15 Bombshell Politicians That Should Be On Our $100 US Bill

Wouldn’t it be nice to see a foxy female on the $100 bill? Old-time political icons and heroes are surely impressive, but times are changing as should the faces on our U.S. currency. When someone flashes a $100 bill, it shows they’ve got the means to spend a significant amount. That means the woman on the bill ought to be significant too. Makes cents.

Benjamin Franklin was a founding father, but he has had his fair share of time gracing the $100 bill. It is time for Franklin to fade and for a new face to be seen on the green. Some may argue that he should stay there forever, but he will be none the wiser if his mug gets removed from the money. Let a lady see her time inside wallets and ATMs for a change.

When you casually whip out your $100 bill, would you like to see someone other than Ben Franklin in your hand? How about a foxy female U.S. politician or someone in the political arena who has made her mark on the country? She deserves more than a pat on the back for her hard work and dedication to the country. No?

While you may not agree with their political perspectives, you may enjoy thumbing through your wad of cash and flash by the face of one of these attractive and impressive 15 women. You will often need change for your $100 bill, but while you’ve got one on ya, at least enjoy the view!

15 Kirsten Gillibrand: U.S. Senator

51-year-old Kirsten Gillibrand is a current United States Senator from the state of New York. She is a married mother of two, and is a Democrat. Gillibrand is also an attorney and served as a U.S. Representative for New York’s 20th congressional district. As New York’s second female U.S. Senator, this wonder woman has made waves in the political community. Thanks to her dedication and hard work as well as her $100 bill-worthy good looks, she ought to be the new face of the $100 bill. New Yorkers would enjoy seeing a familiar face on their money and Gillibrand would be proud to represent her state and the entire country. She would also feel super cool when she went to pay for her dinner with a bill with her gorgeous face on it! Cha-ching!

14 Dana Perino: Former White House Press Secretary

The lovely and talented Dana Perino was the 26th White House Press Secretary who served during the George W. Bush administration. She is now a noteworthy political commentator on Fox News and appears on the panel of the talk show The Five. Perino hails from Wyoming and is 45-years-old. Perino’s good looks and political intelligence, paired with her likable and charming nature make her a fan favorite for those who tune in each day to see her on TV. She has been married since 1998 to Peter McMahon who is British. Along with Perino’s role on TV, she is also a published author. This awesome woman has a lot going on and would make for a great choice as the face of the $100 bill. Perino is worth every penny!

13 Nikki Haley: U.S. Ambassador To The United Nations

You have surely seen Nikki Haley on TV as of late, as she is the current U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. She was also the 116th governor of the state of South Carolina and was a member of the S.C. House of Representatives. Haley is a Republican and she is 45-years-old. She is married and has two children. As the first female governor of South Carolina, Haley is a ground-breaking woman who continues to make great strides in the political world and beyond. Along with her many roles politically, Haley is also an author who has published an autobiography. Haley would be one heck of a choice for the face of the $100 bill. Even President Trump would flash his $100 bills with her smiling face imprinted on the front.

12 Melania Trump: First Lady Of The United States

The current First Lady of the United States is the obvious choice for the woman who should grace the $100 bill. Not only is 47-year-old Melania Trump drop-dead gorgeous, but she is a powerful woman who is famous and fabulous. Surely her hubby, President Donald Trump would vote to see his 3rd wife on the $100 bill. If he could not be the one to grace the big bill, then at least he’d choose to keep it in the family! Although Melania was born outside the country in Yugoslavia, she’s all-American now, making her a fine choice for a prime spot on the $100 bill. Since she’s so rich, a smaller denomination just wouldn’t cut it. From model to money honey, this bombshell would be the perfect face for the $100 bill.

11 Kristi Noem: U.S. Representative For South Dakota

46-year-old Kristi Noem is a member of the United States House of Representatives from South Dakota’s at-large district. She has been in office since 2011 and is still going strong. Noem is part of the republican party and she is married with three children. She attended South Dakota State University and has a degree from the school in political science. Noem has plans to run for Governor of South Dakota in 2018. Would you vote for her? Noem’s popularity in her state and beyond, along with her all-American good looks and likeable personality would make her a fine choice as the new woman on the $100 bill. South Dakota may not be the most talked-about state in the union, but Noem brings that “certain something” the whole country can admire.

10 Sarah Palin: Former Governor Of Alaska

At 53-years-old, the former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin is looking mighty fine… fine enough to be the face of the $100 U.S. bill. She was the Republican Party Vice Presidential nominee alongside Senator John McCain of Arizona. Palin served as the 9th Governor of Alaska from the years 2006-2009. She has been married to her loving husband Todd Palin since 1988 and has five children and some grandchildren too. Palin hails from Idaho, but makes the chilly land of Alaska her home. While many people have mocked Palin’s intelligence and behavior over the years, she has still achieved her political dreams and has a family that seems tight-knit. And like her or not, most would agree that she’s quite the looker, making her a great choice as the female face on the $100 bill.

9 Michelle Obama: Former First Lady Of The United States

The former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, was and still is beloved by many people in the country and around the world as well. She made her mark as a noteworthy and accomplished First Lady and loving wife of former President Barack Obama. Her two teenage daughters are impressive, following in their mother’s fabulous footsteps. Michelle is 53-years-old and hails from Chicago, IL. She is a lawyer and a writer. As First Lady, she was an advocate for good nutrition and physical activity for our youth, as well as brining awareness to the poverty epidemic. Her big, bright smile and caring personality makes her a well-liked woman who would look amazing as the fierce face on the $100 bill. Barack would agree… Mrs. Obama is one hot mama!

