15 Birthday-Suit Beaches You Should NEVER Go With Your Parents

As the cold weather begins to set in and the first snow falls, our thoughts naturally turn to travel — to planes, to beaches, to escaping the bitter-bite of winter — at least for a little while. We sit in front of our computers or smartphones scrolling through flights, trying to decide which ocean in which country to spend a week or two soaking in that sweet, sweet, vitamin D. Well, if you are planning a trip this winter, you might want to consider some of these breathtaking, sexy destinations and spend one (or all) of those days in nothing but your birthday suit. Whether you’ve been to a clothing-optional beach, vacationed at a hedonistic resort, or simply imagined getting up the nerve to take it all off in the sand, there seems to be something liberating about throwing your inhibitions into the warm breeze and joining the naturalist in the salt water. Walking hand-in-hand with your partner, in your birthday suit, in the sunset? You can’t get any further from your 9-to-5 than that.


10 Collins Beach

If you’re an American, then you won’t have to travel too far to get to one of the world’s finest “clothing optional” beaches. Approximately 25 miles north of Portland, Oregon, Collins Beach is located on the Columbia River on Sauvie Island. Stretching almost a mile long and nestled inside a wildlife fish and game reserve, this sandy beach definitely offers a desirable escape from the bustling city. It’s been described as Portland’s “secret spot,” but every year, more and more people are discovering the little piece of nude heaven. Known to become a little crowded on sunny weekends, it's suggested that you arrive early (with a parking permit) to ensure your chance to enjoy the renowned warm waters.

9 Es Cavallet Beach


If you’re ever lucky enough to visit the glorious Mediterranean Island of Ibiza, Spain, you’re going to want to spend some time at Es Cavallet Beach. This white sandy stretch of beach is close to Ibiza Town (a ten minute drive over salt flats) and sits upon wild dunes. During the exciting summer months on the island, this beach is a non-stop party with cocktails, restaurants, and club music all day and night, all to be experienced in the nude. If you’re more modest but intrigued by this beautiful beach, it's suggested that you visit in the off-season when the party is over and the beaches are calmer. Hailed as one of the most breathtaking nudist beaches in Europe, with some of the world’s most attractive women, this beach isn’t one you’re going to want to miss during your next European adventure.

8 Wreck Beach

On Canada’s west coast, there is a clothing-optional beach called Wreck Beach that both locals and tourists rave about. Located only 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver and stretching a whopping 4.8 miles, Wreck Beach is the longest nudest beach in North America. After descending the 500 steps it takes to arrive at this sandy hotspot, you’ll find yourself surrounded by wild nature and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. With the motto “Take your clothes off, be natural,” it’s no surprise that so many people who are ready to unwind are so attracted to this destination. But you don’t have to wait for the sizzling summer sun to enjoy this nude beach because there are always things going on! Every month, they host a Nude Swim Night, and this December, there will be a Nude Christmas Party. Sounds like it might be time to just move to Van City.

7 Sylt


On the historal Island of Sylt, off of the northeast coast of Germany, tourists can enjoy the Wadden Sea in the nude. Thanks to the German movement of Freikörperkultur (FKK), known in English as “Free Body Culture,” Europeans have long-endorsed the concept of bathing in the nude on public beaches. In fact, the very first nude beach in Germany was in Sylt, opening almost 100 years ago in 1920. However, after only 13 years open, the Nazi Party banned all nude beaches and organizations in 1933. Today, the island is visited by a lot of tourists due to its rich historical background, but also because of the marvellous natural landscape of the sea. Although there are many beaches to choose from, the most renowned nude beaches in Sylt are Ellenbogen, Sansibar, Buhne 16.

