15 Bizarre Mandela Effect Flip Flops

The Mandela Effect is a strange phenomenon in which lots of people remember past events falsely. The phenomenon – The Mandela Effect – was named after Nelson Mandela in 2010 by a woman named Fiona Broome. Broome was at a Dragon Con convention where she met lots of people who, just like her, claimed that they could remember that Nelson Mandela died in the 1980s after his imprisonment in the Robben Island Prison.

However, we know today that Mandela actually died in 2013 from a respiratory tract infection. Broome thought that the phenomenon of so many people remembering a false memory was curious. Thus, she did a little more research into this phenomenon and named it the Mandela Effect.

Some people believe that the Mandela Effect is the consequence of parallel universes somehow colliding with our own universe. Others believe that the effect is caused by people accidentally travelling between alternate universes. Still others claim that the effect is nothing more than the failure of collective memory.

Recently, there has been talk of Mandela Effect flip flops whereby people would remember something to be different than it is now and then later that thing would change back to what people thought it was originally. For example, many people remember the popular children cartoon as being named The Flintstones. However, some time ago the spelling supposedly changed to The Flinstones, with no 'T'. Nonetheless, eventually the spelling changed back to the original – The Flintstones.

15 Hillary To Hilary To Hillary

The Hillary to Hilary and then once again back to Hillary Mandela effect flip flop seems to freak people out the most. The Hillary flip flop thread is incredibly popular on reddit and is full of people claiming they were shocked when they witnessed the flip flop.

According to one reddit user – “I read a post on reddit about how Hillary was now spelled with one L, Hilary. At the time, I thought I had just never noticed that it was spelled with only one L and I had just always assumed it was two. This was pretty much the explanation I gave all ME’s, I had not payed close enough attention to details. I searched online and all references spelled it Hilary. A news piece happened to come on the TV that showed Clinton standing in front of a campaign poster that clearly spelled it Hilary [...]. A few weeks passed. Again, on reddit, I saw a thread stating that Hilary was now back to Hillary, two L’s! I couldn’t believe it!”

14 Apollo 13 Movie Quote: HAVE To HAD To HAVE

The famous quote “Houston, we have a problem” from the Apollo 13 movie has also undergone a change. It was always “Houston, we have a problem”. Then it supposedly changed to “Houston, we had a problem” which surprised many people. But after a while, people just assumed that they had originally misheard the quote. However, then the quote changed back to “Houston, we have a problem”.

There are numerous reddit threads documenting the flip flop. The flip flop is also discussed on the actual movie clips on youtube. A reddit user says – “I remember hearing about the change last year from “we have a problem” to “we’ve had a problem”. When it switched I remembered people saying in youtube comments that it matches the original line from the actual space mission, in past tense. Then back a month or 2 ago I noticed it switched back to present tense. And so now the original saying and the move saying DON’T line up again. I have been watching and waiting for it to switch again.”

13 Froot Loops To Fruit Loops To Froot Loops

Another extremely popular example of a Mandela effect flip flop is the name of a famous cereal brand – Froot Loops. It seems that recently the name changed from Froot Loops to Fruit Loops and then back to Froot Loops again. Naturally, people were freaked out and the internet exploded with people’s observations.

One reddit user comforts everyone else by saying – “I am 100% certain a change happened at the same time we all remembered. It was sometime last year where I was at the supermarket and I saw “Fruit Loops” and I specifically 100% remember the thought of me thinking “Wait, why did they change the name to be so boring, it was cooler as “Froot Loops”. Stared for a good 10 seconds, and moved on. And now it’s back to normal and that “Fruit Loops” never existed.”

12 JCPenney To JCPenny To JCPenney

The American department store chain JCPenney has also, according to some, undergone a Mandela Effect change. The department store was originally known as JCPenney. Then, it supposedly changed to JCPenny. And then it flip flopped back to JCPenney.

One reddit user recounts a creepy story of how the spelling of the store changed within half an hour – “[...] Thursday I stopped on the way home to pick up a new winter coat as they had them on clearance. I glanced up at the sign as I went in and made a note that it was “JC Penny” as I went in. I spent about 20 minutes in the store before selecting a coat and buying it. My receipt and bag both read “JC Penney”. I checked out the sign on my way out, and noted that it now read “JC Penney” as well”.