8 Pam Bondi: Florida Attorney General

52-year-old Pam Bondi is an attorney and long-time politician who hails from sunny Tampa, Florida. She is a Republican who is the current Attorney General of Florida. She is twice-divorced with no children. You may have seen the outspoken Bondi on MSNBC or Fox News giving her take on the state of politics in the country and current events. While she has had her fair share of controversy over the years, Bondi has many supporters – some of which would certainly like to see her grace the front of the U.S. $100 bill. At 52, Bondi looks terrific and would make the $100 bill more modern, and blonde, for that matter. Florida folks would love to see their state represented on a big bill, so why not have Bondi grace the big bucks?

7 Elizabeth Halseth: Former Nevada State Senator

The electrifying Elizabeth Halseth is 34-years-old and comes from the state of Oregon. She is a Republican and is married with no children, and lives in the exciting city of Las Vegas, Nevada. She was a member of the Nevada Senate from the year 2010 through 2012. She was the youngest female to have ever served as part of the Nevada Legislature. You go girl! This gorgeous glass ceiling-breaker would bust even more barriers if she were the first woman to grace the $100 bill. But she is not over with her political career yet. Halseth intends to seek office again in 2018 to become a Nevada Senator once more. In this pretty pic we see the glamorous side of the brunette bombshell. Wouldn’t she look like a million bucks on the $100 bill?

6 Rebecca Kleefisch: Lieutenant Governor Of Wisconsin

42-year-old Rebecca Kleefisch is from Pontiac, Michigan and she is the 44th Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin. Kleefisch is a former TV news anchor and long-time politician. As you can see by her great picture-perfect looks, Kleefisch is not only politically savvy, but quite stunning as well. In fact, she won the 1994 Miss Ohio Teen-USA title. Way to go! Kleefisch earned her college degree at the University of Wisconsin. She is married to State Assemblyman Joel Kleefisch, keeping politics all in the family. Kleefisch’s bright and sparking crystal-clear eyes and warm and inviting smile would look lovely on the $100 bill, don’t you agree? She knows how to work the cameras as well as influence voters. Wisconsin would love to see their Lieutenant Governor inside the wallets of Americans from every state of the union. Put your money on that!

5 Mary Bono: Former U.S. Representative

56-year-old Mary Bono is a former United States Representative for California’s 45th congressional district. She served from 1998 until 2013. Her late husband, Sonny Bono – musician-turned-politician – held the seat before she took over. Bono was born in Cleveland, OH and has two children. She attended the University of Southern California and graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in art history. Perhaps a life in politics was not on her mind back in her college days. Along with her love of art, Bono was a gymnast in her younger years. While she was married to Sonny, they operated a restaurant in Palm Springs. This multi-talented woman would be a great face for the $100 bill. She has done so much and has come so far. Her good looks don’t hurt either!

4 Jennifer Carroll: Former Lieutenant Governor Of Florida

The sophisticated and smart Jennifer Carroll was the 18th Lieutenant Governor of Florida and the first African-American woman ever elected to the position. She is 58-years-old and hails from Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. She moved to the United States when she was eight-years-old and graduated from a Long Island, NY high school and went to college in New Mexico. Carroll belongs to the Republican Party. She is married and has three children. These days, Carroll resides in Fleming Island, FL. Carroll was in the U.S. Navy. She enlisted in 1979. One of her children plays for the Dallas Cowboys. Wouldn’t you love to see such an accomplished woman on the $100 U.S. bill? She has come so far in her life thus far and these days, as a businesswoman, she continues to excel.

3 Stephanie Herseth Sandlin: Former U.S. Representative

47-year-old Stephanie Herseth Sandlin is from South Dakota and is a former U.S. Representative. She served the state of South Dakota from the year 2004 through 2011. She is also an attorney. Herseth Sandlin is married and has one child. She went to college at Georgetown University and graduated with a B.A. in 1993. She got her J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center four years later. Herseth Sandlin should be quite proud of the fact that she was the first woman ever elected to the House of Representatives from South Carolina and she was the youngest member of the House. Two impressive accomplishments! This female groundbreaker ought to be the first woman on the $100 U.S. bill as well. Her attractive smile and all-American, relatable persona would make the big bill even better!

2 Condoleezza Rice: Former U.S. Secretary Of State

Former United States Secretary of State (the 66th) during the George W. Bush administration, Condoleezza Rice, would be a sublime choice as the face of the $100 United States bill. As the first African-American Secretary of State, she is already a groundbreaker. Rice is also a political scientist and a diplomat. She is now 63-years-old and is still as stunning and sophisticated as ever. Rice was born in Birmingham, AL and went to the University of Denver as well as the University of Notre Dame. She was once part of the Democratic Party but made the switch to become a Republican in 1982. Rice was never married, and she does not have any children. She would surely be honored to see her lovely image on the $100 bill and many Americans would agree.

1 Jennifer Granholm: Former Governor Of Michigan

The talented and lovely Jennifer Granholm is the former Governor of Michigan. She is a Democrat. She held the title of Governor from 2003 until 2011. Along with being a long-time politician, Granholm is also a lawyer, educator, author, political commentator, and a CNN political contributor. Whew! This woman can do it all! She is 58-years-old and hails from Canada and moved to the state of California when she was four-years-old. Granholm is married and has three children. She attended college at UC Berkeley and also went to Harvard University… impressive! The gorgeous Granholm is a multi-faceted and attractive woman who would be a great representation for the country on the front side of the $100 bill. She has paid her dues to America, now we can pay with her!

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