15 Bad Nanny Confessions We Can't Believe

There are many, many parents out there who need to add a little help to their childcare equation in order to make things work. After all, if you're a single parent or a dual income household where both partners work, there are times when you may just not be able to swing school pick-ups, or you may have to work during the day while your child is young and not yet in school. Some parents opt to put their children in daycare, while others go the nanny route.

No, it's not just the wealthy who have nannies — for many families, they're actually a more convenient choice. Nannies often aren't restricted by hours like many childcare centers are; you can work out an arrangement that is most convenient for your family and schedule, and you have someone who can stay with your children in their home rather than them having to go to some foreign place. It can be a great solution.

However, that doesn't mean it's sunshine and roses all the time. Nannies are regular people, and some of them have pretty insane confessions that have our jaws dropping. Here are 15 of the craziest nanny confessions that we totally cannot believe.

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15 This Nanny Is All About Getting That Petty Revenge

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As an adult, a nanny should be the one who takes the high road when she has an argument with her charges — but that's not what this nanny did. She confessed to a regular behavior that involves playing around with and ruining her charge's video game when she's at school if she gives her attitude — which is totally messed up. I mean, this seems like something that a fellow 8-year-old would do to their frenemy, not something that a grown adult would do to the child she's supposed to be looking after. She does confess that she's a nanny to four charges, so perhaps the 8-year-old's attitude is just the straw that broke the camel's back — four children is a whole lot of children to be looking after, day in and day out.

14 This Nanny Marches To The Beat Of Her Own Drum

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It's no secret that there are countless programs and entertainers designed to appeal to the children's market, singing goofy songs that are unbelievably catchy. If you're listening to those tunes day in and day out, you might find yourself going a little bit insane — which is likely what this nanny experienced. Instead of listening to children's hits alongside her charges, she opted to just go full throttle and blast some rock music instead. Nine Inch Nails' songs vary in appropriateness for a young audience, but hey — as long as there's no blatant R-rated content in the songs, who is it really hurting? We're just hoping the nanny didn't include "Closer" on her NIN playlist because that's definitely not even remotely appropriate for young ears (although, who knows — with the internet, most children have probably heard worse songs).

13 This Nanny's Personal Story Is Absolutely Heartbreaking

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People become nannies for a variety of reasons. Some just look at it as an easy job that allows them to pursue other opportunities, such as a creative project or finishing a degree. Others absolutely adore children and can't think of a better career than one which involves caring for them. And then, there's the woman who penned this confession — someone who desperately wants children but isn't able to have them, so she sometimes pretends that the child she's caring for is her actual biological child. It's absolutely heartbreaking — we can only imagine how tough it must be to spend your entire day around a child and know that you'll never have your own. This little pretending game probably isn't something the nanny wants to admit to her employers, but it's not as if she's hurting her charge — she's just trying to help her own sadness.

12 This Nanny Just Wants Her Charge To Sleep And Leave Her In Peace

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Listen, we get it — children can absolutely be exhausting. However, if you decide to take a job as a nanny, well — that's literally the job. You're supposed to be looking after children all day, and that means dealing with their mood swings or refusal to lay down for a nap. This nanny confessed to just having enough and feeding her charge a bit of melatonin in an effort to get him or her to sleep a little bit. We understand wishing your charge would sleep so you could get some time to nap or just relax for yourself, but feeding a child anything without the permission of their parents is pretty questionable. I mean, can't you just take the kid outside and tire them out with physical activity rather than resorting to over the counter supplements?

11 This Nanny Let's Her Charge Express Himself — Even Though The Father Might Not Approve

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Unfortunately, sometimes you just have to deal with people's prejudices and silly opinions, no matter what field you're in. This nanny feels strongly about letting her charge express himself however he wants to — even if that involves traditionally feminine things like make-up. And, she has the mom's full support, which is fabulous. The only problem is the boy's dad, who feels that somehow by allowing her charge to express himself however he wishes, the nanny is changing his orientation, which makes absolutely no sense at all. We just hope that this boy listens more to the female figures in his life who are encouraging him to march to the beat of his own drum rather than being intimidated by his father, who wants him to behave in a certain way he feels comfortable with.

10 This Nanny Literally Gets High Before Work Every Single Day — With The Parents' Knowledge!

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Okay, there are so many messed up things in this confession. First of all, what kind of children are so awful that you need drugs to be around them? It sounds like there are some serious behavioral issues that need to be addressed in the children, and not just by altering the mental state of the adults around them. Second, what parent is okay with their children's nanny being under the influence when she's taking care of them — someone who is high definitely isn't always making the best decisions. This just seems like a family/nanny set-up with an extremely weird dynamic, and we can't help but wonder who on earth thought this was a good idea. I mean, what if the nanny needs to drive the children somewhere in an emergency, but can't because she's too high to get behind the wheel?

9 This Nanny's Situation Is Basically A Naughty Movie Plot

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There are a lot of people who have some kind of a fantasy revolving around babysitters and nannies, but in most cases, it's just that — a fantasy, something you might role play with your partner. In this nanny's case, that fantasy became a reality — and not just with one member of the family. This nanny has apparently done the deed with both spouses, both as trysts between just two of them and as a whole group thing. We can't help but think that's bound to make things awkward at a certain point, but hey — maybe it's just a free love kind of family who doesn't think intimacy is that big of a deal? Either way, it's got to be weird to show up to work every morning to employers that you've gotten up close and personal with.