6 Ilha Deserta

The beautiful beach of Ilha Deserta (the deserted island) in the south of Portugal is hailed as a beach so secluded and magical, we should all, one day, enjoy it in the nude. The beach is located within the Ria Formosa National Park and offers a lengthy 6.2 miles of serenity. With the sand stretching only 600-metres wide, you can swim in the turquoise Atlantic Ocean that’s on one side of you and take in the views of the Ria Formosa Lagoon on the other. Since it's situated within the wild natural park, it isn’t uncommon to encounter wildlife. Most notably, tourists have written about a flock of flamingos that live in the lagoon. To get to this beach, you just have to take a 30-minute ferry from either Olhão or Faro. So to sum it up, there's a boat ride, a deserted beach, nudity, a turquoise ocean, privacy, a lagoon, and flamingos — can someone take their partner here and propose, like, ASAP?

5 Capocotta Beach


Not far from Rome, Italy, there is a fabulous nudist beach studded with restaurants and Rainbow flags. In 2000, Capocotta was nominated as the first nude beach in Italy because of its rich history dating back to the 1970s. During that wild decade, hippies used to refer to this secret beach as “The Hole” because they had to crawl through a hole in a fence to get to it. Once they did, however, they stripped down to their birthday suits and had a party on the coast. They made it a nude beach and a nude beach it remains. With over a mile of golden sand and large rolling dunes, the picturesque landscape makes Capocotta Beach a great escape from the city as well as a safe place to let it all hang out. It should be noted, though, that you cannot dine nude in this town — there is quite figuratively a line in the sand. If you don’t have a car, you can get to this beach from the Piramide station in Rome, followed by a bus that will eventually drop you off at this secret little gem on the Italian coast.

4 Ågesta Beach

If you’ve ever spent some time with Swedish people, you know they aren’t shy about their bodies, and the beaches in their country are glorious demonstrations of this. Sweden is home to many nude beaches, but it's Ågesta Beach in Stockholm that is widely hailed as the best nude beach in the country, and it isn’t one you’ll want to miss. Situated on the southern end of Lake Magelungen, close to both Farsta and Södertörn, it's well-equipped with everything you need to enjoy a peaceful and fun-filled day under the sun with barbecues, tables, toilets, and clean drinking water. It's highly praised by naturalists as a welcoming place for all types of people, whether seasoned naturalists or tourists who have never been naked in public, and is well-suited for families with young children.

Haulover Beach

Known as “America’s best clothing-optional beach,” Haulover Beach in Miami, Florida, is a destination everyone is going to want to visit at some point in their lives. One of the many wonderful facts about this place is that they pride themselves on being a safe place for people of all shapes and sizes, because, just like all nude beaches, you aren’t supposed to judge people or stare. Because of the great community of naturalists who regularly lounge at Haulover Beach, curious tourists will be greeted with welcoming smiles and enjoy a day among friends. Making lists worldwide as one of the best nude beaches on the planet, this gorgeous stretch of white sand and blue water goes on for nearly 1.6 miles is also the largest nude beach in the country. It's suggested that you arrive early since this beach can get extremely crowded with naked bodies, seeing approximately 1.3 million visitors every year.

Red Sand Beach

This beautiful nudist beach in Matala, Crête, is one that is only visited by adventurous people who are up for a solid hike. Surrounded by natural beauty, the 40-minute hike up the hills will lead you to the magical Red Sand Beach that's known for its soft, golden sand that seems to turn red in the autumn. But even though this European beach is difficult to get to, people have raved about its worthiness. The water is crystal clear and because it's so secluded from the road, there are very few people on the beach, which is something rare in Greece. However, there is a beach bar that serves cocktails and plays music from the sixties, so it isn’t completely deserted. It often has four to five stars on travel websites, and some people claim it's their favourite beach in the world. Definitely one to add to the list!


3 Lady Bay Beach


Sitting on the end of the South Head Peninsula of Watsons Bay, Lady Bay Beach is one of Australia’s legal nude beaches — and has also become one of its most scandalous. Although Watsons Bay is more of a suburb than a tourist destination, its proximity to Sydney’s city centre, its views of Harbour Bridge, as well as its infamous nude beach, draws people from all over the world to its shores. The beach itself is easy to get to whether you're driving, taking public transit, or jumping on the ferry. Infamously known as “Lady Jane Beach,” this nude beach is also a gay beach and has received some scandalous reviews over the years complaining of the patrons hedonistic celebrations in the sand, which only makes this mysteriously fun beach even more of a reason to add it to your bucket list.

