15 Best Fake Excuses To Get Out Of Work Today

Many of us have heard the saying that there are only two real guarantees in life: death and taxes, but the truth is that there is in fact a third guarantee: lies. Every single living person lies. No matter how truthful you say you are, or how much you believe that lying is a religious sin, you know deep down that you have lied to someone you know just like the rest of us have. Sometimes, people lie for selfish reasons, either to avoid getting themselves in trouble, or to help get themselves ahead in life, no matter who they are harming in the process; but there are also less significant lies that a person tells simply to avoid hurting someone else, or to get out of doing something that they would rather not be doing at that moment.

Most of us have a job, whether it be in the private or the public sector, and there are days when we just do not feel like going to work, which is when many people decide to use either one of their sick days or vacation days. However, not everyone works at a job that offers these types of days off, and sometimes the ones that do, do not offer enough of those days, which is when lying comes into play. If someone really wants to take a day or more off, they call up their boss and give them a fake excuse, so that the boss gives them the green light not to come in. There are a variety of different fake excuses that a person can give their boss, some of which are terrible and definitely get the employee into trouble, but there are also those that work extremely well. Here is a list of 15 of the best fake excuses a person can use to get out of going to work.

15 Spraining Something


14 Car Troubles


13 Taking A Fall

12 Someone Broke Into My House

vi The Horror Movie

11 Unknown Allergy

10 A Tree Fell

9 Lice

8 Blood Donation

7 Hemorrhoids


6 A Pet Emergency

5 Repossession

4 The Septic Tank Overflowed

3 Someone Is Going Into Labor


2 Diarrhea

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1 Jury Duty

At the number one spot, we have jury duty, which is by far the most commonly used fake excuse of them all, and the reason why it is so widely used is because even if your boss does not believe it, he/she has no choice but to still give you the day off because he/she cannot be fully certain that you are lying. When a person gets summoned for jury duty, it is their civic obligation to at least go to the courthouse to be vetted by both the prosecution and the defence, and not showing up for jury duty can land a person into their own set of legal problems, and it is because of that reason that this excuse is so successful. There is not a single boss out there, no matter the job, who will risk going against the law by forbidding their employee to attend jury duty, even if they think that employee is lying; which leaves them no choice but to grant that employee time off until they can prove otherwise.

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15 Best Fake Excuses To Get Out Of Work Today