11 Chick-Fil-A To Chic-Fil-A To Chick-Fil-A

The name of the American fast food restaurant Chick-Fil-A has also undergone a Mandela effect flip flop. A reddit user first noticed the change in late 2016 – “Just last month a friend and I were discussing the ME. I mention how it’s now Chic-Fil-A. She says “No way, I used to work there and it was definitely CHICK.” I drive past a newly constructed one every day on the way home from work. When I first saw it, I thought: “How odd, I thought it was Chick-Fil-A,” and every day after that I read “Chic,” on my drive home. No K to be seen. Tonight, I noticed it’s certainly gone back to “Chick”! The website confirms this.”

Another reddit responded to this with – “I was just explaining to a friend of mine. It’s flipped back for me too! I posted on the threads here a few months ago about Chic looking wrong. I’m so glad you noticed this too. Makes me feel less crazy.”

10 Rice Krispies To Rice Crispy To Rice Krispies

Food related Mandela effects are rather popular, as are food related Mandela effect flip flops. Take the name of the popular cereal brand Rice Krispies. Everyone can remember the cereal being spelled as Rice Krispies. However, sometime in the past the name of the cereal supposedly changed to Rice Crispy. But shortly after, the name flip flopped back to Rice Krispies. Creepy.

One reddit user says that the Rice Krispies name change was the first Mandela effect flip flop she witnessed – “For me, it’s always been Rice Krispies. Just yesterday (!) I discovered that it had “always been” Rice Crispy. I read your post, thinking “No, that’s “my version” and that it was not “correct”. I go to look it up, and it’s now back to “my version”. Everything says it’s always been Rice Krispies.”

9 Bud Light To Bud Lite To Bud Light

The name of the famous beer – Bud Light – is also said to have undergone a Mandela Effect flip flop. It used to be Bud Light and then it supposedly changed to Bud Lite. Then it changed back to Bud Light again. The change baffled many people. However, as always there are those who claim that the was no change. According to one reddit user – “Miller Lite, Bud Light”.

However, those who say the name has flip flopped claim that they are not mixing up beers. One reddit user claims – “I remember people talking about the change from Light to Lite within the past month, I couldn’t remember, so I didn’t have any opinion on it, but I remember the discussion.”

8 Flintstones To Flinstones To Flintstones

Everyone remembers the famous children’s cartoon The Flintstones. However, many people can’t seem to agree on the cartoon’s actual name. Some say that the cartoon is called The Flintstones with the letter ‘T’. Others argue that the name is actually The Flinstones – without the letter ‘T’.

The reason people disagree on the name of the cartoon may be because the name has supposedly changed, or flip flopped. One reddit user said – “This one freaks me out the most [...]. I remember seeing a thread a few months ago on how someone thought it was Flintstones but it changed to Flinstones, and basically everyone told him that he’s wrong and that flin wouldn’t make sense since flint is a type of rock. But then it changed back to Flinstones and I also remember seeing a thread with some people freaking out about that, but everyone else said it was just a common typo. And now it’s flint again?”

7 Oscar Mayer To Oscar Meyer To Oscar Mayer

The American meat and cold cut company called Oscar Mayer has also undergone a Mandela effect flip flop. The name of the company used to be Oscar Mayer but then it apparently changed to Oscar Meyer. Sometime later however it changed back to its original spelling of Oscar Mayer.

However, some people are convinced that the spelling changes people are experiencing are not real. According to one reddit user - “What happened is you forgot the spelling of brand of lunch meat and for some reason are putting great spiritual significance into a painfully mundane occurrence.” However, others claim that this explanation is too simplistic.

6 Berenstain To Berenstein To Berenstain

Another controversial Mandela effect flip flop is the spelling of the popular children’s books and cartoon The Berenstain Bears. Apparently, the name of the books and the cartoon was once The Berenstain Bears and then it supposedly changed to Berenstein Bears. Then, sometime later it changed back to Berenstain Bears.

One reddit user recounts his experience with the change in spelling – “I remembered it as Berenstain Bears but I remember so vividly my mind was blown away when the guy said it was actually spelled Berenstein. I went and got the books, looked it up, and it was Berenstein. I talked a lot about this Mandela Effect [...] but now everyone thinks it was Berenstein and it actually is Berenstain.”