Vera Playa

Vera Playa is located in one of the hottest parts of Europe, on the Costa de Almeria in the southeast of Spain, and sees sunshine for a delightful 322 days out of the year. It's one of the most sought-after nude beaches in Europe and even during the off-season, this beach hosts a plethora of tourists from all over the world. Vera Playa is a legitimate naturalist beach with a “naturalist zone” that includes beach bars that allow you to eat in the nude. There are also a lot of things that you can do in the nude besides swim and sunbathe. At Vera Playa, you can also participate in naked volleyball, tug-of-war, and pétanque! It's widely known for it's welcoming atmosphere to people from all walks of life, and is often a crowded and lively place to spend your day on the magnificent coasts of Spain.

Elia Beach

Elia Beach is as picturesque as any beach in Greece can be. Located in the star-studdedvacation destination of Mykonos, this vast and golden beach is known for its luxurious crowd of sunbathers from all over the world. If you’re looking to be glamorous while in the nude, than look no further than the comfortable sun beds with personal waiter service and a beach that is combed clean twice a day. The water is a Mediterranean dream, and Elia Beach is well-known to be gay-friendly with separated nude and gay areas. With such an A-list group of tourists with their yachts anchored along the sea, this is definitely one of the beaches you’ll want to experience before you kick the bucket. Mykonos is known to be the party island of Greece, and on Elia Beach, the beautiful people party all day and all night.

2 Tahiti Beach

Located on one of South France’s most beautiful beaches, Pampelonne Beach, Tahiti Beach is a private beach on the Mediterranean Coast in St. Tropez that is only accessible to guests of the Tahiti Beach Hotel by car, boat, or helicopter. If experiencing the VIP lifestyle of the rich and famous is something you wish to do in your life, then imagine staying here and tanning naked among the  1 per cent of the world. The beach itself promises to be relaxing with deckchairs, umbrellas, white sand, clear water, restaurants, shops, yachts, and champagne. If you travel to Tahiti Beach during the offseason, then you could snag one of he hotels Large Sea View Suites for a cool €390. If you would rather just drop in, you can go to the restaurant on the beach to eat and rent one of the hotel’s beach chairs for about €55.

1 Little Beach


If you want to go to a breathtaking beach with a lovely crowd of people that have also come to enjoy the only place in Hawaii where you can get naked, then head to Little Beach. Although it's illegal to be nude on any beach in Hawaii, Little Beach is a place where the rules do not seem to apply since no one gets in trouble for donning their birthday suit here. To get to Little Beach, walk on a trail from Big Beach until you find the naked snorkelers. Because of the calmer waters, people actually find swimming and other light water sports more enjoyable on this smaller beach in Maui. On Sundays, there is a drum circle with fire dancers and other performers that entertain Little Beach visitors well into the night, so make sure you bring a flashlight and maybe some clothes for when its time to make your way back to reality.

Cap d’Agde

In the seaside town of Agde, France, is Cap d’Agde — a resort on the Mediterranean Sea. Within this large resort is the “Village Naturiste,” a naturalist resort on the water. Because of its large size and look and feel of a town, this resort is also known as “Naked City” where it's completely normal to come and go in the nude for the duration of your stay. This includes shopping, dining, and, of course, sunbathing in the crystal waters of the South of France. It’s a completely self-contained world, allowing naturalists to live in a liberated state of nakedness for the duration of their vacation. It was officially named a naturalist beach in 1973 when Paul René Oltra, one of the landowners, suggested to the government that they create the naturalist wing of the resort that they were building. This idea came to Oltra after he had continuously witnessed people sunbathing in the nude on his property.


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