearly skipped many men who seem to find it necessary to masticate with great exaggeration or who insist on telling a hilarious story at dinner, all while gobbling down their meal. It is just about forgivable in the privacy of your own home, but it is the height of bad manners when you’re out in a restaurant, and it's definitely not something that should be tolerated for too long.

3 Eating His Girlfriend’s Food After He’s Finished His

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This next entry isn’t a disgusting habit, but it certainly is one of the most annoying. Too many men wolf down their own meals, only to then start eyeing up the food still left on the girlfriend’s plate. Worst of all, some boyfriends have even been known to dive in and sample a few mouthfuls without even asking or even after they have asked but have been told to keep their greedy mitts off. Joey Tribbiani from Friends said it best when he angrily told his food-stealing date “Joey doesn’t share food!” If you’re still hungry, order a dessert or a second plate, but leave my meal alone.

2 Not Cutting His Toe Nails

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If you’ve ever been quietly lying in bed, minding your own business, when you suddenly feel a claw-like scrape on your leg, then you will understand why men who don’t cut their toenails are a complete no no. Not only are long tough toenails effective as lethal weapons, but they can also get easily infected and end up brittle, broken, or even yellow in color. Some men do trim their toenails, although they manage to find the most disgusting way possible to do so by biting their toenails in the same way many of us bite our fingernails. Ew. Gross.

1 Scratching And Sniffing His Nether Regions


I doubt there isn’t a man alive who hasn’t, at some point, reached into his underwear to give his meat and two veg a bit of a scratch or to rearrange his crown jewels for comfort. And in the privacy of your own home, there really is no harm done. The problem comes when some men, having had a good rummage around down there, remove their hand and, for some unknown (and very GROSS) reason, give their fingers a good sniff. It is unclear what they are checking for or what they expect to smell, but it is a pretty gross habit for any girlfriend to have to put up with.


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