5 Herbal Essences To Herbal Essence To Herbal Essences

Herbal Essences Mandela effect flip flop is a minor one so it is a wonder that someone even spotted it. According to some, the spelling of a hair product brand Hair Essences changed. It went from Hair Essences to Hair Essence and then back to Hair Essences again.

A terrified reddit user says – “I was using my friend's toilet like a month ago and I noticed her shampoo said 'herbal essence' on it and I said, 'I swear that it's always been called herbal essences?' [...] Fast forward to 10 minutes ago where I'm searching a song on youtube and a herbal 'essences' advert starts playing and I thought 'wait I knew it was herbal essences' so I face time my friend. I tell her to go to the bathroom and remember that it should be called herbal essence and she remembered the conversation, she brings it into the camera view and it's the same fucking shampoo bottle but now with herbal essences!!!”

4 The Zapruder – Jackie Shot Kennedy To Didn’t Shoot Kennedy Film Flip

Another interesting Mandela effect flip flop is the Zapruder film which shows J.F. Kennedy’s assassination. According to some people, the film changed from showing four people in the car to six people in the car and then back to four again. Still others claim that the film shows Jackie shoot Kennedy.

According to one reddit user – “After the original “Zapruder” changed to show six people instead of four it then looked like Jackie killed him by pushing his head down and what looked like she was firing from below her, she then threw her gun. NOW it doesn’t really look like this anymore”.

Another reddit user agrees, saying – “Yes. I witnessed this change. And there are YouTube clips that still show the gun frames.”

3 Fleer To Fleet To Fleer

Another curious example of a Mandela effect flip flop is of the Fleer baseball cards. They used to always be called Fleer baseball cards. Then apparently they changed to Fleet baseball cards. After some time, they changed back to Fleer baseball cards. As you can imagine, many people were bewildered by this change.

A shocked reddit user started a thread, saying – “I read somewhere that some people remembered Fleer baseball cards, but that it turned out it was Fleet baseball cards. I was one of those people that remembered Fleer baseball cards so I decided to check online images [...] It was actually Fleet baseball cards [...]Flash forward to today. While discussing Mandela Effects with my cousin, I asked him what he remembered if it was Fleer or Fleet, He said Fleer. Well I corrected him and said it was actually Fleet. So I tried getting images for Fleet to prove he was wrong. To my surprise, I could no longer find Fleet Baseball cards. Like WTF, Fleer baseball cards went back to how I remember it.”

2 Reba McEntire To Reba McIntyre To Reba McEntire

Names of celebrities are also affected by the Mandela effect, and some celebrity names actually undergo Mandela effect flip flops. For example, the name of the American country music singer and actress Reba McEntire seems to have flip flopped.

Originally, the singer’s name is said to have been Reba McEntire. Then it supposedly changed to Reba McIntyre. Then sometime later it changed back to Reba McEntire. According to one reddit user – “Several months ago when I discovered the ME, her name [began] with McI and it was listed as ME. I would have guessed it was McE, but not being a big fan, I didn’t have this one as a “big” one for me, however I did do searches at the time, and everything came up with McI”.

1 Tidy Cats To Tidy Cat To Tidy Cats

Some Mandela effect flip flops are so small that very few people notice them. However, when the subtle changes are noticed they often freak people out. Take the Tidy Cats brand as an example. A few months ago a reddit user started a thread, saying –“So I have been keeping up on the Mandela Effect and I remember seeing Tidy Cat litter in my local pet store the other day. I have a cat and even purchased this litter. I was just at the store and looking to purchase some more cat litter when I found that it is not Tidy Cats. Plural.”

A number of other reddit users agreed, claiming that they too were shocked by the change.One reddit user even said – “[...] Went to look at my litter and it said Tidy Car and my girlfriend was freaked out and I remember her saying “Maybe it’s just because we say it plural so we thought it was plural”. I saw this post and got physically ill and thought it was a joke. Looked at my litter and it says Tidy Cats. Texted a picture of the litter to my girlfriend and now she is legitimately scared. We both have advanced science degrees and laugh at 99% of the trendy pseudo-science conspiracies and I literally don’t even understand how this is happening.”

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