8 This Nanny Proves She Can Dole Out A Unique Kind Of Punishment

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Sometimes, when children are being disobedient, you have to come up with creative ways to get them to pay attention and behave. Particularly if you're a nanny, and you don't have that whole parental authority, thinking outside the box can be helpful — which is exactly what this nanny did. In order to teach her charges a lesson, she took them on an outing, purchased something she knew they would enjoy as a treat, and proceeded to just buy enough for her — no pop and candy for people who can't behave, obviously. It's a pretty genius solution — best case scenario, you have kids who are suddenly behaving in order to get their own, and worst case scenario, you have disobedient children but at least have some sugar to fortify yourself to deal with them.

7 This Nanny Had Better Find A Hidden Seat In The Bleachers

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Often, nannies don't just take care of their charges in the comfort of their family's home — they drive them to school, to activities, to appointments, etc. Basically, a nanny takes the child anywhere their parents may not be able to take them because they're working or otherwise occupied — that includes things like soccer games. This nanny, unfortunately, got the hots for a soccer coach, and now knows that things are going to get a little bit weird whenever her charge has a soccer game. I mean, perhaps she can just wear a hat and hide somewhere behind all the other parents and viewers in the stands? Still, it's kind of a horrifying situation to be in, particularly if it was a one-night stand situation where you assumed you'd never see the other person again.

6 This Nanny's Employer Has Major Personal Issues That Need To Be Addressed ASAP

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In some ways, a nanny has to let his or her employers live their lives — after all, you're there to care for the children, not the adults. However, this nanny's shocking confession is a little bit tough to stomach. I mean, even if you're caring for the children while you're on the clock, what kind of nanny wants to think about how the charges they're growing so close to are being cared for by a drug addict when they're not there? Drugs can lead to a lot of questionable behaviors that can majorly impact a child for life — even if a drug addict parent isn't abusive, they may find themselves neglecting their child's well-being in order to satisfy their own needs. It seems the nanny here has some experience with less than ideal parental figures, so we can only hope he (or she) can have a good influence on the children.

5 This Unhygienic Habit Would Have This Mother Running For Sanitizer STAT

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This one is disturbing on multiple levels. First of all, satisfying yourself when you're on the clock, even if your charges are sleeping, is kind of messed up — you just don't do that. And second of all, borrowing someone's 'toys' is probably one of the most disgusting things you can do. It's bad enough if the nanny confessed to trying on her boss' clothes or shoes or something along those lines — getting all up close and personal with an item that gets up close and personal with your boss is nuts. If the employer here ever got a nanny cam and figured out what was happening in her home, we have a feeling that she'd be sanitizing every single item and surface for weeks on end just to wash some of that ick away.

4 This Nanny Doesn't Care About Directly Disobeying Their Employer's Wishes

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Most parents put a ton of time and effort into every decision that involves their child, from what preschool they'll attend to what food they'll eat to what clothes they'll wear — and that includes diapers. Some parents accept the convenience of disposable diapers and prefer to use them for their child, while other parents feel passionate about cloth diapers and hate how wasteful disposable diapers are or feel strongly about keeping those materials away from their child. We get it — dealing with soiled diapers is probably one of the worst parts of being a nanny, hands down. However, it's not really your call to decide what kind of diapers to put your charge in — you should be following the parents' wishes. This nanny, though, apparently just doesn't care whatsoever — she's going with disposable, even if it's not what the mom wants.

3 This Nanny Is Questioning Whether Or Not To Spill The Beans

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Nannies are privy to a lot of family secrets, just by the nature of their job — they're in a family's home, spending hours a day there, and will likely see something that was left out or overhear a conversation at some point. That's just a risk you take when you make the decision to have a nanny in your home rather than to send your children to a daycare somewhere. That means your nanny may very well discover juicy secrets — like cheating. This one is ultimately up to a nanny's own moral compass, and whether he or she feels it's better to tell the truth to the spouse, or to mind their own business and let the couple work things out between the two of them. Either way, though, what an awkward situation to be in — no one needs to know that much about their boss' personal life!

2 This Nanny Questions The Entire Existence Of Her Job

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Nannies come from all ends of the spectrum, based on what a particular family needs. Some are just there to supplement a family where everyone works regular hours and just needs a little bit of help getting the kids off to school or to an after-school activity, etc. Then, there are nannies who basically spend more time with their charges than the actual parents do. We can kind of understand where this nanny is coming from if she's in the latter situation, watching children who can't even remember the last time they saw their parents. However, at the same time, it's part of the job — if you feel so much judgment towards people who opt to hire a nanny, perhaps it's not the best career choice to become involved in.

1 This Nanny Turned Her Work Trip Into A Personal Vacation

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It's not uncommon for families to bring their nanny along on vacation with them. After all, the parents may be doing some business on the trip or may be looking to spend a little time together without their children present (but also enjoy the family aspect of the trip at other times). A nanny can make things a lot easier. This nanny got a free trip to Mexico, and while she was busy watching the children during the day, at night, she let her hair loose — way loose. While the family she worked for was cool with her having a few beers, she hid the fact that she didn't just have a cerveza or two — she went on a wild adventure involving multiple men and a strip club. I mean, it sounds like a movie plot.

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